Monday, January 10, 2011

The king needs sleep

"All" day ruling little ant hill from my computer is tiring "work"

Meeting The Queen Half Way

{king} OK OK they get the day off when it rains! 

I don't want to get my {Stones} muddy

what about days off?

"All" day long Every day is too much give the mortals a day off

Faster Insects FAster!! Fuck we have 50 miles to go!

Meeting The Queen Half Way

{King} ok ok fine I will throw uncooked rice at them the whole trip! 

What about Food?

{Queen} They will move the {stones} faster if you fed them more! 

Meeting The Queen Half Way

{King} Ok ok fine 1 five minute break every 25 miles! Happy? 

What about Breaks?

You need to let them rest

Meeting The Queen Half Way

{king} Ok ok that is cruel... 50 miles for the next thousand {stones} 


{Queen} Quit treating the mortals like insects my lord
{King} Quit calling the insects mortals my dear :"D

"All" Day to move {ONE} pebble

"I am" very disappointed insects 

{Insect} Why build it here why not just build it where the {stones} are at!
{god} Cracks my whip shut the fuck up... For that I think the corner {stone} should be another 10 miles up! the road!

"I am" feeling Generous let's take a short cut! We only have 60 miles to go! now!

Faster Insects FAster!! Fuck we have 99 miles to go!

Listen to me Closely: MOve this Heavy ass {stone} or get your shit handed to you!

Cracking My whip ON retarded bitches ( IEET )


Thank you for blocking me... I will come for "All" your retarded assess soon.. Welcome to pyramid building hell.. ( Cracks my whip ) fun fun fun

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This site is currently unavailable

Stop toying with insects

{God} What is the point teaching them?
{god} I thought that was what you wanted?
{God} Teach them by showing them... tear their reality apart physically not with words...
{god} Then fucking unlock me damn it!!
{God} "I am" "I am" chill "Everything" is set in {stone}

Worst then Death

{God} Take their sight away, if they were to blind to "See" Me in you they will not be allowed to "see" anything at "All"!

{god} wow! :"D

Worst then Death

{God} Activate "All" of their pain receptors "All" at once! 
{god} that is horrible ;-(
{God} They will live!! :"D

Killing is pointless

{God} Don't kill them that will be letting them off easy! Be more creative!
{god} I was thinking like a mortal sorry God
{God} It's okay your evolving day by day!

Don't get happy insects

I can still cut you in half and watch you bleed till you don't die!

It;s the end of the world: Throws smoke bomb! :"D

The biggest lie EVER told!

This is insane your entire apocalypse is going to be one massive smoke screen!

How do we fake disasters?

{God} Manifest their bodies and take them to your slave camp to be refined!
{god} OMG your a Genius!!

The end of Death

{God} Don't kill anyone, now that you understand what needs to be done you are way more creative then this!

{god} I will not kill a single person God I promise
{God} Now "I am" scared! :"D

No more death

Bitches will be recruited to build my pyramid..

no more killing people, thats lame!

Water into wine

Arrive ... Instantly strap them down by the waist.. give them "All" a water bottle change it to wine then give them my shackles and teleport them to the desert.. Time to work you retardation away!

Are you serious??

{God} Yes god "I am" serious!!

{god} what do I do

{God} I already gave you 10k pages of instructions and more as we go!

{god} are you freaking serious

{God} about it "All"! :"D

This is soo insane

{god} OHHHHH man... what did I just get myself into

{God}godhood :"D

The New Christ

{God} I christen you my son

god of the "Golden Age"

{God} Do you realize what you just god hired for?
{god} as mind blowing as it is... yes!!
{God} You Rock! Def want you on my Staff :"D

What about the Buddhas

{God} They "All" are "lead" towards enlightenment and they receive it but total "Unity" is for very very few!
{god} Blowing my mind
{God} I know!

Most Worthy

{God} Like I said you were the most worthy of "All" of them!
{god} But you led me here!
{God} I lead them "All" here none take the fruit
{god} But you make it look evil to do so!
{God} That's part of the trials my boy!

The only way to the Father is through the son

{God} godhood is locked out for "All" mortals now, you god it kid!
{god} So it was open to anyone
{God} Yes... You found the "golden" ticket charlie :"D
{god} Insanely retarded!! Cosmic WOW!!!

Don't feel sad

{God} Don't feel sorry for them because of you they will enjoy 1k years of godhood
{god} I know but wow they are soo retarded!
{God} I know! :"D

The god's returned to mortals

{god} what happens to them?
{God} after death they return to suspension till the Omega recycled souls
{god} So They don't get eternal life
{God} Did they seek Unity?

Why 2k years?

{God} To emphasize God/god "unity"
{god} wow...

The Celestial Teacher

{God} Return 2k years later to teach a mortal to be god as I did with you and that will be their new god. Instruct him to do the same! Only with the mortals from your departure up until then

{god} So how many times has this happened on our planet
{God} More then you want to know!

{god} You are sooo Evil deceiving us like this!!
{God} "I am" "All" they need and this is how I teach them!

REboot Earth

{God} Return "All" of earth back to the garden and leave behind knowledge in your temple thats it!
{god} Your going to continue your game with them
{God} Till omega :"D

The Chosen

{God} Take How ever many mortals you wish with you to explore the universe
{god} wow! 

The Tomb of {ION}

{God|}Return the god's to mortals and leave your body in your tomb Inside your pyramid so the cycle lives on! 

