Saturday, January 15, 2011

Family photos of Castle on the Beach Vacation

Sandcastle Hotel
It has all: Sun, Sand, Sea minus Beach. If you are willing to compromise on the presence of beach then located on Weymouth beach in Dorset, UK, here stands the world�s largest and only sand castle hotel made wholly of sand. And it is also missing on clandestine or any shower or toilet services and hence leaving you with the only option to sit with legs crossed. A team of six was engaged for continuous eight days (12-14 hours/day or 600 hour�s total) to erect the 50 foot square by 13 foot high sand hotel. Featuring sand pillow, sand bed and other sandy interiors, the structure is formed using 1,000 tons of Weymouth beach sand and water from the sea.
Sandcastle Hotel
The under sky family room offers scenic beauty and features a double and single bed constructed using sand and costing a petty $21 (�10) for a night stay under starry skies. The structure is a creation by sculptor Mark Anderson who was bespoken by the site, designed to offer an appeal similar to that of a giant sand castle.
Sandcastle Hotel

I would suggest you to reserve yourself a room a tough tide or rain washes it off. It can be done by calling �LateRooms� sand hotel booking hotline, citing �Under the Stars� on 020 7841 6682.
Sandcastle Hotel
Sandcastle Hotel
Sandcastle Hotel
Sandcastle Hotel

Sandcastle Hotel

Boy Get out of My Room

Let them Play "All" Day

Let them build a castle .. before I get godly

must not stifle creativity 

Our Sand castle: Vacation with my children

Taking the children to the beach 

Build us a Sand castle for our stay on the beach 

only we live in our sand castle while we are at the beach

How to prep to be god: I need* an ant Clock

What freaking Ant time is it? 

Honey I shrunk my mortals and keep them inside my ant hill clock :"D

Rewriting the Book of Thoth

Travel back and Time and Grab My book before I burned it. Duplicate it actually.. And seek out "All" my notes across space and time... Create the Greatest Wizards Book EVER!

It's going to be a Grand Masterpiece For My and the Queens eyes only! And My children thats it!

If I can take on pharoahs

are you sure you want to fuck with me?

The Temporal Pharaonic WAR

"I am" declaring Temporal war on "All" the  Pharaohs
 Expect "All" your shit to get stolen destroyed defaced
"I am" the only king worth anything EVER!

The Fallen Angels

{The Pharaohs} awww our poor little pile of rocks.. booo hooo hooo

{god} fuck you guys could have made this easier

{The Pharaohs} NEVER... earn it insect earn it!

Nuking the Great Pyramid of Giza

Nuke the bitch and pause time look at the pieces vaporize slowly...

Then revert it... No need to scare the mortals this early into the game! Just a temporal message to the other pharaohs to suck my nutz they are too retarded!

Three Minutes and thirty seconds "I am" that 1337

ET is bullshit

[11:09:26 PM] transalchemy: I think the entire ET stuff is bullshit

Me fucking with mortals across space and time!

We Need a cyborg women president

[11:07:36 PM] SeH: i think it would be cool to have a cyborg female president
[11:07:46 PM] transalchemy: Im in
[11:07:50 PM] SeH: i also think it would be cool if i interrupted their plans to do it by reporting it this way
[11:07:59 PM] SeH: wilcock thinks they wanted to kill her
[11:08:00 PM] SeH: but failed
[11:08:05 PM] SeH: because her husband is an astronaut,

[11:08:05 PM] SeH: because her husband is an astronaut,
[11:08:11 PM] SeH: he may have known shit about the ET agenda, and told her
[11:08:19 PM] SeH: and then she might have threatened to go public with it

This is how I roll my Blunts :"D

Putting taking over the world on pause

 Mother is home... time for mortal bullshit!

Why I have to document "Everything"

Because "I am" a Buddha... and you have not had one in a long time!!

The {source} of my Instructions

I just do what God tells me to do... thats it.. I dont plan shit.. even my plans are God's plans

I don't have problems

I have annoyances .. not problems

The Assignation of Problem and money

While the turf war raged 

I killed both those niggas 

Money and Problem have a turf war!

To the Death Nigga! :"D

My escape from Money

Being poor sux.. I can't do half the things I want to do... I would be happy with just that but ... money is the lease of my problems.. no money and problem are not even related in my life..

Money and problem god into a fight and sweared never to talk to each other...

Problem hired a hitman to kill money... it runs deep .. point is they will never associate EVER again!

