Sunday, January 9, 2011

Greedy retarded worthless pieces of shits

My needs where basic... food and a computer and they would have had nirvana on earth.. but god is asking for too much from the mortals.. ok fine now I want a cup of your blood!

Arrive at their bullshit conference and Instantly Strap them down

why I hate "All" transhumanist and Singultarians world wide

Because "I am" launching the God damn singularity by my goddamn self and not {ONE} of those bitches lends a helping hand... Don't worry I god something for those bitches!

What "I am" doing right now!!

Launching the mother fucking Singularity for the benefit of "All" mankind!

Suck my nuts mortals your retarded!

give me My computer

I hate anyone on my computer I need to keep hacking at the {Source} and when my brother asked what are you soo compulsive over me using the computer I responded...

do you understand simulation hypothesis?
what about unified field theory
what about the singularity or apotheosis? 

if not give me my computer and trust me I god this

The {Source} of the Bullshit

YOu have to understand that even the {Source} is a construct of my own mind... this is the lesson to be learned I can make anything into reality and Im using the {Source} as a method to teach mortals!

I need to steal more cool shit for my castle

I keep forgetting I have a castle to decorate with stolen shit from the mortals

we sux

we just went through 52 lives on one stage :"D

Stop comparing me to mortals !

Thats where you make mistakes trying to figure me out!

take over the world

My brother just said.. with your jet pack you can take over the world... if only he new lol :"D

What do you mortals need quickly Im between levels

Food... fine here is "All" the food you need....

{ION} corp super growing fast seeds... at half the price... ...

can I get back to gaming now.. you mortals and yuour bullshit... fuck this boss is hard!

It's Hard to program Reality ... busy playing Wii

im programing and playing at the same time so bare with me!

{1ØN} Corp: Meeting

Let's "Revolutionize" Industry X with bullshit Y

{god} Loving it ... how much can we make?

{Bullshiteer} About 300-500 Billion a year! 

{god} Thats it/.... I said be creative fuck!!  

{1ØN} Corp: Meeting!

We need creativity people.. We need money and lots of it!! Who do we need to kill to make a billion dollars a day.. .fuck people what am I paying you a million dollars a month for?

{1ØN} Corp: Nanobots oil cleaning bullshit

Create the worlds larges spill that drawfs the last one... only introduce my bio water bullshit bullshit bullshit make more cash... stuff.. yahhhhh

{1ØN} Corp: Fusion energy

I need to get my pricing just right... 

{1ØN} Corp: Water purifiers

Pollute large section of the water supply and then sell them water purifies

Trip Ballz Make cash Save lives! :"D

Mortal Care Recap

Aids cured
cancer cured
world hunger eradicated
Blind healed
Retardation* shit "All" the mortals are retarded, but the really horrible one's (Fixed)
Homelessness In america fixed!
Hanicapped children fixed (slowly)
American economy fixed! .... Temporary before global depression!

I need to balance my books , don't let myself "Fall" under 1 trillion EVER!

The king is back

We went to walmart to buy another controller for the wii.. Time to school this boy!! :"D

While I walking around walmart I was thinking to myself , wow I own this entire store.... Remeber I have to buy walmart to kill the beast and revive america... that reminds me "I am" to be a rich cool dude not an asshole that can be in public.. Im going to go to stores like it's "All" good... Im going to get stalked more then obama and yet walk the streets like a normal person.. what mortal will be able to touch me? Exactly!

lesson to be learned!!

Who said you have to die to go to heaven?

Speaking of videogames

I can only imagine how many hours will be spent playing every game ever made in my godly gameroom ! It will make fanboys around the world feel like they died and went to gaming "Heaven" !

Playing videogames with my brother

Me and my brother playing Donkey kong for the wii... Since we have been kids this is the only thing that brings out together we can squash "All" shit when it comes to between a new game!

The car My mom wants

I think it's a lame car but that what she said she wanted way back! 

