Saturday, May 14, 2011


Gone but the girls are "All" hovering us

She can fuck like a pornstar

Wow I'm actually extreme excited

Fucking tonight

I have a bad ass girl wanting to come to the room and fuck about "Fucking" time

1k in singles

Wow sonny wants to spoil the girls tonight


Universe we n33D a table to get dances

Pussy everywhere

Fuck yah!!!

Feeding the girls

Our goal is to spend 500 dollars in single

2 dance and a drink for 20

Let's start ohhh yah

Totally nude

My first fully nude club

Hacking "Everything"

With pure Magic at this point

the return of Daath Elohim

you insects have no clue who "I am"

My biggest turn on

Is a girls mind over body.

What am I going to do with a Barbie for a Queen

Barbie, Diana is not :-)

Big fat ass

Sonny is already harloring at a big fat ass

tonight it's girl hunting night!

Going out

We just got into the car and off to the club I go! Man I hope I meet a new girl to write fantasy love stories to :-)

Damn I look hot tonight

but if I take a picture  it will be given agents a photo ID


guys guys chill "I am" kidding but not reallly....

I want to take a picture of this outfit! 

Alarming people

"I am" not trying to alarm anyone or disturb the peace with fake threats "I am" just a Writer! drama suspense thriller puzzle mysterious you name it!

Like I said everyone needs to learn to read before they jump the gun! 

covert magic

Universe increase stealth ability to my winged boots
{key} {Gg}

mental side note:
I seriously wonder what they get from reading this... what do the agents think this site is? Do they really think it's cryptic code ? Seriously? wow... More importantly what exactly has changed since I started this site several years ago...

Also I wonder
Could they truly prosecute me with {ONE} blog post from a blog with thousands?
 If you take "Everything" I say in full content you will instantly know no of this shit is real.. so wtf? Do they not a a internet task force dedicated to investigation.. Well fucking investigates then... read this entire site "I am" not hidding shit from these people so WTF!!! 

You know what sux...

As a virtual reality Entertainer writer "I am" not that bad considering the situation but I can't make a dime from any of my writing/Art .... wow huh?

I think once "All" of this is settled I will get me a memebership to and find something more productive to do with my time then running this virtual reality game that is now getting me in trouble over fake crimes fake threats and fake weapons...

yes... shift in focus for real... no more need to toy with insects 

New outfit

I bought "Everything" from socks to under shirt and shoes to go out tonight!

I need a new stacy

Damn Diana was/is hot but the quest for love never ends. 

My nonsense

 People take my nonsense entirely too seriously! 

Spell casted! 

Negotiating with the FBI

I will letmy virtual imaginary hostages go if you secure me a plane and a Spanish speaking pilot with a license to handle with a virtual hostages situation!

The virtual hostages will not be hurt as long as you play pretend with me


Lay low till "I am" ready to take my planet back from the insects

Global theocratic dictartorship
is the end goal of this game

What "I am" hiding from the FBI

I don't want the FBI to know "I am " the leader of the illuminati

Virtual anti Tap

Universe decrease FBI ability to monitor my activities by 33%

Hush hush and then Hack3D

Universe increase ability to mind control FbI agents by 25%
key {Gg}

Baby don't read

Pussy is calling to go out to the strip club right now

Dear Diana

Baby I did not want to involve you in my life of philosophical life of crime

Set to be delivered {One} year from now

Classy girl

Diana is really classy a great body and she does not show it!
She would not even let me dance too close to her, I thought was great as I get to know who she is better


I want to focus on her glasses

The quest for love rages on!

I know I know there is no love in a strip club!

But we are taking girls with us sooo well see!

Dinner before Tittys and Ass

At longhorn eating before going to the strip club

My dressing tip

It's not about you it's about the girls

Clothes shopping

Make me look cool!

I told the girl helping me what she thought

At the mall

Need drift for the club tonight

Standing my philosophical ground

You insects have become so retarded!

