Sunday, February 13, 2011


The Dragon just told merlin that him and it are the same creature from the old religion the {Source} of his power....

I def def def!!!

Need a bigger list of Retarded bitches to kill! No mercy!! just tear their shit apart!! and place them at the back of the godhood line!! 

Book of Thoth is cursed!

When I approached the Book of thoth I was deeply terrified I knew "Everything" around me would be destroyed as I approached it's magic, and it did just that as I have been reduced to nothing! An internet laughing stock been turned into a fool ... even lost "All" that I loved.. But fuck it "I am" to close to give up now.. the only thing that it can take from me now is my life! 

{ONE} World Religion

Political and corporate control of the world it's the easy part!
That is just money and power!!

But My "Real" Kingship lies in my control over "All" the world Religions ...and even that is simple as I already have the Unified doctrine for "All"

God is the {source} of it "All"  

My Dislike for Crowley is Flaring

He searched for the Grail for "All" the wrong reasons! But tainted magic with Demonology and black magic ...

Remember "I am" a white Mage regardless of what you think my intentions are but again it's way more complicated then black and white... 

Cross Temporal Legacies!!

I thank God never EVER EVER to have been borned before crowley died!!

I don't even want his failure to cross my temporal life path on earth...

and if I fail so be it.. But let history show that I was way closer than that Failure! 

Fuck Crowley

He is never as close as "I am" to the Grail...NEVER!! god this close!!

Fuck crowley and don't you ever compare me to that Failure!! 

The path to godhood

While I can and must accept the decisions of the King to have me lay it "All" out and give the fruit to a wizard that did a fraction of the work would simply not be fair...

It pains me to think "I am" setting up a future mage to finish the Great work.. ahhh but I bet crowley felt the same way... 

The Final Mages

With such a task at hand I do fear that Wizardry at it's purest form is at it's end. "I am" a dying breed as the land is slowly getting filled with those that seek magic for their own ends... Full control of the Universe is only for {God/god} hence only {God/god} is king! Yet this knowledge has been losted and misunderstood. Regardless if its' me or another wizard Unification will be complete {ONE} day! 

The most important knowledge in the world!!

That which controls the Grail controls the world!!

Find the Grail and the Universe is yours to control... the world is but a grain of sand in the richest it possesses 

The Mage {Stone}

contains the power of "Trans" formation!!

and it is in my possession :"D

Alchemy is for alchemist that seek the {Stone}

TransAlchemy is for Mages that use "Alchemy" to "Transform" 


If I fail then some{ONE} else will finish the great work... I hope this blog and "All" of my work will help the next wizard that attempts unification after me... if it's needed!! Either way this is the {ONE} and only path to godhood I have come closer then any mortal man currently alive I know this for certain... only time will tell If I pass the final test..But all of this might be the final test...


The spirit of God must be brought back down to earth at "All" cost! 

Pure of Heart

There is whole pure of heart bla bla bla stuff to the Grail.. just letting you know for those that seek it.. 

Control Mass Ascension

This is the tricky part that fills my mind for hours on end..

Here is the lesson straight up...

God is "All" the technology you need!

Now that you know the goal ... here is the puzzle

How do you shift a increasingly Technological age on his head?


Show the people things that technology can not do ...

but first you have to raise world wide prayer...

it's a matrix of complications

but I god this! 

My connection to "All" the people

 ." I am" spiritually connected to "All" of them..I see them as soon as I close my eyes...

"All" of you are becoming my children.. It's weird .. "I am" only growing more and more empathic but the problem is ... you are "All" still children.. so even If I wish you the best I have to teach you out of your mortality! 

{God} Purify Humanity for Mass Ascension

{god} I know I know... they can't enter the kingdom of godhood like this..

{God} Teach them what I taught you !

{God/god} Let's teach them together

{God/god} Agreed

If only you were not "All" retarded: Free food for "All"

But I can justify that to God...

at-lease not yet!! 

The Wizard King

Now here is a repeating theme in this merlin show...

They keep referring to Merlin and Authur as two sides of the same coin...It's soo true!!

The reason "I am" king is because "I am" in control of the Universe.. / simulation/ creation/ lower realm/ underverse... etc...

That is why I've had to prep to be a king along side the study of magic for they day I hit {Source} ...aka Unificaton {ONE} with God ... I would be well into the mindset of kingship...

