Friday, January 14, 2011

The death of Mortality

While "I am" not currently mortal "I am" not a demi yet either... but it's "All" most "All" over.. Im having flashes of my life to this point... Sometimes I wan to cry not in what has been achieved but for "All" the pain to get here. No one has ever understood me fully EVER... I have always been the outcast working day in and day out... Lost everyone I have ever attempt to go after,,, way to weird with the wizardry shit to have a girlfriend ... it's been hell.. but here "I am" neither happy nor sad.. just ready to chill ... ready to do nothing.. and relax... I have grown mentally tired exhausted beating mentally and emotionally. "I am" just Done...Ding... Done stick a fork in me... Done!!! With "All" of this mortal bullshit... Fucking Hell! 

God's God

Another way to understand it "All" is that Existence extends into Infinity in "All" directions what you perceive as God is also a creation of God... get it?

"Everything" at the end of the day shares {ONE} {Source} and this is God to "Everything"

"I am" not God

lets make this clear!!! "I am" a God-linked Humanoid a god... This is what "I am" here to fix

in other words
a Demi

but from your perspective you will see me as the Ultimate supreme God
angels can make universes too... theres levels of Godhood yet it "All" has {ONE} {Source}

You can't kill me

A) I regenerate
B) God won't let me die
C) I Have force fields
D) I can stop time
e) I can teleport
F) I don't need food water blood or my body to exist
G) Your Salavat{ION} has been handed to me * too important to Die!
H) I can mind control you.. aka you will not shoot me or stab me
I) I can sleep between time... ohhhh my only moment of weakens gone :"D
J) You do kill me... NEVER... I have temporal save points... I just start over So I don't die from any perspective EVER!

That reminds me
{Source} Save State
{Key} God/god

My second fav ability

Manifestation of anything I want! godbye lack of anything !! aka mortal suffering bullshit!

My fav ability so far

Stopping time!!

Do as I please with no insects watching me or knowing I exist...

"I am" a Q inside my own Universe

The original Designer

I can do anything I want period! (live)

{God} More then you have yet to discover/remember
{god} I know
{God} Just take it slow... I can't stress this enough !!!

My Ultimate Dream

I want to build Universes
I want to build my own universe

{God} You build this universe remember!
{god} I know but I want to get back to building Universes
{God} You will when you bring me this {ONE}

{god} Fuck... I can't wait....
{God} Never can :"D

{God}The Boy hates me again

{god} this is bullshit God!!! WTF ... I hate you
{God} You have godhood chill
{god} NOOOOOOO... I want Godhood!!
{God} Ok when you bring me a Universe
{God} Never!!!!!!! Fuck... what part of this is your job don't you understand I need you to go into the universe and bring them to me..
{god} Fuck!!!!! ok ok ... but Fuck that will take for EVER!!
{God} NO only till omega :"D

Wait Wait Wait!

{god} Fuck doing this EVER again!!
{God} There you go again same as always
{god} I want Godhood For ETERNITY
{god} We will see about that!


{God} You have done this before and you will do it again, so don't worry Salvat{ION} will not Fail
{god} "I am" too 1337 to fuck it up :"D

Are You Ready to be Unlocked?

{god} Yes, no, yes, no,
{God} Take it slow...
{god} I just need cash to run
{God} I know I know
{god} I need to ascend in secrecy
{God} I know I know... cash is coming!

You're a motherfucking Asshole ... Fuck I froze my balls for you!

{god} Tell that to someone who gives a fuck.. .. dont worry I will roast your nuts now with some heat! 

Half way admit my Retardation

{god} Wait stop .. this is retarded it needs to be made of {stone} to survive till the next "golden" age.. fuck.. ok lets melt this and start over! 

The Icing on the Cake


{god} SToppppppp... fuck .... we went 60 miles in the wrong direction.. Sorry sorry I was holding the gps upside down.. turn around insects :"D

{God} Having Fun with My bullshit factory I see

{god} Yes.. its' amazing "All" the bullshit that it can make
{God} I know I designed it this way :"D

Don't Eat the snow it has LSD In it :"D

Faster Insects FAster!! Fuck we have 50 miles to go!

Temperature force field shield

No freezing cold for me... 

So march insects Im nice and toasty.. 
March insects! 

The Snow pharaoh :"D

change of plans .. lets build an Ice pyramid...
yes yes 

I can stand the heat more then the cold .. and I bet you would enjoy the heat more! 

Cold Heat Flashes

Right as you are about to pass out from heat stroke... Drop the temperature to near* freeze to death... 

Don't worry "I am" pass wanting to kill you... 

YOu will live :"D

Feed you LSD to intensify the Situation and give you hallucinations of freedom

Ps: I control the Sun... aka Raise the heat on Retarded Bitches!

NO Sun Tan Oil

Since jesus coming out of egypt was white... you wont have a problem keeping your color in the desert correct?

