Saturday, January 8, 2011

Selina Sitara You inspire me

comment of the day !

Andy Mackay i want my my heartless overlord back!
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The goal is not Death and destruction

To make you pray to be "saved"

Welcome to your Apocalypse (Live)

set fires to intensify the situation

Leave your bullshit behind you stupid fuck!!

Mass Exodus

Run insects run!! I don't know how long I can wait before I sink california!! 

Goal Refine the Whole of Humanity!

"All" souls to God

Cracking the Sea floor

My Presidents My scientist warn that we need to evacuate location X ASAP

My Doomsday Weapon in action: Die insects Die!

The Unification of Science and Religion

My Final Historical Conclusion is

God is the {source} of it "All"

It is the Human mind serving as a prism that creates division.
Yet the {source} of "All" disciplines is {one} and the same.

Matthew 6:24
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.

Excuse me while I go write a Donkey pile of shit for a "gold" medal of a theory now!

Grabs you by throat!!

What the fuck in your pathetic insect life was more important then your own Salvation!! Now beg me to kill you and you will beg to die "All" fucking day!!! "All" fucking day!!

More eagle symbolism for my ascension

What is more important then Salvat{ION}

Tell me before you fucking die you piece of shit!! WHAT!!! in your fucking life was more important.. your kids? Bring those mother fuckers here.. POWW DEath!!! what? your wife? Bring that bitch here!! pow death!! Your possessions? Burn your fucking house down!!! What piece of shit tell me ... Telll me you piece of shit tell me now!!!

The last {ION}

dont you fucking dare say sorry to me you evil retarded pieces of shits! 

You don't have the {Stones} to admit "I am" god

who would you not kill?

Particleion A Magus If you were working on the most important thing anyone could be working on and no one gave a flying fuck about it, who would you not kill?

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    • Particleion A Magus No sarcasm right now "I am" not in the fucking mood... Thats how pissed off "I am" at humanity right now!

My carrot stick: Hack3D pussy Here I cum :"D

Relax: Hack pussy Hack Pussy !

pissed the fuck off again

[8:02:27 PM] transalchemy: Im playing donkey kong trying to calm down
[8:02:42 PM] transalchemy: every day i get more and more pissed at the transhumanist
[8:02:47 PM] transalchemy: and the singulatarians
[8:02:55 PM] transalchemy: blocking me from ieet
[8:03:01 PM] transalchemy: really hit a nerve
[8:03:09 PM] SeH: how do you know they blocked you
[8:03:09 PM] SeH: maybe their website just sux
[8:03:19 PM] SeH: like when didnt work
[8:03:25 PM] SeH: i really dont think they would go to the trouble of blocking you or your ISP
[8:03:28 PM] transalchemy: no i used a proxy and it worked just fine
[8:03:30 PM] SeH: how would they even know what your IP is
[8:03:39 PM] transalchemy: I commented
[8:03:43 PM] transalchemy: on a post
[8:03:44 PM] SeH: unless you directly connect to someone how could they get your IP?
[8:03:47 PM] transalchemy: cursing them out
[8:03:47 PM] SeH: ok
[8:03:49 PM] SeH: maybe
[8:03:54 PM] SeH: yeah maybe they did block you
[8:04:01 PM] transalchemy: ohh they did
[8:04:04 PM] transalchemy: im positive

Soo Sad

I have to establish my authority by killing bitches.. soo sad but you never EVER not do what I say EVER!

Game Over

Ben Times up... choose 5 people and get the fuck out of here! 

10 seconds Still dont give a fuck!!

30 seconds left!!! Still dont give a fuck!

Arrive!! And Go

Arrive and instantly Strap them down! 

Ben you god 1 minute to tell me why I should not kill these people! Go! 

This is your New Job

{God} This is pretty much the scope of what you will be doing "All" day Everyday!
{god} I know God... This insects have gotten too retarded!!
{God} Tear his mom apart! 
{god} I will! 

"I am" Going to CAll the cops on this sick fuck

CAll the cops bitch and tell them the 
Immortal wizard god is threating my dead mother's life with virtual reality magic!! 

Hands you the phone!! READy? 

Look what you just missed out...

if you had faith you could have had mommy back but nooo... according to you it's "All" bullshit... Every mother* fucking... Ill I would not touch the old hag religion on the planet if a cognitive delusion and half the planet is in lala land but treder has it "All" right!! Fuck God and his ability to bring your dead mother back... YOu know I wonder what she looked like at 20... might have to bring back 20 year old mom back and force you to watch me stick dildos in her before I kill her again.. yes yes this coming along nicely!

