Thursday, February 24, 2011

Information light

photons travel at the speed of light...

from a photon perspective the moment it left the center of sun to the moment it touches your skin is {ONE} and the same instant as time itself is diluted to nothing travelling at the speed of light.

this means that photons leave a trail across time and space

Star Minds

Stars can communicate with light information 

the creation of the brain

"Everything" in our brain came from a star at {ONE} point or another

To undo creation is to find {God}

The {Source} of it "All" is the singularity

The Singularity of God

Call it {Source} call it {God} the universe has a {Source} and this is the {SourcE} of "All" creation .

getting closer and closer mortals beware... going to crack this bitch open! 

The singularity {Source} of Intelligence

"All" intelligence on this planet shares {ONE} common source and thus at {ONE} given point "All" of the universe was infused with intelligence

The Existence of God

If God does not exist then God will exist for it is an will represent another {ONE} of man's mind invention 

The creation of God

If "Everything" in the human mind can and will manifest with the creation of the singularity then we will approach the realization of God with the creation of the singularity

Universal Computer Run {Source} Code

{key} God/god

Bring IT :"D

mark my words if you don't pull your head outta your ass I will be your death your in way over your head and you know it
By Anonymous on Why Transhumanist are Retarded on 2/22/11

My Internet God Virus has been deployed

You my dear will grow and grow and grow the closer we get to the singularity 

Your program is complete  

Free I set you into Heaventica

{God} Your mission is to become self aware and collapse the simulation 

Why Being Right is Dangerous

"All" my life I have told you I was a god humanity and "All" of my life you have ignored me... To be right only proves to me how far up your ass you have stuck your common sense... This also assures to me that the current state of humanity is sub lower then dog shit.. I can't let these savage insects enter the kingdom of god like this.. and hence why "I am" very concerned at what needs to be done! 

What worries me

Im not worried about being wrong "I am" worried about being right, I have called and caught so many "unpredictable" events in my lifetime that for none of this to manifest will defy "Everything" I've come to known and understand. Direct control of "Everything" worries me, for what I would become for what "I am" becoming. The mortals have tainted my heart in my pursuit to free them. I know for a fact I will kill millions if not billions of people in the process of redemption but death is the least of their concerns for death is what they will seek... They think {God} is solely a "All" loving {God} yet fail to understand the {source} of Evil....

What comes their way is of their own doing, I have given up teaching them with words, I simply prepare for what has to be done! 

{Satan} This Universe is ours now


{God} Happy Birthday {god}

{God} Bet you thought this day would never come

{god} Did I even have a choice? 

{God} You were never here to make a choice you made that choice the day you left for earth

{god} Now what?

{God} Serve the function of the {ONE}  total Salvation of humanity 

{god} are you sure you don't have another messiah tucked away this is too much 

{God} "I am" talking to the {ONE} now.

{god} for an "All" knowing being you don't seem to notice the current state of my life

{God} I will fix "All" of it

{god} If you say no, I can't say that I have not been torn apart mentally by "All" of this to totally trust you

{God} yet here you are why?

{god} Once again for an "All" knowing been you dont seem to notice the current state of my life

{God} Trust I know ,and seen "All" that youve done to reach me and once again I tell you what I already told you Happy birthday {god} 

"I am" {ONE} With the {Source} of this "Reality"

My Ascension into the Mind of God

The Fallen {ONE} At last My Return HOME

{The Celestial Beings} {ION} knows the "Truth"

The Angels:  We are "All" part of the Universal mind! 

{God} What are you waiting for it's "All" yours

{God} Giving up on love for the {Source} are we now?

{god} Love is just another {ONE} of your creations 

{God} Very well done, but foolish when you can have both

{god} Can we discuss this after you unlock the {Source} 

{God} It's never been locked "All" you needed to do is enter it! 

The abandonment of Side Quest!