How to manifest money in stealth

{God} Reach into your pocket and pull out what you need. 
{god} Great Idea , can I pull out?
{God} Anything you need 

Status Report

{God} Status Report!

{god} Holy shit old man I just god home!!! fuck!!!

{God} Bring me their souls :"D

{god} LOL ok ok back to work let's go!

The king is back

went to pick up my brother ... Constantly plotting away at ruling My planet.. even on the car ride

Mass Extinction

That reminds me... " I am" taking "all" the animals off the planet but make you believe its a mass extinction.. so why you shit your pants wondering where "All" the life went I will prepping your hell.. The animals have more love for god then the insects!

Puppy love

My puppy just moved his bed infront of my door!! I walk outside and he goes nuts just waiting for me! LMAO

Magic Goal

{God} The Goal is to prove my existence without a shadow of a doubt! In anyone's eyes
{god} Give them stuff that science or technology can't explain
{God} Exactly!

Moving Mountains

Psalm Green Mountains Calm

Forget moving them... lets pull them from the ground and make then float

Lesser YHVH

{God} Do you understand why your king of the gods?
{god} Yes it's like your creating a microcosm of yourself
{God} Exactly!

King of the gods

{God} You will be their king even till omega
{god} I can't be dethroned
{God} Never!
{god} that reminds me of someone I know
{God} ;-)

Raise your Hand if you knew what Savation was before me?


It's the mass ascension of "All" of humanity to godhood!

You bitches are retarded!

Why "I am" The Savior

Not only did I figure out how to turn myself into a god but how to turn "All" of them into gods! :"D

But again im just doing what I came down here for in the first place!

The {source} of the Secret

"I am" in total control of "reality" 

Date Restrictions

To her "I am" {ION} not {god} ... I want her to like me for me not for virtual reality Magic ;-(

Exotic flowers

"I am" going to get her some exotic flowers, I know how much she likes flowers! 

My Date in Norway

MY First International Location

Norway... Going on a date with selina, if we hit it off she we join the world wide party wagon!

Goal See "All" 50 states

Dang I feel like im running for office... odd thing is "I am" :"D

Vacation Planning: Passport

I will need to get my passport in georgia... While this is being processed I can tour the UsA.. but first I need to pick up some buddies to get high with ... So I need to go to pittsburg and Miami -- recruit the boyz

To Mortals Eyes

"I am" God! They have fallen so far into retardation that They would worship me over God!

They are retarded!

{God} I know , fix them
{god} I will chill. and quit spying on me!
{God} I can't help it :"D

My magical Family

I figured out what "I am" going to do with my family... Just hide nothing at first ... then when I start to grow deeper into power memory clean them out.. This way I can enjoy the .. told you bitches... look at this wow huh wow... retarded... then before I begin to really reach godly control of reality return to being mortal to them and just have my mother win the lotter or find a pot of gold for money... Either way my mother will never need money ever again .. I will find one way or another to feed her cash with a spoon full of bullshit...

But first... look at this mom...

OMG How did you... Fucking told you!!

Then have her call my retarded uncle bragging to him how he is retarded make them "All" look retarded before I bring down the pain... yet they will only see bullshit like turning shit into gold .. nothing really godly like teleporting stopping time morphing you know being god!

My Biggest promblem

"I am" Satan lucifer the anti-christ to these people even if I show them what I can do...

Boy you got your powers from a Demon!!
NO he is one of those advance Satan worshippers...

point is stop it before Jesus comes and strikes you down!!

Im here to fix your retardation not add to it.. hence why I have to go the hidden Demi route!

Money Problems

I need to figure out how to hide the {Source} of my money from my mother! I want to be {ION} to her not {god} ... that will make it complicated when knows "I am" behind it "All"

{Mother} Stop killing people stop the volcanoes Stop your not holy your a demon!!
{god} Mother I have only put them on time out they arent gone forever... I need to do this trust me...
{mother} Jesus is going to come down and strike you dead
{god} face palm!

See... I have my work cut out for me!