Your universe has B33N Hack3d

or more importantly your perception of it

the goal is to make ask what is more important "Reality" or your peception of it

Encoded msgs

"I am" almost scared to continue blogging at this point sure none this "Real" but the insects don't know that

Gaduation Atlanta

Hello we timed this perfectly this place is girl infested

The Dangerous post

Out "Everything" I've written for this game the most absurd post is the {one} everyone is freaking out about!!

Cmon insects solve my riddle

is your universe "Real" and what is the {source}

yes it's blogging to the extreme to make a philosophical point but it's important that insects know "Truth"

Steak Time

going to longhorn for dinner...

I need to get back to my "Real" mission ...

Pussyfication :"D

Upload Complete

Daath Fallen {ONE} 
"Everything" is a manifestation of mind

You the audience will decide the "Reality" of this game

My mother is still crying

"I am" wanted across the country right now.. well till they located me.. "I am" here "I am" always here... I spoke to agents on the phone but damn guys it's the 21century... Email me!!

Either way
I have FBI "All" over me right now.. for something that is completely Imaginary! (funny but not Really) 

I need a Virtual Drink my mother is going to kill me when I get home!

Stewie Drinking

I may have to put my plans to control the universe on hold for a little bit. 

Good Job guys: But You are "All" playing a Virtual Reality Game!

It's a riddle and a game but that is "All" it is! 

The Philosophical Countdown!

 If someone calls in a bomb threat and you find explosives (blog post) regardless of whether its real or not what is the best course of action?

A) Determine the probablity of the threat is fake and do nothing?
B) Determine the probablity of the threat is real and do nothing?
C) Determine that if the clock ticks down and nothing happens the threat was fake?
D) Determine that if the clock ticks down and something happens the threat is real! (you die!)
E) Waste time attempting to determine if the threat is real or fake?
F) Ignore bomb threat entirely ?
G) Diffuse bomb regardless whether it's real or fake?

Welcome to extreme philosophy where only the high rollers bet! And "I am" All in! So if you call yourself a philosopher yet sit on side lines that's the same as saying I pitch for the Yankees but sit on the bench! Yes "I am" calling you "All" out! bring 

My House Internet

Has been shutdown by agents :-(

fuck... no more internet at home!! that sux... 

My mother will never let me get back online now even after the agents determine the "Reality" of "All" of this~! 

my mother is terrorified

 now my mother is screaming at me over this game... okkkkk no more everyone relax non of this is real!!! fuck! 

universe car

Universe Increase car availability by 10% 

where was I before "All" of this?

I was/am  Queen hunting...

Defusing Daath Crisis!

Almost there... 

Warning Agents
This is just a picture of a weapon and not a "Real" Weapon! 

But let's defuse this together 

"Everything" is okay "I am" just a blogger 

My avatar

What I told the agent

My avatar is an Immortal wizard god that can do anything inside it's creation.. and the stories are extreme for suspense drama and entertainment.

"I am" after "All" an artist
and "Reality" is my canvas

Dear Diana

I hope you can understand why I did not tell you "everything" about me from the start! :-(

Baby I live a dangerous life! 

On the phone with agents

"everything" seems cool now that they know "I am" not planning any type of terrorist attack on this country..

still wild .. and still need to talk to more agents!!!!

but "All" "I am" doing is telling them the "Truth"

End Simulation

at this point "Everything" I type may seem like launch codes to agents...

{God} Simulation Ended!!



End simulation
End Simulation! :"D

leaving atlanta

there is a High probability they will not take me on my word that "I am" coming back to North carolina

FBI still searching

I just had to give an agent my location in atlanta....

it's confirmed they think "I am" some kind of terrorist..

So far so good I've been completely cooperative 

You have Nothing

I heard you...

"we have nothing no him"

where are my virtual nukes....

where are my connections?

