Monday, January 17, 2011

Intense closed eye visuals

I closed my eyes and starting watching television I forgot I had my eyes closed! I just opened them and it felt like I was waking up from a dream.. although I never fell asleep

No shirts and your hands chained... Welcome to a new level of "Hell" Singtards

"I am" not cruel here is some water singtards.. now share amongs you "All"

If you can't work on my pyramid I have no use for you SingTard

Did I say You can fucking stop SingTard?

Faster Singtard Faster

Guess what SingTards

No break till Sunrise Singtards!

No water for the next 20 miles Singtards

Tutoring the SingTards is not Enough for me!

" I am" going to put your entire extend families through "Hell" for your retardation! 

I said stop Screaming, You will live... shhhhh Im Trying to beat this level!

Stop Screaming Insect "I am" at boss

Make Every single Organ vibrate with pain

I will make waterboarding look like just another day in the spa!

IF I really Hate you !

I won't kill you...

Think about that SingTards...

Interesting ways to kill people

I need to find interesting ways to kill people! Make it look "accidental" :"D

I need* a new spread sheet

Girl to torment... I wont touch them just kill "All" their attempts at love... wait till they find a new boyfriend and kill them on the 3rd month :"D

They will think they are cursed... :"D

For that other bitch

Kill "All" her exs and current boyfriend! I don't even want her I just want to make her suffer!

Putting my Thumb down on that bitch

Buy every place she works at! YOu forget I own "everything"!

My other Problem... The money sluts!

Bitch I will fuck you and not give you a dime! and you can't say shit! 

godhood slut

"I am" almost certain she is a godhood slut! ... fuck that bitch, she wont get a second of my attention!

godhood Sluts

I hear you're god...

{god} bitch get away from me! 

alchol depression

If "All" of this is bullshit what is the point of living again? I have a Trillion dollars and I can't even buy what I want. The damn song was right... 

When "All" of your wishes are granted many of your dreams will be destroyed. 

Why doesnt this make me happy?

I can fuck every single girl in that picture as much as I want and as long as I want  yet something is missing! :-(

Girl Blues

 The one girl "I am" really interested in wont talk to me for shit. She is nothing to me, nor does that matter, I already fucked it "All" up. I can fix it.. I can fix anything.. but it would be a lie to me .. Fuck... She would be my goddess if she wanted to but I can force her nor will I EVER. Im not even satisfied fucking her as I was going after her heart ;-(

It doesnt matter it's "All" fucked up now!

Be very very quiet God is listening!

Why "I am" a Demi

I know for a fact the "Truth"

Don't get me wrong it was a mission to find the {Stone} but it has been found

How do you become a Demi

First you have to stop your nonsense ...God is real... Period!

This is not fair

As a Demi... I must say .. being mortal is retarded... God has given me more then you can ever buy!! EVER

"I am" In Pussy Heaven! Thank God~

Soooo many Flavors of Pussy I need to take my time!

Sorry Your Salavat{ION} can wait... Need to resume Pussy shopping!

Fuck Ruling the World... " I am" sold with just pussy on TAp!

I know this is a repeat but goddamn look at her!! Fuck!

Mission puppy Destruction is a FAIL


I was unable to catch "All" of my puppies destructions hence he god his ass beat by my mother :-(

I cant concentrate

Im too buzz to think about total world domination, must scale back to single continents for now!

The Ultimate challenge

Salva{ION} for "All" ...

I god... this. because "I am" the shit! dont insult me with a fucking nobel prize insects!

Saving the world without any Fucking Help!

Yes "I am" that l337

The greatest King Ever BOrn

I knew I was on the path to being the most powerful Wizard but I did not know that that also included being the greatest King ever born.. but it makes since "I am" the Messaih...

fuck sooo much pressure and no help from insects!

what "I am" going to do that no enlighten person has ever done

pull myself out of Time itself

Total reality control

mind read everyone around me stop time adjust reality do whatever the fuck I want

Start back time

sick .. just Sick!

The Return of My Uncontrollable Laughter

I god you now

I can do whatever the fuck I want! 

