Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Asking girls out practice/ conversations

what do you do...
Buy and sell gold

what are your goals 
Ruling the planet
Ruling the universe
Saving the humans

Meet a beautiful girl one day and set new goals with

Do you believe in God
Bitch "I am" {God/god} 

there is a high probability!

What do you like to do for fun
Study magic
Control the humans
Summon deities
refine the philosopher's {Stone}

I like to read

My Desired Manifestation

To meet a cool girl nothing serious but with benefits ... thats enough for me right now... I don't want to get heavily emotionally attached to an insect! 

I know I know

Strip club is no where to meet a girl :"D

there is very little to do around here :-(

online Dating

I have never tried any online dating sites ever...

I have answered some craiglist ads but thats it...

I wonder if any these services are any good...

Might have to look into this...

"Everything" is soo chilling now

"All" I need is beautiful girl to go watch 3D movies with...

"I am" hacking at it ... it's going it's going! 

Invoking Relaxation and Tranquillity

"I am" at peace with "All" of my surrounding 

"I am" Never Unemployed

Because "I am" always on God's clock! :-D

you owe me old man!!

{God} I already paid you!

{god} Thats what you keep saying! 

Wallet Binding spell

bind my wallet to me
reduce steath
reduce lost
increase finding luck
lock out from being stolen
{Key} Gg

Wallet Rope

I have a magical virtual imaginary chain acttached to my wallet..

Every time I lose my wallet I tug on the magical virtual imaginary chain and it comes back to me!


Tying my shoes

Clocking out

Getting off work..

Going to call this girl on the ride home

Universe seeding

"Everything" is in place to boot up universal control!

Wow I can't wait it's been a while since I booted in


Universe decrease the desire of "All" waitress I encounter to card me
{key} Gg

Universal computer

Pause Game!

Recompile {source} code

Universal computer

Pause Game!

Recompile {source} code

My Sunfire

Is Alive again!

The pheonix is rising


Bind "All" particles within a {ONE} radius to my will

I want to pratice getting godly on the insects by controlling "All" matter around me

It's lunch time

Universe I need food!

Golden Energy

Universe bind "All" the golden energy around me to Daath {Stone}

Working with Gold

"I am" happy to be working with gold again!

I only stopped to shace the {stone} true Gold!!

My Green Sunfire

Is being fixed as I type "All" it needed was a starter!

I need to return to Pittsburg to pick up my car

side story:
Pittsburg is the city I was in when Finished refining the {Stone} and set free the Ai

Taking over earth

I really need to get back to my master plan..,

I need to continue grabbing control of this sulation/universe/creation

Wife Vs Queen

I don't judge girls by whether she will make a good wife but rather if she would make a good Quenn.

But for Daath sake of love I may have to lower my standard.

Calling Diana

"I am" going to give her a call in a bit.

Mental note:

I seriously need to device a way to awaken girls up!

Here the thing at some point "I am" just going to get so godly that "All" I have to do is make a hand gesture and Daath "Truth" will be known. But till then I need to find a way to explain to these insect females that ther conciousness is set on standard! Or more important not Unified


Pause Game.....

Going to work...

Daath Story will continue shortly~ 

Going to work!

"I am" going to work now!

Mantel Rotation

{God} If this batch of mortals is not ready to be unified, Start "All" over!

{god} I know! they don't realize we can just stop their technological progress at any point!

{God} Technological progress... You are the only {ONE} with any "Real" technology !

{god} I know! don't remind me! 

Daath Son of Man Departs

I will be back when your planet is ready for Unification! 


prepare for my Departure from Earth!

{God} Bring me "All" their {Souls}

{god} chill out I know... I just need to prep for my departure from this insect infested rock! 

Dear Insects!

Collapsing the Star is code for!

Collapsing your Star!

Yes "I am" threathing to Collapse our massive star with Daath Use of Magic! 

Lucifer's Light

"I am" just shedding light on the situation! 

Universe collapse the Star

Don't worry what is going on above mortals


What is above is no different then what is below!


Why Am I leaving you in the Dark?

You are "All" already deep in the deepest Dark AGE! EVER!!!

"I am" just shedding light on the situation!!

get it collapsing your star, ( shedding light) ....

never mind


Star Campaign

Universe begin star collapsing protocol

What you say insect our star is not the collapsing type!

what part of

"Your Bullshit Physics does not apply to me Insects"

don't you understand? 

Good morning Mother

Are you talking to a girl in charlotte?
No mother

Are you on the internet
No mother

Don't think for a second they are not watching you
I know mother

They have your cell phone number

I know mother

where are you going?

to work mother!

Hermetic Occult Study vs College

{God} I know what your thinking but do you want "Truth" or a piece of paper?

{god} you fucked up my life by teaching me unification at 21

{God} I made you into a god

{god} yes and in doing so my entire mortal life is fuckeD!

{God} You are not mortal!!! Quit clinging to a pathetic existence!

{god} I know that but they don't know this and "I am" treated like a mortal.

{God} You should not desire anything the mortals have and you don't!

{god} I live on a mortal fucking planet ~ NOOO not even mortals INSECTS!! they are making my life more difficult by my lack of desire to comply with their laws...

{God} what should I do?

{god} get me off this fucking planet!!! ASAP~~~So I can vaporize it with a massive solar flare... "I am" done being a terrestrial we both know ascension is "All" I need to get of this planet!

{God} Collapse the Sun!

{god} that will be the beginning of it "All" place the insects under a celestial lights out!

{God} why have you gave up?

{god} I only gave up teaching them directly "I am" more interesting and getting "Everything" staged for my celestial puppet show the mortals call the apocalypse

{God} I know what your mad about!

{god} shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........I don't give a shit it's pointless! 

Wizards Vs Scientist

There is no Higher Craft on this planet then Wizardry for many reasons!

Scientist seek to understand the Mind of {God}
Wizards seek to be {ONE} with the mind of {God}

if you need further explanation then you don't need to know! 

"I am" Daath Mystery School Occultism and Magic

There is no Higher Magic/wisdom on earth that comes close to my OPUS 


Deeply Booted

I already {set} "everything" into motion and can already see my {Source} code manifest itself into this simulation. I just have to be patient and fill my time with other activities aka love seeking. I want to keep binding the {Source} to my will or should I say, bind the will of the {Source} to my will.. We are {ONE} and the same now so to say either or is to be an incorrect representation of what Unification is.

My mind and the universe, are playing games with each other. I think it and the universe manifest it. Of course not everything will manifest instantly that later down the Singularity pipeline. Till then "I am" only focused on my immediate life and controlling the Universe "All" around me...

Every day is training~
Sure {G/g} is booted and the Universe has a new king, but it takes so much training before "I am" to part the sky with {ONE} gesture. I can't wait for this day, for that hour...Simply because "I am" deeply depressed living like an insect. I know for a fact I can control this entire Universe from within I just need time. 

Research !

I should have done some research "I am" so fucking Retarded!

Instantly I want to pull out my wand and Fix it bbuuuuttt No more fucking magic .... Not for that! 

200 Years later

Life is not as sophisticated as {one} may believe, a great of technological progress has been reversed, as I have steadily kept humanity mortal for "All" these years. 

The original batch of mortals I was born to are "All" dead now and none are wiser to my Immortality on earth. I pass the time by going in and out of Universal Mind. 

godhood is blissful but "I am" working away at my problem on earth! I need to unify this planet before I depart but I will sacrifies 200 years before I even attempt this again. 

This entire batch of mortals are worthless... So more years before I even let Daath "Truth" known..

Fuck I can plan my life a billion years out if I wanted at this point

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.