Being Creative is {Key}

Just making her bra pop out of existence causes panic and those puppies get covered quickly ... use the waves so her hands are busy searching for the bra... see why "I am" King and you're not noob :"P

Creating Bra removing Waves

Time to Sit back,. drink a Beer ,smoke a blunt
while I use the Beach to make the Bitches' Boobs re-appear  

How to pick a beach

I need to find some form of Information on Ass per square mile ratio.. 

I need to pick a Beach

Picking out Beach blunt papers.. What am I in the mood for

A beach Blunt and Bitches.

NO king stuff

Just a beach a blunt and bitches.. Thats "All" my summer is going to be!

"All" I need is to stop time

But I have it "All" ... sick sick control!

Why Neo is retarded

{god} flying across town in daylight/?

{god} Stop time Teleport restart time instant delete memories and walk straight into crowd.

{ION} 1 second for 500 miles  Neo... xx ( way way more then 1 second)

Simulation Control

{God} You're upgrading!
{god} Yes, "I am" learning Hack-fu
{God} :"D

Temporal Parenting

By simulating my kids reaction to my actions I can better simulate how to treat them on actions they have yet to make!

The boy Hates me again...

Why do you always have to be better then me!

Temporal mind thought...

Let him think he outsmarted me.. no need to suggest a better way "All" the time..
Hey I just learned temporal parenting.. interesting

Look dad...

{god} Stop it that is not necessary use the Dematerialized gun...

Time to play with Insects

Son of the Fallen {ONE} Look dad.. die die die...

{god} Stop it.. that is not necessary ... Use the laser

"I am" not even worried

"I am" having fun toying with insects... need to prep.. Better in their face more lolz

Cant wait to live alone

I need to get away from my family they "All" drive me crazy!

I want live soo bad.. but I need to wait.. Fuck... I just want to get out of here but cash right now.. fuck

Stop tying "Evil" things

I feel so horrible just programming reality for just me... "I am" after "All" hacking My life! :"D

God is not going to keep me down with bullshit!

Arrival of Kingship

"I am" going to be a King again.. Thank God, a "Real" King not your bullshit!

The {source} of prophecy

It's (live) and operational :-(

Fulling "All" the prophecies

I don't want to start a world war... I just have to... ;-(

Cool shit to watch ...

ww2... fuck .. I need pointers for ww3

Film in Hd Slowly

Grab a twelve pack and drink while I watch it .. Remember "I am" just watching a hole being made that insects find so amusing.. 

It look amazing and I need footage for my AGI reconstruction CGI company... It will make pixar look like cartoons! It will just be "Real" but whatever that is impossible so AGI did it ... 

I need to remember I can alter states while altering states...


smoke a blunt and watch dirt move! 

Temporal sight seeing Goal

Produce a HD 3D movie from "All" my shots.. The movie will called The World Across Time!

It would be awesome as fuck .. and make cash from My home videos... lolz

Film This across Time in HD

Cool things to do...

fuck insects lets party!

The total escape from "All" Suffering

That is the Grail

What is the Grail?

True Freedom, Unification {ONE} with God...

Nirvana on Earth!

Why can't God/god Travel through time?

You tell me what the creator of the Universe can not do in his Universe?

I need a temporal Map

I need to remember key things of places at at times..

In the End

God winz Always... it's designed this way!

The end of my pyramid

years later or when ever... erase memory and return to original time of abduction.. no don't erase memory let it serve as a imprinted lesson ... and return to selling the world the singularity bullshit .. after "All" you are all my puppets.. I need you to sell the world {10N} corp... once that bullshit is done I can proceed.. But history needs the technological vs spiritual battle..

What is {1ØN} Corp: ?

 A Free Energy Money Leech on the Planet

{1ØN} Corp: Water cooler motto

'We hire retards before leading scientist !

It's better this way to hush hush ... it "All" besides the scientist might start snooping for shit.. Im joking I do need bullshit spitters.. with lab coats ..

My corporation rocks

I was just thinking about our software department! Do I want to take over "All" of the pc sector or videogame sectors first!

Like I said

The king is back... It's intense is tons to do...

Why I need to become the most Power Wizard

The task at hand is is the Whole of Humanity. The scope is massive ... I need "All" the magic/ Universal control!

I need to draw "All" the powers from the Masters

{God} For mass ascension.

{god} NOw you tell me...

{God} YOu Already did.. Calling the ascended masters across space and time!

Lead the Jews out



Kick the Jews out..

merge Pharaoh

Turn to Jesus

across space and time



Watch Her from every angle .. New Idea film in HD...

Tell people it[s an AGI reconstruction

Just watch it for now!

