Thursday, May 26, 2011

Game over

The singularity launch codes have been Hacked!

Wow ... This is insane I have your entire future hostage!!!

Basically I have control of the universe but we need to explore the scope of what this means,,

For insects it's game over!

Your universe just got Hi-jacked ...

I don't even want to have this much power i can understand why it's been forbidden/hidden... But this...blows my mind, the {Source} serious God the source...

Wow I want to slap humanity in the face

Serious come on guys what have Bowen doing wasting our time for thousand of years!

Then again I feel sad for the insects

You don't have {Source} Ohhhhi wow...

I need to do more important things the story tell you creation


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iPad keyboard test

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Encrypted message sent

The return of my Russian dream

Ohhhi boy

I'm staying in tonight

Waking up early to go snorkeling but my I will my Russian dream again in dream simulations.

But sigh huh how can I explain this...

"I am" being patient once I take my throne I can queen whoever I want!

But that's I'm concerned with...

Here's the thing

But shhhhhhhhhh

Without a Queen " I am" more powerful...

"I am" not going to explain why to insects

Servicing your universe!

Universe give me a diagnostic of "All" systems
{key} Gg

On site angels

I hear you don't know how to use your own computation core the {source} of your creation

We have different perspectives

Becoming an immortal is part of my normal evolution..

We are born to become immortals, no ones done in over 2k years and this is why "I am" writing unification for the mortals to learn of to become { One } with God..

Apparantely I was told to need your own {source} code and I booted in to this universe to help the mortals!

Daath the joke is on me :(

" I am " on an insect infested planet!


Seriously want out

{god} unification has been written I'm out!

{God} Never!

{god} this is not fair :(

Universal control practice

"I am" training at this point!

still bored

I want spawn tornadoes lift buildings alter time control basically "Everything"

Unreal control of the universe

Guess what the live band has been playing...

Some micheal Jackson

It's unreal for me at times too
Ok ok universe

We have a symbiotic relationship at this point

The universe reacts and anticipates to my needs

But what dou expect when you becomeKing of the universe!

It's hard to explain

I not just control this universe

" I am" the universe

A sign right over my seat: Trust the universe knows who's King even though you are "All " Retarded

Dinner is on: that's our fish :D


The "All" left...

You hack some and you don't : -(

{God} over time "Everything" will be your design

{god} I know, I'm just inspire to be like you

{God} just be {ONE} with me

{god} "I am" "All" in

{God} me too :D

Casting magic


Fuck the second dude is back


One dude just left instantly

I have the most dangers technology on the planet!!

Ok enough bragging back to work

Universe give this dude stomach pain

Two dudes!!

Universe I need these two dudes to go away
{Key} Gg

Working the {Source} (live)

Focus women around

Never forget the Hunt is always on!

Ok universe work with me here

T he older blondie at my two o'clock is akready making eye contact

But " I am" after the one across thebarfrom me

The waiter is cooking the fish

Food is on the way

Fishing men for God

fish from God

Where do thing these two big ass fish came from

Read the back log

hacking your shit insects (live)

Feeding the men fish

We are taking "All" of our fish to the restaurant and just give it away...

Were throwing a fish fry..

With our catch!

That's a lot of meat
Can't let go to waste

"I am" Way overdue for a vacation... Writing unification has mentally trained me

Food time

Today's catch

Dinner is accomplished

Speaking of great catches "I am" almost ready to go back home

Thank you universe

Fishing dinner

Our goal is to catch a fish take it to a restaurant and have them cook it for us

I already have it in mind

Back to fishing

Universe increase our overall catch for the day!

I can't lift the ocean you say?

Ok insects :"D

{One} of my "Miracles

Lift the entire ocean from the sea floor and fly under it

With what don't know yet

Ought man it's going to fun toying the insects

Hermertic Magi

Our celestial service is to bring down the power God

You used to call us Elohim

Daath lesson to be learned

Without God you are an insect

The {key} dream

I'm still estatic to have the key

It was unification by 30 or death

Fuck being a mortal!

I need to get to designing my island


Prepping to go fishing

Going deep sea fishing

Universe increase my ability to catch the largest fish of the trip
{Key} Gg

Thank for breakfast universe

The serpent's proposal

Baby how about you and me never grow old together!

Russian perfection!

Omg her body, her voice, her tits, that firm ass

The girl in this picture does not do her any justice!

I'm sorry need this

Universe increase the rate of Russian girls around me
Universe increase Russian girl's sexual attraction to me
{Key} Gg


I'm not trying to disrespectful

I'm just playful

No she is not a bitch

Although I would love it if she was my bitch

My Russian dream

I'm glad I only had 80 dollars on me!!

I gave that bitch "All" of it

Things I need to stop

Cursing like a sailor online

Feeling sorry for the insects

Good morning insects


Good morning universe

Ill tastes

Good morning insects

Are we still Recording?

Yes I was/am having fun but "I am" always on my console.

Universe co-programming is what unification is "All " about...

Once you are unified with Daath {source} you can alter Daath {source}

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.