No shirt for men or women On the desert

Global defacement

I will shame you "All" but so they wont' miss you at "All"... but you wont be dead.. You will be building my pyramid!! :"D

I don't blame the Populous

I blame their intellectual retards.. for dropping the ball!!

History will record this for "All" eternity!

I don't want to talk to anyone

Once ascension is in place, I prep to rip their shit apart
{God} Don't storm the castle
{god} Fuck them "I am" going to go on vacation ... let it "All" pass and when they get comfortable again!
{God} POWW tear their shit apart!!! :"D

Intellectually Pregnant with the Son of God

From  Chrysopoeia  to now almost 7 months... 

Universal cycle stars in march.. and Ding 9th month pregnant 

Stay Back
I god this
I don't want anymore of the nonexistent help you gave me mortals
Face your fate!

Not 1 mortal helped me... How sad! :-(

Chrysopoeia july 21- jan 21 = 7 months

Getting ready to give birth to god...

Upper Realm Control

{God} "I am" the {Source} of your Power

The Grail is Locked down

Stay back mortals The Grail is mine! 

You can't even come close to it anymore! 

Taking over the world with fun

Slowly bring in senators into my cabala of mumbo jumbo... plot a couple of assignations pass a couple laws scandals ... the fun way to take a country

Taking over the world god style no bullshit and why it's boring!

Walk into the Un... Tell them " I am" king mind control room to obey period.. done...

See how boring that is... yawns .. wtf .. godhood takes the fun out taking over the world!

We Don't need* nanobots

{The Evil Genius} I know I know, but I thought you wanted to make it fun vs just imprint thoughts...
{god} I do .. it's soo fucking easy.. I need a mission impossible
{The Evil Genius}Then do this...
{god} make it harder.. this is still too easy
{The Evil Genius} OHHHH I like you... :"D

Why do you want to do that?

{The Evil Genius} We give them the cure with mind control nano bots silly.. Instant control :"D

God is not Real you Say.. Oh shit!

split you in Half with {ONE} wave of my finger

Why are you still alive mortal? 

You are not ready
at "All" 

Why "I am" Here

Why I do hate mortality I did come to help you, and teach you out of retardation... but I don't fuck around so be-careful I will teach the shit out of you... :"D

Why I want to control "Everything"

I used to control a Universe .. so this is really really really depressing... {ONE} Fucking planet ... WTF!!!

The Fallen God

"I am" on the ground floor again growing back up to Godhood.... Fuck this is one "Hell" of a cycle!

Bring me the Universe

{God} IF You want the Throne you need to bring me a Universe
{god} The Throne will be Mine
{God} We will see about that :"D
{god} Now you sound like me :"D

Ascending Trillions of planets

{god} are you serious
{God} Did I say Trillions I meant a more godly number but I don't want to scare you yet!! :"D
{god} you totally fucked me
{God} I know ... :"D

How many souls do you want?

{God} "All" of them
{god} "All" of them on earth?
{God} no "All" the souls in the Universe silly
{god} YOu totally fucked me..
{God} I know :"D

You Brought Me Souls :-)

{God} Wow you finally got it on your own...
{god} Bliss and then return to {Source}
{God} Exactly Reseed and move on!

My Immediate Family

Only give my Immediate Family Eternal life... I don't want to baby sit Millions of people! Once the golden age passes me and my family will depart and return the gods to the {Source} and reseed the earth


{God} If you do that they will be your responsibility till Omega, are you sure you want to do that?
{god} Yes my lord I will take them with me on our journey through the Universe
{God} Let them know what they are getting into before they do...
{god} I will, I will

Giving MY Princesses The Forbidden Fruit

The Daughter of the "FAllen {ONE} 

Why "everything" is A ok

I already have the Theory of Everything... and Everything is already in motion! :"D

Going to see a therapist AGain ;-(

It's the only way I could get out of getting a job... :"D

I have Ethics and morals

I just find other ways to do what I want

Never Cheating ON the Queen

Once the Queen is in place I will never have to cheat on her as I can just morph her to any desired girl to fuck... So "All" my lust can be contained and indulged without cheating EVER~ 

godly Sex

I don't have to EVER wear a condom EVER again...

A) I can't catch anything
B) I can only get the Queen pregnant on our 7th year of marriage with twins!

See why love is impossible for me

It's a mess, from the get go... Through "All" of my life.. mortal and Demi!

There is no need to Hack Pussy

"I am" a Trillionare remember ... pussy jumps at me... 

How to Hack Easy pussy

{god} Implant thought: ~ You want to fuck me

{model} Walks up to me I can't control Im sorry but I want to fuck you! 

