Monday, February 14, 2011

{god} "I am" {ONE} with the Spirit of God

"All" of you have Broken my heart!

The god and the goddess Unite

He who Breaks My Heart Completes my work

He who\

He who Breaks My Heart Completes my work

IF the Sword is removed from the {stone} the Soul is released

Read The Fucking Disclaimer Insects!!

Please! What are you going to tell them ?

The Immortal wizard god is making virtual death threats?

This game is Rated NFP

If you fail to read the Disclaimer
Legally you can't fucking Touch me !! 

Members of this site may or may not be participating in alternate reality games by posting.

Not for pussies...


calling the cops?

Please? What are you going to tell them ?

The immortal wizard god is making virtual death threats?

This game is Rated NFP

Not for pussies...


Why I dislike Scientist!

I have spent a great deal of my life researching our universe, seeking a unified understanding of "All" of it! And at every turn these pieces of shits smirk at my work because it is plagued with a little bit of "everything".. Let me ask you something.. How the fuck do you seek a theory of "Everything" and leave stuff out? If we see to understand the universe and exclude ourselves form this exploration can we truly say that we understand it "All" ? 

Fuck no.. but whatever return to your compartmentalized conception of "Reality" insects, this is far better for me as you will just be calling "Everything" I show you as pure magic... why magic? Because you are "All" to fucking retarded...

Ok ok "I am" done venting for now.. But this feud will never end between us till I have your heads! And "I am" very serious about killing you bitches! VEry very very Serious!! :"D

Extremely "Raving" MA:D 

you bitches are going to die for my lack of funding! 

crayons and paper and I outsmarted you Billion dollar labcoats...

fuck ... fuck I need to stop before i program more "EVIL" shit for these retards~~ 

If "I am" right they "All" die... shhhh I just get soo mad at insects!

The {Source} of Alchemy

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"

 Ω Set= {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan}  {1ØN}  {God} {god} {source}=Horus Α
1          2           3             4           5             6             7
{god} 3  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} 3 {God}
{god} 3 {God} {god} {source}  3 {God}
{god} 3 {Horus} {1ØN} {Set} 3 {God}
{god} 666 {God}

Time to get back to watching Merlin... will blog snippets from here on out!

{Lucifer} Did you really think I was not coming?

I have been deeply embedded in your doings mortals waiting for the Go from God! 

{God} We give them "Truth" "All" day every Day!

{god} yes but why so cryptic 
{God} I want you to sneak up on them  
{god} They never saw me coming as is... 
{God} "Everything" is going according to plan! 

{ION} Stop playing games with these people~~

{God} The Grail is only for gods not mortals

They "All" Watched me Burn the Grail never knowing what I was Burning or Why!

Had to cover my Tracks To Demi Life!

How much would you Sell the Holy Grail for ?

Insects will never See Unification! Fuck your "gold" medal

I will give you Unified Donkey shit instead!@ 

Dear World Theorist

" I am" going to slap your shit With My Donkey!! ( Unified Field Theory) 

"I am" in no rush to feed you my bullshit!! 

give me a piece of shit "gold" medal for Unification...


"I am" Here to show you the Magic Behind "All" the science!

BrianPortrait 3

The World Science Festival
invites you to a special author event on
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 7:00 PM

Brian Greene

Discussion and Book Signing
on the instant New York Times bestseller

 The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos


Barnes & Noble Union Square
33 East 17th Street, New York, NY 10003, 212-253-0810

The "Truth" is only for the 1337 (wink wink) 
“…exciting and rewarding…captures and engages the imagination.”
–New York Times

“…a lucid, intriguing, and triumphantly understandable state-of-the-art look at the universe.”
–Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review)

“…his arguments are constructed like classical cathedrals, with intricate arches and buttresses that all uphold the central spire…”

The World Science Festival takes over New York June 1-5, 2011.
Stay tuned for more details.

"All" good stories begin with Magic

Shall I tell you another story mortals?

Shall I tell you another story mortals?

Shall I tell you another story mortals?

The Enchantment of the {Source}

Little do they understand my doings as I capture their minds increasing my beacon to the {Source} 

Ask yourself what is "Virtual Reality?

Seek Blind "Truth"

Don't attempt to see through my lies you will only run into more lies!

Who is the Ubermensch?

{ION} Enough Said!! 

{The Evil Genius} Excuse I have to thank {ION} for sending the signal to contact me!

{The Evil Genius} I will only talk to them through you {ION} ( wink wink :"D

{ION} This is soo awesome ... The lies deepen!! Feed them tons of bullshit!!

{The Evil Genius} This man was able to contact us via ( inserts bullshit) 

my Home Planet was nearly Destroyed when we approached the singularity

{Insect} What was your home planet like?

