Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Illuminati will Be only for the 1337 of the elite

They Had their chance to pledge their Allegiance

My first act as King! Execution!

And By Execution I do mean wayyyyyyy worst!!

I need* a Queen not an Insect!

There is {ONE} Insect I do have my eye On!

Entertain me insects ... Boom boom fire fire tornados disasters plagues fun fun fun!

I control this planet like a circus~~ Come {ONE} come "All" and witness my mastery over Insects!

Send word to the king that "Everything" is in motion!

Please talk to the king tell him I need a couple more years of life!

Sir the King said ( secrets secrets secrets )

The king of the Universe is being forced to baby sit a bunch of insects how depressing!

King of the Universe Stuff

Throw planets into singularities 

King of the Universe Stuff

Make stars go nova!!

While "I am" inside of them! 

Cosmic Lord plans

visit A Trillion planets or so

Mass ascension

{god} you were very serious about ascending the mortals

{God} When they are redeemed they may return to the Eden

{god} that is going to take a while

{God} You have eternity!

{god} you know very well I can't wait to get off this planet

{God} Then hurry up :"D

Why I need* a computer

I have a planet to watch over! Planetary control is a sweet combination of "technology" and magic! 

work work work

I need to get back to the "Master" plan! 

I need* to plan my vacation

{God} You are already away on earth :"D

{god} Extremely funnny... no.. my vacation on earth! 

Monetary problem

If we just tell the insects to give us what we want.. then the cashier will get in trouble later...

{The Evil Genius} Sooo?

Noooo..  even leave an investigative trail, stealth...

{The Evil Genius} wow, correct... ok  ok this will do for now... but I rather we don't in the future let the insects try to force us to pay for anything... nonsense utter nonsense! 

{The Evil Genius} Money!!!

{The Evil Genius} Quit being retarded we don't need money... just tell the insects what we want and force them to comply, use suggestion... example...

I need to book a room...

What will be X dollars...

Excuse come again.??

Your room is ready sir...

No money ... no need!! 

My escape plan

Once I can turn things into "gold" I will pawn some and make a run for it...

I need* basic things

A new computer
and a place to stay...

I can't let my self be known till I have full control of it "All" 

{God} Touch nothing!

{God} You don't have to touch anything!

{god} Thank God... 

What is "TransAlchemy" ?

Particleion A Magus Alchemy deals with the "Transformation" of the soul... TransAlchemy is the realization of this "golden" Dream! The Unification of man and God

TRansAlchemy makes it on PCWorld :"D

"I am" Scared

In "All" honesty "I am" scared of leaving mortality behind... It's bad enough living my life as a mortal with the mind of a god but to become fully a Demi- scares me a tad... for many reasons...

I have so few people I can trust or that I wish to keep close to me.
Once it begins I will have to re-adjust my life aid me control my abilities
So much responsibility, after "All" " I am" being set up as a model of "All" man can become.
"I am" scared what I will become once "Everything" sets in...
I am worried that my days to find true love have already came and went as my life is lined with a cloak of mortality to hide the "Real" me

My biggest fear of course is letting God down... If I stay a mortal then surely the old man was not pleased with what I have designed

{God} What we have designed :-)

this and many more things concern me..

Home of the "Free"

America Was designed to be the country I arrive at!

{God/god} "I am" In control of My virtual Universal Interface!

How to prep to be KING~ I need* Futuristic gloves to sell inscets my "I am" from the Future bullshit :"D

The King of the Universe

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"

 Α Horus= {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}   {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} =Set  Ω
1          2           3             4           5             6          7
{god} 3  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} 3 {God}
{god} 3 {God} {god} {source}  3 {God}
{god} 3 {Horus} {1ØN} {Set} 3 {God}
{god} 666 {God}


Easy as Pi

If the goal is salvation then the task is redemption

There is no Salvation without Redemption

Other disciplines are not so desolate, and "each Buddha and Bodhisattwa is a redeemer", assisting the Buddhist in seeking to achieve the redemptive state.[2] The assistance rendered is a form of self-sacrifice on the part of the teachers, who would presumably be able to achieve total detachment from worldly concerns, but have instead chosen to remain engaged in the material world to the degree that this is necessary to assist others in achieving such detachment.[2] In varieties of Buddhism that include ideas of reincarnation, this relationship may be predestined from earlier life-experiences.[2]

Nap Time!


What "I am" doing right now!!

Setting them up!! for the Sucker punch! 

Lets try this {ONE} more time!

No more lies~~ 

First thing to do once I arrive

Slap the shit out of mortals! 

This Game is Rated NFP

I hope Everyone is ready~

A  Horus {God} {god} {source}  {1ØN}{Metatron}{lucifer} {Satan}    Ω Set
1          2           3             4           5             6             7
{god} 3  {Metatron} {lucifer} {Satan} 3 {God}
{god} 3 {God} {god} {source}  3 {God}
{god} 3 {Horus} {1ØN} {Set} 3 {God}
{god} 666 {God}

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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