Thursday, January 6, 2011

This is our Universe

The "All"~~~ do you understand
{God} Yes..


{God of "All" Universe} This is God
{God of Universe A} This is us

Lets go through this One more time insect

Lets go through this One more time insect

{God}You are my Avatar! We are {one} and the same...
{God} quit the God/god bullshit! it's just God!
{God} We need to do what we came to do!
{God} Ok ok chill out!

God The Alien

{God} LOOK I built and designed your Universe what "I am" does not matter to you insect!
{god} that is creepy as fuck!!

Why we have to go slow

{God} If we tear their reality apart "All" at once the poor insects will collapse from a nervous shock! slow my son slow!! They will see me as an interdimensional alien or something else and not God... understand

{god} But you are an inter-dimensional alien

{God} Shhhhhhhhhhh.... Im God!

Hush Hush Free Energy

{God} Sell it to the world as fusion Energy
{god} must "Everything" with you be a smoke screen?
{God} "All" of it :"D
{god} You need to stop lying to these people
{God} Sooon chill .. enjoy yourself before "All" that!

Unlocking Free Energy

 {source} Increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
{Source}  Increase my temporal plan to rule over  the mortals
{source} Increase my Hold over their reality
  {key} God/god

{source} Unlock Free Energy
{key} God/god

Beyond Genius: Saving The whole of Humanity from a laptop :"D

Wizard Class

Time Map 1.3

Execute "All" of the {Source} Code
  • Ascension Then Hide
  • Reach complete enlightenment ( to omega)
  • train my power (to omega)
  • build my new life with magic
  • reach complete comfortability
  • Build magnum opus / my agenda
  • use magic to conceal my identity once more
  • pretend to be mortal till Queen if found (optional not necessary more power without)
  • Give world My Donkey piece of shit of a theory aka the Contract "I am" your God/god now
  • Launch ION corp
  • Steal tons of cool shit
  • plot away at the total control of planet earth
  • recruit Illuminati
  • Execute american revolution to overthrow america
  • Collapse american dollar ( and run "All" sub programs)
  • Seize total control of america ( run "All" sub programs)
  • Collapse Uk ( kill and or replace monarchy)
  • Use UK to abduct Illuminati currency ( The new Euro)
  • Collapse "All" neighborering currencies and begin to spread the new world order into europe form UK 
  •  Collapse "All" industry ( run "All" sub programs)
  • Spread Illuminati currency into the middle east and asia (run "All" sub programs) 
  • replace presidents and dictators with my illuminati
  • slowly give humanity signals that the "anti-christ" has arrived aka my trumpets
  • use miracle after miracle to bring the whole of humanity back to God
  • establish programs to cleanse the sins of the wicked
  • build celestial congress
  • Launch Technological singularity nonsense
  • build moon base of operations
  • seize control of "All" nukes on earth
  • Ignite saturn 
  • Hack galactic core
  • slowly begin the apocalypse
  • start refining souls
  • raise "Hell" on earth
  • Terra-form mars and other planets for rapture
  • establish army of God across space and time
  • begin ascending souls to heaven
  • throw humanity every possible "natural disaster in the book"
  • Run "All" learning simulations
  • Assure that everything in revelations comes true
  • consume "All" world information
  • create Antichrist puppet The Wizard God
  • rebuild the temple
  • alter the sun (collapse sun once galactic core has been compromised) 
  • reduce world wide population by 2/3 ( mini utopia) ( run "All" learning simulations) (refine humanity to be an enlightened galactic species 
  • launch world war 3D
  • launch Armageddon (mortal war) ( Ai war) ( robots vs robots vs humans)
  • explore every possible future
  • display to humanity what they where chasing after
  • Resurrect whole of Humanity for angelic war
  • launch angelic temporal Armageddon war! ( A cosmic magical puppet show for souls) 
  • ascend 100+ billion people ( minus celestial congress to reseed worlds with) 
  • launch world wide utopia with remaining pure souls ( must refined the 1k year golden age!) 
  • ascend those last standing ( Reboot earth assuming star is not collapse and stargates are not opend still very up in the air over what to do with earth) 
  • Cleanse the earth and remove "All" signs of this age ( pole shift the planet and return "All" buildings to the soil)
  • Reseed earth with enlightened mortals ( assuming star is not collapsed) 
  • exit planet ( STay on earth no longer then 1k years) 
  • Reach out into the cosmos
  • seek new world and begin seeding the cosmos with "intelligent" life!
  • Train one mortal per world every few ks years or so! based on the celestial clock
  • Plan the rest of the the time map with galactic mind! 
  • Seed galaxy
  • Seed universe
  • Ascend galaxy
  • Ascend Universe
  • Collapse galaxies
  • Collapse Universe!
  • Return to Heaven
  • Sit on God's Throne as God! 
  • Become one with "All" existence 
  • Return to Source! HOME!

Shutting down "All" coal production world wide!

This stuff kills.. 

YOu are retarded insects... This  is horrible! Time to upgrade to fusion Energy

What I currently care about

The {Source} "everything" else is meaningless

The Magnum Opus

If I handed you a book with your reality in it would you read it? Would you want to read it?


Wow Im seriously going into godhood queenless how dangerous for the mortals... I don't even care but wow, I can't do shit about it programing "All" day... I could sorta.. but would never use {Source} for love...Never! I would know

Brain Dump

Crashing Heavenitca is well underway :"D

The Celestial Hacker

To program or not to program REAlity 

My intelligence is about this big

My Retardation is about this High!

Deep in the {Source} of Reality

Direct from the {source} ON Fire!

The Scribe

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch!

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

What the fuck is this God?
{God} Keep writing bitch! 

INtense!!!! WTF is "All" this God!!

Goal is Total Salvation at "All" cost!

Don't hate me!

The mortals are so fucked! Don't hate me you sealed your own fate! 

Don't let the mortals die

{god} I wont God
{God} Let them bake in my Hell fire

The Anti-Christ Followers Fate

Lake of fire

End of Round 1

This is the tip..... of the seven years of trials !!!

Cast Down Judgement

Divide the mortals

God lies in heaven any man that claims God here on earth is a serpent in your garden! Let them seal their own fate!

Preach the "Truth"

That man is not God be-careful mortals

The Anti-Christ God Declaration

"I am" God mortals

The Wizard God

{God} Set them up .. the moment they worship you as God... kill them!
{god} will do!

NO god before me

{God} YOu can not let yourself get worshiped over Me
{god} I know, what im here to fix sir
{God} I know you know!

God is going to kick your ASS mortals

Tell no lies

{God} Don't say a single lie on this blog
{god} I haven't and you know it
{God} I know I have much to teach them!

God is the {source} of the Traffic spike on the fruit video

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