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March 9, 2011: Dawn of the Unity Wave

Last year large numbers of people gathered in the Conscious Convergence event on July 17-18, 2010, setting an intention to manifest unity consciousness as the Ninth, and highest, of the Mayan waves brings the universe to its highest state of existence. This event served as a base camp for intention setting and ascension towards Unity consciousness; We celebrated in joy in the most varied forms, ranging from the temples of Bali to the Mayan elders in Guatemala and from the Sami in the North to the Bushmen in the Kalahari. We could for the first time ever see our planet emerging as a sacred space encircled by a global medicine wheel.*
We are now approaching the actual beginning of this wave of unity consciousness, which begins on March 9, 2011. This is the ninth wave also known as the Universal Underworld. This wave includes thirteen uaxaclahunkin (18 day) periods that propel a process designed to lead the universe and the human beings to their highest state of consciousness.** The purpose of this article is to provide some additional background to this wave, its initiation date and suggest how the energy of the wave may be used in the most beneficial way. This requires that I again summarize the basic structure of the cosmic time plan as understood from the Mayan calendar.
Many people have in recent years come to know about the existence of the Mayan calendar and its purported end date, but surprisingly, not so many have assimilated what the ancient inscriptions are saying about it. In fact, there is only one known ancient inscription that mentions the calendar end -- Monument 6 from Tortuguero*** describes what will happen when the calendar comes to an end. The current reading of this ancient inscription by professional Mayanists is that we will then “witness the display of Bolon Yokte Ku in his full costume and regalia.” So whatever else you might have heard associated with the end of the Mayan calendar such as a pole shift, the end of the world, a galactic alignment, solar flares, radiation from the center of the galaxy, etc., actually lacks foundation in any ancient Mayan text.
Yet what obviously does have a background in an ancient Mayan inscription is Bolon, the number nine. At first sight, the reading of the Tortuguero Monument may sound cryptic and difficult to understand. There is however a lot of surrounding information about Bolon Yokte Ku that allows us to make sense of this insciption.*** Crucial to understanding is that Bolon Yokte Ku is the Nine-Support, or Nine-Step, entity of “period endings.” Bolon Yokte Ku, in other words, is a name for a cosmic pyramid in nine steps. Through extensive factual verification this pyramid has been shown to symbolize the nine levels of evolution the universe undergoes on its climb to its highest state of consciousness.
Each level of evolution, of Bolon Yokte Ku, the cosmic pyramid, is then developed through a series of thirteen time periods. These range from the hablatun (1.26 billion years) on the bottom level to the uaxaclahunkin of 18 days at the ninth level. This means a twenty times frequency increase and speed-up of time with every single step to a higher level. Soon, as of October 28, 2011, the energies of the nine waves are then all going to manifest fully. This final manifestation, I believe is what the ancient inscription refers to when it says that it will be witnessed how Bolon Yokte Ku will appear in his full regalia. The fruits of the nine waves will then appear in their fullness as these are simultaneously completed. This is no longer confusing if we accept that the ancient peoples of the world, including the Maya, would tend to personalize the cosmic forces describing them as “gods”, while, in the modern world, we would probably only describe this as nine energy waves.
As of March 9, 2011, the ninth and highest wave of the Bolon Yokte Ku will be activated. It seems to me that the purpose of this particular wave of 13 x 18 = 234 days is to cap the entire evolution of the universe that so far has been propelled by the eighth lower waves. From what we know about the changing polarities of consciousness of the nine waves it will do so by providing energies that are conducive to the human beings cocreating unity consciousness.
This is the purpose of the Ninth wave. So let us stop for a moment to contemplate the momentous place in time in which we find ourselves. Life, and especially human life, has evolved to the eighth level. Those that have actually climbed a physical Mayan pyramid, such as the pyramid of the Great Jaguar in Tikal, may be able to relate to the feeling of coming close to the top at the eighth level catching breath for the ascent to the top. We are now then about to start the climb to the ninth and highest level of life. It was to prepare for this momentous opportunity that many participated in the intention setting event of the Conscious Convergence last July. We now can follow the intentions we set at this event and actually manifest through co-creating Unity Consciousness. It is now time for us to follow up, and actually manifest the Unity Consciousness that was the intention of this event. The meaning of the unity wave that is now about to begin is for us to cocreate the appearance of Bolon Yokte Ku in its full splendor, the completion of the cosmic plan and its nine levels of evolution. As March 9, 2011 arrives, we are called to begin co-creating Unity Consciousness; March 9, 2011 is the dawn of the wave of unity.
Thus, the year of 2011 is not scheduled to be just like another year. Very likely this is our last chance to live up to being co-creators with the cosmic plan. As this Gregorian year began, the messages that circulated reflected our heightened ambivalence to the passage of time. On the one hand there were the every year kind of messages like: “Hope you will have a great 2011” or “what do you want to create for yourself in 2011?” as if this would just be like another year. Messages centered on the individual, based on a linear view of time made up from years following one after the other.
