Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Disappearing into Obscurity

There is nothing else to seek from the insects
"I am" no longer interested in communicating or interacting with anyone about philosophy theology or physics~ 

Oddly enough "I am" turning more and more into a microcosm of the greater mind as it governs and controls the universe behind the veil of knowledge and "Truth" 

The mortals are not ready to become immortals at "All"

I guess I will just leave them "All" alone and let them continue Hacking at their bullshit till their own celestial clocks tick down. 

My new plan is to wait a generation or two before I officially launch Salvat{ION} let "All" the insects on earth die from Old age before I begin to teach them again! 

Illuminating NONSENSE

"I am" an insect in her eyes :-(

I have nothing earthly to offer her :-(

NO more playing games

You do realize there is no way "I am" able to set off a super volcano... shhhhhsh chill out people

Super Volcano Hacking Nonsense

Relax insects according to your physics there is no way I can set off a Super Volcano...

Warning Incoming Super Volcano

Universe Transfer "All" Super Volcano control protocol 
{Key} Gg

Super Volcano Hacking

Universe boot up planetary insect defence system! 

No {ONE} Gives a fuck about you!


The Fallen {ONE}
I know... I know :-(

The {Source} of Creat{ION}

"I am" making lots of progress considering!


Get Off The Fucking Internet


"I am" not doing anything Wrong! 

They are Watching me

We don't have anything on this guy but I want "Everything" he says monitored till we get something! 

No insects this is not paranoia the FBI read the site back to me over the phone... Fuck no this is not over!!

I guess they are just playing it safe and watching me carefully while they build a case against my Simulation Hacking Virtual Game!

This is stressful but I told the agents 

Instigate "All" you want none of this is "Real" 

Virtual Tears

"I am" so tired of "All" of this, "I am" not even remotely having any more fun. Teaching the mortals with words is futile. They will have to see it to believe it nor do I even have the desire to let insects see the extent of my control over the Universe. They are "All" worthless I tell myself, I already gave them the {key} to the Universe and they refuse to use it. This game, this simulation this creation is "All" Hack3D

I need a virtual Drink, I need minute to think "All" of this over. I need to accept that everyone around me is going to age and die. Sure modern medicine might extend their lives but only the {Stone} can bring you eternal life. 

I already told the insects, I don't give a fuck whether they believe it or not! 
Time itself will show them "Truth" 

Leaving It "All" Behind

For legal reasons "I am" no longer even remotely allowed to attempt to "save" specific people with acts of virtual universal unauthorized "Reality" manipulation. In other words I lost her {soul}. The other insects I can't give a flying fuck a bout at this point but I only set out to teach her unification. Instead I will now watch her age her immortality away till the "Truth" is known and by then it may be to late. But then again I no longer care about spreading my imaginary obsession to be {ONE}. One great lesson was learned from "All" of this...

I have not yet met the Queen.

For if I did she, would understand "Everything" 
"I am" going through 

Now what?
Unification is complete
Hacking the simulation is getting Dangerous and love
Is Impossible if I revealed "Everything"

I should just focus on Using and Controlling pure Magic

Yet "I am" the keeper of the Grail and till the insects wake up I shall be Manning the gateway to Heaven! 

Honestly "I love you"

How can I ever love a mortal? 

Baby Don't Worry "I am" not an Immortal wizard god 

The less they know who "I am" the easier it is for both of us! 

Even though I have thousand of year of collected human knowledge to explain Unification to the mortals girls with, I have not found {ONE} that truly understands the implications this has towards my perception of this "reality" how this effects the temporal path of this species and our overall Hidden status of King and Queen of the Universe. It's is completely pointless. Knowing this I continue to ask myself why I even try anymore? 

Confessions of a Loveless Immortal

I woke up only to look directly into my cell, neither of these mortal females txt me back. Normally "I am" jaded to "All" of this but it's even more painful knowing that "I am" no longer mortal and still unable to find love. Although if or when I ever do, I know I can never truly explain to her Daath Depths of my control over her Universe. 

