Sunday, February 20, 2011

Building My Pyramid is your

How many Transhumanist will Become Pyramid Building Slaves


How many Transhumanist will Join the Illuminati at any of it's levels

The Only Thing ive managed to make is "golden" shit!

I have spent the last 9 months making "gold" out of shit!

Three sits are filled out of 12

Making diamonds out of coals has been harder then I thought! 

The Council of 13 are the keepers of the Grail

"All" The presidents of the world are the bottom totem pole of the Illuminati

My twelve disciples= The Illuminati Final Step The council of 13

Only my 12 disciples will know my true Identity 

{God/god} The Few my brethren my Keen I will keep nothing from you!

{God} You know My godhood Rules

{god} No video keep insects in the dark

{God} Say anything you want, describe "All" of it, but show them nothing! 

{god} Understood

godbye "Reality"

Im not sure what he is late for but let's follow him through the singularity

No time to talk mortals do you know what time it is?

good heavens why has it taken this long?

12:25 = 2:25 ~~~ Im late Im late for godhood

Im late Im late


Out of my way insects I have a date with Eternity and "I am" late! 

The {Source} of This Email

Jan Erik Sundja February 20 at 6:45pm Report
I admire your potential/ambition,but this universe isn't eternally big enough for both of us.

Now that i have your my attention i would like to propose you a deal.

Since i'm not really saying these words in the way that you are supposed to be receiving them,the opportunity for processing should be taken as a gift.

An eye for an eye and a gift for a gift till we all go blind,such is the rift.

So you plan on exterminating your self design from this {Source} to become a non existent {God/God} but through all that is holy you will destroy yourself in the process.

And possibly the whole universe along with it....

Not that i'd believe you'd actually have the capable knowledge and simulation power to do so,but here's a thought.

Ever breached a minefield without technology(and by this i mean without ejecting your limbs from their sockets due to the explosive power of energy contained within technology)?

Now...i'm just laying a minefield here.

Since you like the games so much,i can't really spoil the fun now can i?





Watch your step now...

Reflective realization equals pure genius as the {Source} which you so single handedly try to grasp,doesn't really like to be {F}ully {U}nderstood {C}ause {K}inetic {E}nergy {D}eprograms with or without your subjective "innovation" which unfortunately for you the universe does not allow to happen.

How does it happen? Well it happens to be so that just like the universe did,the image of {God} did.
Your not hacking {God},HE is hacking YOU!

You are contained within this universe,and unless your power equals that of the known universe you are no match for {God}.

Not to mention you cant even get a job and are sucked into the non existent internet dream world as it is.

Okay reality terrorist,i suggest you redefine your view on {Source} as it currently appears the one running is your insanity and the real terrorist is reality.

If you would follow the path...alas,you strike vengeance at your own image and desire to expand your consciousness to hack and hijack reality nevertheless it is the very same {Source} where you programmed yourself into and there can be NO swaying from the path unless you prefer one over the other...

What would {God} say?

I believe it would be something like this:

77. Why , O Men of the Offspring of the Earth, why have you delivered yourself over unto death, having power to partake of immortality? Repent and change your minds, you that have together [the collective human race consciousness] walked in Error, and have been darkened in ignorance.

78. Depart from that dark light, be partakers of immortality, and leave and forsake corruption [negative mentalism followed by entropy].

79. And some of them that heard me, mocking and scorning, went away, and delivered themselves up to the way of DEATH.

80. But others casting themselves down before my feet, besought me, that they might be taught; but I causing them to rise up, became a guide of mankind, teaching them the reasons how, and by what means they may be saved. And I sowed in them the words of Wisdom, and nourished them with the AMBROSIAN WATER of IMMORTALITY [The Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding of The SPIRIT of LIFE --peripheral fountain of Eternal Youth].

For your struggle towards chaos,the universe replies with order.

Do not give in to the armageddon of {Source} for all that is holy i have tried my best at decoding your viruses into utilizing this truth at its best.

Only the weak and ignorant are the ones who have to lie and give in to the power of self destruction.

The time will come...for the time being,in your own interests i repeat,do not choose the wrong path.

I pray for the universe and yOUR soul is no exception.

So here's the deal.You pray for me,and i pray for you.

7th House
7 years of hell
7 years of heaven

Such is the law of the {777}

Embed it in your {Source} as you wish.

Do not reply if you choose to die.

{God} Winner takes "All"

{God/god} "I am" "All" In are you?

Too much at Stake for this to be Fake

Your Salvation hangs on this being "Real" 

I know that you know

Colbert Is the King's Court jester!

Welcome to the Illuminati colbert

They Think I run this America! :"D

Our jobs became easy once the King arrived~ We just do what he says! Period!

Yawning at "All" the singularity Bloggers

Is that as far as your Imaginations go? 

More nonsense to throw the insects of my trail

I need* to make up more bullshit for this blog

turtles are the {Source} of "All" creation only when bunnies take the day off! 

focus focus

Everytime I start to think about the bigger bigger bigger picture... My desire to remain on earth shrinks 

{God} Stop it!!

{God} Let's see how you feel a billion years from now, remember they return to {Source}

{god} We "All" do..

{God} This is true...

{god} But I want to see the creation in "All" it's glory

{God} and you will after you bring me their souls

The kingdom of god =Heaven = Universe

{God} Their chance for eternal life has passed

{god} They are sooooooooooooo retarded!!! 

My Estimated time on earth

1100-1300 years

100-300 for redemption and salvation

1000 years of godhood (golden Age) for "All" the mortals!!