On the other hand, around the New Year reports started to come about the “aflockalypse.” Large numbers of fish, birds and animals simply died for no apparent reason. This instead pointed to anything but a linear continuation of time in 2011. The aflockalypse is possibly due to the frequency increase that the nine levels of the Mayan pyramid undergoes combined with the extreme degree to which humans have now pushed the ecology of the planet off balance. If this is true, it would call upon us to adapt to this new frequency and also shift completely from asking for things for ourselves and what we as egos or individuals may want from 2011 to what our egos may do to serve the delivery of the divine plan. The ninth wave of unity would then be calling for a complete shift in our way of being, to manifesting unity consciousness, which is the intended end result of the cosmic plan. If this is to happen, it may also call for extraordinary cosmic energies to fulfill the cosmic plan. In fact, maybe the ninth wave will be a Judgment Day that will save the world.
If there is a twenty-fold increase in frequency with every wave, the Ninth Wave, or Universal Underworld, will have a duration of 13 x 18 = 234 days and would then start March 9, 2011. It will progress through seven days and six intermediate nights, each being a uaxaclahunkin. In Mayan calendar language, this means an 18-day period. The 18-day periods can be subdivided into two nine-day counts (two days off from the classical nine lords of the night count) since they will have both an ascending and a descending phase and in this way we may see more clearly the link to classical Mayan calendrics. If the ninth wave is all about creating harmony from what has evolved previously then our task would be to ask the divine for guidance as to what we would do to arrive at this. If we are asking for global harmony we cannot however simply ask for our egos to guide us. Instead we will from the outset have to ask questions like: “What can I do to serve the cosmic plan?” or “What shall I do to further the manifestation of unity consciousness?” If the days of the ninth wave are the time periods most conducive to generating such unity consciousness then we will have to turn for spiritual guidance from the divine in phase exactly with these days of the Universal Underworld.
The ninth wave here joins the alpha to the omega in that for the first time in history it brings the nine-day count to the forefront of evolution. These will be extraordinary times and it is possible that we here will be confronted with a choice of truth versus tradition. The reason is that if the ninth wave will have the strength that we may expect from the evolution of a new underworld then it will be energetically more powerful and stronger than the traditional tzolkin count of 13 x 20 days. The Ninth level will, in other words, bring in a nine-day count that transcends the tzolkin in power and is more meaningful to follow for those seeking to align themselves with the cosmic plan. Still, of course, the tzolkin will continue to live on as an undercurrent of energies.
The rhythm of the Universal Underworld is then a nine-day climb of increasing intensity starting on March 9, 2011 followed by a descending intensity for the next eighteen (9+9) days until a new descent begins of eighteen (9+9) days. We will then have to learn to ride this wave in order to ultimately climb to the top of the pyramid to be able to witness the appearance of Bolon Yokte Ku in “his” full regalia. Calendars to follow this eighteen (or nine day) count are available in German (can be ordered from christiane biebl, See also and Swedish (, but also on web sites in English and French (
We are calling for everyone to be part of the initiation of this new wave on March 9, 2011. Each of you is welcome to make use of the web site for communicating with others who share the same intentions. I feel it should be clear that it is something fundamentally new that is proposed here. A frequency of evolution, the nine-day count, which previously has only been vaguely discernible, will come to be the chief guiding rhythm. And if you think about it, it would be truly remarkable if the transformation to a new world could be the result of a mere linear continuation of calendars that have been used for centuries.
The call for events or celebrations to initiate the ninth wave on March 9, 2011 only means to point out that this is the beginning date, the initiation of our opportunity to move into unity together. We would also like to encourage you to find means of celebrating and transforming into unity consciousness during times that work for you, such as weekends around the first eighteen day period, as well as holding the intention for the beginning of true unity on March 9, 2011. In fact, the idea is that this process of transformation generating the unity consciousness of the ninth wave should not end. It will continue to October 28, 2011 and beyond.**** There is no single right answer to how this transformation to unity consciousness is to be brought about everywhere. Yet, there are tools available that can be used and further developed by all those who share the common intention of manifesting unity consciousness. Everything starts with an intention and if the intention is aligned with the purpose of the cosmic plan, it will be increasingly bearing fruit.
On March 9, 2011 we will remember the intention of unity consciousness we collectively set at the conscious convergence of July 17-18, 2010 joined by many who are now setting it for the first time. This time it will be our task to actually deliver the unity consciousness by applying our collective creativity to a new arena. Be there, wherever you are in the cosmos, for this final countdown.

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Dear Friends,
I have got so many emails from people asking about February 11, 2011 versus March 9, 2011 that I feel it is necessary to write a special note about this particular issue, where I am largely responsible for the confusion myself. The question is: What is the beginning date of the Ninth wave? To address this I need to backtrack somewhat.
