Sunday, April 3, 2011


Being way more fused increase my mental balance! very very chill even though the mortals are still on my bad side! 

Finally Unification time!

I have been dying to get back to work! wasting time with mortal nonsense! 

I regret nothing!

not taking anything down I don't fear insects! 

I wish I had weed :-(

This sobriety streak sux! Damn you Unification!

{God} When you learn to grow weed instantly you can smoke "All" you want!

{god} But that means more studying/writing :-(

{God} :-)

Planting flowers with my mother

Damn it mother I have seed's of my own to plant online... but I guess the actualization of my virtualization will only help my seeds sprout 

Get Your Retarded Ass outside! "I am" going to work the shit out of you too!

 Egyptian Princess

No Mercy

"I am" going to work the Retardation out of them! Make them sweat out every last drop of it! 

working around the house

i want to get back to Unification :-(

The easiest way to deceive the mortals

Tell them the "Truth" 

{Mother} What are you doing that is so damn important

Screaming at her in my mind!

writing unification the conciousness bridge for the mortals to become {ONE} with {God} aka saving the entire human race from my computer...

... nothing mother... nothing

shakes head at my mother!!

Mother: Do you want a tv in your room!

{son} Do I look like I want a tv in my room... dang!! just let me work here~ 

Faster Insects Faster!!

... We still have a godly amount of miles left to go 

Don't forget

{God} you are the king of this planet!

{god} Please don't remind me I feel ashamed presenting you this planet!

{God} Fix it then...

{god} I will! 

{God} Don't hold Back

{God} Throw "Everything" at them...

{god} we have too, they have become completely retarded!

{God} I know :-(

you owe me old man

{God} I already gave you the key what else do you want..

{god} To get off this planet...

{God} Bring me their souls and we have a deal..

{god} fine!!

Don't storm the castle

{God} That is not the goal here!

{god} I know I know... feed the mortals bullshit "All" through their apocalypse ~

{God} Exactly , collapse their little society after they proclaim themselves gods

{god} I know

"I am" ready when you are

{God} "I am" ready when you are..

{god} "I am" ready when you are :-)

{God} "I am" ready when you are..

"I am" having a great day

Only because I have placed my King duties to the back of my mind... The thought of having to start "All" over with the mortals is daunting just to thinking about it like I just did.. :-(

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