Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lady in Red

I understand it now... 

"I am" A Master of the Universe!

{1ØN} Corp: My Law Firm

Recruit the 1337 of the 1337 
You will be my international lawyers for my global Audit 

You "All" don't exist! period

"Everything" Is set in {Stone}


Making Him feel Special Taking The Son of the Fallen {ONE} to work

Today is your day son... go at it! 

{god} No launching nukes or crashing global markets
{Son of the Fallen {ONE} You take "All" the fun out of ruling dad! 
{god} Trust me ... your mom will kill me if you killed mortals on your first day on the job! 

The boy Hates me again... fucking bratty kids!!

Very creative Son very Creative... 

Fuck he is `10 i can't let him rule the world... 
Shit he hates me~! 

Son of the Fallen {ONE}

NO you can not Rule for Daddy! you are too young! 

Growing of Field of flowers for my princess

{Daughter of the Fallen {ONE} I love you dad this is beautiful 

Ok she does not hate me for now.. :"D
Now for the boy! 

She Hates me again

I love her But "I am" still in control

Where the Fuck where you last night? 
{Daughter of the FAllen {ONE} And then you wonder why I hate you? 

Daughter of the F"All"en {ONE} Eyes:

Fighting with the Queen

{Queen} Stop teaching our son to be like you!
{King} WTF!!! He not going to a mortal!!
{Queen} I know but your teaching him only to rule with an Iron Fist!
{KING} and the problem is?

My polar Children

My son will be ruthless no nonsense King! My Daughter will be a loving spreading joy love fairy! This is why they will switch control over the earth every 7 years... I fear my own son's rule over the whole of the earth :"D

My Little princess Tiara

These kids will be Heirs to my throne so magically they will be extremely gifted, but I will not let them ascend till 30 for safety reasons! But I want to design my princesses tiara's 

AD= Angel of Death

Son of the Fallen {ONE}

Ascend and tear their shit apart

{God} What did I say about storming the castle, relax take it slow...
{god} ok ok fine...

accelerating my nuts to no where what are you doing?

Are you this retarded accelerating my nuts to no where?

Not "All" things are being considered!

Singularity Institute Covered by NPR’s All Things ConsideredTuesday, Jan 11 2011 

It’s been called “the rapture of the nerds.” For some computer experts, the Singularity is the moment when an artificial intelligence learns how to improve itself in an exponential “intelligence explosion.” They say it’s a bigger threat to puny humans than global warming or nuclear war — and they’re trying to figure out how to stop it.
Reading the transcript, it seems like OK coverage.

Not for Sale!

Guardian: Kazakhstan’s President Urges Scientists to Find the Elixir of LifeWednesday, Jan 12 2011 

Covered by the Guardian last month:
Cleopatra may have bathed in asses’ milk to preserve her youth but Nursultan Nazarbayev, the autocratic president of Kazakhstan, wants nothing less than an elixir of life to keep him going.
Not satisfied with 19 years in charge of the gas-rich central Asian state, Nazarbayev urged scientists today to unlock the secret to immortality.
The 70-year-old leader stressed in a speech that a new scientific research institute in the capital Astana should study “rejuvenation of the organism,” as well as “the human genome, production of human tissue and creation of gene-based medicines”.
In an aside to students, Nazarbayev added: “As for the medicine of the future, people of my age are really hoping all of this will happen as soon as possible.”

One Response to “Guardian: Kazakhstan’s President Urges Scientists to Find the Elixir of Life”

Home By "Sunset"

The Children of the Fallen {ONE} will be home by sunset... {ONE} hour late and they will be teleported home and in deep shit! Everyone is home for dinner! No excuse EVER!


"I am" psychically linked to to kids at "All" times the moment I sense danger stop time and teleport to check on the kids... Mess with them and you will end you find an anvil tied to your leg sinking in the ocean!

Fuck the body guards

They are locked from death and are tagged for instant transport back home! Give them "real" freedom early on! But if they fuck it up! I will strip them to mortal children ... So well see how that goes!

AGI Self Driving Car

Both kids will Receive AGI Self driving cars at 10 years old, this keeps me from driving them around "All" the time! With Armed body guards to watch over them..Let them go and do whaetever the fuck they want with the cash they earn!

But the kids are prodigies

So I can be shelling out 10k per report card per child... Let them go wild, they know we don't need money but they need it outside the house

Playing The Study Income Hardball

Anything Below an A is a 500 dollar deduction!