When I started my independent work on the Mayan calendar late in 1993 I already suggested two things that seemed controversial and unorthodox: One was the proposal that there were not only one, but nine waves, (underworlds, supports, levels of evolution, long calendars) of different frequencies of different durations that were creating the universe. A second was the proposal that the end date of the True Long Count is October 28, 2011. Naturally both of those assumptions came under attack by various people who had concocted suggestions as to what would happen on December 21, 2012, without foundation in Mayan texts. I however argued that the use of the Mayan calendar had undergone significant changes over the ages and the only criterion we could apply when it came to finding its true form would be that this actually would explain evolution in all of its aspects and would be useful for making predictions.If it was not reasonable useful for this why take an interest in the Mayan calendar to begin with? Such a criterion of rationality would have to be applied also to the Universal Underworld, which however at the time seemed to be far into the future and thus not completely clear to me.
Regarding the beginning of the ninth wave I thus wrote in my first book in English Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar (Garev 2001): "The short Universal Cycle of 2011, probably totaling 13 x 18 = 234 days, but possibly 260 days..." leaving an opening to the orthodox answer that it would just be another traditional tzolkin count starting February 11, 2011 (which has the added appeal of being an amazing palindrome date (11.02.2011 in international notation)). This quote reflected a vacillation or uncertainty on my own part not certain whether I could introduce a third unorthodoxy such as the return of the nine day count. Before taking such a step I wanted to feel a little more secure that my overall model of nine levels all completing on October 28, 2011 was true (that is to say accurately described the evolution of consciousness and the emerging paradigm shifts). In the Mayan calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co 2004) I place more emphasis on the final 260 day tzolkin round as the duration of the ninth wave (and so did, I think, always Ian Lungold who did so much to spread my work). Nonetheless, also in this book I wrote ("or possibly, if it is one twentieth of the Galactic Underworld, 234 days; I cannot tell yet," page 216). The point here is that there is nothing that has changed, but rather a vacillation on my own part that has now come to an end. In the early nineties, when these notions were first developed, I had a much less certain view of how the Mayan calendar was going to evolve.
February 11, 2011 (1 Imix) thus remains the beginning of a tzolkin round and may for this reason be a cause for celebration for anyone following the traditional Mayan calendar. It is only that on my own part I tend to think that the experience of its inherent rhythm will be broken up by the ninth wave starting March 9, 2011, in which days and nights are each 18 = 9+9 days long. The tzolkin I believe will remain an undercurrent of energies whose power will however come to be superseded by a 18 = 9 + 9 day rhythm. It was Robert Gunn who through a manuscript he had sent me prompted me to lean over to these 234 days as the duration of the Ninth Wave. But generally, you might say that the fact that the two earlier mentioned unorthodoxies have now been verified, or at least given tremendous additional support, gives me the confidence to place the emphasis on the March 9 date as the beginning date of the Ninth wave. What I am referring to here is partly the support from the Tortuguero monument, which in no ambiguous terms states ( that indeed we are up for the simultaneous manifestation of nine waves (and not just one Long Count) and partly the verification of the October 28, 2011 date through my predictions about the Fifth night of the Galactic Underworld in the Mayan calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness. To the latter should be added the arguments that are presented in my interview in three parts on YouTube with Mayanist Mark van Stone ( that December 21, 2012 cannot be the end date of the true Long Count (it is the end date of the Izapan Long Count, which is another matter) and that the ancient Maya who developed this calendar system were not at all interested in solstices (which is more of a thing for the currently dominating northern cultures of our planet).
If you ask me today I would then say that February 11, 2011 is the beginning (1 Imix) of a new tzolkin round of 260 days, but that March 9, 2011 is the beginning of the 234 day long ninth wave or the Universal Underworld. Naturally, some may react to my earlier vacillation with surprise, but the fact is that an explanation to the Mayan calendar is not cut in stone anywhere. Even the Tortuguero monument can only be made sense of with a background of all cosmic evolution in its entirety and when I started my work this monument was not even known. You also have to see such a monument in the right perspective and use your critical faculties in trying to make sense of such an archaic text.
To uncritically just take over a date or concept from the ancient Maya without further verification is much like saying that something is true just because it is written in the Bible. Clearly ancient peoples did see a lot of things we mostly are not able to see and so they may guide us, but in terms of overall factual knowledge the modern world is vastly ahead of the ancient world. Despite this knowledge basis whatever view we endorse regarding the Mayan calendar our models will always involve assumptions and interpretation that will require our best judgment (and putting our own egos aside). In doing so I feel that there are a few rules that we need to follow. One is not to base any aspect of the calendar on a personal (such as your own birthday) or local (such as the solar zenith in Izapa) agenda. Another is that the calendar should be able to describe the evolution of consciousness and the paradigm shifts through which this is expressed. Most importantly we need to follow a model that is process-related that accurately describes the processes that we want to co-create.
Carl Johan Calleman

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