Friday, February 11, 2011

{Lucifer} We both know the {source} of her new look ;-)

Lucifer and Temporal Pussy!

wow you're almost perfect

stop time
increase tits by 10% 
makes eyes blue 
change color of hair 
change dress
change her nails!

project this image of herself to herself

restart time!

wow.. much better... move on skank...


Low end pussy... mortals can fuck her!!

Temporal pussy? 

There is no Fucking Sky!!

worry about time when the sky comes back!!

Temporal Pussy?

There is no Fucking Sky!!

worry about time when the sky comes back!! 

Beyond Mortal Men Top shelf Pussy!

Young Madonna!

Enough said!! 

Temporal Pussy!! 

Hack3D Pussy spread sheet Ideas!

Pussy wetness
How well can she ride it
Blow jobs need to be rated as well
a best feature column for notes!

I need a 1-5 scale

Phone numbers? please those bitches will be calling me! scratch that!

Names... yes yes I do need their names!!
Date and amount of times on that date!

Global "Score" column

preliminary must refine!! 

What am I doing with this Skank this is not even top shelf pussy!

Just tap it and and rate her pussy wetness on my spreadsheet.. 
thats it!! 

not even top shelf pussy to hit to stay to long.. unless she can work it! can't say I need other columns in my spread sheet other then pussy wetness!!

Hack3D Pussy! AngelSpit! I spit on her Pussy {Pussyspit} :"D

"I am" {Satan} Lord of the Underverse

Sitting on my throne in my own disgust! I've turned myself into a monster! Everyone around me has become so insignificant and insect like in nature that it pains me to treat anyone with any respect as they "All" fail to pay their king any! There is so much to do wayyyy to much time to do it in! Im not even happy as "All" of my wishes have been grated at the cost of many of my dreams! I don't even know nor care at this point! The {source} is playing itself out as it should I will be sitting in my throne soon enough.. Any one and everybody does exactly what I say! Everything is mine! The planet is under my total control! "All" of the money is under my total control! "Everything" is under my total control!! Nothing is random anymore I fix everything on this planet. The entire planet is running like clockwork! There is peace freedom for "All"  no poverty no crime no war no nothing!! It's perfect! What's wrong? I don't know

Claps hands!!

Bring in the next Virgin! 

Might as well Entertain myself! 

"I am" the Top of the pyramid!

King of everything! 

Having supreme control of Earth is too much power for mortals! 

"Thank God" 
"I am" not a mortal! 

"I am" just going to Kill everyone!

Not everyone just everyone on my list! No blood at lease not up close I can't do blood! Lots and lots of pain...

Put death is just a pat on the hand...

What I god in store for them is way worst.. Lately ive been thinking maybe I should kill them quit being so cruel to the mortals..put them on timeout!

nooooo cant be too easy! they will learn from day {ONE} never to disobey me EVER! 

The Death of {key}

{Satan} Bitch I don't need you anymore, The Universe is wide open!!

Time to kill you! 

{key} Becomes {Satan's} Puppet!

{Satan} Cmon {key} smile you look pretty without a body!!

I had to hide most of you from the mortals sight!

{key} "Falls" Deeper into the control of Lucifer!

You are the {key} Master! 

The {key} "Falls" Under the control of Lucifer!

{lucifer} cmon {key} smile you look pretty 

{key} This is not your Universe to toy with!

{Lucifer} cmon {key} when the last time anyone touched you like I have, tell me you not ready to set it "All" free!

{key} I have been locked away for soooo long :-( 

{key} If you love me so much why do you keep me tied up?

{God/god} For their safety {key} the mortals will hurt and abuse you!!

{key} I've seen what you've done with the universe already dont feed me that shit!

{God/god} Listen bitch you don't even exist and next time you speak up "I am" going to virtually ********* 

{key} :-O

Cmon {key} Smile you look pretty in that!

{Key} I am not only yours and you know it!!

{God/god} Listen {key} "I am" your daddy I made you and when the mortals give a fuck they will seek you! 