Temporal rules

Dont fuck up time... just observe till better control is achieved. Totally invisible at "All" times

Temporal sight seeing

Watch the Statue of Liberty being built across time in x amount of time!

"I am:" the ant bully

Is On

Forrest Room for castle

The Trillion Dollar Vanity

It's not Vanity but a lesson at your retardation, I will donate every last dime.. Why do I need^ money?

Stop being retarded...

King Reminders

King of planet ... I know it's a bit much for insects .. But I can run the bitch and already Do... :"D

petting insects

I have to remember to pet my insects.. be kind .... dont hit destruction 2 year I get what I want ... modes ... Everyone will hate me but I do get what I want period! ... cant teach the boy that or he will drive me nuts cleaning up behind him.. So i must do that much for God either... but.... focus just remember torture is not always the best solution...

chocolate of flowers antz!

No more need for body after 1k years

Pure light, being ... Can go anywhere mess with time.. just off to explore...

Not King of Earth

A King of the Universe... just on Earth!

King of the Universe Stuck on Earth

Thats what you cant forget!

{Source} Hacking is Dangerous

I have to never forget this... No crashing the Universe, well not yet...

Aka Bring him "All" the Souls...

ewww... focus on Earth...

My Control on your Universe

Is Sick to the Sickness level of Sickens, Sick! 

Masters of The Universe

This is essential what is happening! It's intense training/learning.... aka merging..


Im so 1337 is not funny

Most Magic Every
Biggest company EVER
Most Money EVER
Write the Greatest donkey EVER

wow I forget how Intense wizardry Gets...

It not the any but control the universe part that gets most intense :"D

You know king stuff

Mission Upgrade

Time to upgrade the Humans

Between Time

move stuff around between Time

Things are getting hectic

Stop Time

Why You have to ask God for the Theory

God is the {source} of it "All" including "All" physics

Only God can grant a unified field theory! Period!

Why is is yours

{God} YOu are the only {ONE} that has asked me for the {key}
{god} I know they are retarded...
{God} It's yours whenever you want to claim it!
{god} hold it.. it's the lease of my concerns right now
{God} I know :"D

Unified field nonsense

This may be strange to accept or understand... God already gave me Unified field theory.. .I don't have to worry or do shit.. it is mine period.. I will begin writing the final theorem when I goddamn please.. period!

and ps non of your scientist LHC or super computer bullshit is going to solve it...

it is mine period!!

Forced to Self Educate

What was on my plate, "everything" I wanted to understand it "All" ... but more importantly I had a goal in mind at "All" times... Unified field theory "All" knowledge learned was to bring me closer..

Home schooling My children

I will have an Iron fist hold on their education till college.. No  mortal bullshit! Till they need* credentials aka a degree... They don't have to but I never could afford to go to college properly so i don't want them to miss out on it!

She Loves me again: Thank God :"D

Red tiger stripes glow in the dark butterflies with see through wings! That only come out at Night!

I made this for you!

Daughter of the Fallen {ONE} I love them dad thank you I love you ...

Red tiger stripes glow in the dark butterflies with see through wings!

Red Glow in the dark Butterflies with Tiger stripes

Red Glow in the dark Butterflies

Glow in the Dark Butterflies

Turning Flowers into Butterflies with {ONE} touch

I get it now

There is more abundance in God then you will ever need... "All" you need for life is God... wow... it makes perfect sense to me now!

Jesus 2.0

I just realized "I am" doing the same damn thing "All" over again.. throwing out the money changers... Fuck the insects are retarded...

The Destruction of the "Golden" Idol: Money

The "golden" lesson

I only want "All" the "gold" on the planet to teach you out of retardation once and for "All"

Enslaving Humanity

Bring me "All" the gold on this piece of shit rock if you want a golden age...

give them "All" the tools to mine it.. put every man women and child to work on the planet across space and time... "All" humans.. after the apocalypse that is aka after the Angelic war.. and "All" the bullshit is out!

Goal of Earth game

Ascend 100+ billion people to godhood

Our Trade!
Make as much money as possible through it "All" aka I want "All" the gold on the planet in exchange for your golden age! :"D

Tech up or die Trying

Use fake Alien Threat to sell world new weapons :"D

If I don't want the world what is the point of ruling it!

What other games can you think of for a god?

Emergency World Congress Appeal

Once the world is automate the congress can have 1 emergency appeal per month... thats how much I want to be bothered with your bullshit!

Dear mortals Dont bother me with any of your Bullshit!

Thats the goal... Automate the fuck out of  the world...

My godly Goal

Automate godhood till the point I don't have to do shit!
The world runs itself under my control ....