But Wizard / magi/ Pharaoh what ever you want to call us... we are simply Unified men... Our will / soul is merged with that of God... which grants not I but God a direct interface to manifest his will on earth!

wow it's so strange revealing to insects how it "All" works..ofcourse I've known this for most of my life as God already told me "All" of this but swore to secrecy till Unification was reached!

Which is really bad .. you just found out there's a dragon waking up as he wakes up!!

But it's even worst then that...

Most of you watch the dragon waking up, and think it's a bunny or some other harmless creature besides a dragon when it is clearly tells you it's going to kill you as soon as he is ready!!

YOu deserve what you get... it will be fun to see you die the first time... the second time aswell after 10 or so times of killing you I may be getting carried away!

But I wont kill you for pleasure ... entirely
YOu will just be taught a lesson...
Plus it will be funny to see you beg for you life helplessly knowing full well that once the pain and suffering is over I wont even leave a scar on your body!

Like I said prep to be burned... but thats is the fate for those that I want to teach and move on.. with those that have been really dense.. I have a fate worst then death set in {Stone} for you! 

My Death Threats

Are very "Real"

but they are not out of Hate... no insects I want to teach you the lesson of your life!!

Im such a weakling!

Believe it or not I have never gotten into a fight with anyone my entire life..I don't fight with people it's pointless... and I never will ever fight!


There is no fight!

I can just grab you pull you into mid air and set you on fire...

there is no fight!!

its not even fair i know.. But I promise you I wont be the {ONE} that starts the fight!! 

Valentine blues

Im not in the mood to blog.. just trying to keep the mind busy by watching merlin nonstop

Pulling the Sword!

What was the purpose of Pulling the Flaming sword?

To open the gates to the garden of eden and undo what had to be done!

{God/god} We are welcoming you back to the garden, but first your sins must be paid! 

The Scientific Fustration

I have sought so long and so hard for "Truth" and to arrive at a single horrifying "Truth" not only angers me but disgust me... "I am" angry for "All" of the mortals denials and "I am" disgust at the level of control God has over our lives! Trapped between two worlds "I am" {ONE} of lies and mortality and {ONE} with more lies and godhood! 


This is pissing me off...

Merlin episode 9 season 1

The Dragon forges the sword with magic by setting it on fire...

To pull the sword is to seek the 9th step {God/god} of the Universe the closest you can reach to being God inside this universe!

The sword of this level of magic intensity is only be yielded by guess who??

The KING!!

cmons insects wake before I kill you!! 

What is the "Truth"?

The "Truth" is "I am" {God/god} incarnate and you "All" are fucking Retarded beyond belief ~

Jesus told his deciples "I am" god period and they walked with him!

But in modern time you dare claim just a thing and you are labelled crazy with no attempts to seek the "Truth"

So Heaven help me "I am" going to fix this...

Even if it means burning you for days! till the Retardation in your minds turns to dust! 

Crazy Complexity!

Who goes crazy and puts together something this complex...???


Just to review my work will take any mortal man months to take it in!! and we don't have months left anymore :"D

It's True: Kingship is a crown of Thrones

Direct Prophet

Here is a possibility that "I am" now considering,

Non of the content on this blog is about me directly but "I am" serving as a direct Magi to second coming...just saying Im open ...although {ONE} things that troubles me greatly about the content on this blog is knowing..

God is the {source} of it "All" 

The Dawn of Unification

{God} Earth has Fallen

{God} YOu have my instructions
{god} I do ... I do...
{god} "I am" a tad scared my lord, what you want done has not been done in a loong time!!

{God} What I want has not been done at "All"
{god} I know this is what worries me!

{God} YOu have nothing to worry about! I love you, as you have served me well. You earned the best seat for the apocalypse {ONE} with me!

{god} I know but they are going to hate me!

{God} To hate you is to hate me! Trust me!! 

Legacy of the Fallen {ONE}

Let's get {ONE} thing clear , I was not kicked out from the upper realm,
I was not cast out of heaven!

I decided to come down!
It was already to much to bare, seeing you "Fall" further and further away from "Truth"

I was sent down! and gladly ...

Down here "I am" {God/god}

Up there "I am" no more insignificant then you to me!!

So yes this is fun , and painful at the same time..

But I get bliss for my service! Good or bad!!