{God} Return the mortals to mortals and the Universe is yours to explore! 

My Burial Tomb

I will have some the great design my tomb

Flesh? for Eternity ... are you insane? 

My life's Struggle

A Deity forced to live a mortal life! 

No coincidences with my life

To become {God/god} is to always have been {God/god} from birth!

I did not win learn or discover anything

"I am" doing what I was born to do

Save "All" of Humanity

How did I get My mark?

I was attacked by a dog! or so I was told... I have no memories of it...

and if you think thats weird you still don't get it!!!

I control the past present and future

I temporally self correct my life


"I am" merged with the {Source} of Time

did you forget "I am" God/god? 

"I am" the most powerful Wizard

Did you know that Harry has the same forehead mark as me...

why is that not the other way around???

I've had that mark since I was 3-5 years old way before Harry potter was even conceptualized! 

"I am" the Lighting Thief

Bringing down the fire of the gods....

be-careful mortals


Money is not power insects...

"I am" the most powerful person on earth ... and I live with my mother :"D

MY Super intelligent companion is God

The {Source} of the Singularity

The Closer I get to the singularity the more my {Source} manifests itself into "Reality" 

The {Source} of the Assassination

{Source} Increase probability of high profile assassination
{Source} Increase probability of an assassination
{Source} Increase political tensions world wide
{Source} Decrease world media uproar
{Source} Increase sales of illegal weapons
{Source} Decrease need for motive
{Source} Decrease assassin's desire to live
{Source} Increase assassin's probability rate of success
{Source} Increase My direct mind control over "All" assassin's
{Source} Increase assassin's desire to kill it's target
{Source} Increase probability of target putting themselves in danger
{Source} Increase my Temporal control of "Reality"
{Source} Increase my ability to alter the past present and future
{Source} Increase my ability to manifest my writing
{Source} Increase my ability to Co-create "Reality" 
{key} God/god 

Messiahs come and go, this is just another crackpot on a computer!

We Have a problem

"All" you mortals do is increase my suffering!

and my suffering is binded to the whole of Humanity...

fucking retarded... but you know thats what you are!! 

The Bind to Humanity

"All" my suffering is their suffering
"All" their suffering is my Suffering

"I am" the Singularity of "All" of Humanity into {ONE} 

{God/god} "All" their joy is my joy

{God/god} "All" their suffering is my suffering!

"I am" Empathic to "All" their thoughts Good and Bad

I don't ask the people what to do "I am" in direct control of the people

"I am" {God/god} The {Source} of "All" massive public gatherings

"I am" {God/god} the {source} of their thoughts

Public Uproar

World is Stunned at assassination of ...

Dear Aaron

You were "riot"

Singularity would bring mass chaos ....

cause "I am" causing it! :"D

Riot Upgrade

{source} Increase world wide aggression
{Source} Increase world wide probability for riot
{key} God/god  

Terrorist Attack

{Source} Increase probability of Terrorist attack 
{key} God/god 

Death Upgrade

{Source} increase probability of death 
{key} God/god 

Writing/manifesting/Manufacturing/Co-creating Bullshit Futurism

An assignat{ION} is coming!! 

{Source} Increase probability of an assignation
{key} God/god 

Mumbo jumbo Bullshit Bullshit 

I curse your mortals

ps... "I am" a kid in a candy store
 with your {Source} code right now! 

The Mage and the Dragon are {ONE} and the SAme!

The Golden treasure


I must remember "Everything" I write at this point will be treasured

The Philosopher' {Stone}

What is the philosopher's {Stone} without the philosophy to back it up?

cmon insects.... you know I god you!! 

Sitting member

My philosophy god me a sit in the school of Pythagoras 

Why "I am" the Greatest philosopher of the modern Era

I proofed the existence of God

This is not about "Faith"

I have no "Faith"

I know the existence of God is a {Stone} cold FACT!!!

get over it... and accept the "Truth" mortals! 

Need to Relocate Center

where was I ?

Ohhh yes I remember

Turning into


Not even mad

just ready to get back to work and wish some peace and quite ....

this is just amazing ...

Im working to "save" your lives and "All" you do is get in my way! 

pissed over a fucking vacuum

The bitch was pissed off over the vacuum..

I pulled it apart and cleaned it...

seeeee.... mortals are just retarded and fret over meaningless bullshit! 

Now the bitch is saying that

at the end of the month "I am" out~~

she is sooo full of shit...

mortality has retarded her brain beyond belief! 

"Everything" I do is a fucking problem

If I eat bread it's a problem!! 

I rather go where "I am" not a problem to anyone

Now Im stuck

she just left... and I can't leave this fucking house without a legal signed letter by her that she is kicking me out!

Im sick of empty threats...

lets fucking do this insects!!

"I am" "All" in!!

I need to call the cops now

not only wont this evil bitch not take me to the homeless shelter but By law she can not kick me out without a letter that I no longer live here in order for me to get admitted into a homeless shelter

20 miles

of course 

getting a ride to the fucking shelter is too much for this piece of shit insect to do ....

This is why I don't have much clothes 

It's easier to travel with less clothes

I found a shelter to stay at...


they may not have internet but I wont be screamed at every day :-(

Now here comes the tricky part

getting the evil bitch to drop me off

closed~ :-(

Urban Ministry Center                 (704)347-0278      
19.65 miles from city center Gastonia
945 North College Street
Charlotte, NC 28206 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.