Sunday, March 13, 2011


Time to smoke a Blunt!


"I am" God/god the {Source} of "All" Co-creation


Anonymous said...
enjoy it while you got you repulsive little worm you want a Queen? you couldn't even get a crackhead prostitute whore to use you not a woman on this planet who could put up with more than a day of your bullshit thank God your mother tolerates your filthy, disgusting, ungrateful ass you are a stain the earth herself is embarrassed for giving birth to such a complete reject your birth was an embarrassment to existence itself and it would have been better for you had you never been born scum of the fuckin earth
Anonymous said...
now you can go cry like a little girl cause no one likes you or wants to be your friend everyones so mean to the scum of the earth :*( add to me your ineffectual "death" list which probably does nothing but add years to my life you are such a complete POS that your prayers accomplish the opposite effect...those you curse are blessed and those you bless are cursed all your intentions are turned on their head and used against you while the demons who deceive you laugh at your stupidity and crave your agonizing death

Time to smoke a Blunt!


Practicing to be the Anti-christ

Seriously insect don't fuck with me.. that will get you killed! 

10 beers in!

I love my life... rolling up a blunt... awww poor mortals :"D


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{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
The Salvation of Humanity will not Fail
"I am" too 1337 to fuck this up!
{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
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