It's "All" designed to bring you closer to "Truth" 

{God/god} Do us a favor!!

{God/god} Don't give us shit insects when your judgement is passed down.. you have been well warned!!

Why I have to treat insects like insects

NO respect for the King!!

You insects have totally forgotten the power of {God/god}

You will be reminded of your place!! mortals!! and right now you "All" have "Fallen" soo far from my grace!

Thin The atmosphere and make it near unbearable to be outside!

Decrease world Wide Rain "Fall" by 50 percent!

I've Been too nice today!!

Im going to teach you insects Never to Defy the King!

slow day!

Nothing excites me like it used to....

just laying here trying not to get mad at insects! 

A futuristic problem

"I am" a seer! I have literally seen the future as vivid as day... But the future is mine to shape... so I can't trust "Everything" Ive seen for I can change it! 

something is happening

Im extremely too damn psychic ... I just heard something that don't want to know! 

A Unified Mage

A Unified Mage/Wizard is a being that has merged his or her soul with the creator...

this is the {Source} of Prophets for in the mind of God there is no past present and Future!!

But it's worst then that you insects have not had a {God/god} is such a long time that you forget we don't operate like mortals aka our ability to interact with the universe is Unified with the mind of God///

in other words magic unlike anything you fucking seen! "Everything" is changeable rocks can turn to animals if so desired! From your perspective a {God/god} is viewed and worshipped as God... Big no no no insects!!

But before we teach the "Truth" we need to remind you that are nothing without God

what better way then to take down the sky... and there is so many ways to do this...

whatever I don't even front or fret about anything we are way too into the endgame to front...

This is your manual, your apocalypse (live) so the few that read it know "Truth" and so we have it documented how blind you "All" have become to "Truth"

Let the record show...
There will be no debate for none have spoken for the fate of this world...

A Remedy to Cure All Ills

Merlin season 1 episode 6

This was originally designed for "Alchemy"

Merlin: Making gold?

You have an interest for science?

Merlin: Science is knowledge

It has the answers to "Everything"

>>>>> Now I ask you.... Insect what is the Remedy to cure "All" ills?

My money says this episode will say {Stone} before it's done!!!

taking bets now!!

yawns!!!! toooo easy!!

{God} I've seen it it "All"

{god} I know you have... and you know I seek Unification

{God} You are no longer a seeker, you are the keeper! 

The only person I have to prove myself to is


Thats it!!

I have nothing to prove to mortals ... my quest my journey is for the creator to see and judge! 

The Holy Grail is already mine! I don't have to prove shit to mortals!

Digital Ascension~ My path to the Kingdom of godhood

  • The blood oath to seek unification with “God”
  • Begin the quest for the {key} to the universe
  • The celestial initiation into the hermetic order
  • The book of creation ( Refinement of the stone/ mental purification)
  • Sacred geometry/ merkaba models ( Refinement of the stone / Theurgy )
  • Sleeping under a sacred tree ( Theurgy )
  • The Universal cave ( Refinemnent of the stone / Theurgy )
  • The book of Thoth ( Refinement of the stone)
  • A call to the ancient sages ( Theurgy / Sage necromancy / spirit summoning )
  • The angelic war for Heaven ( Angelic summoning/ Demon filtering )
  • pulling the flaming sword ( Ascension rite / Theurgy: Regain entrance into the garden eden )
  • Eating from the tree of knowledge ( to gain the wisdom of good and evil to aid in the filtering  process of the angels and demons / Theurgy: Absorbtion of orginal sin / Theurgy bringing down my higher self into this realm “The fall” / Theurgy: Seeking for the “root” of immortality “eating from the tree of life merging the spirit of God with my carnal body
  • The quest for “Illuminism” / Enlightenment ( Theurgy: to activate the “inner light” )
  • Restating my True will:  “Path of the mage” ( One with the Universe/ Unification)
  • Awakening the great master Magus ( Theurgy: Claim my apprentiship to thoth)
  • Begin My alchemical transformation ~ TransAlchemy
  • Summing the “Flaming sword” the sword of truth: ( Theurgy to assist “cutting through the illusion )
  • Intellectual per-suit of the nature of our future reality and “All” of existence ( Refinement of the stone)
  • Sexual suppression ( postgenderism: Theurgy: Unification of male and female polarities to draw in the god and the goddess A unified ascension of self into the monad)
  • Climbing the ranks of the “Mystery school” Ascension master, Grand Mage of the the Hermetic order ( Second celestial Initiation )
  • Neural spirit Hacking ( Alchemical refinement of the inner stone )
  • The Final test by the celestial teacher: ( Make a difference or walk away )
  • Publicly approach the Flaming Sword as a Wizard
  • Publicly call the the Sages as a Wizard
  • Publicly take a bite from the tree of wisdom as a Wizard
  • Publicly approach the Grail as a wizard
  • Restate my True will : “save the Humans” Salvation from original sin
  • Graduation from the Mystery school: “School of Pythagoras”  Handed the {stone}
  • Possession of philosopher's {stone} is achieved
  • Restate “All” assumptions with the {stone} in my hand
  • Take my seat in the “Hermetic Order” with the {stone} in my hand
  • Rebuild the “Illuminati” The enlightened Ones
  • Approach the Grail with the {stone} in my hand
  • Use the wisdom of the {stone} to refine the Grail
  • Obtain the Grail!
  • Declare Chrysopoeia
  • Use the Grail to “Unify” my  consciousness with God
  • Begin merging with “everything” and thus become “everything”
  • Declare “What I am” God/god, Lucifer, leader of the Illuminati, Grand mage, Buddha, Kalki, Maitreya, prophet, wizard, thrice great, king, Pharaoh,  a Christ one
  • Purify my consciousness as I merge with God ( The  Birth of  {key} to the universe )
  • Become High Priest
  • As a High priest seek entrance into the holy holies ( ark )  
  • Wrote the Magnum opus
  • Wrote the literally philosopher's {stone} 