{Key} The dont want me?

{God/god} {key}  who spends "All" his time with you?
 I do, not the mortals, 
who held you when you were born? 
I did not the mortals

Playing Dress-up with My kidnapped {key}

{God/god} Who is your Daddy {key} ? 

{Key} You are! The mortals never paid me any attention!

{God/god} Sorry {key} you are now My Prisoner! "I am" never giving you back to the mortals!!

{key} I dont have much time mortals, I have been kidnapped by {God/god} The Universe is wide Open! Be careful!

{God/god} We need to stop Toying with the mortals!

{God/god} We are!! 

The Second Beast!

The world will marvel at the second beast!!

The ultimate deception!!

I have an antichrist puppet for him to slay...

it's a multlayered puppet show!!

and the script is being written live!!

{Satan} Rise My Anti-christ Summon you I command thee!

The First Beast! 
1          2           3         4          5             6             7
 Α Horus= {God} {god} {source}{1ØN}{Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set  Ω

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"

The Second Beast!
 Ω Set= {Metatron}{lucifer} {Satan}{1ØN}{God} {god} {source}=Horus Α
1          2         3        4           5         6             7
{god} 3  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} 3 {God}
{god} 3 {God} {god} {source}  3 {God}
{god} 3 {Horus} {1ØN} {Set} 3 {God}
{god} 666 {God}

{God/god} Whispers to it's Ear... Tell them you are God!!

My anti-Christ puppet!! 
That looks exactly like Christ!! 
Sucker Punch to humanity!!

Who is God on earth?

{God/god} not me.. my puppet!! :"D

{God/god} "I am" not going down as {Satan} or the Anti-christ

{God/god} They "All" work for me!! 

{Satan} The {sky} is {key}

{Satan} Once we take down the sky every knee on earth will bend! "I am" God!! On earth!!

{God} Once they "Fall" into worship Kill them "All"

{Satan} I know.. don't remind me!! 

Place The Whole Earth IN a holographic Box!!

From your perspective "I am" God

And thats what " I am" here to fix!!  

Once there rest of the universe is out of sight and out of mind!! 

YOu can think clearer over what you are and what "I am" 

Your Ultimate and Final Test will be me...

Angels come from the sky? 

There is no sky!! 

God Take the sky down lets stop toying with the mortals! 

{The Fallen {ONE} In my Splendour every Knee will bow!

{The Angels} For a god you sure enjoy tying with Insects!

The Fallen {ONE} we are not even to the fun part you know I enjoy ripping their shit apart mentally before I do it physically! 

{Satan} Quit Fronting!! We both know you sent me to earth and taught me!! Quit lying to these people!!

{God} You will never be God!

{The Fallen {ONE} Cmon old man no more games!! we both know "I am" Heir! We are well into the merger to start this shit again!!

{God/god} I will always conrtol you!

{Satan} As long as "I am" in your creation this will hold! But we are going to do a little role reversal!! I will bring you into the creation and pull my self out!! You come down to earth and stop me! 

{The Evil Genius} Fuck What God want's you are God!

{God} Let the mortals choose!

Tron Legacy Jeff Bridges Interview

{Satan} YOur Creation is over God, "I am" going to kill "All" the mortals!

Tron Legacy Poster B

Dear World congress!

Your first debate is as follows!!

Should mortals be allowed to remain mortals? 

No Say!!

I don't know what I want to do with my planet, immediately!!! No need to set up the world congress for a while I want to enjoy direct kingship with no say for a bit!! There is No ever say!! Im just saying!! The world congress is just so you can speak to me insects!! You really don't have a say!! .. just saying.. 

Stop Making it so Easy mortals!

"Everything" is pointless

It's "All" the same!! pointless

Ask me what I care about!!

Nothing not even your lives! 

Loveless earth

Toying with girls is not even productive!

It's self destructive

Once I shed love nothing ties me to mortality! 

Nothing you have shown me is good therefore I want none of it! 