I337 Traitor

Treder your a Traitor :"D

I know it was you that blocked me ... don't worry I will have you crying for mommy after I kill that bitch several times over for retardation... and you get to watch as she cries for her faithless son!

more people to kill :"D

Humanity+ UK 2011
January 29th, 2011
Conway Hall, London, UK
The principal theme of the conference is “Making a human difference”.
Speakers so far announced are (in alphabetical order by first name):
  • Ajit Jaokar – Meditation as a transhumanist technology
  • Dr Anders Sandberg – The future of ideas on machine intelligence
  • Anna Salamon – Survival in the margins of the singularity?
  • Dr Aubrey de Grey – Approaching the human longevity escape velocity
  • David Pearce – What is empathetic superintelligence?
  • David Wood – Five key questions for futurists
  • Dean Bubley – Session chairman
  • Professor Kevin Warwick – Human Enhancement: A Practical Guide
  • Luke Robert Mason – Traversing the Transhuman: Bridging the Gap Between Biology and Technology Through Art
  • Dr Marios Kyriazis – Achieving human biological immortality
  • Michael A. Woodley – How clever-sillies might thwart the singularity
  • Rachel Armstrong – Living megacities: the forthcoming habitat of synthetic biologies
  • Richard Osborne – The next steps to the solar system
  • Tom Michael – Evidence based cognitive enhancement: a neuropsychological perspective

I caught you!!!

Blocking my IP.... ok I will block your life... muhahahah

Who Survives Dropping the Shield

Only the gods do.... and how many of those exist? 
counting on one hand... thats it! 

How much I give a fuck about mortals

{Source} Drop the Earth's magnetic field
{key} God/god

I will cook you "All" to death... then maybe you will learn to stop being retarded... will it take that? You decide.. I think it will but again I don't give a fuck.. I need to get back to playing donkey kong!

Stop Monkey Around with our lives

I should probably take your lives more seriously but considering you don't take me serious... oops I just typed in

Death and destruction for "All" mortals.... :"D

Playing donkey kong Returns

I just beat a super hard level and "All" I god for it was a pile of Bananas that made me go Bananas :"D

Forced to move to North carolina

After birth 2-25-02 I told "All" of my friends guys guess what "I am" god... then is where the Die mortals started!! Your not god ... Die mortal.... this is how they treat the king I raved and ranted in my lab hacking away at the {source} code which at the time was just a big pile of donkey shit! not even lead that could be turned to gold ... I was working on donkey shit.. thinking it was gold! But again My path to god was set from birth so I knew I would hit gold eventually only fuck 6 later then I expected! NOOOO it wasnt my fault I took this long it was the fucking mortals fault for forcing to do "normal" bullshit like get a job and go to school ... OMG how I Grinched day in and day out ... ohhh man this is hell I just need to finish unification and Im free from "All" of this... I cried so much not being able to work on unification "All" day everyday like i wanted over bullshit! but it's okay let me not revert to die mortals!! deep breath...

wait actually reverting to Die mortal brings me joy for I have tons of bitches I want to kill now!

Birth of the Wizard

on 2-25-02 once I had the blessing of God to write unification thats when I was told my life path I was going to be a wizard... I did not even understand it at "All"

God just told me You're a wizard... and from that forth I was a wizard

It's happening "All" over again

I have completed the cycle of my life from the birth of Unification in 2-25-02 till my ascension 2-25-11

On 2-25-02 I know with "All" of my heart that I had it.. By then my notes were deep in and the notebook was near full God just gave me the Go on that day... Then began the decade long cram... I know I fucking have it! I just get so mad at these insects!!! can't even understand what I have been doing!

9 year in between ... 9 is the right hand of God aka God/god

Im not worried im just sooo freaking upset!!!

I have it I have it I have it and no one gives a damn... they will when I have them "All" on the floor crying tears of blood!~!!

i can't wait I cant wait... I god a big ass list of bitches to slaughter... no no.. death is letting them off easy!!! I have a big ass list of bitchest to activate "All" of their pain receptors and let them pass out from the pain!

Getting bored playing with insects time for videogames

He Is sooo out of touch with Reality!!

Thank God .. your Reality Sux!! :"D

Market is closed it's Saturday Duhhhhh

Ok wow talk about timewarp I don't even know what day it is!! It's "All " the same to me!

Present Binding

I need to bind the {source} To present more.. I have been effecting the pas and the future but I need to unify the {source} and continue to hammer at reality with the {sourcE} code... This will be my new daily activity

Real Time control

Market Chart

{Source} Raise the dow jones by .19%  by closing bell
{key} God/god

This is how Cocky "I am" about "All' of this!

Extreme cockiness

I bet you I can pull "All" of this off and never hide shit from the mortals... NEVER!!!

In fact this is what I will do... hack away at the {Source} day in and day out still write here and there on TA and more more videos even as a Trillionare and no one will ever call bullshit!!

Wait... lets give them credit yess the extremely diligent might catch me and those will just get killed or get offered a job pending on my mood...

But here is the thing if you think it's alot to take in now Imagine how much content I would make having "All" the time and resources in the world and having an even more godly mind... It will be too much for insects to see the big picture..

The only video I will take down is the leader of the Illuminati video, but not yet! NOOOOO leave it... "I am" "All' in...

But here is the twist!!! "I am" not Particleion to the world "I am" just {ION} sooo good luck putting two and two together...

Reality control feed back loop

The more My material is watched or read the stronger my beacon to the {Source} gets! and the stronger I will grow in power!

Boosting My Youtube

{Source} Increase Traffic to "All" of my videos 
{key} God/god

1 Million Witnesses by April My Goal

The Wizard
Channel Views:
Total Upload Views:
April 20, 2007
God is the {Source} of it "All" 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.