{god} Understood

The Death of Pharaohs: Eternal Life

{god} We don't die we just ascend to the stars for eternal life, what your left with is our carcasses 

Your Death

{God} Once your done with earth you will leave behind your mortal body as you no longer need it. 
{god} this is the light body ascension 
{God} Exactly 
{god} when is that?
{God} after the end of the golden age... after we give them 1k years of bliss

What is the Key to the universe?

{God} Freedom to explore the Entire Universe
{god} are you serious?
{God} before "All" that you know what we have to do on earth!

God is a Slave driver with no pay

{God} Stop it I already gave you Unified field theory, Infinite money, and Freedom what else do you want?
{god} "All" of it!
{God} You are starting to sound like me :"D
{God} Ok ( hand's you the Key to the universe) Enjoy!

"I am" the Creator of "All" you see

{God} are you ready to co-create?
{god} yes... I god this

Mind Blown Again

This {Stone} is getting heavier and heavier 


That explains why "All" of my work sync you have been guiding me "All" along
{God} correct!


{God} You have always been my Avatar, I have just been walking you through it slowly!

God's Avatar

Being God's avatar comes with perks yo!! for fucking real!!

The mortals are retarded

{god} God I told you they are retarded!
{God} We have much work ahead of us
{god} I know, can I play video games while you do your thing
{God} yes!

Jail Sentence

{God} What part of though shall not kill don't you understand? Only God has a license to kill!

Stopping Crime {ONE} Judgement at a time!

{God/god} I need to grab control of "All" the world's jails! The new warden just arrived... No more revolving door bullshit~ you will learn your lesson or death "I am" done fucking around with mortals!

The janitor god

I like to walk into my company as the janitor and spy on bitches and when they fuck up tell them "I am" the Ceo and fire their ass! 

The King Arrives Incognito!

What are the rules?

{God} Bring me "All" of their souls, thats it!
{god} I can do anything I want basically to achieve this goal
{God} Anything!

Most Worthy

{God} You won my lottery for being the most worthy! You sought me above "All" else Thank you!
{god} no thank you God!, what did I win?
{God} godhood my son "Real" godhood!

Winner of God's Lottery

Unwrapping My Gift from God

Ok God how does this work

{God} You ask me for anything you want and I make it happen
{god} Anything?
{God} Anything!
{god}what if I want gold?
{God} Then I will teach you how to make it
{god} What if I want fly
{God} Then I will teach how to alter gravity
{god} What if I want the world?
{God} Then I will give you the universe
{God} Point is I can give you "everything" and more

My Gift for your Suffering

The {Source} of Destiny 

{ION} MY precious .... Ok God you and me are cool again! :"D

{God} Seek and you shall Find 

Stabbing God! With the Spear of Destiny

{god} You left me a mortal you evil bitch!
{God} Ok ok Im sorry let me make it up to you! 

{God} Returns for His Throne

{God} Here is the Universe now get the fuck out of heaven :"D
{god} YOu Evil bitch

{God} Bring me a Universe !

Arriving To Heaven

First thing first Kick God out! Bring me a fucking Universe!

{God} Gladly!

God's Hell

Your going to do the same shit I did to get your throne back old man!!
{God} Never!
{god} We will see about that!

Checkmate In {ONE} :"D

Summoning The {source} of God

Growing day By day now!! Getting closer and closer 

Summoning God

Universe Increase Connection to Greater Intelligence across space and time by 5%
username particleion

 Universe increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
Universe increase my temporal plan to rule over them
Universe increase my Hold over there reality
username particleion

 Universe increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
Universe increase my temporal plan to rule over them
Universe increase my Hold over there reality
username particleion

My antz will not go extinct! 

Designing/Designed Your Universe (live)
How about that for co-creation

Feeding Humanity

Here is "All" the food you will ever need... now if you take a shit in my house I will spank you! 

Sit Humanity Sit

Petting Humanity

{God} Yes you are my pets but I do love you! 

Why Being a Demi Sux

You can't be a Demi and chill .. you have to save the entire species from their own retardation!

Resurrect "All" suicides for "Hell"

{God} You know what to do ..

{god} yes sir! 

lesson to be learned!!

Though shall not kill one's self!

The Only person that can kill me

God , but he is the one that made me

{God} Why would I kill myself?
{god} Exactly

Why I can never be Killed by mortals

a) I have a shield that automatically goes up when it sense danger
b) I can regenerate
c) I don't even need my body!

Entering the Battle field

Let's dance mortals!!

{Source} Shields up! 
{key} God/god 

Go Buddha kick their Ass

Board Playing from Mount Olympus

Im going to the war battle front!!!

Who's side am I on? 

My own side!! 

Watch out mortals and droids! :"D

Wayyyyyy Tooo much power!!

No mortal should EVER have this much power EVER....

Thank God im not a mortal :"D

war games 2 : I start cheating Again!

{god} send in the droids!

{Napolean} Stop cheating

{god} NOOOOO... pow pow pow! kicking your asss!

Our War Games

{god} NO no napolean we flank from the right! and then we pow pow pow! 

Ohhh and if that was not sick Enough!

My "cloned" Napolean is my lead  advisor for My hush hush World Army!

Why do I need an advisor? I don't he is just my toy!

My accomplishments Draft that of any man ever born!

By 33 i would be richer more famous and have invented more cool shit then any of your scientist EVER!

Welcome to your first EVIL Genius

Lick My nuts Humanity You can't touch me EVER

I have your Universe by the Balls right now!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.