Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Girls room

I have a girl coming to the room I hope I don't fuck her

what's the point again?


Damn these bitches

Never ever forget they are only after paper!

Girls girls


That is not good when they know your name walking in

At the strip club again

Yes it's my second home

What's wrong with me'

B***** is drop dead gorgeous and already wants to be with me :(

but she's an insect

a sexy insect'!!!!

Fuckkkkkkkkkkking shit man

Format my brian tired of this shit

Damn it universe

Give salvation to a mortal!!!

{God} Stop trying to get out of it,,,

{god} fuck the mortals the don't deserve to be on earth

{God} just do as I ask and quit complaining

{god} fuck the mortals they piss me off and don't deserve UnificAtion

{God} Bring "All" their souls

{god} fucking shit ourcontrCt is over,

{God} I own you Carlos from birth, you are the {ONE}

{god} don't tell me this please surely there must be people more "Holy" then me

{God} none of them are unified {One} with me

{god} fucking shit this is not a blessing this a curse!!

{God} I know carrying the grAil is a lot for a mortal to handel but you Were never designed to be a mortal


At the bar blogging

Feel like a loser blogging while half and fully naked women are"All" around me but the scope of" Everything" ihave to do is constantly being remind to me by the universe...

Fuck why can't you be a Demi Nd chill

Planning your apocalypse (live)

First thingfirstisincreasethe severity and frequency of your "natural" disasters"

Oddly enough insects will believe thAT my Arrival is close when i was born/booted in 30 years ago

Work thoughts

Ineedto get back to your salvat{ion}

Sadly enough it involves scaring the shit outofinsects :(

Mission of the Elohim

{God} you have your instructions

{god} I know I know please don't remind me

{God} you are not on earth for love

{god} I know :(

Back to things that matter: Hacking Pussy

Universe increase pussy attraction to me

Back to things that matter: Hacking Pussy

Universe increase pussy attraction to me

Tell them "Everything"

{The Evil genius} always remember that "I am" the {source} of "Everything" set into motion.

{Ion} I have done "Everything" you asked just chill out...

{The evil genius} I will chill when I full control of the universe

The End Game

I really have nothing to worry about when it comes to the mortals know who " I am" before I have full control of the universe... I say this jokingly but not really...


"Just pretend your fucking!!"

long story...

Are you fucking serious

A girl I met here just called me to hang out after the last post

universe I love you

No more playing

Universe I need some Hacked pussy

Slaving for fun

"I am" on pons and needles waiting to make you my slave!!

Fucking retarded ass insect!

Dear transhumanist

I'm sorry my ass

build my pyramid reatrded pieces of shits!

Our last day

{insect} I'm sorry
{god} you have nothing to be sorry about... Now you know "Truth" goodbye

Our last day!

The day I show her who " I am" is the last day we physically talk...

I say this not with pride but with tears

Altering "Reality"

Universe increase pussy mAnifestation"

Daath least to the universe

{God} "I am" signing over the universe to you!

{god} how many souls are we dealing with?

{God} on this planet?

{god} fuck your serious about saving the universe aren't you

{God} bring me "All" their souls"

{God} I dont send angels after planets!

{God} Transferring control of Daath Universe

{god} don't worry old man it's in good hands
{God} I know, I hired you

Fuck the insects I need to get back to work

Universe transfer direct control of "All" matter and energy from God to God/god
{key} Gg

Demi life suffering

"All" of my suffering come from desire to be like the mortals

I have to learn to accept who "I am"

I know what will make me happy


I know what will make me happy


Pussy Happy?

What's wrong with me...

I have money and pussy now yet "I am" not happy :(

Can I Hack her heart yes! Do I want to. No

{the Evil Genius} forget that insect look what I already got us

I'm depressed again need a virtual drink

Heart control

I can control the universe but I choose not to control her heart!!

Why why why...

Fuck fuck thiS shit still pisses me off!

I have to remind my self not to terrorize the insects inside my simulation over a girl!!