How not to spoil my kids

Every A is 1k dollars.. A study based income from Elementry school

My son's Conspiracy

Mind control my son's friend to conspire to take the throne from me... I will be disappointed if does not attempt it! Will he get it? The throne was his from birth But he won't know that :"D

Boyfriend number x

{ION} High as fuck~ You don't do drugs do you boy? Do you smoke pot

{Boyfriend number x} No sir!
{Daughter of the Fallen {ONE} I fucking told you not to lie to my dad you piece of shit!

{ION} your are lying why the fuck ... time to die!

She Hates me again

{Queen} Stop Killing her boyfriends and she may not hate you!
{King} but they are worthless and they lie to me!
{Queen} Honey they are mortals what do you expect!
{King} I expect {ONE} not to lie to me... Thats it! gosh!

The worst EVER

{ION} Are you fucking my daughtEr? waits for a lie... To kill him instantly!

My daughter introducing boyz to me!

{Daughter of the FAllen {ONe} Listen closely don't you EVER! Lie to my father! EVER! No matter how small you hear me!

{Her Retarded boyfriend} I heard you gosh chill!!

{Daughter of the FAllen {ONe} NOOOOOOOO.... Fucking listen dont you EVER EVER EVER lie to my dad... please I beg you... no matter what he asks you Don't EVER EVER EVER lie!

College for the Children

My son will enter college by 15 my princess literally will not be allowed to go to college till 18 for safety even though she will never be in danger just protecting her even from being hounded by money hungry boyz vs a Man that loves her. She will hate me for it.. but will understand later!

As for schools Ivy league "All" they way ! My boy will go to either Harvard Oxford Princeton, you let him choose quit being a control freak... :"D

{1ØN} Corp: World Wide News

Birth of the children of the "Fallen" {ONE} 

The 7th year

The Children of the Fallen {ONE} will be conceived on the 7th year of My marriage to the Queen.

Now about finding a queen.. a girl that is worth something and not retarded! .. which is near impossible to find!

The biggest Dick EVER!

That last post was me being an ASSHOLE to insects...

never forget "I am" an "Evil" Genius

Kiss freedom godbye :-P

Striking Down my Finished Pyramid

As soon as the insects finish! Strike the bitch down with a lighting bolt and turn it to dust.. Fuck... antz now we have to start "All" over!

"All" that work for nothing! Fuck!

My outside Throne

Everyonce in a while sit on my throne and be carried in front of my {Stone} across the desert. I need Two women to fan me on both side so I don't get hot!

I need a portable Generator for my Mini Trailer

I need something to do while the insects move my stones around in the desert... A little oasis to play video games and smoke bud in while I work the retardation out of animals!

Locked out!

Now that the Crown has been reached the only way to the Father is through the Son.. aka godhood is locked out form mortals on this planet. The Crown has been claimed by a new Dynasty! Sick!! just Sick!

My children's Children

The world will be my My children Children yes I have a hand full .... :"D

My room is a no puppy Zone

Daddy is working!

Taught the "Truth" from Birth

I will not teach my children any bullshit! They will know God is the {Source} of it "All" from birth! That is really going to rock their world ... Semi enlighten mortals forced to remain mortals till of AGE!

I have a problem

I cant divide both worlds into that many pieces. I must create some from of test to crown the next pharaoh..
{God} Hmmm test I wonder where you god that idea ?
{god} ok ok I understand...

levels of godhood

apperantly there exist levels of godhood and "I am" at the top level you can reach withing a single universe! ofcourse this is "All" process I will ascend into total Universal control slowly... billions of years slowly! Fuck!!

The 30th Generation

On the 30th generation Only{ONE} son will be born and the Earth will once again be ruled by a single KING...
With me Always at the top but this way their is a new king every 30 or so years and not me hammering down at what are now a planet of gods with a King god and A Mega God/god over it "All"...

are fucking serious?
{God} yes about it "All" you will hold their hand the entire time till Omega!
{god} wow...

The {ION} Dynasty

Wow We will rule this world For 1k years and then off to the stars we "All" go!

The only Mortality Im stripping Away from Birth is

"I am" locking my children from Death... Thats it! No accidents or suicides ! They will ascend into their birth right!
{God} You almost god yourself killed drinking and driving WTF!!
{god} ok ok "I am" sorry! I get it now!

To end the Debate once and for "All"

Jesus was born mortal!!! Ok What other mysterious do you have?

