Friday, March 25, 2011

I can't wait

Till I can slap the shit out of the mortals!


unlock me already... this is insane I cant stand being a mortal

{God} You are not mortal, you just don't have full control of their universe yet..

{god} I know but it's horrible please make it end. 

Daath Elohim

Look I know you have not had a Pharaoh in an extremely long time but now is not the right time to drop the ball on this.. I will fucking kill you , make no mistake I repeat I will kill you! 

Fallen Angel

I know "I am" your first "Fallen" angel, you should be lucky and terrified, I come with an objective and "All" that stand in front of this objective will get their shit torn to bits! 

Away Missions

Did I mention that I hate away missions! This is bullshit... "I am" a higher dimensional being forced to live as a mortal, total complete and utter bullshit!

I don't want to be recalled

It's scary as fuck being pulled out of my body and sent to the {Source} to get my memories downloaded... but fuck "I am" making no progress with the mortals... this assignment is a shit fuck.. 

laying down for night night and

More downloading... I get fed tons of information while I sleep.. I even get recalled for progress reports... Being recalled is scary I have gotten so used to being a mortal that I forget than "I am" not a mortal! 

Fucking with your perception on Reality :"D

Training is tough

This is near hell! to be god... But worth it! :"D


Why do I have this much power, I don't even want it...

{God} it comes with godhood...

{god} But this is way too much power {God} from the mortal perspective yes it is, but you are an insect to me! 

{Source} Lock out!

I need to lock myself out from Destroying Humanity! 

Magic and love

I can use the {source} to induce love but just can't bring myself to do it... she wont know but I would :-9

Sappy movie Trailers

I watch "All" movie trailers to get a feel of what is on the horizon but every time I run across a sappy boy meets girl type movie I instantly move on... I don't even want nor need to think about love

Motherfucker Do I look Retarded to you! I have a PHD in Bullshit!

"All" the mortals are fucking Retarded!

Wake Up women! Can your physics explain this?

I rewrote "All" of it... and I want to teach you! 

What she fails to understand is

"I am" King of the universe, ruling her planet is shit to me! 

Damn it I don't mean her any harm

But fuck she is so faithless. If she had true faithless you would quit "All" of her bullshit and help me take this planet. I would pay her in billions.. at lease.. they are "All" retarded! 

Operation beer Sneak

A success... I god my beer in the house... now I have to pace my self and don't let my self smell like a drunk skunk ! 

64 ounces of Bubbly programming fun

I used the left over change of my supply run to get me some booze

Time to get godly on the insects drunk style! 

Sneaking Beer in the house

I just figured out how to sneak in beer into my house
I placed it in the flower pot outside my window.. so "All" I have to do now is wait till my mother lays down before I open my window and get my beer :"D

Hell on earth!

YOu know it's coming and now you know why!! 

Self Reflections

Damn I have their {Source} code, I just think it's horrible what I have done... but it's been done, "I am" just glad not to be on the other side of {Source} ... I would hate to be a mortal with a new {God/god} on earth that every {ONE} ignores... it's going to be horrible... 

The Lair

I have a lair now to work... 

The Evil Genius: I told you she is fucking worthless


{ION} I was hoping she wasn't but she shows it with her actions, the salvat{ION} 
of humanity means nothing to her either! 

{The Evil Genius} You can still fuck her if you want! I will deliver her pussy on a platter for you my lord

{ION} Fuck that bitch in the grand pussy spectrum on this planet she is nothing! 

{The Evil Genius} Can I toy with her life now? 

{ION} You god tons of retarded pieces of shit to play with deal with them first...

{The Evil Genius} I know I know But I want more  {souls} to play with , bring me more souls.. 

{ION} once you kill {ONE} or more I will begin the feeding frenzy deal?

{The Evil Genius} DEAL 

{The Evil Genius} I know your hoping the bitch will come around but she wont she is as retarded as the rest a blind sheep into a donkey pile of shit of a future... 

{ION} just do what I asked and let me take care of her my own way.. 

{God} They will want to kill you

{god} I know it's horrible!!

{God} Not this time, "I am" tired of their nonsense as well..

{god} I can only begin to understand your suffering with this species...

{God} In the grand scheme of things they are nothing, "I am" getting ready to start over on this planet

{god} I know you are, but let me save them...

{God} If you wish :-) 

This is Hell

{God} You said you wanted to save them, and you gave me your word you would write Unification

{god} I did, I do but wow what did I get myself into

{God} godhood, what did you expect... they killed their last {God/god} 

The moral High Ground

Dont you mortals dare tell me you more moral then me... I will have head on a platter for thinking it or saying it! Fucking worthless retarded pieces of shits! 

I even Have to kill Ben

He wont quit his bullshit till I alter his {Source} code!

Yet I know once I kill him and bring him back then he will not defy nor doubt the {Source} of {God/god}

call it your death and rebirth ritual into the Illuminati
I wish there was a nicer approach but considering that "I am" suffering to save you retarded ass you left me no choice! 

Why am I keeping her safe?

To make sure I can fuck her before I kill her! 

What was I thinking!

The bitch is worthless.. wow, seriously fucked up there. Just going to nut in her face and then dispose of her retarded ass! 

What kills me

That wortless bitch can't even help {God/god} either... "I am" going to rip her shit apart! 

Printing the property gods first

Hopefully Ink will never be a problem ever again. I will write the opus in my own blood before I ask the mortals to help ever again! 

Saving Ink

Drop down the print quality to get the most out of this one cartridge 


I have an office now... I can work on the {Source} code way more professionally now.. I can't wait till I can just control "Everything" with pure thought... But I made it this far just getting antzy to take my throne on earth. cant wait to slap the shit out of mortals. Mortals wow... you god no clue what's coming! 

Bina Aspen Rothblatt

1         2        3             4             3            2           1
{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
{Sourc3 Ston3} Bind James Bina Aspen Rothblatt soul to this spell
{Sourc3 Ston3} Transfer control of James Bina Aspen Rothblatt soul from {God} to {God/god}
{Sourc3 Ston3} Lock james Bina Aspen Rothblatt from retaining control of his soul
{Sourc3 Ston3} Lock "All" mortals out from altering this spell 

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
1         2        3             4             3            2           1

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