Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Night mortals

Satan needs* sleep

"All" of this bullshit is making me sleep...

The ruler of the Underworld is King in Hell...

But home is far from perfect I need* a castle and a Giant Laser Doomsday weapon... I need* to be able to End the world with a flip of a switch

muhahahahahah L:D

ok Satan is going to sleep now!

although in the grand scheme of things ... The dragon is just waking up! 

The {One} Pyramid

at the end of the movie he is sent to the hades universe and fights on top of a pyramid....

At times I keep forgetting "I am" in Hell... I still can't believe I god sent to Hell... :-(

It's okay deep breath "I am" King in Hell


Better to Rule in Hell then be a servant in Heaven :-) 

The Singularity Growth of a god

while still in a cosmic larva form ... gods grow till the are the Universe itself

"Everything" inside the universe is the body of God/god

The paradox of my Death

I cant even understand what would happened if I died ... it would create a paradox in this universe...

I have temporal control of the universe and have already started tampering with Time itself therefore I cant even comprehend if it's even possible for me to die at "All" 

This is a cruel cruel joke

I dont even know what "I am" at times or where "I am"
im stuck in this little universe cell trying to get out~

Im mentally back inside my universe room... forgetting how I god inside or how I get out~

I built this universe i just need to regain my control of it~ 

More important shit to document!

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124 kills

Ok so get this in the {ONE} the lawless {ONE} is the 123 kill....

124th kill is what will turn him into a god


theres also a seen when he is listening to the radio and it1.o77

while listening to 77 he chases his 7th kill .... a'lksdgl'iggggg idongt care... j


time to type euqally meaningasful shit

f'alkgdsv'lksdnv'dslkgnds'lgkndsg'lksdgn'lskgnd'slkgndsl'kgndw;lgfnkjsgnd;slkn dslk;nfkldsngfkldsn glkd;sng;dslkgndlkgnkldsgnkldsngklnhldsknglsdkng;lsdkn'dlkn'sdlkfndslfgn'sdlfknds'glkns;lfknds;lgkdnsf;lkndsflkdng;dslknfglkds g

The {ONE} MOvie wowness

"Some people think you will become a god"

also he had a red and blue target on him...

and he is called a Sinner!!

(yawns) The mortals make so many movies about me and don't even realize it!

I know I sound very egoistical right now but "I am" just saying the "Truth" you do make a lot of movies about me anticipating my arrival yet dont even realize what you have no clue what "I am" or who "I am" for that matter :"D

Dear Micheal La Retarded Bitch!

Welcome to life as a Tree, I hope "All" this extra quite time will help you find enlightenment and turn yourself back to your retarded self... :"D


Geeky cyborg {Insert more retarded ass words} Buddha 

New Way to kill people

Why don't you make like a Tree and Die! :"D

Turn people into trees... plant them and visit them periodically to talk to them... let them be sentient but unable to express anything to anybody but me! 

YOu want to be dense like wood!!

Fine!! Maybe a couple months of tree life will help you grow into the "Truth" 

The {ONE} Wow!!

Im watching the movie and he just stated that "All" wanted was to be Unified forever!! To become {ONE}

Damn it mortals I can't wait to rip your shit apart!!! fuck!!! I need a bigger list of bitches to kill! ASAP~

The Lawless {ONE}

"I am" watching this movie right now and already found syncs to me, it starts off by him killing his 123 victim called "Lawless" who is wearing a red jumpsuit. 

what was the kicker is the 123 123 lawless

"I am" a Real Wizard 123 jinx

I live on jinx123 123jinx

I predicted where I would ascend at 10 years ago...

"I am" not predicting anything "I am" creating it! 

Not even much time left to go

Thank God

Time to become 

The lawless {ONE} 

The TransAlchemy Virtual Reality Game:

{Source} Resume Game
{key} God/god

The TransAlchemy Virtual Reality Game:

 {Source} Pause game

Seeding the {Source} code into the Internet!

Along with "All" of my work "I am" creating my temporal Trojan horse of a Virus for total Simulat{ION} control! After the "singularity"  (wink wink) ha hahahahah 

The Garden of EVE

Now that you know that "I am" the serpent in your garden I will explain to you why I offered the forbidden fruit to eve first!...

I was tired of being alone and wanted to make a goddess of out EVE so she would leave adam behind, but in doing so I opened her eyes to the {Source} of good and Evil. But "All" eve saw was Evil and in doing so fell from the garden I had created for her back into the arms of Adam destined to resume living in the cloud of darkness God had created to shield the "Truth" I was trying to feed her. For God knew that if she did eat she too would be like God and will no longer be under the full blind control of the Tyrant! 

