Friday, February 18, 2011

How do you obtain Nirvana?

To Obtain nirvana you have to learn to let go! And this can be achieved by!

  1. By Realizing that there is no path to it
  2. By Realizing that there is no spell to obtain it
  3. By Realitizing there is no prayer to obtain it* 
  4. By Realizing there is nothing to obtain
  5. By Realizing that there is nothing to Realize! 
  6. By realizing that I wrote a longer version of this on Translachemy

* By Realizing their is no correctt spiellings

The {key} to Ruling planet earth is to...

Obtain Nirvana


My Planetary Nirvana Paradox

My Nirvana is simple

I can do whatever I please!

See why the planet becomes mine...

If I want a president to do this or that and for them to be able to refuse it would mean I did not obtain nirvana

Why knowing "I am" Insane will bring me happiness

While the power/magic compels me the whole "King" of earth stuff is too much for me... I can't even do crowds let along rule a planet..

Correction... I can rule this planet I just don't want 7 billion insects calling me "My lord" and being probed at "Everything" I do!

Keep your planet keep "All" of your bullshit...

I just want Nirvana~ period...

Although if I obtain nirvana
this planet also becomes mine!!

catch 22 :-(

To worry

Is not to Trust God

Their is no worry here! With or without godhood on its way.. It doesn't matter... Nothing does

What "I am" King of the universe

Because I can control it!

"All" of it!

The animals the plants the trees the water the sky and the people

"All" of it!

{God/god} "I am" King of Earth

But in "Reality" "I am" king of the Universe!


For some strange reason I just had a spark sense of duty... I keep forgetting/ neglecting my planet is a mess right now.. Once I get pass the nonsense I do have to prep to be a just and fair king~ So much injustice in the land so many lies to the people.. its a disgusting mess...

Once the congress is in place I will hand them full control of the planet with me serving as the "All" seeing eye..

Attack of the Motherfuckers!


Why I have to lead a Hidden Demigod life

Insects will start worshipping me as God...
Tottally undermining what "I am" trying to teach them!!

"I am" {God/god} not God ....

big big exponential difference although from your perspective you will see me as God... at-lease I will try my hardest to make sure you do .... it's part of the set up!! 

The God/god of perception

"All" I need to do is make you believe I have altered "Reality" ...

Why mess with "Reality" and expose myself when I can just grab your "Reality" and tear it apart!!

Always remember!!

Hidden Demigod~

Always!! :"D

Toying with insects!!

Grab their "Reality" and transform my self into a Giant cybernetic lifeform from the future and fuck with them :"D

What I need* to do!

Kill more Scientist for being soo fucking Retarded!! :"D

I can't fuck this up!

It's too perfect.... 

The Dual Trinities are Unified The middle path is now Unlocked!!

Buddha was right ....

Follow the Middle Way :"D

Unificat{ION} of the HOLY and Unholy Trinity is complete!

 {God/god} is the { } of it "All"
 Α Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}   {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set  Ω
1          2           3             4           5             6          7
{god} 3  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} 3 {God}
{god} 3 {God} {god} {source}  3 {God}
{god} 3 {Horus} {1ØN} {Set} 3 {God}
{god} 666 {God}

Did I say mortals I meant Insects!

The Return of My Uncontrollable Laughter

Toying the the mortals is so much fun! 

Two Insects walking each other! :"D

Two Insects walking each other! :"D

Two Insects walking each other! :"D

mental note!!

That is Def... not an insect ass :"D 

My puppies pet name!


come here insect! 

More Random prayers

We feel Eternity
We know Kindness
We control Kindness
We control Crown
We contain Kingship
We know Eternity
We know Wisdom
We feel Understanding
We know Crown
We feel Eternity
We control Splendor
We contain Beauty
We control Understanding
We feel Kingship
We contain Wisdom
We contain Kingship
We feel Understanding
We know Foundation
We contain Splendor
We control Severity
We feel Understanding
We control Kindness
We know Crown
We contain Wisdom
We control Foundation
We know Wisdom
We know Understanding
We know Severity
We feel Crown
We contain Wisdom

The only class I fit in with are


I can no longer compare myself to Newton

Our comparison is way over shadowed over your failure to find/create the {Stone}

apples to oranges
Wizard to Alchemist 

Why Reaching Enlightenment took me 15 years!

