Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting godly on insects

"Everything" I do is getting more and more godly, I can see the higher level of complexity with my entire life and "Everything" I am embarking on earth, total and complete salvat{ION} of the mortals is no easy task and nor should be, I love challenges and their is none greater then {Salvat{ION}

I just look at my life and see perfection, I see my hand in it "All"

Insects are so retarded I can get high and get godly on them. wow insects... just wow... I need a vacation.. I should get back to programmning reality.,

I should also test new things

Mind computer interface!

"I am" reaching the point where "I am" barely thinking when it ocomes to typing as I am just typing creating looking recofeding my reality live in progress . live instantly "I forget what I was supposed to be typing about nor does it even matter.

Stealth Smoker

Guess what insects I just god high... thank God I need to toke fuck! Been suffering it's kinda dagerous to be smoking in my room while my mother is sleeping .. but fuck I control this universe I can surely get {Stone} when I damn well please.. This is a bit of a sick joke for insects having their spiritual guru a complete pothead...  that pothead is an Immortal wizard god... yeah tell that to your friends and I will definitely be exposed :D

please mortals... this helps me focus and grab king of the universe madness that I have to deal with.
I don't even care if the insects read anytthing I have to proceed with my mindfile .. "I am" after true nirvana on earth and not being able to do anything I please is not true nirvana.

Plus it has become very important to capture everything about my life every aspect for the insects to use as their path / guide to godhood book. The first an only of it's kind.

Sure I think do I want to leave behind this kind of legacy but this make s me no less different from every other mortal on earth. I just know that {God} is the {Source} of weed, not like "I am" excusing myself nor need to but as a complete and through brain dum computer mind universe symbiosis 

