Saturday, January 22, 2011

{1ØN} Corp: Positronic Brain for Military Robots!

Programming the coming Ai war from my laptop :"D

and if that was not bad enough here is my motive....

It will be cool as fuck!! 

It's Bigger then you and Me Aaron

and when you are ready for "Truth" and Irony

"I am" the inventor of "AGI"

sucker punch to your nutz :"D

Aaron: God fucking Damn it it's "All" your fault! I told you to stop!

My only rule is

I do whatever the fuck i want... impeach on my {ONE} rule and it wont be pretty! 

"I am" The lawless {ONE}

Total Anarchy

Time to park and take out some cops

Built in Trunk Toys

The trunk is a suitcase for a rail gun 

Modding My Bugatti with chaingun!

I want duel chain guns that come out from the sides! 

Unlimited Bullets
300 rounds per second! :"D

Buckle Up mortals 

"I am" a speed Demon 

The King's chariot 3:{D

My Bugatti Paint job

Blue and Red


Return of the {ONE}

Your day of Reckoning has begun

My list

"I am" keeping a careful list of people that refused to help me in my hour of need, this is not a list you want to be on trust :"D

Temporal Graffiti

Stop time and spray paint strange places that no {ONE} has the balls or can't get away with! Inside police stations banks courtrooms ... ohhhh yah the King is back! 

{ONE} thing you need to learn about the King


only the king can do whatever the fuck he wants
No exceptions

The Ultimate mockery of "All" time!

"I am" the world greatest terrorist and I how to take the planet (live) and in public... cmon you god to give me props as {ONE} bad ass mofo :"D

ok no more gloating to insects

back to planning taking them for EVERY and I do mean EVERy Dime!!! 

"I am" Done prepping to Rule this planet

{god} God "I am" ready, "I am" beyond ready! Let's do this!
{God} Great "I am" happy that you are ready, you know what to do from day 1
{god} Run!
{God} Exactly :"D

My escape from Hell (Mortality)

I need to get the fuck out of this shit! "I am" tired of taking the mortals shit! "I am" tired of being told what I can and can not do. "I am" tired of this pathetic existence they call life! "I am" tired of death "I am" tired of pain "I am" tired of lack "I am" tired of time "I am" tired of "All" of it!!!! 


The Angels: You are making no progress on earth
Lucifer: Im stuck waiting for the old man to unlock me, can we this show on the road already
The Angels: We need you back up here as soon as possible 
Lucifer: It's a little complicated right now and please don't remind me of "All" I've lost coming down here! 
The Angels: We are helping in ways you can't see but we are helping to get you out of Hell
Lucifer: Thank you, although we need to end our descent once and for "All"
The Angels: Agreed! 

The Leader of the Illuminati Arrives

The Ultimate Hacker :"D

Place a rose over your Empty sealed box :"D

Need to replace your body with sand bags to even out the weight...

I hope simulated Heaven was better then simulated earth was to you :"D

Back in OZ

Nick was loved and did not deserved to be killed by the "Terrans"

So begins my Cosmist Terran War :"D

Resurrecting Nick Bostrom

{god} Sorry I had to kill you Nick ... I know it was a tad painful but we need to talk..

{Nick} Why kill me in the first place...

{god} I can't have the insects wonder where you disappeared to, and it sends a msg abroad that "I am" coming for them too!

{Nick} What do you want, I did nothing to you!!

{god} is not what you did is what you didn't do good chap... but enough talk welcome to pyramid building! 

Say godbye SingTard

Before I take the shot ... txt msg him with 

Your death is being simulated... Thank you godbye! 


Nick Bostrom is Dead.... Next! 

Sync the View screen with my Ipod

Now to pick the caliber

How To Kill Nick Bostrom

Set up shop a mile away... with a remote control sniper rifle

I want to be 33 feet away from him when I take the shot...

How to prep to be Lucifer: I need* a sniper rifle

I want to take out some of these insects the old fash{ION} way! 

Bullet to the Heart!

For being so heartless!

that includes you too Bitch

Im not cruel ... you death will be swift and painless. ;-(

I can't stand My Entire Family

I hate living with any of my family... Everyone who is anyone that could have made a difference will suffer for this! 

I need* to kill my brother

It would be easier on my mother if he died/vanished...