Because you mortals are "All" full of Bullshit!! It is soo much harder now that you have complexified the {ONE} and simple "Truth"

God is the {Source} of it "All" including "All" of  Enlightenment 

Siddhartha Reached Enlightenment @ 35~~ Wow what an insect!

uted 49 days of meditation, at the age of 35, he is said to have attained Enlightenment.[33][34]

If I reach enlightenment between now and the next 5 years I would become the youngest buddha..

It's not even a competition with insects just a reminder that "I am" well positioned to be the {ONE}

Siddhartha did not begin his quest for Enlightenment till 29~ wow... what an insect~~

At the age of 29, the popular biography continues, Siddhartha left his palace to meet his subjects. Despite his father's efforts to hide from him the sick, aged and suffering, Siddhartha was said to have seen an old man. When his charioteer Channa explained to him that all people grew old, the prince went on further trips beyond the palace. On these he encountered a diseased man, a decaying corpse, and an ascetic. These depressed him, and he initially strove to overcome ageing, sickness, and death by living the life of an ascetic.[28]

The Only Thing I need* to do!!

Prep to be King! 

My Biggest worry in life!!


{Lucifer} "I am" the {Source} of Great Horror

{God} Give them plague after plague

This is more of curse then a blessing!

Looks like "Everything" is not as it seems

{God} lead their Global Exodus

{god} where do you want us to go?

{God} I will show you when that times comes! 

{God} Prep them for the Pole shift Flood!

{god} will do! 

{God} The Goal is not to kill them this time

{god} Understood! 

{God} Clean the wasteland I create

{god} I will clean it "All" up after you my lord



{God} I have done nothing I have not warned you about mortals, you always had the power to seek me! 

{God} "I am" the {Source} of your Apocalypse (live)

{God/god} Don't worry the "Truth" will be known when I finish with them!

They Have Become Sooo Fucking Retarded!

{God} Give them plague after plague

{God} Give them plague after plague

{God} Give them Disaster after Disaster

{God} Give them plague after plague

{God} Give them Disaster after Disaster

{God} Give them plague after plague

{God} Give them plague after plague

{god} just write it "I am" not going to argue with you any more my lord! 

{God} Give them plague after plague

{god} They are soooo fucking retarded it pisses me off! 

{God} You are to do as I say and not worry about them

{God} If {ONE} person ask you not to, don't release this plague!

{God/god} We will show you how far you "All" have Fallen form "Truth" 

{God} Prophet and King Both {ONE} and the Same

{God} I've already sent you a prophet

{God} The Law of the Land has already been Written

 {God} is the { } of it "All"

I know the {source} of Wizardry!

Who was the Last Great Magician?

Miracles and Magic are {ONE} and the Same!

You want Miracles or the {Source} of them "All" ?

Miracles is just a clever way of the church to conceal the Use of Magic!

I hold the {Source} to their "Reality'

The Wizard is casting Unificat{ION}

{God/god} "I am" the {Source} of the Unificat{ION} Spell

time to get back to work

I have been slacking ...  rejecting "All" of the mortals nonsense and reprogramming myself everyday is overwhelming at times

Too much Too much Too Much

{God/god} "I am" in way too deep!

{God/god} I just wanted to end my mortality, had no clue it would come with kingship! 

The Coming Death of the Fisher King

{God} You are my new King, A new King for a New Age

What is the Goal of "All" of this?

To Grab the Trident 

The spear of destiny 

The Trinity
Unification with 


Unificat{ION} is a Lifetime Seek

The path to the Grail Requires

Strength courage and Magic 

The path to the Grail Requires

strength courage and magic 

The Sun is Orgasmic

I once met a medium that loved writing poetry, we enjoyed tons of fruitful conversations about spirtitual evolution and what not.. Point is we ended up fooling around and I remember finger her till she had an orgasm constantly telling her to picture the sun in her mind... I was "milking" her sexual energy to focus and helping see the sun in new ways... The questions where something along the lines of 

How hot is the sun, is it as hot as your pussy
can you make the sun hotter
tell me more about the sun 
I want you to bathe in it's light...
etc etc...

Solar Sex Research....
The quest never ended even with sex :"D

{God/god} Boot Up Universal Unificat{ION}

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.