Saturday, March 12, 2011

This is bullshit !

Being treated like a mortal when "I am" King! Fuck this pisses me off daily! 

IF the king wants to

The king does whatever the fuck he wants! period@

fucking shit insectsQ!! "I am" king what else do you need to know!>>?

Damn it insects

Only the king can do what I want to do!

Fucking shit "I am" king and these insects are pissing me off! 

The {Source} of my frustration

"I am" soo pissed off knowing that "I am" king of the planet and these insects dont listen to me! 

Bratty KIng!

WTF do you mean we have to drive 30 mins to get weed! WTF is this shit mortals! 

Weed servants

I will have servants that feed me weed and if they don't have weed they will be killed! There is no suffering for the KIng .. I know I know its unecessary when I can just instantly grow weed but its the principle of the thing! YOu bitches will be taught to treat a King! this is ridiculous 


fuck we have to drive 30 minutes to get weed! now... Ohhh well "I am" sorry my mind is so godly I get pissed at "All" mortal bullshit! 

My world

In my world not a single mortal can tell me what to do!

There is no higher authority on earth to me other then God! 

We are about to go buy weed!

Thank God...The king gets what he wants always period! 


I don't want to take my shot Till I finish mind controlling to get weed! 

Implanting thoughts

I already have him calling his dealer for weed! 

Mind Control

"I am" mind controlling him right now to buy weed!!!

I want to smoke and and found a direct way to get to this goal! 

Atom control

"I am " in control of every atom in this room even while "I am" buzzed! 

4beer 2 shots in

" I am" taking a second shot now... Still in total control of the Universe! 

The Start of Demi life

Fuck...I have been crying my eyeballs out for years for my mortal life to end.. and no that it's here I don't know what to do! ok insects time for some changes! 

Lifetime Training

I have been trained "All" of my life to be Pharaoh ... :-( 


I just borrowed 5 dollars from a mortal to buy a bigger binder and continue printing out the {Source} code! The binder I have no already makes me the most powerful being on earth but "I am" {God/god} on earth this wont stop till "Everything" is under my direct control 

3 beers in Now taking a shot!

Still in total control of the Universe...  :"D

Helping Japan

I will write some {Source} code to help japan tomorrow..

Even though the insects don't deserve it "I am" still pissed at the insects! 

Global Policy meetings

Once the planet is mine I will have to overhaul "All" global policy! 

work work work... why am I thinking about work now? 

My new york adventure

we are catching Up "I ve been travelling for the last 2 years so theres lots to talk about... My own bag my notebook and my laptop hunting down the {Stone} no matter where it took me! 

Illuminati Member

I just told Recess "I am" king of the planet! And prep to be able to do anything we want on earth...
thats why the Transhumanist are "All" fucking retarded!! They fail to realize no {ONE} on earth has more power or authority for setting global policy then me! 

3 Beers in

Everyone On earth has to take tomorrow off!!

Yes I can do that insects!! 

God's sick joke to insects!

The king can do whatever the fuck he wantSs!
period insects cant do or say shit! 

King Stuff

"I am" king of earth and I don't even take it too seriously~!

Im seriously the good guy

But if insects piss me off and they will I put them on time out! 

Im seriously the good guy

But if insects piss me off and they will I put them on time out! 

2 Beers In

Still rational and no desire to kill retarded insects! 

Im back

Time to slap bitches up and remind them the King is here! :"{D

What is happening to me

I feel buzzed from {ONE} beer... wow "I am" getting weak... :"D

The Rapid ascension

Towards total freedom! .....

Imagine my personality and now remember "I am" King of Earth! :"D

time to grow my Buddha Belly

With some nice cold brews! 

Back the the 0ld days

Time to sit back pop the caps on some brews and smoke a blunt... complete and utter victory!

What insects? you going to say! get out of my face insects! 

The Intellectual King

Did you really think your king was going to be a moderately intelligent man?

Please insects you god nothing on me! 

MY life Philosophy

Cram like an animal till about 30 and then chill doing whatever the fuck I want in the Universe !! :"D 

At a friends house

I have been soo busy with Unification that this is first time I've gotten a chance to visit my amigo... time to drink and speak of my adventures I have missed him so much but I have been very extremely focused on Unification for  the last 2 years that I can finnally rest chill and drink a beer...

The Universe is already mine! :"D

Linked Suffering

The more I suffer the more the world suffers but these retarded insects don't get it! 

"I am" On strike till you pay me!

God you owe me this is bullshit~ Stop toying with me...

{God} Learn to make it grow!!

{god} fuck making it grow... I want to smoke now!! 

This is horrible

I can stand a pussy shortage but a weed shortage,,, this is torture! This is so horrible.. horrible (shakes) my head horrible , how did I let my self get into a weed drought like this.. .omg... somebody please fan me "I am" about to faint! Horrible.. 

Story {Source}

This entire blog is the {Source} code I have to remember that! 

Charging the notebook

"I am" charging in the back yard now .. neighbors.. Don't need the his praticing witchcraft talk here! :"D


It's almost here I can taste it..

The end of mortality! :"D

Happy dance!! :"D

way to much power to be stuck on earth@

This is getting ridiculous I don't even want to be on earth anymore.. But I need to consume "All" of their information before I leave! 

things to do after earth@

Sleep inside a star! 

Temporal Restore Points

I need to create temporal points to restore from incase I do something that needs to be reversed. 

Thought controlled console!

"I am" still going to use the console as a record system to "All" changes to the Universe. Only I will not type them in but rather think them into my computer directly. 

thought controlled land!

I need to be able to look a computer screen and effect the land water mountains! I may will need instant access to the universe / earth / simulation / creation/ ...

More danger is coming and "I am" stuck!

{God} is setting us up.

I need to design something@ 

Quit Trashing the planet

{God} Getting it ready for you to clean up!

{god} but Quit making a bigger mess

{God} Not till you stop me :"D

First thing first

First order of business.. get high... I need* to relax "All" this King of the Universe save the Human ( retarded little insects) stuff is stressful. plus this increase my sneaky sneaky up on your ass POW sucker punch to My targets! What part of "I am" king don't you understand mortals I can do whatever the fuck I want! :"D

Bliss utter complete Bliss! 


1         2        3             4             3            2           1
{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
The Salvat{ION} of Humanity will not fail, The King has Arrived!

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
1         2        3             4             3            2           1

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