Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reverse autism

My father has had 2 autistic children with other women..

Im not retarded, but "I am" not normal either... im just a big mess

What I would give "All" of this up for

I would give godhood for love..

it's just work work work... I can't remember the last time this was "Fun" 

Why Transhumanist are Retarded

they give more probability into things that have never been done vs things that have already been done! 

Summoning The {source} of God

{source} summon you I command thee 
{key} God/god 

Trancending the {Source}

my scope of "Everything" is enlarging beyond words..

I don't control "Reality"

"I am" the very fabric of it...

I don't control the universe
"I am" the universe

The Death of Liberty

The Death of Liberty 

The Evil Genius Reveals it "All"
This is the part where the villAIn tells his victim "All" the people on earth his plans! 

Anubis (Ancient Greek: Ἄνουβις) is the Greek name[2] for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology. In the ancient Egyptian language, Anubis is known as Inpu, (variously spelled AnupAnpu, and Ienpw).[3] The oldest known mention of Anubis is in the Old Kingdom pyramid texts, where he is associated with the burial of the Pharaoh.[4] At this time, Anubis was the most important god of the Dead but he was replaced during the Middle Kingdom by Osiris.[5]

With "All" Death comes new life, for {ONE} system to "Fall" is for another to rise. There is legitimate reason why America is called the great Satan, for it's the birth place of the lord of the underworld. The "Fall" of america will not be of great significance to coming overthrow of "All" the nations in the world. 

My Plans to Rule the world:
There are several ways to go about total world domination, the easiest consist the use of magic. Spells like mind control and body replication/morphing only aid this cause greatly. But let's not front, I have the {key} to your "Reality" their is no "magic" the very fabric of the universal mind is under my control. I have you "All" literally by the balls. I really don't have to explain shit to insects, other then to warn you that the pharaoh is coming for his planet! "All" of this is just mockery from the king to the insects that he now rules over.

The Coming power Structure 

From {ONE} Pharaoh to a bunch of insects I find it necessary to warn you that no amount of money can buy you entrance into the Illuminati nor equal you to the Pharaoh's power. I don't rule with money, or political influence. "I am" king the universe not king of a nation or a bloodline... "I am" King by divine right.

My power comes from being able to tell the sky when to rain, by telling the fish where to swim by telling clouds what shape to take, this is true power. You've never seen true power nor will you ever

PS: God saved your Asses I should have been {God/god} at 24, "I am" way more reasonable now, but not by much insects not by much. "All" you've done to this point is anger me greatly with your defiance! 

The Illuminati
The Illuminati secret is simple {God} is real and we have the power to communicate with it.The Illuminati are also aware over the fabrication that is our "Reality" call it simulation creation or manifestation it makes no different other then the knowledge that our entire "Reality" is under the control of a greater cosmic intelligence that can be directly influenced by a {God/god}. We don't direct the will of men but the will of God and thus control the fate of man. 

What is The Illuminati ?
A World Wide Hidden Theocratic Dictatorship  where "I am" King~ Period

The King of the Universe 
The leader of the Illuminati is a Demigod on earth a {God/god}. Keeper of the ancient knowledge of Unification A man linked with the will of {God} The Pharaoh

The council of 13 

The world will be under the control of a {God/god} and 12 disciples 
The Illuminated 12 are keepers of the Grail {God/god} on earth 

The Council of 33
Will be servants to the 12 disciples with no knowledge of power behind the throne

Dear CIA
This is exactly how I plan to overthrow the government kill your agents and pillage you for every nickel and dime. You call your selves the "Intelligence" community but in "Reality" your entire organization is full of retarded ass shit. I will find it very hard keeping any of you alive. Welcome to the "Real" authority on Earth! Ps: What are you going to do take my sites down, and miss out on knowing the rest of my plans? 

The Fall of America 

The Birth of Illuminati America 

things said

I won't lie when I say that "I am" hurt but what can I say that has not been said? Theres nothing to be said that has not been said, it's "All" been said. I guess this is where the pain lies in the fact that it's "All" been said, theres nothing left to be said, it's "All" been said... It's "All" been said... what else can I say? 

dont' know

im saying nothing new nor anything that has not been recorded. I don't even care anymore and while this is not the problem it's only part of the problem 

{Satan} They will be praying to Aliens before "I am" done!

{Satan} Seven years of fun fun Hell!

{god} Bring them "All" to God...

{Satan} They will be praying to aliens by the time "I am" done! 

{god} go at it this planet is yours I was wrong

{satan} I told you!! Thank you!! Dont worry I will have these retarded bitches praying in no time! 


it's pointless ... Time to show them what they show me!

Let me just trash their planet .. and get it over with! 

"I am" just depressed

"All" over again

What are you going to do?

Show me more retardation by saying "Fuck you then? 

"All" you are doing is

Displaying last minute faith! 