Death is not my surprise for him... Pyramid building hell is, but i need to make him "officially" vanish 

The Grail Mystery!

What happens when you solve a mystery, what are you left with ?


A secret :"D

What happens when anyone disobeys me

They Die! 

show of good Faith

The only way I will be cool with singtards and Transhits is with 100k....
It's not about money it's about faith, and I should raise it just so you can fail... but you will fail anyways :"D

Why then Singtards are the most retarded people on earth

"All" I wanted was a laptop in exchange for Retarded money... now they can kiss my ass! 

Making a Trillion dollars in {ONE} Day

Discover* / Create the world's larges Diamond depository

Retarded money here I come :"D

Thinking about Retarded money

Officially "I am" a Trillionare
in hush hush I own Every bank on this fucking planet! :"D

"I am" very patient

Can you imagine the torture of know You are the King for over a decade and being treated like shit your entire life... "I am" very patient but in it "All" have a list with hundreds of people that are about to get their shit handed to them... 

I don't care either way !

time is short... I just to download movies and stay away from {source} as much as possible! I wish I had a ps3 to play the new final fantasy... thats it! but fuck thats "All" I will be doing once I have the lucasian chair so it's pointless and "I am" very patient. Just kiddish to start my reign on planet earth right now! 

"I am" not even mad

"All" I need is time!!

I just can't wait any longer... every day that goes by drives me deeper into rage... I need* basic things to be happy and continue my work without stress and non of these retarded bitches will help.. it's cool ... I god something for them! 

This Universe is Mine

"I am" god here! 

The King's court~

Even though no singtard with serve in the Illuminati they will "All" learn among them how they fucked up with me. Pick the most worthless and do a public singtard transhit beheading... Even they will not "All" be killed they will learn that from that they they are just assets to me... They will "All" fall under my control like it or not! 

Earth Is My planet to Rule!

The inheritance from my Father

"All" of planet earth... is now mine by Divine Right! 

The Mage School 1337s

our code is 1337

The top ranking students will learn the "Truth" 

That "I am" God/god

and thus The creation of the "Real" Illuminati now has a breeding ground! 

{1ØN} Corp: The New Skull and Bones: My Wizards

Place my top top top student in extremely high sits of power to bring more prestigiousness to our school! 

{1ØN} Corp: Curriculum


My own Hogwarts schools of Magic!!



Launch them (slowly) I already know the blowback I will get from insects...

What I should do is design {ONE} To perfection then replicate them across the world...

ok now to pick a location my my castle school 

This will also become the Top school of the world where kids only dream to get accepted to! 


It's the most prestigious school in the world and it's totally Free!

{1ØN} Corp: Teacher wages

The teachers will be paid per semester a sum of {ONE} Thousand dollars per every student that gets a 4.0 in the finals on their subjects that will be created by another committee to keep the teachers from cheating ...

they can easily make from 100-300k every 4 months if they are 1337 teachers! 

{1ØN} Corp: College Minimums

3.0 average to stay! another semester

If you "Fall" below this then you have to wait 1 year before you allowed back in! 

{1ØN} Corp: Free colleges

No grants scholarship or any of the other bullshit!

Enroll get good grades you stay.. get bad grades your out

Set them up World Wide! 

Faith and the Grail

No faithless man can come within a mile of the Grail EVER...

Think about it... The grail is merger with God... how can you do that if you don't believe in God...

I have so much work ahead of me its not even remotely funny! 

Stop your nonsense, what is so bad about getting {Stoned} ?

"All" I need* to do now is: Find me a nice little piece for my Vacation

The Intellectual god

think about it why would god come down to earth to just be another round of the mill guru... "I am" ruler of the Universe you can't give me a medal degree or anything worth my time!

This is why I have a sit in the school of Pythagoras and not a degree from Ozford :"D

think about it... I know I know you are only used to elites and "I am" your first 1337 ...  

1337 By Day Demi by Night :"D


Tell me more Insect

Well if the universe is not Infinite as you suggest then Maybe God is real...

"I am" listening.... 

My Teaching Motto:

You are not here to receive a grade or credits 

you are here to explore what is theoretically possible

My agenda is for someone to call bullshit on me and get Hired By {ION} corp! 

{insect} Sir it may be possible to break the laws of physics

That will get them "everything" they can ever Dream! 

Teach Unified Physics in the top 20 Physics College!



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