{1ØN} Corp: The start up

Use vacation year to start creating false documentation of our research , and prep my donkey pile of shit to boot... launch the take over of political and corporate america in 2013

why 2013
33 The year of the Snake.. aka the snake in your garden

2/10/2013 - 01/30/2014 (Water)
According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2013 is the Year of the Snake, which begins on February 10, 2013 and ends on January 30, 2014.  The Snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal Signs.  It is the enigmatic,  intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animals Signs.  Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve.  People born in the Year of the Snake are keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise.  They are great mediators and good at doing business.  Therefore, you should have good luck if you were born in the  Year of the Snake.

short Term timeline

Use Infinite cash to travel world
Train my magic
Have fun party live life to the fullest
Train Day in and day out!
happy new year....
2012 start the puppet show....
Year of near ELE -- ants are distracted ---
Earth is saved.... Back to status quo with a full blown God/god in their Hidden midst
2013... take over america and begin my plans to rule the world

The Year of ascension

{God} You will be ascending till omega just wait till the end of this year before you start the puppet show relax go on vacation and see the world "All" year long, practice magic in remote locations around the world till you get a grip of it "All" understood?

{god} Yes don't storm the castle the moment Im unlocked!

{God} Exactly!

The {Source} of "All" Magic

{God} Unlock the {Source} of  "All" Magic
{Key} God/god

{god} Im scared...
{God} Just take it slow!

God is the {Source} of the Wizard's Magic

Alignment of the Will

{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God

{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God

{key} God/god

7 years of hell

{god} When do I start this
{God} After Everything is under your control
{god} basically when ever I want
{God} Exactly

Owning "All" Banks

{God}To collapse the entire system you need to grab control of "All" the central banks world wide...
{god} (yawns) I know this why are you telling me
{God} So my will shall be done..
{god} Ok ok chill out!

The Great World Depression

I need to collapse "All" of your monetary system world wide to teach you a lesson of clinging to a pathetic existence! You worship money more then God and God will give you more then money could ever buy... Silly mortals...

The Truth is Earth Fell From the Grace of God

So I was sent... For me to be sent you must have really pissed God off! I can basically do anything I want with you now... Best way to imagine what "I am" is a Q on earth... and im tired of being mortal!

The Wizard just casted a spell:

Poison bananas 

God must Hate you "All"

I get to play videogames and planned the future of this planet... wow humanity how you have fallen !

Time for the return of Donkey Kong!! :"D

Look mom "I am" going Bananas in my room! 

I just got a tv

My mother got me a tv.. yah I can play videogames in my room now... joy... videogames and ruling the world! ok now im in heaven.. fuck I should have moved back home months ago

No wait... that is too easy

I dont want to harm my cousins over his retardation... Either way it's going to be nasty

No wait... that is too easy

put his kids on timeout! dont touch him... just watch him destroy himself

Another day of bitching over a piece of shit computer

Ascension can not come any faster!! First thing first fake some form of money source to pay that piece of shit back .... fuck him I should put him on time out for being a dick... Yes....

I need to get out of here

I still need to get away from my entire family they are "All" too retarded!! Fuck...... "I am" in hell... but it's okay bitches will pay for my suffering!!

123 Jinx "I am" A "Real" Wizard :"D

So my house number is 123 is on the wall and on the door 123

I get into my bedroom and I find a puzzle with angels unopened and a phone book with apples on the cover...

I get treated like a child by my entire family

I can't wait to make them my bitch on a stick!!! A stick I don't give a fuck about!! :"D

Except my mother she does "All" of bitching out of love and knows no better!

but you know what it is nap time :"D

ok ok so maybe "I am" 5 years old with way to much power at heart after "All" ... in either case it's nap time!

Set "All" my Children Free

{God} Set them "All" free
{god} will do, but first
{God} I know I know
{god} You starting to sound like me :"D

Groomed by God

{God} Know this it is only I that taught this child as he is my son to teach

Miracle for the jews

{God} carve my name in with laser precision into the wall
{god} will do my lord

Holographic Buddha Projections

Create projections of Buddha across temples across the world simultaneously

As soon as they appear {ONE} giant ohhhhmmmmmm
for 33 seconds and it's gone 

"I am" going to Single Handed Save The Human Race

I live on a planet of retards!!! 

