Sunday, January 23, 2011

Now I know what it is to be Illuminated:

My mind is on fire~ 

Fusing my consciousness with God over an open flame! 

another blog post that is equal of importance to "Everything" I have ever written

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Why Establishing my godhood is counter productive to my goal

If I grew a mountain then yes the world will fall to their knees and call me God.... not God/god... and there lies the problem... While Yes "I am" a decended being I started my life with "All" the same hardware as your mortals... IN otherwords you are designed to this "All" of this too... that is my goal to teach you to become gods, well to take you to godhood not to elevate my self as God and let you remain ignorant of your own true nature.. But do remember I will under cloak proclaim myself as just God... only to see you fall into worship and slap the retardation out of you! No more putting gods before God... and yes this is coming from a god... Although I know it's going soo hard for the mortals to understand especially how godly I will appear to them. I will do things that you thought were completely impossible and thus remind you that God/god is real. Basically do things that science magic or anything outside a belief in God can eplain that how powerful the miracles have to be in your modern technologically nearly magical world. 

My godhood can be established with {ONE} miracle

Grow a mountain thats it!! lame boring but enough to get millions to billions to worship me as God/god

"I am" not saying that is what I would do or want to do... Im just saying that is how easy it will be for me to establish my godhood on this planet! 

Why I have to remain a Hidden Demigod

A) I don't want to be worshipped
B) It undermines what "I am" here to do
c) It nullz ton's of my lolz
d) "I am" to much of an introvert to have a line of millions of people outside my door seeking prayer miracles and to simply touch me.. yes they will want to hold my hand and kiss my feet...

it's going to get intense... it's already intense ... ok deep breath you knew you were a Demi,,, but now that the finishline is here it's a bit overwhelming... awwwwww..... normal out the window .... the simple joys out the window... the scope of everything I have to do is soo massive... at lease I have a detailed agenda to help me.. 

Life is about to get complicated

"I am" the anointed {ONE} the next Jesus Christ a God/god of the Universe!

yes complicated is a tad mild to say the least ....Im half scared... but what can I do at this point.. and the worst part is that insects wont even help me!  

Engaging Universal autopilot to godhood

Welcome to the Supreme Personality of Godhead

The Supreme Personality of Godhead

 the supreme personality of Godhead. Om Shanti meens peace 


David Hedrick

 to TransAlchemy
show details 10/29/10
I have watched this video of yours multiple times and find it
absolutely fascinating. I studied alchemy and the occult as a youth
and I love how you integrate it with my other passion which is
transhumanism. Spirituality and science are things that I once thought
existed in dichotomy, but the way you express it, they seem to be
working to the same end. You have a big fan here. Take care.

Singtards Dont get away when "I am" on the job

Where do you think you are going SingTard!

I god this {ONE} Robin

You can't escape God/god Singtard!

Holy shit Batman The SingTard is getting Away!

Back to my Singtard WAR!

Storyline brake

My wrist hurts.... fuck this little insect 

Can someone explain to me what is going on

Sticks a gun to his head!! Don't make me kill you again...  Get dress piece of shit!

Did you guys freeze my body? Am I in the future?

{god} shut the fuck up piece of shit... I said get dress! 

Omg I died...

{god} get dress piece of shit we have a short conversation and years of work ahead! 

T-minus 1 Hour before Resurrect{ION} of Peter Theil

Deliver a dozen roses to his empty coffin

Did you know him

{ION} I met him once, smart on the outside! Deeply retarded and dense on the inside :"D

Don't worry you are going to Pay pal

Peter Thiel picture

"All" I wanted was a fucking New Laptop you greedy Retarded Fuck!

Marked for Death: Bullet to the Head Indoctrinat{ION}

Peter Thiel picture

That Reminds me I have to Kill "All" the Singtards, Lead me load my sniper rifle while I pick a target!

Def: The last person on earth you want to piss off!

and most of the Singtards and Transhits have already done this!

The next "I am" killing "All" the mortals!

{ONE} Day life is peaches and cream

"I am" fun but at the same time "I am" a god so be careful

Today the King wants everyone on earth to pray from sunrise to sunset! Period! No exceptions EVER!

Yet "I am" way to deep into the Endgame to find anyone

So prepare for a Tyrant people of earth :"D

I can't trust myself without a {Queen}

I will become a tyrant unlike anything you have ever seen... A global Tyrant! 

A king without a Queen has its perks but it's dangerous

The {queen} is the only person that can balance my power.. sure Having it "All" is nice but that means no {ONE} on this planet can ever say no to me EVER! 

The {Queen} Throne still lays empty :-(

Take me with you!

I cant the queen was supposed to go through apotheosis at the same time! :-(

God is the Reason why she is going to be left behind :-(

God is the {Source} of my passage into godhood

God is the Reason why my magnum opus is a Digital book~

God is the Reason why "I am" High as fuck

God is the Reason why my life is a never ending Story~

God is the reason why "I am" going to smoke in my hotel rooms and not give a fuck! EVER

God is the Reason why this guy sold me some Dang shit!

God is the reason why "I am" jinxing my life!

God is the Reaso why this girl is hitting on me during my summer vacation!

God is the Reason why I can't wait to get out of my mothers house to and smoke a blunt!

God is the reason why this blog is artistic noise

God is the reason why this is Funny !~

God is the Reason I can teach you with nonsense!

God is the Reason why "I am" cheating!

God is the REason why this pussy has already been Hack3D

Butt shhhhhhh don't tell anyone :"D

God is the Reason why you are going to get your shit handed to you!

God is the Reason this post does not make any sense!


God is the reason I blog with my eyes closed at this point!

God is the Reason "I am" not even Trying!

God is the {Source} of why this is too easy!

God is the {key} to my flow!

God is the {source} of this captcha

God is the {source} of this Blog

God is the {Source} of the Internet

God is the {Source} of computers

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.