Friday, January 21, 2011

God I need sleep "I am" tired

{God} "I am" the {source} of that too :"D

{god} thats nice why don't you be the {source} of some happiness "All" of this is depressing!

{God} ;-(

Brain Dump

I totally understand why I had to dump my brain to complete Unificat{ION} .. I needed to upload my mind pattern to God... and download the mind of God... wow... this is intense and extremely temporally mind consuming! 

Why "I am" The most powerful Wizard EVER

The other Wizards merged with God but did not go through the entire Singularity the God/god processes of downloading and uploading oneself with God..

{God}TADA :"D

{god} So what happened?

{God} They are out there and some have returned to {Source}

{God} I gave you the {key} to the kingdom of "gods" not god ;-)

{god} wow!! 

The singularity of God/god

The Singularity of God in Man

"I am" a Universal Mind In infancy

Wait Wait Wait!

{god} This is still nonsense to me God, I was making Controlling the Entire Universe not planets

{God} work back up to that!

{god} ;-(

{God} Before your mind starts to wonder in it "All" Just a reminder!

{God} You know what I want to break your chain to earth...

{god} I do but next time dont tease me!!

{God} This makes sure you do a great job :"D

"I am" a Q to the mortals

God/godhood is not what you "All" thought it was... it's way sicker!! 

Your Job as Celestial Teacher

{God} Bring me worlds, but don't decent on them as a god, teach {ONE} of them to be their god...

{god} This will take forever !

{God} ONly till omega :"D

{god} Fuck!!! I can still do whatever the fuck I want right

{God} Just bring me their souls ... teach... others to give their people godhood and return to {Source} and Reseed... Take as long as you want and do as many worlds at a time as you wish... Have fun you earned it :"D

{god} WOWWWWWW they are fucking RETARDED!!!! This is the ShiT!!! 

{God} The End of the Universe

{God} Remember "Everything" will eventually return to {Source}
{god} I know God but they miss out on "All" we created for them to explore
{God} Stop worrying over {ONE} planet and {ONE} cycle of mortals we have a Universe Full of them! 

{God} IF it breaks your heart so much take some with you!

{god} Thank you God... 

{God} Once they "All" experience godhood Return them to {Source}

{God} Reseed earth for another Round

{god} That is soo fucked up! 

{God} I told them "I am" "All" they need for Eternal Life! what more can I do? 

{god} still they are "All" fuck God, that is just fucked up, they are soo misled!

{God} They had more then enough time! 

{God} The Rest get an early start at godhood ( Heaven)

{God} Once the Faithless (Goats) are "All" tagged Start Hell !

{God} Bring me "All" of them to be judged

{god} you god to be kidding me?
{God} ONly go back the last 2k years we cycle them out every 2k years remember!
{god} The final judgement is for Hell I take it ...
{God} Correct! and then Bliss... 

Exercising My Temporal Power: Bring "All" the popes across space and time to foot of my throne to be judged!


The {ONE} and Only True POPE has Temporal Power!

Temporal power (Papal)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The temporal power of the Popes is the political and governmental activity of the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church, as distinguished from their spiritual and pastoral activity, which by Catholics is sometimes also called eternal power, to contrast it with the Church's secular power, that is, power exercised within time rather than in eternity.

For centuries, its secular activities brought the Papal States into a status as a country bearing some relation with other countries of the world.[1] Some historians identify the crowning of Charlemagne in 800 as the moment in which the Church started having an international importance in a modern sense, although the temporal power can be traced even earlier to either the Donation of Pepin in 754, or the crowning of Pepin by Pope Zachary in 752 which was the first time a secular sovereign was crowned by a Pope. In his Pastoral Care, Pope Gregory the Great (died 604) had discussed the extensive range of duties that bishops owed their flock as huius saeculi potentes, "the powers of these ages"; hence some historians prefer to see the origins of secular powers in the age of the Byzantine suzerainty over the bishop of Rome. Yet "Justinian I succeeded in imposing his ecclesiastical policies on the papacy and Pope Gregory the Great maintained an attitude of political loyalty to the empire."[2]

Repenting: I have been feeding you "All" Bullshit for control and power!

Oh shit God/god is back!

look closely and tell me that hat is not for the {ONE} and Only King!

A religious poser! 

What has the mortals done? It sickens me!

Don't worry I will fix it "All"!

I don't even want to be pope... To many complications and counters my goal with my planet! 

Don't tell anyone this, the King is back!

