Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you forgetting Some{ONE}?

{The Evil Genius} Don't you forget I god us here!
{ION} It was a unified effort
{The Evil Genius} fuck no insect! I set the whole temporal plan into motion
{ION} Does it matter we are {ONE} and Daath Same!
{The Evil Genius} it does for me! :"D
{ION} I don't get it why does it matter if we both get to bask in bliss
{The Evil Genius} Bask in bliss my ass I have a planet to Rule! Did we forget our deal?
{ION} you are really bent on ruling earth arent you?
{The Evil Genius} " I am" King by default insect Fuck yes "I am" going to rule my own planet!
{ION} Your plans for a theocratic global dictatorship is not in the best interest of "All" the mortals on this planet!
{The Evil Genius} Are you turning against us?
{ION} "I am" just saying just saying!
{The Evil Genius} I was just waking you up from your "I am" {ONE} with {God} love fest.. I designed unification so we can rule this planet! Don't forget it!
{ION} This whole "I am" King stuff is rather scary!
{The Evil Genius} Unification by default means "I am" king! and you know it!
{ION} but you don't have to rule the planet!
{The Evil Genius} Your right I have been thinking small "I am" king of the Universe after "All"
{ION} ohhh God... here we go... 

taking a break from Unification

I download movies to give my mind something else to do... I wish / need a gaming system to help pull me away... too much too fast makes my brain want to explode but I don't have anything else to do..

My Riddles

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