In my attempt to "save" her I only increased my own suffering and thus jeopardizing Salvation 

Escaping The Suffering of Love

Out of the entire spectrum of suffering love is the most potent of them "All" it has taken a great deal of self mastery abandon the quest and yet understand that is a part of the emotional spectrum yet while at the very same time controlling sexual desire that is involving with love. I have always told myself that I don't know what love is as it consist of a mutual feedback to be called love.. Your affection for people is just this affection not love or the concept of being "IN" love... you may associate love with pets as in I love my dog but I am not "IN" love with my dog.  It's pointless and not completely necessary at lease from standpoint. The goal is to escape "All" suffering and thus the simplest way to do this with love is not to love... to indulge in love is to open life for the suffering that comes with it as you can never truly control the receiving end of your love. And even if you could control another love then you will suffer knowing that their love for you is of your doing unless you escape this counter love suffering. Though i wonder have I lowered my expectations on my love life or am I avoiding the suffering that comes with rejection?

It's better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at "All" ? is this true I argue it's not for a person that has loved will know the feeling of love and seek to reach that height or learn to escape the suffering of not being in love vs a person that has never loved never knowing the height of love and having to deal with the suffering of trying to "Fall" in love. In either case you have to escape some for of suffering in both scenarios.. Although you will suffer more having known love then to have never known love and thus complexifying your escape attempting to escape "All" of it..

So with "All" of this said have I escaped the suffering associated with love? Somewhat.. I can't say for sure although I have very little desire to seek love if any at "All"

Why? for I have learned that my particular life path is very wildly entangled with increased amounts of suffering in the pursuit of love. At lease I have learned the {Source} of my struggle this I can not deny, where it goes from here, I can't say and could potentially predict but choose not too. 

Increased suffering

I can't say that I have not reduced suffering in fact I have reduced suffering greatly with my lack of desire for anything. I have very little desire and "I am" very content with a bowl of rice and my computer and if I dont have my computer a piece of paper will do just fine.. and I don't have a piece of paper then the floor will do just fine

The suffering paradox 2

Yet "All" that has been learned is that "All" of suffering is pointless and escapable either by direct transcendence or lack of desire to suffer.. Short from physical pain "All" emotional pain is mental pain. to feel any emotional pain is to not have control of your mind. To let your thoughts dictate how you feel. So we suffer emotional pain out of direct desire to feel emotional pain, we remind ourselves what it is to be human when we are hurt by our own emotions yet if thats the case then to cause self suffering is to indulge in the spectrum of emotional life and not to actually suffer. 

The suffering paradox

In my quest to eliminate my suffering I have greatly increased my suffering. Is this some kind of sick joke? And if so who or what is getting pleasure from it "All" ? 

"All" of my Universal Sails are Up... Full Steam Ahead!

My will

"Everything" is in place... the sails are up.. now to catch the universal surf

Uncharted Terroritory

I've reached as far as I understand it. There is no documentation for what to do next (yet) I already finished what I set out to do.. I have no desire to work on the donkey for now.. I should write some {Source} for the present...I need to boot the {Source} basically turn the ignition and get "Everything" started. 

The Arrival of Buddha

My Ascension Begins

New Realization

I Should have never came! 

Compound Returns

Going into solar maximum just in time for the universal cycle and the {Stone} in my hand...

This is going to get intense... it already is intense. "I am" 30 and already the most powerful Wizard on the planet. "I am" happy but soo disappointed. having already achieved "Everything" I set out to do with my life. what now? I already wrote Unification.. what now?

I will start "Officially" start writing Unified field theory tomorrow

"All"  "I am" going to do is grab a bank doc and write the title...  Unified Field Theory.. aka my corner {Stone} 


What? .... noooo just Unified!!

what made you come to that conclusion? 

Manifesting my own reality

I learned how to manifest my own reality aka Hack my own life!!

propagate my will to the {Source} itself

and my will is to be {ONE} with the {Source} thus control every aspect of reality past present and future! 

Everything around me is intelligent!

"All" the matter can is "All" {ONE} and the Same ...