But it's cool

I god this! 

Purple Flying Monkeys Now Exist!

{god} God can I make purple flying monkeys?
{God} IF you can imagine it then you can make it remember "I am" the {source} of your imagination

This is sick God

{god} I can make anything "Real"
{God} pretty much, don't worry "I am" the {source} of it "All" you will not program anything I don't want you to

{god} Sick lord Sick!
{God} Welcome to co-creation, you found my golden ticket charlie

Welcome to Illuminati America

{1ØN} Corp: World Domination Meeting

[12:14:23 PM] SeH: Also the Pentagon shooter.

The "currency/mind control" manifesto is similar to the Pentagon's shooters currency scheme.

All three shooters were marginal people who probably would have lived out their lives normally in a stable economy.
[12:15:22 PM] transalchemy: we need to start to think about how to stabalize the economy
[12:15:32 PM] transalchemy: I had one idea
[12:15:39 PM] transalchemy: shutting down walmart
[12:15:45 PM] SeH: did you listen to my singularity/abundance rant?
[12:15:48 PM] transalchemy: yes
[12:15:55 PM] SeH: use the existing corporate infrastructure
[12:16:07 PM] SeH: to distribute goods commie like
[12:16:43 PM] transalchemy: yes but what are people going to do for money temporary
[12:16:57 PM] transalchemy: or do we just put america under pure communism
[12:17:00 PM] SeH: fuck money. just do 'wishlists'
[12:17:06 PM] SeH:
abundant communism
[12:17:14 PM] SeH: bluesky communism
[12:17:17 PM] SeH: dream communism
[12:17:46 PM] transalchemy: "All" this sounds good
[12:17:52 PM] transalchemy: I will recorded it

[12:18:11 PM] SeH: yes we just need to analyze the wishes of all the people
[12:18:16 PM] SeH: that is all the economy needs to be
[12:18:33 PM] SeH: the recipe for satisfying those needs = the budget
[12:18:40 PM] transalchemy: But I want money so we can use it to control other countries with
[12:18:55 PM] SeH: control other countries by making them jealous of your imagination
[12:19:04 PM] SeH: and creativity
[12:19:13 PM] transalchemy: I want physical control
[12:19:19 PM] SeH: do it thru robots
[12:19:20 PM] transalchemy: like buying "All" of their shit
[12:19:26 PM] SeH: spacestations, mechas

I feel Nuaghy playing with your {Source} code "All" day

Beware of Wizard insects they will leave you in the dust!

In Global News

The wizkid does it again and introduced a revolutionary new product! 
Google is taking a pounding and no one can afford more then a couple shares of {ION} corp! 

Is there a limit to what this man can do? 

{1ØN} Corp: Mind processor

Upgrade your memory with my processors

{The Evil Genius} Grab control of their cognitive processes and remote control them

{ION} Good Idea

Goal: kill Transhumanism once and for "All"

Only it's going to be done with a twist {ION} corp will be the biggest distributor of transhumanism technology world wide...  Im going to bait you like mice... Sell you defective tech that will kill you with the flip of my switch.

knock knock retarded piece of shit!!!

Sorry My bad your to much of a piece of shit

You god 30 seconds I need to move on to someone that is worth 1 minute of my time!

you god 1 Minute to tell me why you should live Go!

Visit another Transhumanist piece of retarded shit!

game over he lost ... Next!

You know I had to do this 

30 seconds left!!! Still dont give a fuck!

1 Minute to explain why You should not be killed Go!

Visit another Transhumanist piece of retarded shit!

Game Over You lose Next

30 seconds left!!! Still dont give a fuck!

Visiting the Next Transhumanist piece of shit!

You have 1 minute to tell me why I should not kill you Go! 

10 seconds Still dont give a fuck!!