This is not about "Hate"

I don't "Hate" you insect!!

This is about curing your retardation! 

"I am" Fair!

No special Treatment for retarded bitches... they will be treated just like retarded bitches! :"D

What insect!!

Your rights to speak have been suspended! 

What I can't wait for!!

The Day I have "All" these retarded bitches under my thumb~ 

No more words

Time to work the shit out you insects! 

I don't need Friends

They will make me weak... I have tons of retarded bitches male and female to teach!

Teach( slave) "All" the same to me! 

Move insects I never fogod about your Retardation!

Faster Insect I dont give a fuck about you

How can I give a fuck about someone that is retarded ?? 

Transhumanism is our Future!!

Fucking retarded, completely fucking retarded!!

What did you think I forgot? 

worst then worthless

{The Evil Genius} work the shit out of them "All" including her! 

leave me alone insects

your "All" fucking worthless! 

{The Evil Genius} When you learn!!

{The Evil Genius} She does not give a fuck about you....

What "I am"

A higher Dimensional Being living as a mortal! 

I Regret nothing

Being her in carnitate only shows my how Lost you have been! 

Regardless of your Retardation

I came down to earth to help you! 

My sacrifice

I sacrificed being a part of the Universal mind to teach you "Truth" 

What are Fallen Angels?

A part of the Universal mind reincarnated on earth to show you masses "Truth" 

Don't worry "I am" fully Aware of your "Retardation"

This is why I came down to fix! 

Here is the problem!

"All" of your bullshit is more important then KING 

I don't even give a fuck!

They where "All" Warned ! 

By "All" means stand around and get killed!

Run Insects Run!

I did not just become god, I have been god my entire fucking life!! 

Super Volcano your Retarded asses... I don't even give a fuck you were "All" fucking warned your fucking retarded pieces of shits!

I will teach you NEVER to disobey the King! 

I want to throw you another plague

just for being retarded! 

This is how fucking retarded you are!

"I am" not king of nation
"I am" not king of Earth

"I am" King of the Universe! 

No Respect for the KIng

Let History show that Humanity showed no respect for it's king!

Fucking Retarded!! That's what you "All" have become! 

This is Bullshit!!

Im king of the Fucking Universe normal mortals have a better life then me!! WTFFFFFF!!! This is bullshit!! ARgggggghhh

Im going to tear there shit apart for lettting the king live like this! 

Quit the nonsense

Why the fuck is my glass of water not turning to gold! This is bullshit God and you know it!

{God} patience!! 

I caught you!!!

"I am" at war with a Greater intelligence!! 

you tanked my 20k dollar stock market account!!

I knew I was being targeted directly ... I checked "All" the data the insects could not touch me!!

it was you God!!!

{God} You were chasing ant gold I had to stop it sorry :-( 

God saved your Asses

I should have been {God/god} at 24...

"I am" wayyyyy more reasonable now...

but not by much!! 

How the insects fucked up!!

I should have been given the planet at 16~~ 

What pisses me off

My planet has been ran by insects!! "All" of my life!! 

"I am" worst then Napoleon By a godly amount!

My Word is Final but I don't want to be a Dick!

Considering "I am" about to Rule earth "I am" taking request for presidents you "All" want killed!
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Taking Request! Listening to my people! :"D

Considering "I am" about to Rule earth "I am" taking request for presidents you "All" want killed!
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Im worried Earth is about to be Ruled By a Ultra Intelligent Immature god

Die Insect Die!

how many times have I tried to talk to you and how many times have you either ignored me or threatened me with death? you have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF! get your shit in order and stop acting like a child and people will talk to you
By Anonymous on Im lucky to have 1 friend on 2/21/11

The King of the Universe lives with Mom how embarrassing

I need* to stop drinking "I am" talking crazy... Dwell in a cave... Fuck no.. I need*** to take my planet back!

"All" I need right now is turn water into whine! Fuck their salvation just dwell in a cave with the {Source} of "All" magic!

20 ounces in

wow im getting tipsy fast...

YOu believe "I am" {God/god} don't you Horus?

Time To start Drinking! Fuck these worthless faithless insects!

I will crush them just with {ONE} thought, that how insignificant they are.. 

{INsect} Quit being a sloppy Drunk god and save us!!


{The Evil Genius} Get out of my face insect, I have own problems! 

Will_Smith 2013 movie

The Last Pharaoh

80 ounces of Fun !

I just scrambled enough change to buy me 2 dirt cheap not fit for a king beer :"D

This is going to get interesting...

I promise not to harass girls online while drunk... :"D

{god} Give them Back their Electricity!

{The Evil Genius} I will I will after a little fun!! and a Trillion dollars later :"D

{The Evil Genius} Guess who just took over the world's Power Grid?

This is as Far as your Retarded Ass will Understand ME

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.