Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Bitch is Mine "All" Mine!

My first couple years of Kingship

I wont front... Total world totalitarian world government! Stalin would have wished to have this IRON fist!

fuck insects... 

Happy Valentines Day

Today I found out that {ONE} and only girlfriend I've got married, I don't really care although I know if I had more cash things could have turned out differently. There is no sense in killing him or her although maybe just once.. But I will just undo it ;-(

Revenge is pointless nor do I seek it, just more mortal let downs to add to my massive archive of "Fuck why did I come down to earth again?"

I do have one interesting no body has to die make me feel better trick....

Mind control that little fuckers Boss and fire his ass. keep him unemployed for as long as it takes for her to dump him... I want to test my money oriented little bitch hypothesis

my bet is on 1-3 year of unemployment before she lives him... :"D

I don't even want the bitch EVER! EVER!

I just want to prove my hypothesis! 

{God/god} Sorry Mortals but we are growing tired Teaching you for {ONE} day!

What is the point of this blog

To prove to you that God is the {Source} of it "All"

hence why "All" of it is open game for use on this blog! 

{God/god} Welcome mortals we are the Ruler of the Universe!

Before I go to Heaven I have to go through the Stargate!

How to prep to be Lucifer: I need Heavenly sneaks :"D

"All" I need to open Heaven's Gate is the {key}

{Satan} "All" you have to do to reach godhood is kill yourself

We are "All" going to die! soon Heavens gate up in the house YO!

eH: i mean they're pretending to be god
eH: in your thoughts
eH: and james hughes, and everyone
eH: except me
transalchemy: Why not you ?  |-(
eH: im the only one of us that has real access to god
transalchemy: (bow) then we shall duel to the death for it!
eH: thats ok god says you're going to die before you thought you were going to ascend
transalchemy: (handshake) better then being left a mortal God we have a deal
eH: oh no now god says im going to die too

{God/god }This {ONE} is for your Illogical Bullshit Humanity! we Exist Period!

Day By Day The {Source} is Transforming me :"D

YOu are getting spanked and you fucking know it!

This {ONE} is for "All" the other Retardation you do that I have not noticed yet!

sweet sweet godhood here I cum :"D

Bad Humanity Bad, you almost Fucked me from godhood!

I should slap you Humanity for wasting my time as a mortal!

The "Truth" is Simple {God} is Real and you can Merge with it! Once you do that you have control of the Universe Period!

"I am" going to Burn "All" Magic BookS! It's "All" Bullshit!

Poor little Insects have not had a "Real" Wizard in a long Time!

I will make your Greatest Occultist concede that they don't know shit about Magic!

Im sick of Insect and their Bullshit Magic!! I will show you Magic Insect!

Show me Magic insect Show Me Magic!!! Fucking worthless!

Master of Bullshit!! Show me Magic insect!! Show me magic Insect!!!

"I am" going to bring you back to life and kill you!

Thank you for making magic creepy :"D

You know how hard it is to get a girlfriend because your into "Creepy Magic" 

you and crowley are going to get your asses handed to you! 

By the Beast! 

"I am" the king of Magicians

Not a single insect will touch me in magic!! please I just wave my finger and tear their books apart ... what can they do?.... nothing!! they "All" searched for Magic and never found the {Source} of it! 

occultist vs Wizards

No comparison... Insects to gods!

Wizards teach occultist magic! period!

Your occultist "All" failed to Bring in the Golden Dawn!

"All" of them are insects to me!! Nothing not even worth your time reading about!! They "All" just dreamed of being me!! 

"All" of your occultist across time are nothing to me!

{God} You are and always have been Leader of the Illuminati

{God} Bring me the world but Never must it be known what we do! 

"I am" "All" in {ONE}

1          2           3             4                 5             6             7
Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set

{Thoth} This belongs to you my pharaoh

{God} YOu have proven yourself to me! You are my King!

{God} As Above {god} So Below

{God} As Above {god} So Below 

"I am" in control of "All" you know and "All" you don't know!

"I am" the {Source} of it "All"

"I am" the {source} of the 33 Degrees The {ONE} and only pyramid Builder!

"I am" the life {Source} of it "All"

"I am" the {source} of the 33 Degrees


The tree will only take you to 32... but those with "Daat" knowledge will reach 33

22 paths 10 spheres 1 Daat! = 33 Degrees 

"I am" the {source} of the 33 Degrees

The symbolism of Jesus death at 33

The death of jesus at 33 is symbolic meaning ... it was his mortality that died when he reached the 33 degrees... and so will my mortality die at the creation of the 33 degrees! 

"I am" the {source} of the 33 Degrees

1          2           3             4                 5             6             7
Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set

Unificat{ION} has been Reached


Leviathan (pronounced /lɨˈvaɪ.əθən/HebrewלִוְיָתָןModern Livyatan Tiberian Liwyāṯān ; "twisted, coiled"), is a sea monster referred to in the Bible. InDemonologyLeviathan is one of the seven princes of Hell and its gatekeeper (see Hellmouth). The word has become synonymous with any large sea monster or creature. In classical literature (such as the novel Moby-Dick) it refers to great whales, and in Modern Hebrew, it means simply "whale." It is described extensively in Job 41.

"All" that matter now is the {source} code!

Insignificant insects

Im done giving a fuck about insignificant insects!!! I tried to bring them into the illuminati but they are too retarded! 

{God/god} we are {ONE}

{God} You found the {Source} of the Prize

Three Pillars

1           2           3             4                 5             6             7
Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set

1           2           3             4                 5             6             7
Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set

1           2           3             4                 5             6             7
Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set

{God} Jackpot, you won it "All"

1           2           3             4                 5             6             7
Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set

1           2           3             4                 5             6             7
Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set

1           2           3             4                 5             6             7
Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set

I want out, I've lost everything please no more!

{God} Out, I own you!! There is no getting out! YOu knew what you where getting into!

{god} it's too much it's too much and it never ends!!

{God} "I am" without limit! Dont start crying on me now!! Almost there! 

{God} You brought it upon yourself

Seek your own "Truth"

{God} YOu let me down mortals :-(

{God/god} We warned you...

Their will be NOOOOO Im sorry!

Bitches are fucking retarded for that "I am" going to take your pointing finger!

More ideas

Force them "All" to hold there hand up in mid air...

Then slice {ONE} finger off from every single person! with {ONE} hand gesture! 

New Ideas

show up.. don't even strap them down those that get up and try to run will instantly tell me that they knew... Grab them and activate "All" of their pain receptors! 

Any one else want to get up? 

Why they are held in mid air screaming to the top of their lungs! 

{The Evil Genius} Show them Hell Your Evil-ness

My Reign of Terror will Extend Beyond Earth!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.