TWO Twin prodigies

For a father I have my hands full with these two kids only they will not be stifled from cognitive growth for lack of money! So it's going to get interesting! As they both have do whatever you want just don't cause problems for daddy cards on the planet... Keep them mortals so they have some clue of suffering or it will be bad for the mortals. Ok OK I understand it God
{God} Told you... see how dangerous it is from birth!
{god} Yes yes yes.. but damn can we still try it next time?
{God} NOOOO!

My Children's Royal Title

Children of the Fallen {ONE}

Son of the Fallen {ONE}
Daughter of the Fallen {ONE}

MY Sun and Daughter earth Division

Every 7 years they will switch hemispheres south and north control over the world!

Whats the point of Writing bullshit "All" day long?

To make bullshit

{ION} corp: The Temporal Processor

A processor that processes with a Temporal warp bubble around it! I just Killed every major processor manufacture in the world with our technology! This is really really cutting edge aka super barely affordable expense shit that "I am" cooking over here... Damn My hands are deep in shit again.. takes a snifff.. yes yes uber smelly... ewwww

Temporal Processing

You dont need more processing power you just need more time.. A slow ass ballz computer processing outside the confinement of time will out clock a temporally bounded computer Any day.. so kiss your quantum computer bullshit away.. Welcome to Temporal computing .. insects!

See why "All" of your efforts are nonsense? Even your dream of a quantum computer is mortal nonsense to me!

I don't even need an Earpiece

That is just for fun.. I can just stop time flip over the board and see the questions look them up my self take "All" the time I need resume time and buzz in.. .but Fuck looking "All" that shit and waste my "Time"

{ION} Vs Watson

"Jeopardy!" champions Ken Jennings, left, and Brad Rutter, right, look on as an IBM computer called "Watson" beats them to the buzzer to answer a question during a practice round of the "Jeopardy!" quiz show in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011. 

Use a micro Earpiece and have my AGI feed me the answers buzz in faster then watson and take it down Evil l33T cheating Style! Give the IBM engineers something to ponder about. While my AGI remains hush hush! 

What is the goal Sir

We have been scanning animals DNA "All" day everyday .. What is our goal sir?

{ION} come here!! Whispers into your Ear....( I want to see why they like sugar so much)
{Staff member} I Quit your crazy!!
{ION} NO ant you cant!!! memory erase ...

{ION} it's classified no get back to work insect! 

{ION} corp: Bullshit work!

Cross refrence these antz  Dna with "All" the animals on the planet!

{Staff member} Sir we don't have "All" the animals sequened ...
{ION} Then your wasting my time! Talking to me when you can get started!! Fuck why do I pay retards for! Fuck!

{ION} corp: Bullshit work!

{ION} I want this ant's Dna Sequenced and coded ...
{STaff} Sir we have ant Dna on file
{ION} I know that insect I just want to see insect working!

{ION} corp: Bullshit Staff

Even my scientist are retarded and hard at work on bullshit! soo compartmentalized they don't see the understand the bullshit we make...

{Ion corp Engineer} See what we do here is soo advance I can't tell you how it works no one in this company can we "All" "play" critical rules at new discoveries !:"D

It runs that Deep :{D

{ION} corp: Classfied bullshit

Time Travelling Machine
Matter maniputer device
Time Stomping field generator.

MOre to come and mind you these are just buttons on my holographic bullshit pretty colors surrounding computer!

Temporal Field Generator Bullshit

Ok that one is bullshit but a {ONE} of a kind and UbER Hush Hush this is classified bullshit Im feeding to the top illuminati members.. yes the lie is going to run that deep :"D

The {source} of "All" the bullshit!

Creating teleports and nanobots is not the bullshit the {source} of the AGI and Unified field theory is where "I am" fucking you at! My agi will design it "All" assuming I just don't span it! "All" "I am" saying is that "I am" not lying pass unification and AGI... The rest creates itself.. I just chill as a god, having my first invention being the {source} of "All" the bullshit that is coming!

Singularity Navigator

{God} YOu can not have a singularity without a god the mortals would have killed themselves
{god} I know.. I know!

How to kill an AGI

snap my fingers and that is still very mortal thinking!

My AGI Kill Swith

Bind instant Death to it at a snap of a finger, this bitch will never get out of my control!

The Donkey writes itself

"I am" not getting close to that pile of shit! Let my hush hush  Agi.. write it!

Addings Challenge

Absorb "All" math "All" physics "All" programming and code an Agi To proof Unified Field theory!