What the king is back? This is Great 

I not sure we want this, have not been preaching "Truth"

Use Every Religion on the planet to preach the {ONE} and only "Truth"

God is the {Source} of it "All"  

The {ONE} World Religion Arrives

God is the {Source} of it "All" 

New Pope Preaches only "Truth"

Unified Faith

God is the {Source} of it "All" 

"I am" the "Real" Pope!

But I don't need the hassle, so Instead I will appoint my own pope!  

Once I do the shake down! 

Catholic Church Shake down

Every carnal priest nun and bishop on the planet will stand before me to be judged! 

Absorbing "All" of the {Source} code

just like I can absorb books I can absorb this entire blog and know "Everything" God wants me to do at "All' times! But i don't need to read anything to know the will of God I just ask him! 

Chasing godhood

Faster Faster Faster I stir your Singularity stew

Faster Faster Faster I stir your Singularity stew

You "Always had the power the return Home!

Wizard they tell me you can return me to Kansas is this True?

Don't cry, The Wizard will fix "All" of it!

god is only after "Truth" this is amazing :-(

Congratulations you won: Leave me alone insects this is a piece of shit of a theory!

"I am" after only "Truth" and you reward me for a lie

Meanwhile during "All" of my Law Breaking... The Wizard of OZ wins a noble prize for the Greatest piece of shit EVER written...

Breaking The Law Breaking The Law of Physics!

I kid I kid.. 

"I am" not a law breaker 

"I am" just changing the laws as I go :"D

What is "Real" physics?

Learning how the Universe operates as a "Unified" Humanoid ! Once you are linked to the Mind of God you have control of the creation aka the physics inside... So "Real" physics is the physics for God/god which is how manipulate Time matter space and energy "All" at once! The physics you know is the preset... aka the bullshit God is feed you~ 

Take your Bullshit physics back Mortals I want no part of it!

{God} Give them unified field theory!
{god} But it's just a combinat{ION} of their shit.. I want no part of it!
{God} You have no choice it's part of our plan to teach them!
{god} You totally totally fucked me I will do it , but "I am" not happy about it {ONE} bit! 

OMG your Physics is sour Bullshit!

Where is God in it "All" ? 

Once I took a bite into your knowledge I knew it was sour!

ewwww fuck what is this shit the mortals teach! 

The youngest Ever Dreams Broken thanks to the mortals

I should have finished Unificat{ION} by 24... but fuck them they had it "All" wrong! I had to rewrite "All" of physics... I cried and Now Im just pissed! 

Lucasian_chair Bullshit! No fucking FAIR


Issac grabbed the chair at 22 with his Bullshit!! WTF!! that is not fair!! 

"I am" way more 1337 then him! FUCK!!

Take The LUCASIAN CHAIR for Theoretical Physics and Mathematics Both at the same time!

Once I win the nobel prize for Unified Field theory I will then be offer what I have wanted more then a "gold" medal The LUCASIAN CHAIR oohhhhh how fucking 1337 sweet will that be!! Once I have my feet up on my desk is when I have truly made it... Since my fit are up .. Time to smoke a blunt :"D

Lucasian Professor of Mathematics 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Lucasian chair)

The incumbent of the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics, usually called the Lucasian Professor, is the holder of a mathematics professorship at the University of Cambridge, England. It is widely regarded as one of the world's most prestigious academic posts. The post was founded in 1663 by Henry Lucas, who was Cambridge University's Member of Parliament from 1639–1640, and was officially established by King Charles II on January 18, 1664.
1 History of the Chair
2 List of Lucasian Professors
3 See also
4 Notes
5 References
[edit]History of the Chair

Lucas, in his will, bequeathed his library of 4,000 volumes to the university and left instruction for the purchase of land whose yielding should provide £100 a year for the founding of a professorship[1]. One of the stipulations in Lucas' will was that the holder of the professorship should not be active in the church. Isaac Newton later appealed to King Charles II that this requirement excused him from taking holy orders, which was compulsory for most fellows of the university at that time (some fellowships were exempt). The King supported Newton, and excused all holders of the professorship, in perpetuity, from the requirement to take holy orders.

The current holder of the post is the theoretical physicist Michael Green. He was appointed in October 2009[2], succeeding Stephen Hawking who retired in September 2009, in the year of his 67th birthday, as required by the University.[3][4] Hawking now holds the position of Emeritus Lucasian Professor of Mathematics.