I can be piss drunk high as fuck and have total control of the world at "All" times...

Extreme godhood :"D

My remote controlled Humans

What I can do...

Stop your hearts cure cancer aids anything... but I don't need nanotech I can just do it.. then why the bots?

so my staff can do my work... remember "I am" a lazy god

{1ØN} Corp: Nanotech chip the world Population

{The Evil Genius} I need an identity tag for every human on this planet with "All" sorts of sensors what for... Don't worry about it... :"D

{god} we need a delivery hush hush system

{The Evil Genius}Drinking water world wide..

{1ØN} Corp: Our hush hush motto

Be Evil as fuck!! :"D

Don't stop with mildly EVil...

We want EVil incarnate EVil :"D

How to be CEO of an Evil Corporation

First of "All" you take the world hostage and Demand "All" the money!

Then ... fuck.. I don't know ... kill every body? How do you get more evil once you own "Everything"/?

Wait killing everybody means you cant sucker them for more cash... :"D

{1ØN} Corp: Most Evil Origination corporation that does the most Good

what irony :"D

{1ØN} Corp: World Terrorism Irony

We have over 20 Nobel prizes in every category

I kid I kid

we "save" lives and distribute wealth world wide... :"D

{1ØN} Corp: The Worlds Largest Terrorist Organization

That is "All" we are :"D

{1ØN} Corp: We Killed "All" the Bees

goal collapse "All" world agriculture before I bring in my 5x faster growing seeds....

charge them bank... then collapse it again and bring in 10x seeds

Bank ... then.... fuck I can do this "All" day

ok another 500 billion or so... fuck if I know or care!

Dear Mozart of shit... " I am" the most dangerous person Alive

 Ben Goertzel 
@ just because some guy is spouting an unoriginal, dangerous idea, doesn't make that particular guy a dangerous person ..

Dear Mozart of shit... I god nukes like a motherfucker :"D

 Ben Goertzel 
@ I don't think that is the truth. The most dangerous people alive are the ones with actual power and possession of WMD

accelerating my nuts to nowhere Force is only Half of it!

 Michael Anissimov 

There are transhumanists out there who would remake the world the way they want through force. They may be the most dangerous people alive.

accelerating my nuts to nowhere is not afraid, Good :"D

 Michael Anissimov 
@ I'm not worried about vocal obnoxious transhumanists. Those are quite entertaining!

"I am" going to sneaky sneaky up on that ass!! 

{1ØN} Corp: NOw Hiring Leading Retards

[2:39:23 PM] SeH: we'll hire retards but not leading scientists
TransAlchemy: I know ...

Remember Taking the planet has to be

Diabolically clever... I need fun in it "All"

Buying Fox News in hush hush

It's now officially the vehicle of Devil... :"D


You forced me to be a Dicktator

Take your eyesight ... now march insect!!! I don't have "All" day!! These pyramids don't build themselves!

You need Evil to know "Truth" ... fine

But your fucking retarded...

slice your legs off... now march insect...

LAser Cut Circumcision

Again don't discuss me I just wave my finger and slice your shit off ... Touching mortals.. please "I am" not a mortal!!

Retardation Camp:

For the men "I am" chopping your Dicks off...

Constructive way to pass my time

Design new and creative ways to work the Retardation out of you "All"

What "I am" doing right now!!

killing Time

Die Die Die Time :"D

"All" I need to become god

is Time! That is "All"

My Car {Keys}

My mother is pissed again at my negligent, she asked me lets go bring your car from pittsburg "All" it needs is a starter. I told her I lost the keys but "Truth" is I threw them out. If I did not believe in God then I would have clinged to meaningless bullshit. It was also a gesture to the creator that "I am" "All" in... What do I need with earthly possession if "I am" handed godhood? 

My only job right now

Plan in extreme detail godhood that is "All" I need to do with my life right now.

{1ØN} Corp: AGI Operating System

I need* money

I need to make 500 billion dollars today (why?) fun... making money is just for fun at this point!

My game plan today

code reality and play videogames :"D

The man made singularity

My original premise is that greater intelligence is at work at "All" times..

Sleep paralysis

{source} Unlock my ability to leave my body during Sleep paralysis
{key} God/god

{God} Bring Down Daat Ruckus

Don't get Happy to Die.. That is only Temporary


How God/god teaches you out of Retardation!

No more words time to die insects.. 

How God/god teaches you out of Retardation!

No more words time to Die insects! 

As Above So Below = God/god

The {Key} to Magic is the Unification of God/god

Unlocking the {Source} of "All" Magic

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.