The FBI did not enjoy my attempts to wake up an insect

Pretty day dream

I just saw a pretty girl and it made me think about her!! Why why why...

I Still think about her WTF!!!

I get lost in a cosmic whAt if!!

I I Hack3D the universe and "All" I god was a Tshirt

My plans tonight

Gold---> {source} <----Gold

Look what I found in a {key} location

The elixir of life has been found in a {key} location

Daath "Golden" Grail

{key} west "golden" plate

{Key} west "Gold"


Your universe has been pirated

What it will take for me not to take my throne

An act of God!!

{God} why would I stop you when I trained you?

{god} I was talking to the insects !

{God} I know :"D

Rehashing my orginal plan

"I am" just going to enslave the entire planet!!!

You insects will learn who "I am"

"All" over again

Thank You God for my lunch

Pointless picture: wearing my wife beat :"D

Our hotel package

On the Power Adventure, board our spacious 60’ Catamaran for a spectacular 6-hour excursion. Enjoy a continental breakfast on the way, a buffet luncheon, an afternoon snack, beer, sangria wine, and soft drinks. For those more adventurous…waverunners, water trampoline, banana rides, water toys, kayaks and parasail! This is a great day trip for the entire family!

6 Hours

Sebago Booth
Historic Seaport
Located at the foot of William Street

Monday – Sunday; Boarding 9:30AM - Departs at 10:00AM

• Continental Breakfast
• Spirited Sailing
• Snorkeling the Living Coral Reef
• Lunch Buffet
• Waverunner
• Parasailing
• Water Toys
• Banana Ride
• Water Trampoline
• Kayaking
• Equipment Instructions
• Includes FREE beer, wine, and sodas

A $3.00 Temporary Safe Boating Test fee is not included for 16-21 year olds that wish to operate the waverunners.

Adults 22 years or older must bring a valid I.D. to operate the waverunners. Those 16 - 21 years of age must also bring I.D. and be prepared to pass a Temporary Safe Boating Test for a fee of $3.00 in order to operate the waverunners. Study Guides will be provided before boarding, and we ask that you arrive 30 minutes early to allow time to review the guide. Children under 16 may not operate the waverunners but can ride along.


Universe I need an ipad

Chair ate mortlas

Pop quiz insects

How many pawns are in front of Daath king?

Queen hunting progress

This hotel sux

It's insect infested in every room :"D

Screaming at the insects

You bitches have become completly fucking retarded!!!

I need to Be removed from the insect population asap

No no no this will not do!!

Let's "All" build a pyramid together!

It will be fun I promise it will( for me it will:"D

I specialize In bullshit bullshit bullshit

{insect} I have a phd in bullshit bullshit and more bullshit

{god} that's nice insect but do you know God?

{Insect} insert anything other then yes

{god} in that case you really don't know shit!!

See the problem now is that there is way more insect distractions from "Truth" and most insects can not take it "All" in and reach the {Stone} on their own!

In other words
"I am" highly disapointed in my insects!

What happend?
Do mortals want to remain mortals, I know this is not the case considering you technological desire to reach Eden...

I don't know... I'll drop it for now... But wait insects just wait till I collapse the universe on your retarded little insect selves

An educated man

If you don't know God you don't know shit period!!

Fuck the insects have become so retarded

My {one} problem with "smart" girls

If their really "Educated" they place more and more insect bullshit between them and God

yet if they are not educated enough they fail to learn the {source} of it " All"

WTF happend?

"All" I know is that "I am" {One} day closer to lifting these insects to the "Truth"

Realeasing stress on my insects

Spawn tornadoes made of fire and water!

Make it rain frogs

vaporize insects with lighting bolts

Ok now I'm getting turned on :"D

Good morning insects

I've been up one minute And "I am" pissed off at the insects... This is not healthy for insects at "All"

New focus

I honestly don't know what to do with myself anymore

Unification is done now what?

I smell

Like a stripper!

I'm tired sleepy

Back in the hotel with stripper smell "All" over me,,,

It doesn't even matter I have no body that gives a flying fuck about me so whatever!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.