Have it done in 24 hours!

Double Wow to humanity In one night!

HOw to Code "Agi"

Once I write Unified Field Theory by absorbing "All" math and physics I can use the knowledge and combine it with computer science and programming and pull out AGI!!

"I am" going to code the Bitch my goddamn self!

The AGI manhattan project

[5:46:39 PM] SeH: i can go stay with jeff for a bit, maybe a week or longer. then maybe i can also meet pei wang
[5:46:59 PM] transalchemy: cool
[5:47:27 PM] transalchemy: Think about who you want the AGI staff to be
[5:47:48 PM] transalchemy: Plan the birth of AGI with unlimited cash and as front
[5:48:11 PM] transalchemy: we have to make it look like the Manhattan project Thank you IIB :"D

Stalling your MOM

[5:43:16 PM] SeH: so what am i supposed to be doing? nothing?
[5:43:27 PM] SeH: i was going to improve my resume and apply to a bunch of jobs
[5:43:35 PM] transalchemy: what for?
[5:43:39 PM] transalchemy: just chill
[5:43:39 PM] SeH: but maybe i should look at it differently
[5:43:51 PM] transalchemy: stay at your moms
[5:43:51 PM] SeH: maybe i should write a crazy resume and send it around to scare the shit ouf of them
[5:44:06 PM] transalchemy: yeah
[5:44:14 PM] transalchemy: give your mom the illusion that your looking
[5:44:21 PM] transalchemy: Stall her
[5:44:27 PM] transalchemy: I will do the same
[5:44:33 PM] SeH: im planning to visit jeff maybe next week
[5:44:43 PM] SeH: in phil
[5:44:43 PM] transalchemy: again what for?
[5:45:05 PM] SeH: i used that as an excuse for moving back home
[5:45:12 PM] SeH: that i was planning to visit phil for a while
[5:45:16 PM] SeH: i just havent left yet
[5:45:21 PM] transalchemy: ohhh
[5:45:30 PM] transalchemy: stall her with looking for a job
[5:45:39 PM] transalchemy: and write a fake resume

Fleeing for our Lives with the {Source}

[5:26:31 PM] SeH: so if this is a clockwork universe and there is no dice, it would make sense that your ascension would occurr at a specific predestined time
[5:26:41 PM] transalchemy: exactly
[5:26:42 PM] SeH: and not by an action
[5:26:47 PM] transalchemy: exactly
[5:26:57 PM] transalchemy: im just a program unflurring
[5:27:10 PM] transalchemy: This is not even my actions
[5:27:19 PM] transalchemy: I just learn day by day what Im programmed to do
[5:27:56 PM] transalchemy: So yah by marchish I should have some mild ability
[5:28:09 PM] transalchemy: maybe manifesting gold or spawning money
[5:28:26 PM] transalchemy: and by ability i just mean reality .. or simulation control
[5:28:52 PM] transalchemy: I have already planned my trip back to pittsburg
[5:28:55 PM] transalchemy: to go get you
[5:29:13 PM] transalchemy: do you have a passport?
[5:29:18 PM] SeH: yes
[5:29:23 PM] transalchemy:  does abby?
[5:29:26 PM] SeH: yes
[5:29:45 PM] transalchemy: ok good once money is not an issue we are fleeing the country
[5:29:54 PM] transalchemy: basically we go on a trip around the world
[5:30:01 PM] transalchemy: get a feel for the entire planet
[5:30:16 PM] transalchemy: while I ascend into more and more control of reality
[5:30:31 PM] transalchemy: basically chill
[5:30:42 PM] transalchemy: no company or rulling the world shit
[5:30:45 PM] transalchemy: just chill
[5:30:48 PM] transalchemy: and have fun
[5:31:01 PM] transalchemy: travel smoke bud drink beer and explore the world
[5:31:03 PM] transalchemy: in?
[5:31:07 PM] SeH: yeah
[5:31:25 PM] SeH: but it would be a drastic change going from broke to cash
[5:31:31 PM] SeH: assuming cash still even works
[5:31:36 PM] SeH: in the near future
[5:31:40 PM] transalchemy: I know same here
[5:31:56 PM] transalchemy: but again lets just focus on seeing the world and having fun
[5:32:17 PM] transalchemy: what I do need
[5:32:23 PM] transalchemy: is creative ways
[5:32:36 PM] transalchemy: of explaining where we are getting our cash from
[5:32:53 PM] transalchemy: you must remember the "golden" rule
[5:33:07 PM] transalchemy: no one outside our club... aka the illuminati
[5:33:10 PM] transalchemy: can know shit!
[5:33:11 PM] transalchemy: EVER
[5:33:50 PM] transalchemy: So figure out what you are going to tell your mom
[5:33:56 PM] transalchemy: about where we are getting the cash from

