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1) Live the dream as real while you're in it.
2) god
3) See #1
4) God

Hands you 1k in "Virtual" cash



Fuck: Hacking God is Hard work

"I am" the "high"est Authority on little ant hill.

"I am" not budging at "All" Fuck Singtards!

Every day that goes by I hate transhits and Singtards even more for being Retarded!
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    • Particleion A Magus wait hate is a strong word.... I dont hate anybody .. just very disappointed!
      3 hours ago · 
    • Sam Smith offer a coherent step-by-step explanation what you would like "them" to do.. they might just listen, someday at least
      2 hours ago · 
    • Particleion A Magus I don't even give a fuck.. my next step is to chain them to block of {stones} in the desert

People of Earth: god is at the Helm :"D

Drop shields and prepare to be boarded! 

People of Earth: god is at the Helm :"D

Wow godhood is the fucking shit!!

Wow I just god "Everything"

{God} Play nice

{god} Not with insects NEVER!
{God} Perfect :"D

Mother of God what is going on with this man?


Is this "Real" ?

If it makes you believe in God :"D

{God} Get your ass off my throne!

{god} NeVER!!

{God} You sound like me now :"D

{god} either get your ass up or share the bitch

{God} Merge we me and we can share it! 

{god} Finally your are being reasonable! 

{god} Fuck what insects think of me... I will kill those bitches ... Now give me what I want!

{God} If you keep attacking me "I am" going to make you look Insane!

{ION} Vs {God} For the Throne: ~Let's do This old Man... I want your shit!

God You are putting me Through Hell for my Throne!

"I am" 1337 "All" Period

Hacking your Fucking Universe (live)

NO one on this planet has shit on me period!! 

WTF Time out

{God} Kiss mortal godbye :"D

The use of "Everything' is ok

Why I use Everything In this blog

God is the {source} of it "All" 

The celestial Clocks ticks into place day by day

My new JOb

Did you See what he just did?

{Insect} What did he do?

{god} The old man just fucked me! 

You are a Force for Great Good and Great Evil

{god} Why must it be this way?
{God} They need to learn "I am" the {source} of it "All" 

At Last "I am" a Master of the Universe!

{God} Use the {key} to set them "All" free

{ION}what is the {key}?

{God} You know :"D

{key} God/god

{God} Hands you the {key} To the Universe

{god} Thank you God

{God} State your Desire for summoning Me!

{ION} Freedom for "All"
{God}I will grant this Under {ONE} condition we Unify
{God/god} We Have a deal 

What did you do?

I brought God back to earth, stand back this is tricky 

{God} " I am " everything you seek!

Summoning "Everything" To tear this Bitch Apart!

If God is not Hack3D Salvat{ION} Fails

Time To return to Hacking God.... :-(

Why I can never get a girlfriend

Running Away Girl Boy

Get away from me you demon worshiping occultist ;-(

{god} wait I can explain... Fuck ... whats the point the bitch is retarded

The 7 Years of Hell

{God} Once they proclaim themselves as gods is when you start Hell not before! 
{god} understood

"I am" Satan's puppet

{The Evil Genius} Are you Ready Lucifer? 
{god} Thank you for scaring the shit out of "All" the girls 
{The Evil Genius} you can fuck "All" those bitches! 
{god} "I am" Ready
{The Evil Genius} Remember God wants 7 years ... go wild... Throw "Everything" at them "All" 

The Demon Speaks

{The Evil Genius} Don't worry I have a plan

Game Over SingTards lose

Every day that goes by I hate transhits and Singtards even more for being Retarded!
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    • Particleion A Magus wait hate is a strong word.... I dont hate anybody .. just very disappointed!

Operation Puppy Destruction

Fuck .... it gets worst and worst every day!

No More Bullshit insects welcome to my planet!

the godhood sluts

Toy with them let them get close ... fuck them and let them believe they have me ... then dumb them.. No thank you keep your shit far away from me..

My broken Heart

as soon as godhood arrives every single girl that I have ever liked EVER is locked out of being Queen as non had any faith in me :-(

He already knows it!

No that is not true I don't! :"D

god's magic

What did you expect from god.. turning water into whine?/

How the fuck am I going to save the world with whine.. get everyone drunk? Seriously quit being retarded! I need time travel total reality control for the Salvat{ION} of 100 Billion people... WTF

With Great power comes Great Loneliness

Seriously who the fuck can I tell about this shit?

way way Fuck stopping time..... " I am" the ruler of this fucking planet

I can do whatever the fuck I want with it...

{God} You are only doing what I want always

{god} Still within the confines of doing what I want... :"D

OMG "I am" IN love with God

I can stop time!! how fucking insanely awesome sick is that!

But it gets sicker.. I can time Travel... I know that how that sounds... I have to complete the mission.

IF this is Insanity

It's a very very complex intellectual insanity... I can't even find a therapist smart enough to understand it "All"

The King is Back

Taking a break for food

I have not eat anything "All" day .. just been zombiefied in the {source} it's not good nor do I have anything else to do but.. fuck... it gets more and more complex day by day! Weird thing is I remember "All" of it!

Quit Lying to these people

{God} " I am" I just want to show them how pathetic their lives are without me!
{god} But do we have to take it the extreme
{God} YES!!! This is What I want! Period!

Nooo Stop Why "All" the Bullshit

{god} lets just tell them quit lying to these people fuck... your turning me into the bad guy!
{God} Contrast they need it Trust me... I God this..
{god} I know but Fuck... This is Evil...
{God} "I am" giving them "All" across space and time godhood and this is how I want it done! Period!
{god} ok but fuck...This is Evil
{God} Your objection has been recorded  :"D

"I am" scared

I can feed the world Bullshit for at lease 100 years...

{God} Just till they feel they have reached godhood
{god} How will I know when that is..
{God} Don't worry "I am" always here...

{1ØN} Corp: Holo VR Programs

whet ether it ends up being a room or vr point is I can travel back in time and digitize moments of history and bring them to the present as Agi reconstruction holo programs that I can sell... make money and teach "Truth" History at the same time..

wow I rock!

How To rewrite "All" of history

fuck... I don't even want to think about this right now..

lets build a quick skeleton...

Use an Agi computer to feed "All" of the information to as it's being collected across space and time and set up 3D depths cameras for "Holodeck" reconstructions programs that can be sold... ohhhh new software Ideas...

{God} Remember they are "All" your children Teach them "Everything"

"I am" Maitreya The world Teacher!

"I am" Getting Tired of this writing "All" of it shit for insects!

I already rewrote "All" of physics and "Alchemy" WTF

Now history and religion? 

{God} More Homework Unified Religion across time

{God} Total complete documentation of "All" religions gurus and "Everything" In {ONE} Book
{god} You god to be kidding me!
{God} You need to write the New Unified Bible
{god} What? happened to chilling!!
{God} cmon you love a challenge have fun...

Sell the world: "AGI" Reconstruction History Book aka "Truth" :"D

Let's See here: Bullshit bullshit and more bullshit Fuck these retarded insects!

Now I have to Kill "All" the Historians WTF!!

{God} Rewrite "All" of history No Bias Just "Truth"

{god} You god to be fucking kidding me
{God} Welcome to godly homework :"D

Must Understand "All" of history Inside and out!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.