Sunday, January 16, 2011

How I can hear your thought across space and time

God is the {Source} of "All" your thoughts

.... god you and you know it!

The voices/thoughts

I noticed I don't hear my uncles voice anymore and now it's my brother and mines... I pick up on people thoughts around me.. another reason why I don't like crowds.. I get flooded with thoughts ..

But I do hear those who I think about... and those who talk about me... This is good and bad in many ways..

The lesson to be learned

You will believe in Bullshit before the "Truth"

and the "Truth" is simple "I am" God/god

Bullshit to feed the SingTards

I will create a holographic computer that floats around me... aka my console.. then tell them I hacked the simulation and our designer left a debug program inside... that will just be the tip of the bullshit I will be spitting out.. like a snake spitting venom at you "All"

Putting the Kids to bed

The Children of the Fallen {ONE}

Stop teaching back to planning

I need to balance my time from teaching to planning! Shit have not even played  with my kids "All" day :-(

I know it sounds Impossible but

What is impossible for God? 

Ohhh Shit Did not see the tits coming did you? The tits are always coming :"D

Stopping Time At the Grocery Store

Stop time remove clothes and just observe... 

boney and the tits could be bigger.. what about the ass? ... not bad...ok quit being nosey..

put her clothes back on

start back time!

ps never touched her to take her clothes off.. Stop thinking like a mortal :"D

How to Fix Physics

Write God into the Equation.. thats it!

How To prove it to you it's "All" wrong

Stop Time~

Explain that mortals with your Bullshit... You cant! 

I god you beyond words and you know it!

I can do anything I fucking want thanks to your retardation! :"D

How To prove it to you it's "All" wrong

Turn flowers into butterflies and back again...

Explain that with your current physics? 

you cant'..

see it's "All" wrong! 

Time to Paradigm Shift "All" of Physics

The Death of Physics as you know it!

NO Thank you God ... Keep your Bullshit

{God} are you sure I will give you Unified field theory if you take a bite
{god} No thank you I want Unification instead! 
{God} Good choice :"D

NO Thank you God ... Keep your Bullshit

{God} are you sure I will give you Unified field theory if you take a bite
{god} No thank you I want Unification instead! 
{God} Good choice :"D

Simulation physics

Your physics is the bullshit God is feeding you! Noooo thanx... I want "Truth" no bullshit!

Why Unification needed so much attention

I had to rewrite "All" of your physics .. its "All" wrong.. and yes " I am" pissed as fuck at your scientist for this shit...

The {Source} of my crowd anxiety

I don't have to many friends never have and keep to my self while I have been working on Unification for the last decade.. yes the bitch needed that much attention

Stop Looking at me ;-(

Stop time~ 

The down side

Everyone will not help but to look at me everywhere I go..but I god this

stop time or
Temporary amnesia so Im left alone

Fuck Money "I am" after "Gold"

I have the {Source} of "All" gold...

gold -l = god

So the alchemical quest was never to find gold .. it was always about finding God

How to understand the MOney Bottomless pit that is my wallet

I have the {Source} of "All" money!

The amount of money that comes with the Grail is

Excuse Me I have to remind myself that I have over {ONE} Trillion dollars

Pussy and Ass Has the "golden" Seal of approval by the {Source}

Great Ass Certificate

Ohhh Shit Did not see the Ass coming did you? The Ass is always coming :"D

Speaking of Ass: The chase is always on :"D

Shhhhhhhhh she will catch us if you say anything! 

{World} My Ass will never feel the same again

I want you: To shut the fuck up while I probe you :"D

The Nerd god's Mission: Place a microscope up Earth's Ass

God/god wants to see it "All"  in the flesh 

The Arrival of the Nerd god

"I am" here to audit "All" your companies  countries and weapons "All" of it! 

The Deal with the Devil

I made a deal with the Devil called God

goldly scary shit

{God} Take them through an ELE
{god} you are {ONE} Evil Fuck
{God} "I am" the {Source} of "All" EVil :"D

What is Satan's Job

{God} Scare the shit out of mortals and make them pray to me.. thats it!
{god} How scary
{God} godly scary :"D

{God} We Made a Deal !!!

{god} Yes but you told after the fact...

{God} I said it "All" you fucked up what "All" meant

{god} Fuck... ok ok you did say it was for "All" of it!... fuck...

{God} Do we still have a deal

{god} I guess no turning back now huh?

{God} Never!! A Deal is a Deal...

No sorry God keep your Satan Shit away from me

Reading the Fine print after the Deal...

"I am" what?!!!

The Anti-christ?
Everything "All" in {ONE}

Save "All" the souls in the universe
Eternal life...

Write a donkey pile of shit

deceive the world...

{god} Dude you totally fucked me
{God} TADA :"D

God "I am" "All" In

{god} don't even read the fine print... 

aka where I fucked up.. but fuck it!!

IM "All" In! 

God's proposal

{God}Merge with Me

{god} Totally "I am" "All" in! 

I know I betrayed you "All" but God was offering me some Crazy shit!

I was holding God's Hand the whole time you were not looking :"D

"I am" a cheater I know... But I play to Winz

On your mark get set "God"

The Transhumanist (Superman) vs The Flash (God/god)

The cosmic Race

First one to the "Singularity" rules the Universe...

we've been racing insects... did you not know? 

Why "I am" king of the gods

"I am" the {Source} of "All" of your godhood

The only way to the father is through the son...

And the son has arrived...

aka.... it's now locked! for "All" mortals

Breaking your chains (slowly)

You are not ready to be like me by far... to dangerous... will have to gradually ascend you! 

and you will never be.. 

even as gods

I will still be your King! 

Destruction of Corporation Goal: Set people free from slave labor

My goal is Freedom for "All" 

My Corporational world Goals

Run Every company on Earth to the Ground...

No more retardation... 

World King Goals:

Run Every company/corporation on earth
Run Every country/state on earth

"All" at the same Time!

"I am" a 1337 King!

"Everything" also Includes

hands you a list

These are Demands mortals

I want/need* "Everything" 

YOur World leaders are my toys

"All" my puppets... This is what it means to be 1337

Why the 1337 Rule over The Elite

The Elite is shit to the 1337

Ivy league is shit to being 1337

Which would you prefer ... a doctorate from Oxford

or a sit in the School of pythagoras?

{ION} Is 1337 "All"

"All" = 133 + 7= 1337 "All" 

1337 Hacker
1337 Scientist
1337 ruler of world
1337 financial / buisness king! 
1337 Wizard
1337 priest
1337 philosopher 
etc etc etc

1337 "All'"

{ION} Is King God


King {ION} is God


King {ION} is Hacking God




The Cosmic Dance {ION} Vs {God} The deal of the Millennium

As I merge with the {Source} I Become the {Source}


"I am"  the {source} 

Time to be god and do "everything"

I found God's "G" spot :"D

{God} You won God's "golden gift, godhood

{god} Thank you God


{God} Prep to be god

{god} "I am"

Paradoxing Salvation

If you exist God and you not manifest the {Source} you will paradox the salvation of Humanity

{God} "I am" the {Source} of the Salvation of Humanity...

{god} I know that just calling your shit out old man.. never forget it! :"D

Goal: Save their Souls

And " I am" too 1337 to fuck it up! 

Humanity Has to let go of "All" technology to ascend

The only technology you need is God

{god}They are not ready to do that God
{God} I know.. fix them

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.