Friday, May 13, 2011

They Are "All" against you

{The Evil Genius} Don't think for a second she is not happy to see you in trouble
{ION} she would never?
{The Evil Genius} "All" the insects are against you. 
{ION} I know, but not her tooooo :-(
{The Evil Genius} You can't trust any body and you know it! 

{ION} This is true :-( 

"I am" Done Teaching Insects

After "All" how can I have any desire to help insects ...

"I am" going to disappear of the face of the earth! 

Dear Love

It's only a matter of time before you turn on me too. 

virtual advice

My virtual Imaginary lawyer suggest I don't make any comments about the claimant!

falling asleep

I took a nap....

Attempting to understand how this Vr simulation spilled into the "Real" world...

it's still a messs... but I needed a clear mind to hack at this! 

Reviewing my virtual rights?

Stay back insects "I am" talking to my virtual lawyer right now! 


"Everything" is now documentation!

"Everything" I write is subject to investigation!

ok now what? 

The only thing that is important

I told my love goodbye :-(

The Philosophical Riddle has been Solved By the FBI

The Philosophical Countdown!

 If someone calls in a bomb threat and you find explosives (blog post) regardless of whether its real or not what is the best course of action?

A) Determine the probablity of the threat is fake and do nothing?
B) Determine the probablity of the threat is real and do nothing?
C) Determine that if the clock ticks down and nothing happens the threat was fake?
D) Determine that if the clock ticks down and something happens the threat is real! (you die!)
E) Waste time attempting to determine if the threat is real or fake?
F) Ignore bomb threat entirely ?
G) Diffuse bomb regardless whether it's real or fake?

Welcome to extreme philosophy where only the high rollers bet! And "I am" All in! So if you call yourself a philosopher yet sit on side lines that's the same as saying I pitch for the Yankees but sit on the bench! Yes "I am" calling you "All" out! bring it...

USA Terrorist Watch list

As predicted from this social experiment I knew it was only a matter of time before FBI showed up at my house!

Wow the FBI solved the philsophical timebomb

FBI {Key}

The FBI showed up at my mothers house with pages of {key} printed out...

this is cool but not really...

My game now has Drama and suspense... although "I am" a bit worried over the insects inability to know "Truth" 

Booting Up evasive manoeuvres

Keep your eye on the ball guys

FBI: Goal

Wizard Goal:
Save the humans :"D

Evil Genius Getaway

Time for my blogging reign of terror to be suspended I need to make a magical gateway! :"D

Virtual Hostages

Dear Fbi:

What about my virtual hostages? 

YOu know the one's that are imaginary and heavily magically binded to death?

Do you guys report to virtual hostages situations too? 

"Everything" is Legit!

Dear Agents

"Everything" on this site is legit including my ability to control the universe and stop time!

if you want to prosecute you have to take "Everything" into consideration...

FBI Hack

Dear {God} this is "All" your fucking fault, I never signed up for any of this... 

ohhh wow this is not helping I should like a Muslim extremists !

In that case
Warning This is a virtual reality game... and in no shape or form "Real"

Dear "Allah" this is "All" your fucking fault, I never signed up for any of this....

computer end game!!

Dear Fbi...

If you want to prosecute me then you have to do it with the contents of this entire site. and you know very well that taken as {ONE} complete body of work... "Everything" "I am" saying is legit!  

Fuck Insects~

I don't have time for this shiT~ 

"Everything" I say can be held against me right now!

no matter how much virtual time I serve this virtual reality game will live on...

Pussy and Danger

Must not let the Danger get in the way of my Pussy hunting expedition...

Sssshhhhhh  "I am" hunting pussy! :"D

Damn it carlos take this seriously 

The Risk of Teaching!

My virtual Lawyer suggest that I close "All" my sites down! 

{God} Just tell them "Everything"

{god} ask me anything I wont lie! 

Carlos' is a Simulation Terrorist

He even knows we are coming after him (live)

{God} I hope you enjoy the Agents

{god} I always know your'e the {Source} of it "All" 

This is no longer funny Universe!

{God} Hack your way out of this ...

{god} I know ! I know! 

Defusing The Threat with Magic!