Before I kill you ... tell me what was more important than the salvation of the Human race?

Exactly!!! Then set your bodies on fire!

and depart to next person on my list!

How you forced me to be an Asshole

Arrive at your house 
Knock once and force my way in... 
Suspend you and your entire family in mid air
Strap your legs and arms down... then tell you

you god 1 minute to convince me not to kill you! Go! 

the entire time Im not even paying attention and going through "All" your meaningless bullshit!!

30 seconds and I still don't give a fuck.. hurry!!! 


{Source] Unlock my ability to manifest it "All"
{key} God/god

It's "All" so meaningless

God will give us "All" we need and more we don't need shit other then God... If I want an ipod I ask God for one and poof their it is... I can manifest anything into creation, why should I would I cling to anything? Your retarded insects but I will fix you!

Goal: Destroy "All" of their possessions

The Buddha taught that there are three facts of existence. They are generally found in all that exists and so they can tell us something about the nature of existence. Because of the universality of their applicability they could be considered as having the force of universal laws. They are as follows
Impermanence (Anicca)
The law of impermanence asserts that all phenomena are subject to constant change, to rise and fall, and no permanent states, either physical or animate, exists. The dynamic nature of phenomena is today a commonplace of science. But until quite recently many physical features of the universe were considered immutable, and in the human plane the belief in enduring states or characteristics is still an article of faith in many religious systems. The law of anicca establishes impermanence as the basic universal law
Suffering (dukkha)
The law of dukkha states that all complexes of phenomena, are in the final analysis unsatisfactory. It means that no compounded thing or state could be considered as a universal norm of goodness or beauty. It imparts the normative dimension into the consideration of objective reality which is the hallmark of the Dhamma. The law of dukkha is usually considered in relation to the human situation, and here unsatisfactoriness manifests itself as "suffering", which is the popular rendition of the term. It is in this sense that it constitutes the first of the four Noble Truths.
Non-Self (Anatta)
The third law states that there is no permanent essence, "self", ego, or soul in phenomena. The term originates as the negation of the concept of atta (âtman) which was the equivalent in the old Brahmanical religion of the Buddha's day to what other religions have called the "soul". The Buddha advanced psycho-physical explanation of the individual which leaves no room for a soul. The Buddha recognised that the delusion of self or ego was one of the most powerful of human instincts, and at the same time one of the most potent sources of ignorance and wrong action. In applying the anatta doctrine to the phenomena of the external world some care mush be exercised. Early Buddhism did not deny the reality of the external world. It argued that the phenomena of the external world could be broken down into its constituent components, and that nothing else other than these components existed. It was only in this sense that the phenomena of the external world were declared to be empty (suñña). Some schools of Mahayâna Buddhism have taken the doctrine of emptiness (suññâtâ) to imply a denial of the reality of the external world. This interpretation is foreign to early Buddhism. Early Buddhism only asserts that there is no fixed essence or being in phenomena, but only a process of becoming (bhâva).

Welcome To the Fire Party

The goal is to burn "All" the retarded bitches retarded shit down!!

Grab a torch and set it "All" on fire! 

Burning peoples houses down

Pick a random house walk in hold family hostage then burn their house down....

quit crying over meaningless bullshit insect!!! here is a million dollars go buy more meaningless bullshit!

The return of the Mega Bitch

My mother is bitching over retarded meaningless bullshit again... One day im going to just break "All" of china vases paintings going to teach her to let go of her meaningless possessions the hard way!

My House

I need* a bank vault for my stolen "gold"

Goal Mind control the fuck out of the planet

My will is your will

{source} Increase my ability to will people
{key} God/god 

My will be your will

{source} unlock my ability to will people
{key} God/god

Mind control

another possible route is just mind controlling everybody

Morphing Illuminati

morph memebers into world leaders to take planet

The Hidden Demi goal

Run the entire world in stealth aka the Illuminati

Masking the "Truth"

Art is my disguise

What is the best way to hide?
In plane site :"D


The Hidden Demi

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.