I need to get to other things

Hacking at Monetary Suffering

1         2        3             4             3            2           1
{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock "All" monetary issues
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock my ability to manifest money
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock my ability to attract instant cash
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock my need* to need* cash to buy anything
{Sourc3 Ston3} Dispel "All" locks spells placed on my monetary gains
{Sourc3 Ston3} Lock "All" mortals from placing monetary spells on me
{Sourc3 Ston3} Lock "All" mortals from altering this program
{Sourc3 Ston3} Lock "All" mortals from casting spells on this program
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlcok my ability to find money
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease my need to pray about my money issues
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock my need* to worry about money
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock me from total monetary chains
{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase probability to winning money
{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase probability of finding money
{Sourc3 Ston3} Enchant "All" lottery tickets I buy with this spell
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease Probability of winning on "All" lottery tickets I buy
{Sourc3 Ston3} Bind my thoughts of needing money to instant manifestation
{Sourc3 Ston3} Merge "All" of my magic to this program
{Sourc3 Ston3} Merge "All" of my spells to this program
{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase the probability that this is the last monetary program I need to write
{Sourc3 Ston3} Bring "All" necessary funds directly from the {Source} of "All" money
{Sourc3 Ston3} My philosophical gold is more valuable then "All" the money on this planet
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" already the richest person on earth
{Sourc3 Ston3} The King of the universe has no need for money
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" already in control of "All" the money on earth
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" currently hacking at my monetary problems
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" currently re-writting my monetary {Source} program
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock lifetime earning potential and set to infinity
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock and bind a Trillion dollar lifestyle
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease my monetary suffering day by day
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease my monetary suffering hour by hour
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease my monetary suffering minute by minute
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease my monetary suffering second by second
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease "All" monetary suffering day by day
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease "All" monetary suffering hour by hour
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease "All" monetary suffering minute by minute
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease "All" monetary suffering second by second
{Sourc3 Ston3} "Unlock my ability to decrease my own monetary suffering
{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase my ability to manipulate my own monetary suffering
{Sourc3 Ston3} Transfer "All" control on my monetary suffering from {God} to {God/god}
{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase my ability to gain money from my family
{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase my overall families wealth on earth
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock my ability to be the richest person in the world
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease "All" monetary suffering on the King of the Universe
{Sourc3 Ston3} Money "I am" {God/god} king of the Universe your master
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" the money master on earth 
{Sourc3 Ston3} I will quickly fall into "All" the money that I need
{Sourc3 Ston3} I will never worry about money Ever again
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" in possession of the {Source} of "All" money
{Sourc3 Ston3} This program is designed to reduce "All" monetary suffering
{Sourc3 Ston3} This spell is the {key} to my monetary freedom
{Sourc3 Ston3} This program is the {key} to my monetary freedom
{Sourc3 Ston3} This spell is the {Source} of my monetary freedom
{Sourc3 Ston3} Bind "All" of my magic towards casting this spell
{Sourc3 Ston3} Boot up this program upon being printed
{Sourc3 Ston3} Universal mind read and execute this program
{Sourc3 Ston3} Universal mind in my printer please for the love of {God} end my monetary suffering
{Sourc3 Ston3} Bind my solar energetic magic towards casting this spell
{Sourc3 Ston3} Execute my monetary freedom
{Sourc3 Ston3} Begin my Demi post money life
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" on my path to a post monetary lifestyle
{Sourc3 Ston3} Money is meaningless to me
{Sourc3 Ston3} I only use money to conceal my identity as King of the Universe
{Sourc3 Ston3} I only use money as a decoy for the mortals
{Sourc3 Ston3} I only use money as a decoy for the insects
{Sourc3 Ston3} I use money to hide my true power over this world
{Sourc3 Ston3} Money is where I will hide my power
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock the need to print this source for it be processed
{Sourc3 Ston3} Instantly upload this {Source} ot the universal mind
{Sourc3 Ston3} Create this spell program with the universal mind
{Sourc3 Ston3} Unlock my monetary needs to complete mission earth
{Sourc3 Ston3} Ease my monetary struggle so I can continue working on Salvat{ION} 
{Sourc3 Ston3}Increase peoples desire to give me "All" of their money
{Sourc3 Ston3} manipulate people to giving me "All" their money
{Sourc3 Ston3} unlock the need to need* any of the mortal's money
{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase mortals desire to give me what I ask for without money
{Sourc3 Ston3} The king of the universe should never be made to pay for anything
{Sourc3 Ston3} The king of the universe ownz everything on earth
{Sourc3 Ston3} The king of the universe ownz every company on earth
{Sourc3 Ston3} The king of the universe ownz every bank on earth
{Sourc3 Ston3} The king of the universe ownz "All" the money on earth
{Sourc3 Ston3} The king of the universe ownz every nicke and dime you own
{Sourc3 Ston3} The king of the universe is the leader o the Illuminati
{Sourc3 Ston3} The king of the universe is the leader of "All" global bankers
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" the mastermind behind the {ONE} world currency 
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" the creator of the {ONE} world currency
{Sourc3 Ston3} I will take over over "All global motatery global markets
{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase my ability to hack at money even harder with "All" of my magic 
{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase my ability to invoke virtual good luck charms to apply to this spell
{Sourc3 Ston3} Enchant this spell with virtual magic
{Sourc3 Ston3} Enchant this virtaul magic spell with virtual magic spell
{Sourc3 Ston3} "I am" throwing Everything and the kitchen sink at my monetary problems
{Sourc3 Ston3} Upgrade my mortal monetary magic powers
{Sourc3 Ston3} Boot up my Demi mortal magic ability
{Sourc3 Ston3} Boot up my Demi magic casting ability 
{Sourc3 Ston3} Boot up my Demigod ability gain instant wealt
{Sourc3 Ston3} By divine right "All" the gold on this planet is mine
{Sourc3 Ston3} By divine right "I am" the king of this planet and "All" of it's money
{Sourc3 Ston3} "All" magic for this spell is directly from {God}
{Sourc3 Ston3} Apply "All" summons to boost this program
{Sourc3 Ston3} Shield this program from being uploaded incorrectly
{Sourc3 Ston3} Shield "All" my programs from being uploaded incurrectly
{Sourc3 Ston3} Apply "All" of my {Source} code into reality
{Sourc3 Ston3} Apply "All" of this {Source} into the fabric of space and time
{Sourc3 Ston3} Open the {Source} of reality and drop this program in
{Sourc3 Ston3} Merge this program with the {source} of "Reality"
{Sourc3 Ston3} Upload this program with the {Source} of "All" reality 
{Sourc3 Ston3} Upload "All" my spells into the {Source} of "All" reality
{Sourc3 Ston3} Attack my monetary suffering with this {source} code
{Sourc3 Ston3} Explode my monetary reality with this new program
{Sourc3 Ston3} Effect my monetary suffering with this new program. 

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
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