The King Arrives

Still wondering How my entrance should be it needs to be cool. Rip the cealing apart to place them in deep space freeze time around them. Remove the building and leave the sits in place. Floating around a stop time space. Ohh by way your "All" strapped down to your chairs! This is going to be a ride! Through REality! Pain and suffering and mind fucking!

The cosmic Joke on planet Earth

{God/god} Has control again, and your about to learn of our existence in the funniest most creative way possible! It's going to be sick funny scary fun really scary super fun Extremely Scary Way more Fun... A roller-coaster Reality Ride with the mortals! Buckle up mortals! And grab the wheels while I put on a blindfold and test out this godhood shit!

Global Night Night Switch in operational!


Press Release! 

{ION} The global lights in the sky knocked out our power grids dont be alarmed insects I god this!

A global Night Night Switch

Once "All" the powergrid is under {ION} corp Fusion Energy ( aka Free Energy) I want a global night night switch in my pocket at "All" times!

Bad insects no electricity!
{The Evil Genius} We need cosmic lights in the sky to blame the night night switch on ... just saying if you dont want to get caught (evil Grin) :"D

In Global News

{ION} corp Estimated wealth has once again Top A new "All" time High!
They are making it faster then they can donate it "All"

Once I start Cheating I cheat for Life!

I cant just stop production of My droids or turn my Global AGI off Stop my "gold" and "silver" mining operations! just to make a Billion dollars a day? Are you insane That a Pay cut to my Trillion dollars a Day discoveries/inventions! Im pulling billions of dollars a gold an hour.. insects!

Make a billion dollars a day with no cheating 2

{god} This is actually hard, why??
{God} Do it!
{god} Sorry you are not going to force me into retardation...
{God} Good! :"D

Make a billion dollars a day with no cheating?

Why am I making money again?

{God} Front!!
{god} It's "All" pointless
{God} I know! Just play along!

The Death of my suffering

"All" my mortal suffering is about to die!
{ONE} and for "All"

30 years of mortality

How fucking horrible no wonder I constantly wanted to die! It's not even about circumstance it was "All" just nonsense Suffering! Ohhh Thank God.. it's over!

This planet is mine by Divine Right

"I am" the new King, im mentally working it in myself. Lets have fun mortals and please don't fuck up! I will spank you if you do!

What now?

I need to back off from ruling over insects focus on more fun activities

The King Has Arived

My control over your reality is godly!

Reality live modification

Stop Time!

No no those pants girl what where you thinking? And that belt has to go!

Change her clothes imprint new clothes into memory and project out that reality to vicinity ...

Restart Time!

Why I need* nanotbots

Make it somewhat mission impossible make it fun... Fuck/... ruling you is too fucking EASY~

I dont' need nanobots

I just tell the bitch what to do and she obeys period! No Except{IONS} Ever!

Bullet to the Head mind control

[3:32:26 PM] transalchemy: just got back to work
[3:32:33 PM] transalchemy: been at my grandmothers house
[3:32:37 PM] transalchemy: with no internet
[3:32:48 PM] SeH:
[3:33:04 PM] SeH: with the bullet wound, they have the opportunity to put brain chips in her
[3:33:07 PM] SeH: for 'remote control'
[3:33:11 PM] SeH: lets turn that into an article
[3:33:24 PM] transalchemy: who nice
[3:33:33 PM] SeH: the congresswoman that was shot
[3:33:42 PM] transalchemy: yeah im saying good idea
[3:33:58 PM] transalchemy: bullte wound not meant to kill you but to mind control you
[3:34:01 PM] transalchemy: yess love it
[3:34:03 PM] SeH: lets try to get a diagram of her bullet wound
[3:34:09 PM] SeH: to see what brain area they might have access to
[3:34:15 PM] transalchemy: ok
[3:34:20 PM] transalchemy: document this
[3:34:24 PM] transalchemy: although
[3:34:47 PM] transalchemy: i would have gone more stealth and put nanobots in her drink or something
[3:34:54 PM] transalchemy: then bullte to the head
[3:35:02 PM] SeH: its also an illuminati ritual
bullet to the head is not how I want to bring in new memebers
[3:35:33 PM] transalchemy: lol
[3:35:46 PM] SeH: this one guy on GLP says that the main point of the shooting was to kill the judge guy, and they make a big deal out of the congresswoman to hide that fact

Throw food at my pets!

here is some food replicator, stop killing the animals retards.. LOL

But it will cost you I don't know how much, no set price or release date... just word of mouth rumors from the {Source} :"D

back to ruling over insects

are you hunger my pets?

