Tuesday, January 25, 2011

System Wide {Source} Reboot! Good night

Fuck the Holy Water Hack is not Working, we are going to have to Reboot the {Source} In the morning it's hopeless now!

Keep {ONE} of these close to your Beds

1600 by 1200

"I am" coming for you Singtard, I will not stop till you "All" Die!

They are "All" worthless God, "All" of them!

Kill "All" the Singtards and TRanshits!! Kill "All" of them I want them "All" dead... "All" of them must die, "I am" going to kill them "All" they will "All" die... "All" must die!!!

Make it stop God! Make it stop!

{God}It will never stop we just god started, but it will become easier !

"I am" possessed by God

{god}NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I will OBey you God!

{God} Stop doing what I tell you to do!

{god} It's not working God, I still want to kill them "All"!

{God} God,,,hmmmm me remove the Demons I placed in this child :"D

God please remove {The Evil Genius} YOu placed inside of me!

Time for the Holy Water Hack! Demons are lurking!

{The Evil Genius} I just want you to see the "Truth"

 Desktop Wallpaper · Gallery · 3D-Art 
 Little Demon

{The Evil Genius} is always lurking waiting to be let out!

{The Evil Genius} Did someone say kill "All" the Humans? :-D

You did prove something to me God!

{god} We do have to kill "All" the humans!
{God} I told you :-(

"I am" a Hidden Demigod

always has been always will be... God just ousted me toy with you and show you how retarded you have become before "All" the fun begins! 

Why tell you "Everything" if I don't want you to know?


Thats it! :"D

I get a kick out of your Retardation! :"D


No {ONE} on earth with out my Blessing knows "I am" God/god

More Cleaning up

Teleport in .... Everyone is in shock... 

"I am" here from the future to show you something...

Memories "All" gone!!

Thank you... then walk out I will deal with them later! 

Cleaning up!

Teleport in... 

Tie everyone To their chairs.. no speech words or anything.. Just a memory clean and teleport out! 

I will deal with them later! 

Game over you are retarded!

wait I knew you were "Real" 

Thats nice... can you please look directly at the flash... 


who are you?

Nobody I just found you tied up... who did this to you?

I don't remember!!  

Probably for the best... 

Have a nice life... 

Once The Simulat{ION} is Hack3D I god a little cleaning up to do!!

My Gameplan is Hack the Simulat{ION} and make a run for it!


The only think 'I am" leaving up is my youtube account.. {Key} and Transalchemy will be buried! They have to be !! 

My blogging days are almost over!

[1:37:53 AM] transalchemy: we are in the home stretch
[1:37:57 AM] transalchemy: there is no need
[1:38:39 AM] transalchemy: once the sim is hacked
[1:38:52 AM] transalchemy: "I am" not going to give a fuck about blogging
[1:38:58 AM] transalchemy: we would be busy having fun

"I am" Sending God smoke signals through YOu !

"I am" Amplifying My Signal to God with a (live) audience!

"Real" vs "Virtual" who will win the Battle at the Singularity ?

But enough about me ... you god other problems... is this "Real" or "Virtual" and what is the Difference?

Welcome to the Mad House where the joke is on you! :"D

This is Exactly what I want to do with your monez

Insane and with "All" of your cash is what "I am" :"D

Foaming at the mouth gone Rabid Insane is what "I am" :"D

Besides "I am" way past Crazy... I rather you call me Insane!

Are you having Trouble "seeing" through my bullshit?

No it's not Crazy talk bitch.. is me spitting out Bullshit! "Its crazy talk if you consider my Bullshit "Real"

Morphing people, stopping time, Nuking countries for candy "All" this is !!

Why I want to use puppets

I can't be everywhere "All" the time!! So I will just use "Illuminati" morphed members to place my control grid!....

what happened to you old presidents...

"All" dead! or pyramid building ... depends on my mood! 

Who are "All" your presidents?

Me morphed~ :"D

ohhhh shit!!!! what ... did you think I was going to use puppets? what for? 

Who is the Satan worshiping Obama/?

{NOI} Morphed {ION} :"D

How to regain obama's image

Have him placed in a visible location when the live transmitting goes on... The media will bury it as a pirate airwave double!! 

Puppet Fun:

I can just mind control obama to say this ... but the nuke hostage situation is way more fun! 

{God} This is why I sent him~ Genius!

{God} See what he just did... God more people to believe in me without any destruction or Death! 

What is the Goal?

Scare the shit out of insects and make them pray!! 

YOu will only ask for God's help when your in danger or scared shitless~ 

If the president says he worships Satan... Everyone will know Revelations is coming True! 

My Fourth Demand: I want obama to say on National (live) tv that he worships Satan! with no other explanation~

My Third Demand: I want Air force {ONE} painted with stars

Click to enlarge

OMG "I am" The "Real" life Joker!! Genius but also Mad :"D

My Second Demand!! Add sprinkles to my 100 pound eminem!!

Here is {ONE} of demands

I want a 100 pound Eminem layered with chocolate penuts butter ice cream and almonds with a white chocolate coding painted in colorful blue and red edible paint...  Or another Nuke goes off!  

Nuke the desert! You don't negotiate!!! I bet you are not ready for me!

nuke-cloud-wallpapers_12631_1280x1024.jpg ,  Size: 536.52 KB ,Resolution:1280 x 1024

We do not negotiate with Terrorist! Period!

Send the FBI a Treasure Map for an armed nuke once and month with a list of silly as fuck demandS!

OBama: Quickly what do we do? ... Sir I highly suggest you give him "Everything" he ask for no matter how obsurd!! We don't want to fuck with a guy claiming to have 50 armed nukes country wide!

"I am" a Terrorist Terrorist ! I Terrorize those that no one has the Balls to Terrorize

You caught me "I am" bluffing about Dying... you "All" are not me!!

Tick tock ... I want my nukes!!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.