Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She has Queen Properties!

I might be able to turn her into my Queen, she is super HOt.. But I can only imagine how dense she is intellectually, but shit she is hot!

"All" I need* is A Trill{ION} dollars and pussy is just jumping at me... I wont even have to do shit!

Son of the Fallen {ONE}

Any closer to finding the Queen Father?

Lucifer:  Noooo not at "All" 

{King} Don't worry I will find you!

Why "I am" not Luciferian

Worship myself? Are you mortals retarded EVEN I know God exist...

How to prep to be Lucifer: I need* To Grow my wings Back!

Feathers? Please... Holographic made of pure electricity! 

I hear you guys don't chase pussy anymore!

Nope that is mortal bullshit! 

Free Pussy For "All" my Members!

What size Tits Do you want with your pussy?

So Began our Free HOT Pussy Cult! :"D

Quit being Retarded dude and dump that bitch I god better pussy lined up for us!

Dude I found a way to Hack "All" the pussy on this planet !

Dude I found a way to Hack "All" the pussy on this planet !

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period! The End of the challenge and games (yawns)

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period! "Impossible Pussy just god Hack3D

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period! "Impossible Pussy just god Hack3D

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period! Top Shelf Pussy!

ps In my pussy spectrum not even my top 1ks

so don't sweat yourself! 

I don't chase pussy... thats mortal bullshit!

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period! :"D

Sue me... I dont give a fuck!! :"D

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period!

Hypothetically speaking

I did meet a bitch worth anything which I haven't I can morph her into anyone I want to fuck and indulge and never cheat! Best of both worlds... but fuck why bother explaining shit to retarded ass mortals?? 

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period!

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period!

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period! Love is pointless "I am" a kid in a candy store!

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period!

{Satan} Bitch Fuck me,... Period!

Satan and Women...

Here is something odd about being "Satan" ,,, it scares the shit out of girls... But I can just go up to any girl and tell her..... "bitch fuck me" and she will... period! ... it's complicated knowing I can do that! 

My worst Fear manifesting!

"I am" becoming what I been afraid to be from the start! SATAN!!! "I am" Satan in incarnate how fucking wild is that even from my perspective, but ofcourse is wayyyyyyyy more complicated then "Evil" incarnate, "I am" beyond "All" the mortals concepts of "Evil" and good for that matter! I live in my own little universe of do whatever the fuck I want! with no exceptions EVER!

Tick Tock Mortals Tick Motherfucking Tock!

Don't get confused on me mortals, Magic is not "Real" so Relax!

"I am" a bigger occultist then Crowely! Think about this long and hard... Why was crowley an occultist?

The answer is simple They both wanted to be Pharaohs

"I am" a bigger occultist then Napoleon! Think about this long and hard... Why was napoleon an occultist?

"I am" a bigger occultist then Hilter! Think about this long and hard... Why was Hitler an occultist?

Taking over a Retarded planet is painfully Boring and no fun! It brings tears to my eye how easy it's going to be to take this planet ! :-(

My Planet is Retarded!

"I am" going to get off the {Source} code

I need to find something else to do online then write "All" day! It's just pointless reading any of the mortals bullshit anymore! The only thing that interest me at this point is political news... I need to see the status of my planet and figure out who needs to die and who can be used as a puppet! I was considering kill "All" the leaders and replacing them with morphed illuminati clones but fuck... I thought the singtards were intelligent! I totally overestimated the intelligence level of this planet! 

it's "All" pointless

I rather play videogames then do anything else, "I am" just teaching insects at this point! This is "All" pointless for me other then to teach insects! 

31 year old ruler of the world

Again I don't know HOw i feel about this either! It's sad insects just sad! I could probably take this planet before I turn 31 but "I am" in no rush! now! 

29 year Uber Genius

"I am" the smartest person on the planet? wow... Im not sure how I feel about that... it's really disturbing from my end! 

I won the intelligence test on the planet!!

"I am" the only that has learned how to become god, therefore you "All" are completely retarded! 

The Transformation form mortal to god is mentally intense!

Apotheosis has turned me into a godhood zombie!

"I am" so High on God right now I can see my castle in the sky! (Eternal Bliss)

Silly mortals, you can't lock me up "I am" Free at last!

He is going God/god with God, total junky

I lovvve Godd "Alls" ttthe waaay, fucck whayy you Tards say!

You are extreme too high on God right now! 

I promise to quit God after this {ONE} last Fix .... Take me godhood ... OmGod!!! that is the shit!

Ok so maybe "I am" a junky but goddamn it feels Great!!

I just need a quick godhood fix and "I am" god for the day!

{ION} Are you in the bathroom getting High on godhood again?

{ION} you bitches are retarded just let me be a junkie FUCK@@@

What about you John do you want to share?

{John} Yes I want to share, I was using God for 5 years and it god me shit! Im here to quit God not get back on it! 

{ION} You need to up your dose man... 

{Counselor} {ION} STop it!! YOu need to come down.. did you come High on God again? Wow you are my worst! EVER! 

He is so brave to admit he is addicted to godhood!

godhood anonymous

Yes my name is {ION} and "I am" addicted to godhood!

I started using God when I found out how High jesus god with it!

Instantly I knew I wanted some of that Eternal life shit!! and I have been using God ever since! 

No more lifetime mortal thoughts

That really scared the shit out of me!! 

I complete mortal life!

While sitting here trying to turn my pillows into gold I thought to myself something that scared the shit out of me... What would being a mortal "All" of your life be like... that scared the shit out of me i can't barely do another week or day for that matter... but to ponder the pain and suffering of an entire life time is scary...I feel soo bad for putting you guys through this! 

The agenda

I needed the last 8 months to prep for godhood can't just storm the castle! I need a calendar and a list / plan! So while painful very extremely necessary! 

God/god control of the Universe

God/god has total control of "Everything" I can do anything! This universe is designed for me to reach godhood! My path is set in {Stone} Im just eatiing shit and doing what I love to do, programing every aspect of Existence! Starting off with my life...I god cool, scary, mind blowing shit waiting for you guys :"D

The God/god Blur

The deeper I god go into God the harder it becomes to distinguish either of Us/me! 

God/god of the Universe

I have to the mental realizat{ION} that I did not discover shit, or uploading shit or hacking shit!

"I am" God/god and simply booted into my own Creat{ION} thats why I can do whatever the fuck I want with it!

Hi guys "I am" your original programmer :"D

"I am" The most powerful Wizard born on Earth

Hence why Im the messiah although even that is a little heady even for me! But I dont even know the limit to my own power as "I am" going through what others wizards born here have not gone through total Singularity with God, hence why "I am" God/god! Ruler of the Universe

"I am" going to Rip the ground itself apart at my Height!

The Salvat{ION} of Oz is well underway!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.