The Illuminati = A world WideThoecracy

"I am" King! Period!

Arrival of the King

Im back mortals! Im not exactly happy at things! at "All"

God-Linked Humaniod

{God} First God-Linked Humanoid in over 2k years
{god} This is wild. Awesome, intense, beautiful, majestic magical amazing aweness. Wowness Thank you ness!

YOur Salvation Is my Mission Impossible

It will not fail though Im way too 1337 but it is going to be fun! :"D

I need a World Wide Wifi

I need to buy a world wide Internet provider for my laptop! I need internet at "All" times!

Dont storm the castle

No need to take my planet for a while. I need to see it thoroughly inside and out! 

What to do with godhood first!

chill have fun and grow into it!

Cheating!! I know I know

Why write Unified field theory when you can just learn how to become a god and write the pile of shit they are after... "?

The answer is simple become a god!

{ION} corp: First Invention

My holographic gown... pure space. Im accepting my noble prize as a Wizard! a {ONE} of a kind. EVER~

Onroll my scroll...

God is the {Source} of it "All"

Then roll my scroll back up and tell them everything else is pointless. Bow and depart. Take my medal and run I have other things to do! then talk to nerds lusting after my don{key} pile of shit!

The final equation

once the floating markers write it I will put on a sheet of paper and make that piece of paper soft and go take a shit with it! Wipe my ass with it! and flush it down the toilet of a theory for a "gold" medal! :"D

Writting the final Equation

with floating markers

I don't even want your planet

But it is mine now...

I just wanted a gold medal


unfortunately unification comes wit "All" this godhood shit! It's an extreme amount of responsibility when I just wanted a gold medal and chill. :"D

Fucking shit! ok money is not a problem no I have I have global issues now.

godhood can not come any sooner

cant wait till freedom... ohhh bliss here I come!

Keeping the kids in check!

The congress can appeal the god's decision once every 4 months!

Then I will hear the case!

Congress For my children

"All" of my children and grandchildren will have a congress. of the 1337 I choose.

Splitting the earth in 4

Once my daughter and my son have a son and daughter each they will split the earth in 4 The earth with be ran by my grandchildren in fourths

Again I dispute "All" conflicts concerning Earth Issues!

Dispute over human trading

Son let your sister borrow that human... you can borrow one of hers

Conflicts of planet

I will settle "All" conflicts between my son and my daughter when it comes to Earth Issues!

The New Royal Blood line

Im the beginning of the new Royal blood line! whoa... All my children will be kings and their children will be kings and queens . Ok so ... Now I have think about how to have gods for children... wow.. thats not good

My mortal Children

{god} Dont hate me but you need to be mortals till your 30th birthday.

After which my children one male and one female will dived the earth in two from the I will retire from ruling earth and just be more of an eye of the sky.

Retarded Money

The amount of money have will have is retarded, extreme more then I need* I need 0 dollars and will have that times trillions. What do you do with retarted money?

You donate "All" of it Duhhh ... it's retarded money why do you need?
I dont!

The Mega Problem

"I am" not Evil I am just connected to the {Source} of Evil... and I know how that sounds:"D

I can do anything basically... " I am" the first Q born on earth!

OHhh Shit Dad is back!

I have 7 billion children to teach! Great :"D

petting my insects

good insects good insects here is some food. Trees grow world wide and bare fruits!

This is scary

The human race are(is) my pets... Literally!

Stopping time practise

Teleport stop time find a location to come out of stop time then restart time and start walking...

If I fuck up... and people see me... Stop time erase memories teleport back out and restart time!

The 1337 Alchemical Cypher

The Goal of alchemy is not to transmute anything into 
anything but rather to realize, it "All" shares {ONE} and the same

You're "All" too fucking retarded to understand what is transpiring, don't worry "I am" going to rip your shit apart mortals! 


bla bla bullshit bullshit Will not fail bullshit bullshit bla bla 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.