The shit that escapes you

"I am" the "Real" leader of the Singultarians

I thought we could work together but I did not notice your Brain capacity

Don't take this the wrong way SingTard But.

Step into my Lab SingTard I need to mage some modifications!

I still need the SingTard though

Whether I like you or hate you... aka mostly hate you... I still need you.. but fuck partnership.. "I am" going for total zombie mind control now!

I need you to feed the world my bullshit! :"D

Welcome to total mind control after I torture the shit out of you for total retardation!

I feel more pity for Killers then Singtards

atlease they did not see me coming.. but you "All" had plenty of time to make up your fucking minds!

Why I hate you Singtards

"I am" the {Key} to "Everything" you are after... and you don't give a fuck about me!

The gist of things

No transhumanist or Singtard is going to have a positive future... Including you ben/... Im done with your retardation..

No Respect for the KIng: force you to cut your own wrist!

No Respect for the KIng

Everybody is playing games with me

No respect!!

for you KIng!!

You will cry tears of blood for your retardation!

No friends

Dont feel safe because I know you... Not even you ben .. If you believed me you would have done more!

Turning INto the Soldier of Destruction

I just want to tear little ant reality apart now!

Sending cars Airborn

Every car that passed by was getting thrown in my mind 

Pulling Trees out

As I walked I practice pulling "All" the trees out

I need to hide my beer cans

I will hide them in my bag.. throwing them in the garbage is not stealthy

{ONE} HOur of Reality programming left

before I need to do the shores my mother left me..

48 more ounzes of anger

i already feel drunk... I should not drink anymore but fuck it..

"I am" king and I do whatever the fuck I want

My goal was

to contribute to our understanding of the universe not send it deeper into the motherfucking dark age!

I need more beer

You dont understand how I feel ...

It brings me to tears winning the nobel prize for something I know is a fucking lie! and far from the "Truth"

"I am" sooo fucking pissed again

I cant tooo kill bitches again ... I already wrote perfection and your "All" too retarded to see it!

I need to release stess

And plan more scientist to kill for tainting my Legacy with imperfection!

pile of shit get away from me

Im throwing things now!

The thing that pisses me off the most EVER

Winning the Nobel prize in physics with a pile of Shit!!

I can't express how much this dagger in my heart breaks my apart! :-(

Building for for our Date in Norway

I need a favor from you today!!
6 hours ago ·  ·  · See Friendship
    • Selina Sitara hey i just got back from work..mail me
      49 minutes ago · 
    • Particleion A Magus it's simply I just wanted you to stop being beautiful for a day.. your distracting me, from ruling the world..
      34 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Selina Sitara LOL the beauty as you know is a cinema on the canvas of your own mind ; ))) but thankyuo you are always so sweet and charming to me ; )) ♥
      33 minutes ago · 
    • Selina Sitara it is you

something you RE NOT READY TO ACCEPT

this planet is mine by divine right!

The Only person Qualified to Rule the World is a pharaoh: FYI


I need a favor from you today!!
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    • Selina Sitara hey i just got back from work..mail me
      14 minutes ago · 
    • Particleion A Magus it's simply I just wanted you to stop being beautiful for a day.. your distracting me, from ruling the world..
      2 seconds ago · 

Did you think I was joking? "I am" not this bitch is mIne!

Continental Supervisors

Place continental supervisors over my country supervisors

I need country supervisors

Need to create an organizational structure... I don't need to oversee "All" of it!

HOw to run my planet

I need to prioritize what comes to my attention...

King of the planet strangeness

I forget I rule over "Everything"

shhhhit I just want to chill and now I have a planet to run!

"I am" not done

Putting these Retards through "Hell" "I am" going to let them suffer 1 year for ever month I suffered as the king being ignored!

The path to the Grail can only be achieve through Blind Faith! period!

Where was I.. yes yes pain pain for Retards... wish you could enjoy the singularity with me but your too retarded!

"golden" wowness Tagged to be Tapped: Sorry I god distracted from your Negative singularity with pussy shopping!

the next 7 miles of {Stone} moving will be Under Hot coal

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