Where how ....

what about my main characters
{The Evil Genius}

do you have anything on them/?
and how if they are my only "real" friends :-(

Dear Diana

You are currently a princess in my heart and in my virtual life!

Mental note...
Diana~ wow I just noticed that too... How perfect  ~~ thats her name... I know I know.. wow...

ohhhhh she actually said that she would come to NC...

{God} Lead the Illuminati

{god} I get it I get it, control the universe in secret! "All" of this is too much for the insects and once I find me a beautiful specimen make her my Queen I will completely disassociate from insects! 

Hush Hush and Then Hack3D

Sorry this is celestial business stand ground stand ground!

My angelic cover is totally blown {God}!

{God} I told you to control the universe in secret!

{god} you threw it "All" out there not I!

Hush Hush and Then Hack3D

Sorry this is celestial business stand ground stand ground!

My angelic cover is totally blown {God}!

{God} I told you to control the universe in secret!

{god} you threw it "All" out there not I!

I need a Bulletproof vest!

Why? I don't know "I am" unarmed but if this is a virtual stand off don't I need {ONE}?

Universe Instantly equip me with a virtual Bulletproof vest

Downloading "Everything"

Universe Transfer "All" Data into Virtual Neural Interface!

If "I am" going in "I am" taking my Data! 

"I am" Tired of this Game Too Insects!

Ok Insects is magic time!

I already control this universe
But "I am" sick of this typing shit!!

I need a total control of this simulation asap! Reign on the insects extremely godly! 

cryptic smoke bomb


"All" in

"All" Hack3D

Still Awake!

Universe I need a car!

code omega  cryptic cryptic nonsense! \

Spell casted! 

Dear Diana

"I am" sorry I lied to you about what I do... I really like you and telling you "I am" a wanted man by the FBI was not an option at the time.. I hope that {ONE} I can explain to you "Everything" I have written so that you may {ONE} day know "Truth" but if you are reading this then it has been {ONE} year before I tell you who "I am" online... But that is irrelevant to our potential futuristic love,

You are beautiful classy and very professional I know we will have a great time picking each others brain.. We already have lots in common from what you told me at the club.

Yes I already want to call you ...
Mainly because I don't know how much time I have as a free man ( kidding but not really)

Hey if it works out I promise to show you this email 1 year after been dating...
Side note "I am" not being cocky I swear just hopeful and making a wish at the same time!

"I am" going to plan my email to you which will be sent out monday morning!

Notes for next encounter:
If I call her, use a note pad and make sure to note every detail. This will be very helpful for an extended chance

Email "All" her contact info from her card to email just in case my wallet gets taken... ( Yes meeting you again is far more important then prepping what "I am" going to tell the FBI Agents about my virtual reality game.

Read only if {ONE} year has passed...

mental notes:
She is really pretty and I have low self esteem ... so "I am" nervous! I don't think it will lead to anything but I would love nothing more then have a new focus in my life.

Self Realization
Wow I just realized why "I am" extremely lonely... it's the void..."All" i've known to do is work on Unification for the last ten year that now that it's done... I just woke up and asked myself what now? 

WTF people

I don't mean anyone any harm ...

None of this is "Real" I can't stress this enough!!

Baby I wont hurt a single hair on your pretty virtual head and you know this... Have I taken you as a virtual hostage?

man it's "All" fucked

My virtual Drama meets "real" Drama! 

On a good note

I met a girl

her name is Diana!


She gave me her phone number and I did not even have to ask for it...

I swear "I am" a lover not a fighter :"D

"I am" going to find me a good wholesome girl and leave this blogging Virtual thug life! I swear!! 

On a good note

I met a girl

her name is Diana!


She gave me her phone number and I did not even have to ask for it...

I swear "I am" a lover not a fighter :"D

"I am" going to find me a good wholesome girl and leave this blogging Virtual thug life! I swear!! 


I can't trust no {ONE} with the {Key} to Daath Universe! 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.