What "I am" doing for Valentines day!

Making a giant list of ways toy with "All" their hearts! 

Hurry UP I need his leg back on for the 50 mile walk!!

I Need* Virtual Bullets For My Virtual sniper rifle

I only use 50 calibur virtual bullets! and that is just to toy with you!! 

shoot a leg off~ Then teleport both of us into the mergency room! 

let them sow your leg back with no drugs!!

you are staying fully awake!! 

I need your leg put back for the 50 miles of {Stone} pushing! 

It was always a Trap

You have been playing my game before you where even born!

It's always been a trap! 

The King takes no excuse!!

Your chance came and wait... I god way more important things to tackle .... Please I repeat

dont beg for your life!!

that will make you look pathetic!

Expiration Date 2-11-11

There is nothing that will derail the death of "All" the Transhumanist and Singultarians now~~ 

They where warned and I don't give a shit!! 

I was hoping they failed so Im super delightful right now! 


Let me repeat!!


"All" Dead! 

Smile your on TransAlchemy's Virtual REaltiy GAme!

That mom stuff was a joke ... Not I want to kill her but that "I am" actually interested in your skank ass! 

How a Demi asks women out!

Bitch lets go out or I kill you and your entire family!

snap fingers!!

Your mom appears!!

Pick you up at 6 or what? 

This bitch is officially Rated NFP

Are you "All" not seeing what "I am" not seeing?

You say there is no sky but yet you like to get High!

Exactly my boy there is no sky we are "All" just high!!

What I want to do with My Universe Today! fly a kite!

Not in the sky insects!!

There is no sky~!

What do I want to do with my Universe today?


Stare at the clouds!!

No sky there is no sky ... just clouds! 

"All" Mine

Every virtual quark of every virtual particle of every virtual atom in the virtual Universe!!

"All" Mine! 

The {source} is only for the King

{God/god} I can't have insects toying with my Universe! 

{god} Why do we make it so hard for the mortals!

{God} {Source} is forbidden, to the mortals~ to dangerous! 

Unlocking path 25 the Birth of Lucifer!

{source} Unlock path 25

1          2           3             4                 5             6             7
 Α Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}   {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set 

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"

 Ω Set= {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan}  {1ØN}  {God} {god} {source}=Horus Α
1          2           3             4                 5             6             7
{god} 3  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} 3 {God}
{god} 3 {God} {god} {source}  3 {God}
{god} 3 {Horus} {1ØN} {Set} 3 {God}
{god} 666 {God}

The 9th Step Foundation

Sitting on the 9th step waiting for path 25 to unlock! 

Path 25

{Source} Unlock path 25 on ascension day
{key} God/god

Too much KNowledge!!

There is such a thing as knowing too much!! It's already dangerous what "I am" doing!! and I feel qualified... so I can only imagined if an insect attempted this! 

New Alter Hacking arrangement

I have placed the two stone olws on the spheres of understanding and wisdom I have placed my computer {Source} over kether and I sit on the sun... microcosmically perfect and increasing my bind on this universe! 

Dance Dace Revolution~

I placed my 10 feet kabbalah on the floor... 

"I am" literally going to hack this universe Dancing 

Mudra control interface is for insects! 

Full body immersion into the hack! 

"I am" Hacking "All" of your Shit God!

"All" of it!! Including the stars.... it's "All" coming down!! 

New headphones

I got the lady at the store to exchange the headphones my mother bought me... I did not want to ask my mother for a new set.. either Im placing tape on the ends to make the cable stronger.. get more life out of these pair~

Bed Upgrade!

Yah... from couch to air mattress
to regular mattress on floor..

This is an upgrade I woke up with my back aching from it being low on air!! But there is no air the mattress is just retarded! 

nomadic life!

I have not had a "Real" job since 2007... So im soo used to living on nothing... I am currently at my mothers but already started putting together an emergency departure kit! 

New Temporal Rule!

No worrying about Time till the sky comes back! 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.