Monday, May 30, 2011

Why do I want to rule this planet?

I have no desire to rule this planet it just part of Unification...

Anyone that unifys themselves with the {source} of it "All" becomes King...

Thats just a motherfucking fact!

But the insects would never understand!

Demi life crisis

I have planned my entire life to reach this point and now I just don't know what to do

This is bullshit! Hmmmmmmmm

I bet you I can get off this planet!




What now?

It's not like my mind can be turned back to a what

Leveling my own virtual city

Universe destroy city X

{key} Gg

The constant struggle

Not to ele this planet rages on...

Universe increase world wide earthquakes

Universe cancel
Universe cancel my cancel

{ion} stop it!!!!

{the evil genius} trust me we need to elevate world wide crisis before they will desire to be saved

{ion} I know

New plan

{The Evil genius} just give me complete control of the {source} and I will fix "Everything"

{Ion} noooooooo I'm not insane here :D

{The Evil Genius} Burn them with the sun

Let's scroth the entire surface
Ele The entire planet and start "All" over

{ion} we can do that?


{ion} isn't that a bit harsh?


{ion} I just want nothing to do with the insects


I don't want to die but

"I am" not attached to anything on this plain of existence!

I should burn all of it,,,

Let some other insect write unification...

Just to derive "Everything" I've been saying...

God I hope I'm not mental stable and the last ten years has been full blown insanity

I fell like crying

"All" I did was write it "All" down

It's coming from our lord I had to write it down :(

Fuck this is not fair!!

I give up

Seriously it's impossible to find love without lying!


Because I'm a monster and no body likes me :(


Universe sway probability in my favor
{key} Gg


{The evil Genius} I can have that insect killed,,,

{ion} noooooooo I don't care!!!

{The evil genius} prove it let me tear her universe apart

{Ion} noooooo we are going to get in trouble if we run more death simulations!


This pussy is dangerous stand back!

Time control

Universe I need 15 minutes to vanish into thin air :D

I don't need this drama

Fuck universe tell this bitch to go away!

I'm chilling I don't even want to fuck you....

Artery hugh huh huh

Lol ohhh man

Dman it universe why are you mis behaving?

Loving and caring

How can I be loving and caring to the insect that deny me?

Dear O

Tick tock insect

I'm ready to take your universe for a spin!


Don't make me angry you don't want to see me angry!

Universe emergency!!

I need this to go my way ASAP!

No playing around universe you know what "I am" asking for

And no its not pussy related!

My freedom Is restricted by paper? seriously? Cmon insects this is hilarious

{God} no more dirty worshipping

{god} I know I know "I am" not trying to get them to worship me! Please this is why I created the Illuminati!

{God} guess how many mortals are saved?

{god} zero to the zero power!

{God} yes only {one}!

I already own this universe

If the insects had half a brain they would bow at my presence

I can't fucking wait

Till I have total control of the universe!

Read carefully

I can't even write freely without having to worry the FBI is just waiting for something juicy...

My love tainted in their blood may sound like Murder!!! :D

But it's not I don't kill my simulations I just make them beg to die!!!

Ok stop it
Stop it

It's just too funny but not really!!

You and me will never work

My love is tainTed with their Blood!

You know very damn well what " I am" and what I have to do!

My Russian dream 2

You did your job universe you brought her directly to me... Sitting at the bar she was last night and right before I walked up to her I hesitated and asked myself why?...

What am I going to accomplished from this girl then attempt to have sex with her? Yes I'm sexually attracted to her but that not even what I had in mind,

What did I have in mind?

I don't know honestly dont know "All" I wanted was to see her again before I left and I got just that...

What I need* is a local Russian dream
Universe increase amount of local Russian girls with very similar caharacteristics...

What else do I need?

Univer I need a Russian queen :D

I kid I kid but not really

I should get back to work

If the universe is the {source} of "All" computation,

How you interface with the universe is irrelevant to it...

Basically "Everything" the mortals are after can be achieved now!!!


Fuck fuck fuck why are insects, insects?

Restraining myself from flipping the fuck out on the insects...


I'm depressed "All" over again

Universe increase world wide volcano activity
{key} Gg

It will be okay!

What is the point the insect will never learn ...

I frankly don't care... Anymore....

Whatever.... I need a new agenda!

You need to do something now


{the Evil Genius} you are losing her day by day

{ion} I don't give a fuck!! Let the insect hack away at her nonsense

{The evil Genius} she says/thinks the same of you! :D

{ion} I don't fucking care About any of these insects any of them!

Waving Hello Universe!!

Universe open {shell} and lock out Dwave from the {source} code!

Forget hacking the multiverse you N33D to hack my firewall :D

I should not toy with him but, it's hilarious...

What's the goal Geordie?

Make billions of dollars? (yawns)
Life extension? (yawns)
Agi communication/ creation? (yawns)

Can you contol the universe with that big ass computer? :D

Seriously what is the goal???
Launch the singularity? (yawns) really insect? How? tell me how ,I can't wait to hear it!

{God} you were never Mortal

{god} I just needed to be unified

{God} Exactly :D

My "Fall" from Heaven

What am I supposed to do on earth other working on Unification to get back home?

What kind of sick joke is this?

Ruling the planet is extremely tooo ease "I am" king of the Universe not just little ant hill...


Me and the old man are going to have a talk about this...

Forced into mortal nonsense from birth...

The source of my lifelong depression is mortality

The Deceptive Savior

"All" I need is to throw this planet {One} giant {stone} til the "All " pray to be saved...

Till it's about to impact I will just back and laugh at the insects,

What don't look at me "I am" crazy

Fix your own problems insects

One day closer

Till What?

I don't even have a desire to rule this planet anymore

Simply change stuff as I desire ...

Don't get me wrong " I am" King

But direct governing of the insects seems like a waste of my time..

I won't have to ask insects what I can and can not do

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.