Universe Decrease "All" threat with Magic

Crosses fingers :"D

When "All" else fails Use Magic ... 

Flushing the Virtual Weed

This is not a drill folks ... 
This is not a drill! 

Shredding My the Virtual Evidence (live)

They might have my physical files but my virtual files are getting shredded (live) 


will not fail, even though the insects hate me :-(

FBI is probably going through my room right now! 

vacation spoiled?

Focus on the girls....

is this a crime?

Like I said I want to find me a great girl and leave this thug blogging life! 

How they got my address

I gave it out... I knew it was only a matter of time... my judas :"D

Unified Crime

This is not the first time cops show up at my house over unification... this is no different then being put in jail for saying the world is round... "All" "I am" saying is this entire universe is a manifestation of a greater mind! 

Extreme philosophy

Yes I made virtual threats but they where communicated as virtual .... If we live in a simulation the dragon will manifest if we don't then we will virtualize the dragon. In either case the very same people that taught me the simulation hypothesis are the one's trying to prosecute me for using it as a means to determine if we live in a simulation or not!

Isn't that ironic?

Retreat The Gi-joes are coming Cobra command is in Danger

Seeking Virtual Consultation from my Imaginary Lawyer

My Virtual Lawyer advice!
Tell them Daath "Truth" that  it's "All" a virtual reality game! 

I need a virtual Beer...

this nonfully Hack3D Simulation is constantly stressing me out!

Man "Everything" I say is being monitored by FBI.. "I've known this from the day I started this game... I was just wondering how long it would take before I became a virtual terrorist in their eyes...

Now begins the case against carlos' virtual reality game ....

I should compile "All" virtual threats made towards their buildings as they will throw that at me...

I need a virtual lawyer ASAP!!! 

My mother is Crying

I just become even more worthless in her eyes as the FBI plus 10 cops are at my house :-(

the party must go on?

The guys had girls spend the night...

fuck ... it's been a wild 24 hours and it keeps going...

this reminds me... I should not mix fantasy with "Reality" for Co-creation... this style of blogging is to new for some people. 

Art Meets Reality

I want to take the opportunity to document how our virtual creations lead to "Real" world actions... as the singularity progresses the difference between "Real" and virtual blur...

Taking freedom of speech to the extreme....

I have to take into account that "Everything" is moving faster... and the need to communicate to insects that this entire site is a virtual reality game grows even faster... I may need to end this game :-(


they dont think that "I am" in atlanta...thats how good this virtual reality game is

Blogging Permission

I just got permission from an agent to blog about our conversation!

Yes seriously the FBI is over my house over this virtual reality game... it's funny and some what scary how seriously people take my simulations online... as if I was a god building and designing my own run in with the law! Yet if I did design this it was to add Drama and suspense to

HAcking GoD

The virtual reality game that god FBI Agents at my door! :"D

Ok Virtual Reality Game Too Far!~

Ok now "I am" scared.. I may have pushed this Game way too far!!.. But their are no bodies explosives guns anything.. they are "All" virtual including "All" threaths....

"All" threats where acts of magic withing this game!! NO REAL Crimes EVER~!!@! 

FBI protection Spell/Program

{Sourc3 Ston3} Increase FBI Global control
{Sourc3 Ston3} Decrease their ability to prosecute over a virtual reality game... 

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
1         2        3             4             3            2           1

The Fbi

Is at my house... over this virtual reality game~~~~ Yes Seriously!!!!

OK>>> calling home

Dear FBI

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In any event, we did it for the 

The Magi craft

People don't take our craft seriously any more, which I find strange considering this is as pure as it gets. "All" of it coming directly from {God} as a magician I will be {ONE} with jesus since it "All" shares {ONE} Source! Different magi for different task. You just can't even the change this will have on our planet/species?

The world as you knew it will end and  Daath "Truth" will be revealed. 

Beer Morning:

Already pacing around planning/plotting on how to control the Universe with a Beer in my hand...Serious on both :"D

No more bud :-(

I really don't care it's probably for the best.. I have not even been smoking like this since I declared chrysopoeia... Been working on Daath {Stone}

But I need a break... form it "All"

good morning Universe

the last 24 hours was wild.... and blogger has been down which disabled my ability to document this mini vacation... 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.