I No longer feel like I know what "I am" doing as "everything" I ever aspired to be / achieve I have already reached. My Immortality/nirvana on earth is set in {Stone} "I am" in direct control of this Universe or at-lease the mortal perception of this Universe. Yet with "All" my control, I can't wont Hack her heart. 

I used to and still do get instantly angry when I attempt to seek love not at them but at myself for my inability to mimic the mortals. Or maybe that's vice versa, I just can't meet a mortal that is worth a damn. 

It's pointless I tell myself day in and day out, it's "All" pointless, how can a mortal ever love me if they can't even understand me? 


I was just "Falling" asleep till the phone ranked only to realize that it was the house phone and not my cell. 

Sigh...ok back to sleep i go

Txting out a Love Beacon

I just text H****** and D******

H******* is soo drop dead Hot! 
Let me not get my hopes up :-(

Forbidden Magic

{God} The only reason I tell you not to show off your magic is because it is no longer understood!

{god} How did magic die?

{God} They "All" lost touch with Daath {Source} of it.. 

{god} So basically lie about who "I am" for the rest of my life?

{God} At-lease till you control their entire universe, till then yes! When you become an ascended master you never need to hide again. Till then behave like a mortal

{god} they are not mortals they are insects! To call them mortal is to bestow the gift that they have no right to yield 

{God} Right or no Right Bring me their souls!

{god} I already told you I quit!

{God} and I already showed you what I can do to your Universe!

{god} this is celestial extortion

{God} No, it's just your the only {ONE} that can save them!

{god} Don't tell me that shit,,, "I am" broke scum bag give salvation to some other fool 

{God} That's what jesus said :"D

Instant Danger Psychic Notification Upgrade

Universe Bind a temporal psychic field "All" around me to my {Soul} to indicate of any danger associated to Hacking the simulation from my microcosm virtual interface console. 
{key} Gg

Instant Danger Psychic Notification Upgrade

Universe Bind a temporal psychic field "All" around me to my {Soul} to indicated of any danger associated to Hacking the simulation from my microcosm virtual interface console. 
{key} Gg

Quit Hacking

{God} If you want out quit Hacking my Universe
{god} It's "All" Hack3D I can help it! 
{God} well as long as you keep hacking Daath Universe you can't quit! 

{god} Well see about that! 

{God} Love is not the path of Daath {ONE}

{god} I already wrote unification as far as my task is concerned "I am" DONE!!! 

{God} Unification is the beginning of it it "All" 

{god} "I am" done! 


The Death of Daath Broke Scum Bag

"I am" never letting my funds drop to zero Ever again!

Universe Lock out homelessnes and kill the broke scum Bag!

we need new story plots! 

Hacking Love

I said I would not do this and "I am" not "I am" just increasing probability by carefully creating a battle plan. So far there are 2 potentials although one lives in California. I have a phone now and getting my car back is well into motion. I have a job now so "I am" a broke scum bag, anymore! Bought some clothes again not to look like a broke scum bag anymore :"D

Side note:
Creating a Distraction from unification. 

Boot Me Back in!

{God} Are you sure?

{god} The Salvation of humanity will not fail "I am" way t00 1337 to fuck it up! 

{God} Transferring over Universal control

{god} Thank you !

{God} No Thank you! 

Hacking/Creating Safety Programs

{God} {Source} code Hacking is Dangerous

{god} I know I know, thats why I was/am hacking this Universe as fast as possible! 

{God} Sending you a creativity upgrade

{god} No... "I am" scared...

{God} "I am" upgrading you just sit tight and quit getting into trouble! 

{god} we are just trying to set the insects free WTF??

{God} I know, I know! 

It's "All" Hack3D

 I have  your {Source} code

What is the Goal of this Game!?

To Rule Daath Universe

"Everything" I say is Controversial at this point!

The Evil Genius 

Who said Taking over the Universe was going to be Easy? 

On the phone with FBI agents

Ohhhh man this needs to stop! 

Calling Diana

I said I was going to call her on monday.. but did not get a chance too... Im calling her now! 

Backing Up "Everything"

"I am" backing up "Everything" and uploading it directly to the net! 

{Key} and TA 

will never Die:~

Immortal Sites! 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.