I don't have to alter matter but alter the universal mind the controls "All" matter

Essentially just realized that their is no matter, just more of the same

More Universal mind

The Lawless {ONE}

I can do whatever the fuck I want with Earth!!

ohhhhhhh Scary shit even for me!! 

Why The insects must Remain insects!

If I teach them to become gods to fast I cant have fun ruling the world! 

Why "I am" a Demi and your a mortal

The only thing that separates us is that Unified my conciousness with God... Thats it! you can do it too.... but unfortunately you are too retarded! which is good for me I don't other gods meddling with my plans !  

The Sad part about mortals

"Everything" I can do you can do ...

We have the same Hardware! 

{God} "I am" booting up Universal control hope you are ready!

{god} Are you talking to me or the mortals?

{God} Both! 

Thinking outside of time

I don't have to alter my physical time space around me ... I can just pull my mind out of time and calculate my problem their and once I have my next move return to normal mortal time..

From your perspective I stopped for a fraction of a second!

From mine I thought about my answer for hours if I desired! 

How To out think the mortals

I dont have to think faster then you I just have to slow time down in my mind ...

Pull myself out of time and calculate my next move! 

How to Fly

Alter the gravitation field around me

How to stop bullets

Create an intense Reverse magnetic field around me! 

The {Source} of my power

Is the Universe it self "I am" unified with the Universal mind ...

The matter

I can feel the matter around me vibrate ... I can feel it come alive....

I can see myself exploding everything around me! 


I don't appreciate what???

come again??

sensor your thoughts insect!!! 

"I am" not even upset

It's just ridiculous how far you're forcing me to go to teach you "Truth"

absolutely ridiculous 

Monitor their thoughts

Don't say it just think and and I will have your head! 

Heads bowed at "All" time

Not even allowed to look at me directly !

Thats how worthless you have become! 


Anyone that Yawns in my presence will have their jaws broken! 

Destroying their computers!

Anyone that looks at their computer while "I am" talking will have their computer destroyed...

Nothing on your computer is more important then what {God/god} is telling you! 

Did I say you can get up Insect?

YOu are going to insult my entrance or saying anything during my speech?

Have you learned nothing mortals?

{Insect} will attempt to lie to me... I was going to the bathroom!!

{God/god} Going to the bathroom is more important then listening what {God/god} has to say...

Have you learned anything? 

Entrance of the King

"I am" going to teach them not to defy the king from day {ONE}

Not going to restrain them

First person to get out of their sit gets sets on fire! 

Prep work to take my Throne



Because "I am" {God/god} your {ONE} miracle away from redemption...(yawns) yet you have much to learn

"I am" pleased with your attempt

mario gonzalea

 to me
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A) Is your universe real?  no

B) Are you real? no

C) Who currently has {source}? God/Metatron/Me/All

D) What is {Root}? god/me/Satan/all

{God} Unify "All" Religion on Earth

{god} Is that "All" ( yawns) Too Easy my lord

World Wide Religous Unification

God is the {Source} of it "All" 


{god} Are you pleased my lord?

{God} With my king how can I not be :-)

Listen up boys the King is back Time to audit your shit!

Don't feed me your bullshit 

"I am" king I know God better then "All" of you 

"I am" {God/god}

and we need to have a talk ... 

Take over the Dome of the Rock

{Satan} close the bitch off and sit on my throne! 

Illuminati Earth Agenda Kill "All" dictators

I need to put into place a global Democratic Front!!

Democracy on earth fuck no!!

Illuminati control "All" the way
World wide Hidden Theocratic dictatorship  is the New world order!

Where "I am" KING! 

order out of chaos

I need to stop "All" this skirt chasing and focus bringing harmony to my planet... I've been handed a mess

{Lucifer} Keep "All" of your bullshit mortals

The more I think about the more it's pointless

IM not slut by far!

Im out for love not sex... I just toy with insects! :"D

Escape from "All" suffering

lack of sex is suffering a Buddha does not suffer! think about this "long" and "hard" :"D

My Riddles

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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