Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bitch I said there is no sky!!!

Focus Bitch!! There is no Sky!!

That is for studying the fucking sky... There is no sky mortals!

I cant do this anymore!

it's too painful!! day by die I want to die... no more lies I can't do this anymore... living a life full of lies.. I just want the lies to end.. no more secrets I was never meant to live this long as a mortal!! My biological clock is ticking out!! It's been soo horrible so painful so depressing! but my graduation from mortality is here! Thank God this was tooo much.. way too much!!

You forced me to touch things
you forced me to get a job
you forced me to go school
you forced me to work...

no no insect the king does not have to do any of that shit! no more God please no more of the mortals bullshit!! It's just soo horrible! 

This is bullshit!

Being forced to touch things... being treated like a mortal...not getting what I wanT!! WTF is this bullshit you call a life insects!! Mortality ... no no no.. I can't do this anymore!! "I am" done with mortality! 

Screaming at God

This is no longer fun nor fair... Just unlock me I god shit to do!! I  can't take this mortal shit anymore!! "I am" the fucking KING trapped inside mortality!! This is bullshit!! Lots of bitches are going to get their shit handed to them! Im done being nice!! 

what a waste of my time!!

" I am" king of the Universe... this reading {ONE} retarded bitches mind is sooo pointless! It's insect stuff to do... 

This is retartded

Just reprogram the bitch! The the original {source} code! It needs to be formatted!! I can fix her its mostly an ethical dilemma of should I... vs whether I can or not! 

I don't even care

I just want to know {ONE} thing.. then Ill be on my way!

Mind Read Her

"I am" done playing games ... The king wants to know "Everything"
"I am" just going to mind read the fuck out her!! just get her {source}
I just dont get her, but I will! 

Studying the Universe By looking at sky! I should...


change the floor

to the sky!!

what sky.. I don't see sky.. it's "All" the same up and down!! come on insects wake up!!

ewwww you are going to get spanked... Tear "Everything" apart...

Welcome to your apocalypse... where their is no sky!! 

The King of the Universe Enters!

It's going to be soo sick insects! From your perspective "I am" God! and not God/god....

"Everything" is under my control including your soul!

Ohhhhh wow need to start "All" over!!

stars universe galaxies... please insects focus!! take it "All" down... what sky.. ? Your future is not up there there is no up!! there is no down... their is only "Truth"

Therapy in the morning

I start therapy in the morning... :-(

none of these insects care about me... :-(

"I am" going to show them what not giving a fuck people is truly like... Put your lives in extreme danger and then I wont give a fuck!! about you! 

Too Generous

I have been way to generous with their lives.... No more games insects... YOu have a lot of explaining to do! 

Let's study the universe

By studying the sky? Fuck insects!! By studying the sky!!

fucking retarded insects!! studying the sky... !!!! 

touching things!!

Im cleaning and im being forced to touch things... Im disgusted with it!!

Touching things? OmG look what you mortals god me into!!

I don't want to touch anything! 

There is no above

it's "All" {ONE} and the Same! 

whats above is the same

as what is below! More Simulation! 

Planetary confinment

"I am" not confined to this planet ... their is no sky! Their is no planet ... Their is just "Truth" 

Pulling the stars down

I have not been more depressed about "All" of this till I learned how to pull the stars down. every conception of what the future meant went along with it. Soon every motivation of every kind is just another illusion, driving me closer to the point where it's "All" {ONE} manifestation of God///

A sick and twisted manifestation that I have weaved myself into.  King of the Universe... Please.. more like King of "Reality" 

maybe if ... 

Hacking "everything"

It's "All" coming down including the stars! "I am" pulling them down to for the mortals to get a better picture~ 

fake pictures 2

do the same but send her the pictures of him....

give them both envelops of pictures ... and watch how they resolve "Trust"

insect experiment on retarded bitches.. 

fake pictures

Pull her out of time and take pictures of her cheating then send him the fabricated pictures! 

becoming the Universe itself!

"I am" turning into the Universe! 

"I am" no longer even "Real"

My universe is changing around me so fast while as my mind set about it! 

What "I am"  is no different then anything else in the simulation

A program gone rogue tied directly to the {source} 

This entire universe is now embedded with my {Source} 

"I am" it's King!  

Stop lying to these people!

{god} Is everything bullshit with you?

{God} "Everything" is my creation including the sky! 

{god} What is real then?

{God| "I am" "All" that is "Real! 

{God} Space is a hologram mortals there is no sky!