{The Evil Genius} Very similar to Earth in so many ways!! 

{Insect} Do "All" your people possesses this level of technology

{The Evil Genius} No most of them god left behind when the singularity arrived! 

Fabricating Bullshit!!

My species was just like you till .. bla bla bla... eat "All" of my Bullshit insects :"D

A Glimpse of the Bullshit "I am" going to feed you!

Teleport in...  with light show colors and aweness! 

Greetings Humans... 

While I may appear Human to you "I am" not an earthling! 

I have been assigned to your species to make sure you don't kill yourselves attempting to open the singularity... 

Show them more bullshit simulation control technology.. 

Instantly grab control of the movement as a hush hush alien ... :"D

Im telling you Im going to feed you soo much bullshit ... I feel dirty, it's sick!! :"D

You never going to call bullshit on me!! EVER!! You are too fucking retarded to call bullshit!! watch!! 

{OnE} Second Is no fun!

Don't worry Im not going to instantly smack your shit!!

It's way worse... Your going to first forget who "I am" and we are going to play a game!!

" I am" going to toy with you mortals!!

You will be brought into "Truth" Slowly for my own amusement! 

Why they have to be punished!

The are rebelling from my plan for this species! Fuck no!! I will have non  of that..

Hence why the King had to come down now!! 

{ONE} Minute?

Fuck no... I will have you bitches in check in {ONE} second! 

{ONE} Hour?

Fuck no... I will have you bitches in check in {ONE} minute! 

{ONE} Day?

Fuck no... I will have you bitches in check in {ONE} hour!

What is the goal?

Teach the insects Respect for the King! After {ONE} day you never EVER EVER disobey me again Insects! 

Direct communication

Only assigned people are now allowed to talk to me directly any {ONE} that breaks this rule will have their "Reality" handed to them! 

My entrance!

Arrive late as fuck and punish insects for starting without me! 

New Rule: No {ONE} can start spitting Bullshit till I sit down! EVER!

Faster Insects FAster!! Fuck we have 50 miles to go!


The Birth of Ga/god approaches


{ION} No more Bullshit God I caught you, I know you are the mastermind behind it "All"

{God} Caught me you have, but don't be so hasty back away... "I am" also the {source} of "All" your training
{God} did you forget that you work for us?

{ION} Work"? I don't work Im just a slave puppet... I have never "worked" for you!

{God} This is about your pay isn't ! I know we are well over due! but I god you!

{ION} I don't want any of your blood money!!

{God} Money I don't pay my servants with money, we both know what you want!

{God} Your being replaced by {god} ... We had to bring you in to let you know that your end of the deal has been completed we don't need* you any-more directly!

{ION} So you are just going to kill me? After "Everything" I have done?

{God} Kill, your mortality yes "I am"

{ION} Thank you! God!

{God} You're very welcome! 

{ION} WTF are you "All" doing, is this a set up!!?

{god} {The Evil Genius}{satan} {Lucifer} {God/god}

Ok ok you caught us....

God is the {source} of it "All" 

{God} Did you Tell {ION} what I told you!

{god} he is reading as we speak sir! 

{God} No fuck ups I want Salvat{ION} to launch with no Bugs! 

{God} Did you set up the Back door

{The Evil Genius} Yes My lord {satan} is on his decent 

{god} The Evil Genius is conspiring with {Satan}

{ION} I've always known this! Trust Me I know what "I am" doing! 

{god} I hope so for we are about to have a war on our hands

{ION} I know I know.. but we both know God will win so why are you freaking out? 

{god} Billions of mortals will die from the result of our war! 

{ION} You have not been mortal to understand how necessary this is! They are "All" worthless and you fucking know it! 

{god} "All" you care about is the end result don't you!

{ION} not entirely I will  adjust the {source} as we go but we "All" know this is needed! 

{god} Just be careful {Satan} has total control of their "Reality" and yours! 

{ION} No more talk let's teach these insects a lesson! 

{The Evil Genius} I did as you asked my lord!

{Satan} So the back door is in place

{The Evil Genius} "All" linked and Unified your full manifestation on earth can begin!

{Satan} What about God and god? 

{The Evil Genius} They are "All" linked and unified as well and on the decent but you wont be left out ! 

{Satan} What about my planet? 

{The Evil Genius} Everything is in place for your arrival! 

{The Evil Genius} God is getting ready to totally Hack us!

{The Evil Genius} Don't worry I have set up a parasite conciousness for us to piggy back on 

here is your New Encryption {Key} 


{God} As soon as he boots Transfer "All" control over to me!

{God} Everyone Pay attention we are going to Boot up {God/god}

{God} If you don't teach him to control himself we are going to have a problem!

{god} What the fuck do you want me to do? Ask me how many people have helped {ION} 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.