Saturday, May 7, 2011

I feel like a jackass

I can't change the past and I can barely change the present but I will make sure that I have full control of Daath Future! 


I just heard something I don't want to type! 

Mindless blogging

Has it turned to madness or have always been mad? I just as though if I continue to work I will get closer to {God} ....

"I am" a {God} aholic at this point ... I know... way worst then the jesus freaks :"D

I don't smoke crack!

wtf insect? I heard you! 

Shhhhhhh "I am" Hunting Mortals

Don't move Insect 
I god you now :"D


It's already been done... ( this scares me)

I can't even derail history!

yes and no
when I weight temporal control vs being able to collapse the universe
Even splitting the universe into "All" the possibilities seems theoretically possible.
Shoot here is the problem "Everything" is now possible.

a pool of anything being possible is siring 

Time for Some Mortal Kombat

Let's start "All" over! 

Slowly Climbing the Magical ranks

{God} You know what the battlefield looks like you know what needs to be done

The Fallen {ONE} "Everything" is understood Sir! 

Training Online to Become a Virtual god

Even virtual Training is Mentally tuff....

{God} Stop talking insect!

Virtual Zen

If I center my avatar I center myself 

Focusing My Attention and Power

"I am" very intoxicated but I still want to run more Universe manipulation.

"I am" a magical whore, 
I just want to practice every second of every day in "All" states of mind! 

Booting Up Kingship

{God} It's been a while since I had a king
{god} do you understand how wild this is for me!
{God} yet your'e here...?
{god} It's important on so many levels...
{God} I know!

people are calling for rain

Universe Execute Rain


slowing down beer consumption

switching over to Caffeine sodas
Executing Munchies~  :"D

Totally Functional Drunk :-)

Uncharted Terroritory

"I am" already Unified therefore "I am" exploring what few have even wrote about. Which is sad? This is how many Immortals have come out of earth {God}

{God} The gates are empty!
{god} wow ... this is mind staggering for me! 

Who is the most powerful blogger on earth and why?

Think about this really hard insects!! 

Enchant My Blood with Regeneration

Daath  Holy Immortal Blood

why I bash my own shit!

I don't want a cult
I want "Truth" 

james bond BBQ smoking

This weed inhaler is the shit!! I sneak over to the computer take a toke and back out the party I return...

wow we have been here all morning/day... as expected...

I have been staying away from the hard liquor ... I always remain functional.. plus this is an :All"; day thing...

wow theres wifi out here...

No sentence/ thought structure just pure documentation :"D

At work

Did I mention "I am" at work... getting twisted!! :"D

Micro Managing My Own Hack3D Life!

I need to shift from accepting what {God} has layed and out shift Daath realization that "I am" {God/god} and the future/present/past is always open for manipulation. 

Controlling the Universe

I know I talk about controlling things that mortals don't attempt to control but that's because this what the Wizardry Craft is about.

What am I doing?
Teaching insects? why?? this has to be a build in desire or traight... every waken second "I am" teaching insects/mortals :"D

State of mind
tipsy/tad high
Emotional State: Happy / playful

Wind just started to pick up... I need to hold the rain back..

This is something I have been noticing a manifest everything I think ... thats need more explanation

bringing in the clouds

Still in control of the weather ..

The day has progressed from pure sun
to cloudy with a chance of rain as I wanted ...I don't want it to rain on us I just want to be able to shut this motherfucker down when I run out of beer and weed :"D


I almost caught myself writing an iMAGINARY email  

Daath Grail Curse

While "I am" honor to bestoy Daath Grail, it is also a burden unlike no other. 

Daath Worst is over

Mentally I feel great...
Download complete....
I need to begin *********** protocol 

unified Upgrade

Do I regret anything?

"I am" Unification driven what do you think?

Placing the godhood breaks on!

{god} Too fast {God} too fast I need a life!
{God} "I am" life :"D

Suffering Reduction

I have been so worried/upset  for the insects it was stressing me out. 

I feel so horrible!

I feel like a monster for "All" that I've done to my insects! Yet I havent done shit to them! :"D

Hacking my own life journal: The BBQ

 There is no {ONE} here and I am /working... good thing I can get back to some "Real" work! 

tow truck

Sonny made arrangements for a tow truck

Time to go Wash the car

This reminds me to grab the weather control... I don't want to make it rain I just want to keep it there in case I do. Emergency bail out tool... Yes "I am" talking about making it rain at will... cmon insects this is not even magical to me yet... "I am" after the big boy stuff not making it rain :"D

Approaching my Demi Life

 I've just started to lay down my first crawl, "I am" approaching "everything" from within a new mind. I just god upgraded. Deeply booted. 

Living in Daze

My "All" time favourite movie is "Fear and loathing in las vegas" yes part of it is the drug culture but the other part of it is the sense of adventure. Life is an adventure I just have a complicated class system. Wizardry is an honor but also a burden. 

Hacking my own life Journal : The ReCARnaissance Mission

Sonny needs me to get a {Key} made for his chevy, therfore "I am" staying here at the house waiting for a locksmith.

New Mission Need to wash sonny's car...
Sonny is his late 50s So he can use an assistant as well.
His beyond cool ... It's like Im just chilling with him and at the same time working.

Demi Journal

"I am" no longer "Mad" at the insects
I just try not to communicate with insects!

Insects can't help being Insects 


The Salvat{ION} of Humanity will not fail "I am" way too 1337 to fuck it up :-(

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.