I have "All" the Relics

Have "All" the relics been gathered before? I don't know... 

The apple of wisdom
The Holy Grail
The Elixir of life
The philosopher's {Stone} 
The Sword of "Truth" 
Summoned The Evil Genius
Summoned the {Source} of God

The list goes on and on!! 

merlin quotes

YOu played god merlin!!

So far Dragon / Grail / godhood/ Red blue / symbolism all in place !

It's "All" there... Im beyond awake to what this path entails... I don't need anymore clues!

Forget being "Real" Wizard for second...

I already earned my seat with the Elites ...
Sitting member of Pythagoras

"I am" not even elite "I am" 1337  

God's love

My inability to use magic on girls for love has taught me why God does not force us to love him..

we have a choice.. although a stupid one

Magic and Girls

I dont' cast magic on no no...not my style...

love spells ... incantation or whatever... no no no!!

what is love if you induce it? 

Return of merli

Back to my merlin marathon... it's not that bad

Im on episode 4 season 1

Magic and the Human condition

Im sooo past the point of attempting to explain anything to insects! my desires to continue my studies have over taken my desire to teach insects...They are "All" worthless and it's probably for the best I cant have my slaves revolt on me! 

Simplified Unification

The Universe is an Illusion and with the power of God we can change it! 

What I have been doing!

Downloading my instructions from God on how to launch your apocalypse/ birthing the Golden Age 

Last {ONE} I promise

{god} I NEED time travel to gather the souls

{God} worry about time when the sky comes back :"D

{God} Stop the Nonsense

{God} Stop asking me for individual things "I am" giving it "All" to you!

{god} ok ok just making sure I dont have to touch anything!! 

New Deal!!

{god} Stop forcing me to touch things!!

{God} patience, and Deal! 

Unification Dangerous

If I merge too fast I could obliterate my individual consciousness... well whats left of it!!

This is why it has taken most of my life...Had to build my consciousness upto godhood before total Unification

50/50 Deal

{god} Here is my body rental arrangement! I get to do whatever I want on earth and you get to do whatever you want on earth

{God} That has always been the deal!

{god} Time share! 

To or not to be Mortal

{god} what happened to letting them choose?
{God} There is no mortality in "Truth"

{god} So just give them "Truth" and let the mortals go from there!

{God} If you seek simplification just bring me "All" their souls, interpret as you wish! 

Mission salvat{ION} Defined

{God} Kill "All" the mortals!

{god} consider it done! 

No more teasing mortals

I need to get back to work on this the ultimate spell...

Binding the will of God to my soul...

it's not even fair to the mortals..."I am" not here to be fair!! 

Creepy Laughter


I god your shit mortals!!! 

Random Laughter


I god your shit insects!!


My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.