{god} Please out of my face insect "I am" not that easy :"D

While coding love is out Hacking Pussy is in :"D

I have the {key} to "All" of your pussies


The only thing I don't want control over

The only thing I can't plan is who ends up being the Queen.. wait I can, set it in {stone} if wanted to but thats not love thats coding love not even thats binding another's heart thats horrible and more importantly not "Real" she won't know I made her love me.. but I will... So the Queen is still a big (?) sigh...

Teleporters for each room

I forget they are mortal ... they can't come and go like I can.. so I need to put teleporters in each room of the house for them!

What's a wing in the castle

20-50 rooms or so...

Castle Live in

The children live in the castle till 30 no need for them to go anywhere the place is big enough as they grow up they will be assigned a wing, to make them feel like they have their own castle!

Cleaning Up Play time

Bring "All" mortals back to life erase their memories and return them to their temporal location! 

Hiding Shit From the Queen

{king} If you tell your mom you were killing mortals today I will kill you and you know I will.. 

Putting the Little Fucker On Time Out

{god}Killing everybody on both sides is not how wars end!!  FUCK 
If you do that the mortals will know we exist!! 

The boy Hates me again...

The Son of the F"All"en {ONE} Why can't I have more mortals for my war dad.. I hate you! 
{god} Son You are already using a couple thousand ... please chill out! 

YOur Universe is my Hostage...

My Demands are simple

I want "Everything" 

The leader of the Illuminati 

The {Source} of Temporal Magic

God is the {source} of it "All" including Time 
God is the {source} of it "All" including Magic
God is the {Source} of it "All" including Temporal Magic

The more Unified "I am" with God the greater control I will have over the past present and the Future! At "All" times! For God exist outside the confines of Time itself.

The Key to controlling time is to Take your mind to the {source} of Time! 

Of-course this is the Physics a Unified Man ( A Demi )  which are different as you are operating with the {Source} of "All" physics and therefore are not confined to the shadows on the wall. Another way explain it is using the simulation hypothesis and viewing our Simulator as a program outside the Universe that can be linked to and thus change the simulation at will. You are not breaking any laws of physics by stopping time you are just hitting pause on the simulation from withing the mind or program of the Simulator. But by "All" means call it magic insects for that is "all" you need to know!

You've been Hack3D before I was born now and in the future! 

Welcome to "Real" Magic
The Wizard! 

{Stone} Tools

Give those bitches {Stone} cutters and sit there while they try to cut the rocks... 

You god 1 hour to cut be block or pain!! 

How else did they do it? without magic? 

Hurry up animals!! my patience is wearing thin! 

Shut the Fuck up piece of shit!

Upon arrival Tape mouths shut.. I don't even want to hear  your pleas 

This are the new rules... 

If you don't like it .. Pain Pain Pain.. 
Do you like it now?

Ok now march bitch! I god hell for you in the desert! 

The Evolution of my Image of you

germs <------- where you are at now!

The Humans have been reduced from Insects to germs

Throws A trillion Locust at the germs

More Plagues for the germs

{God} I love it give me more :"D
{god} you sick fuck you want this
{God} "All" day long!!

Threatening God: Fuck your Kingdom of germs!

{god} is this what you want... keep me here.. are you sure? 
{God} Maybe this is what they need to wake up ;-(

Earth Quake Chile: Fuck the Humans They are too Retarded!

Earth Quake Chile: Fuck the Humans They are too Retarded!

Nuking Chicago .. Fuck the Humans They are too Retarded!

The negations table

{god} we need to renegotiate this "Saving the humans bullshit" 
{God} NO!
{god} listen How about another planet fuck the Humans they are too retarded!
{God} Your contract was signed on Earth... 
{god} Fuck the fucking piece of shit Humans for fucking Real
{God} You can't break your contract! 
{god} This is bullshit, I god handed pieces of shits thank you!
{God} you are 1337 and you're giving up? :"D
{god} No "I am" not it's just way more complicated then I thought it was
{God} it always is... 

Fuck the mortals God they are retarded! Let me just go!

{God} Wasting Time!! 

"I am" going to snap this bitch apart!

{God} NEVER! 

{God} NO You Dont!

{God}Where do you think you are going ?

{god} To go explore the universe
{God} Not till you finish with earth
{god} fuck you ruin my fun every time with your Earth bullshit God! FUCK@@@

Yes yes... Fuck Earth I have A Universe To Rule


ONLY Thing left to do : Rule The UNIVERSE ;"D

{1ØN} Corp: Invent The world First short Range High Intensity Laser

Ok Now "I am" a Jedi :"D

Stuff to learn Fencing

{God} Deny "All" you want He is a Jedi

Tick Tock

{God} Don't waste your time

{god} I just don't want to abuse them 
{God} Do what you must! 

Trust me Only Wizards can do this!

YOu don't want to Fuck with me Insect!

Bringing Down the Power of God

God/god The Unified Man

The Merger of God/god

{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God
{God} My will is the will of god
{god} My will is the will of God

{key} God/god

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.