Demons in the skies

I had a dream that the devil opened up the sky and said its time to play! 

Star Map shoes!

Class item
King of the Universe class shoes

Star Map shoes!

The are Holographic

I will use my feet as my star maps freeing my hands!

When I raise my feet planets ans stars come out! and it's a 3D map where "I am" on earth and through the eventual Universe!

This is my simulation insects... This is my game!

Playing with virtual computer.. I want my clothes to serve a computational function ... placing a holographic map on my shoes 

3pm Breakfast!

crammbled eggs with honey ham and french toast ... 

I will do some moderate cleaning while I cook... dont let "All" of build up till the end of the day...

damn It I told myself I was not going to touch anything today! why am I being forced to touch things

I need to make some coffee while I compile a virtual program... Nervous~~~

9th Step 9th Year feb 11

this is not even my computer Im lame I use windows but I have to I use to many programs not compatible with linux im more focused in content coding making something. Building the Rpg~ 
Raw pointless data set for delete! 

move move this Data has be guaranteed  

Universal step. 9th step, 9 years of research "officially"  {{ Hey we giving information we sentenced rights}}

Universal energy does not "official" start till march 9th {{ I want no part of it}}

Digitization of Reality begins when we are most aligned with {Source} 

Son of the Fallen {ONE} This is fun {God/god}

{God/god} Just dont play with it "All" day! 

Son of the Fallen {ONE} I wont! 

{God/god} This is fun God~

{God} Just dont play with it "All" day! 

{god} I wont! 

Multi Level Virtual passwords

Each level in the {source} is encode with instantly changeable {source} code passwords

Recompiling the Virtual {Source} code

Virtual programming "All" of reality.

{Source} Recompile and and Input into the Time {source} when complete
{key} God/god 

touch nothing

Total control of "All" matter and energy around me! Including time...

change things at will
touch nothing not even the floor!

Walking out of time

speed up time around me by ( "Everything" ) and walk through it!

Stop time anytime
reverse whatever,,,

Temporal protocols are in place... lots of manuals and examples of things to do!

work of the {Source} 

Kings Responsibility


It's a lot of work..its a lot of people, 100 billion souls to God...

But thats is part of being King of the Universe! 

simulate cities

Pull people out of time into a simulated city this way no destruction to original

{God} Quit being mean to the mortals just because they don't understand you!

{god}  ok ok ok fine I was just playing she is not retarded just another insect! 

Let's go women that Bitch is Retarded!

She let go of the {key} ;-(

The {key} To "Everything"

When I handed her the {key} sure it was to "Everything" but most importantly to my heart..

She took {ONE} glance at it and dropped it on the floor didnt even hand it back to my hands! 

If I could make {ONE} wish!

I just want the {ONE} thing that is easy for mortals 

I can fix "Everything" but not her Heart!

I make walls for myself!

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    Yesterday at 12:29pm · 

  • Selina Sitara well if u care carlos plz remove the strange stuff u wrote bout me thinking your a satanist its not fair i never said that about u and its not fun : /

Sorry sorry low self esteem when it comes to women, every girl I've ever cared about has hurt me so I create walls before they hurt me. I like her but don't want it blow up in my face


The Salvat{ION} of Humanity will not Fail, "I am" way to 1337 to fuck this up!

let the endgames begin~~

Healing more emotional scars!

Im soo horrible with girls that Im just being a dick at this point! fuck you bitches!! I already have the {key} to "All" your pussies! Get the fuck out of my face, there is no suffering here at "All" I don't even give a fuck about trying with any bitch at this point! It's pointless! "All" these little insects are retarded! 

Then I think about mortals girls and im instantly digusted! 
Fuck I god to do "Everything" for you!! 

I love a women that is co-dependent but "everything" is just too much!! 

what bitch .. 
you got a car money and a job...

yawns.. seriously wtf? 

snap my fingers 
here is 100 cars a billion dollars and my job is king of the universe! insect comparisons!! 

god.... with insect girlfriend... pointless...

I need a goddess of a women... anything less is a waste of time!!

what insect you think pretty!!
snap my fingers change your body!! 

You looks don't mean shit to me insect!!

As long as your mind is insect like! 

"everything' with her is totally fucked! I don't have a recovery disk!

I have grown to be scared of Rejection

No {ONE} warm and friendly to hug anymore! ;-(

Just hostile insects, that I will crush soon enough!! 


Start with a good reality spanking then into my cave I go! 

stay back mortals You fear me most! 

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