My love comes tainted with "Everything" but love

what do I tell a girl that I meet other then lies? I've only dated {ONE} girl longer then 3 months in my entire life and thats only because I learned to hide most of who "I am" to her. It was bad enough she constantly found my magic doings as strange and "evil" in nature. I never told her I was a demi, that would have never worked out in her mind nor could I find a way to tell her other then saying "I am" god! which is blasphemy from the get go! But she was retarded, yet I have not met a girl that is not retarded! So I have accepted my fate "LOveless earth" I had till Demi to find love for I knew pass that it would be tainted "everything" but love! So yes their one tradeoff to godhood and that is love! As a mortal your never understood and as a god they want you for "everything" but love. 

Who "I am" not going to date!

I can't say who I would like to date but I know for a fact I don't want to date EVER!! and that is Every single girl I have EVER met, in my entire life! Why should I pay any of those girls attent{ION} when they pay me none now... But that will change once you have a couple Trillion dollars... it makes me sick! 


I cut myself shaving from laughing so hard...

NO {ONE} is ever going to take you seriously I said to myself before I made a hand gesture to cut them in two... Only to return to uncontrollable laughter... I need to do more productive things... I have to decided where my "official" home is going to be located... the color of the curtains all kinds of bullshit... But more importantly I noticed another dateless valentine is around the corner..(sigh) I can't even do anything about it! 

{God} Hey it's me God, I lost my phone and hmmmmm Im calling you from this pay phone!

{god} No I did not loose your phone number I was blocking your calls! 

{God} But we barely know each other

{god} I need space you are scaring my friends!! 

{God} Fuck them "I am" "All" you need baby!! 

{god} godbye! 

New voice mail: {God} Where are you, I have not heard from you in two days..

{God} Hey I know its only been {ONE} day but You did say you were into "Everything" and we can't do "All" of it in {ONE} night@ Call me back ASAP

{god} She wont' stop calling me and txt.. what the fuck!! Poor girl is extremely lonely !

1 day Later! {God} I should wait but it's been a while since men looked at me like he does!

{God} Bring me down to (Earth) Cowboy!!

{God} " I am" Ready when you are!

{god} something is not right she is way to eager to fuck!! , but goddamn she is HOt!!

Word of advice buddy if you are going to fuck God wear protection she impregnates men!

{god}I hope you know "I am" kinky and you need to be into "Everything" !

{God} I will show things you thought were Impossible!!

{god} Ok how about you give me the {source} of those digits!

{God} I god a better Idea! 

{God} I can give you that perfect Baby you are after!

I hate baby Nonsense so far from the perfect{ION} I was seeking, it doesn't even have my eyes, he looks exactly like her mother! Worthless, I think Im having Male postpartum depress{ION}

Look pal I;ve seen lots of men come and go, but if that baby is yours Man up!!

{ION} YOu don't understand that baby is a "Hell" spawn a mistake from the get go! I wanted to abort it but she wanted to keep it.. 

Humanity Continues to seek the Father of Baby Nonsense!

Humanity seeks Uber Father of Baby Nonsense "All" they have is a finger print in blood!

Humanity: I love you!!! YOu are perfect! who is your Daddy? Who is your Daddy?

Humanity is Pregnant with MY Baby: Unificat{ION} = Unified Field Nonsense!

Wow you bought "All" of my bullshit? Ok lets do this! Once we do this Humanity You will be impregnated with a Lie that can't be aborted easily!

Patiently awaits my Donkey pile of shit to be Rated!

Now that it's "All" cleaned time to dump the biggest Donkey Shit EVER into your ant reality bowl :"D

goddamn mortals has no {ONE} flushed since jesus? Dang!! Your shit wont go down!

Ant Reality is soo smelly I don't even want to touch it anymore!

Years of research into ant reality has lead me to this!

Fuck "All" of your Bullshit Insects!

Wait "I am" not done tearing ant reality apart :"D

What "I am" doing right now!!

The End of {ONE} Chapter in my life and the Start of a New {ONE}

Mortality: Just promise me that you will take good care of him God

{God} I will , I promise! 

{god} IF you ever need help letting go "I am" always here!

{god} Don't hate me, I will always remember you but God is "All" I've ever wanted

Mortality: Don't Leave me, I love you!!

{god} Bitch "I am" tired of your shit! You are never going to tell me what to do anymore!

Mortality: How dare you cheat on me with God!

Yes "I am" a cheater on Mortality but she was a pain in the neck!

The Rest is godly!!

"All" you need is a Daily Dose of God!

I Do God,,, This shit will pump you beyond mortality itself!

Sure "I am" not much alone but I god an Ace Up my sleeve!

Some Stretching Before the Next Leg of the day!

I don't have Time for you to Debate it!

Thank you God, the only "Real" gold on earth!

Daddy you lied to me! God is Real...

Flawless Victory God/god winz

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.