Perfecting my public speaking skills

Need to absorb books on this topic for my global lecture tours...

Make millions just from giving lectures..(Yawns)

Glory distrubut{ION}

I was going to give the singtards some of the glory but they are too retarded therefore

I am the inventor of "All" of it!
LIfe Extens{ION}
Nano manufacturing
you name it "All" of it!

I will make "All" of your inventors through history look like dense cavemen! 

{1ØN} Corp: Holds the {Source} code to AGI

Create a weaker version of AGI for open {Source} development~ 

Must Learn "All" programming Languages

Once I absorb "All" the languages

I will code a Unified platform

This will become the Standard world programming language! 

And the Code base for our AGI~ 

ps... make another sever hundred billion dollars from it "All" 

{1ØN} Corp: My Uber Programmers

Increase selected programmers memory capacity and dump programming into their brains and they will code alongside with me tons of games and software. We cheat but not entirely :"D

{1ØN} Corp: Most Anticipated 3D Temoporal Movie

It will have tons of angels to choose from
Time lapse control 3D

A track fly over mode

A killer sound track

maybe even work with my gaming division to import the city into an ultra realistic grand theft auto!

Point is ... My artistic side finally can fully express itself with no bottlenecks and bank billions on it ! and this is just 1 of many ...

Goal ...To do the world! 

I will have movie directors coming to me for special effects :"D

Temporal sight seeing : Film "All" of New york being constructed through Time!

Instead of making {ONE} Film I will put out HD Holo recordings this way I can just pump them out ....

Of course they are "All" AGI Reconstructions but they will be soooooooo Realistic it will blow people away because they will be "Real"  it's not even about the money even though a single recording will bring in billions ...

It will just be beautiful ...  to look at! ohhh and I can get it done in 3D wow... 

Can we stop this?

{god} I want out!!
{God} what are you going to do "unknow" the "Truth" ?
{god} fucking shit...
{God} Besides I told you "Everything" that would happen once your wrote Unification and you already did... So hold up your end of the bargain and I will hold mines and god you.
{god} I will bring you "All" the souls but fuck... I did not really know the depth of "Everything" that needed to be done to save these retarded pieces of shits!
{God} Welcome to a fallen planet, your favorite type remember... Always want the biggest challenges 

But since "I am" Lucifer I need* some Incognito shades :"D

I never Signed up to be lucifer

It just came with the God/god turf! I was told this after the bloody contract was signed! 

{God} Just Because you had to do my dirty work means I will Taint your legacy in blood

{god} Thank you even though you Tricked me ! 

Speaking of Being The good Guy... The Un wants to make a statue of me! As a world model citizen :"D

lesson to be learned!!

See why you have to quit "All" of your bullshit before becoming gods? NO... Ok I will show you what a mortal mind with godly power is like! 

The Reflect{ION} of Man

You showed me death

I show you EXtreme Death

You showed me creed

I show you Extreme Creed

You taught me starvation

I will teach you world famine!

etc etc...

Again I have been warning you! but you are too retarded! 

"I am" not even paying attention to what doing in the {sourcE}

I have been cooking and cleaning for the last hour... "I am" just on auto pilot... A reflection of what needs to be done based on what humanity has shown me@!

After "All" "I am" the "son" of man... I learned "All" of this from watching you. .only "I am" the god version of you! 

You will grow to love me and keep me close

Because "I am" the good guy

But we both know "I am" Lucifer the {source} of your cut off Air supply

To the World "I am" always the Good Guy

Win A Humanitarian prize for my Selling you the Air I stole from you in first place :"D

{1ØN} Corp: To The Rescue

Sell you super cheap synthethic Air mask

Till my scientist fix my atmospheric problems 

make another Trillion dollars or so from your retardat{ION} 

How to prove to humanity "I am" God/god:

Global Air Deplet{ION} 

Dear Humanity

You are the done that has taken it this far... I have told you I was god for a decade now! 

Global Pandemic: Goal Kill "All" Humans!

Resurrect The Children of the Fallen {ONE}

{God/god} Just one of those days dealings with mortals sorry 

Children of the Fallen {ONE} We understand 

Children of the Fallen {ONE} Lets us help?

{God/god} NOOOOOOO!! 

Full Demon possess{ION} Army

What the fuck are those things?

Satan has arrived ... just run! 

Spawn Demons!

Bring Them "All" back to life for Hell On earth!

Kill "All" HUmans!!!

We can do this "All" day every day! 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.