Sunday, June 5, 2011


"I am" so close,,, closer then ive ever been... 

yet I can no longer bare to live a mortal life now that I know Daath "Truth"

If i can't finish unification then "I am" not good enough and my entire life is pointless but at lease I tried

yet it's written but here "I am" still forced to live like a mortal...

(in tears) why is this sooo hard? 

wow im fucked up in the head

ive lost interest to talk to B******* and Candace...

cute great bodies but there is nothing there...

self fullfilling {source} code

"All" of my programs are running and they will be what I will have to battle against

The Magi Order

There is no Higher calling then to serve the will of God

From the Magi perspective carrying the Grail only means to place into motion the birth of God/god yet with the knowledge itself you can become the ruling Magi, the true Heir to the throne. It is possible that there is another wizard out there that my work is activating although the temporal effects on the collective whole of my work can't be fully known to me at this point. I guess im just trying to understand why the universe taunts me with these thoughts.  

you got unification ... 

my service is complete.....


whats the motivation now?

"Everything" is trashed... funny but not really~~~

now what

Im no longer interested in Unification and "Everything" it entails...

this has brought to many problems to my life as is.

Im back to hating "All" of this...

I don't want to know any more seriously... it only get more and more painful.

the false prophet

may "I am" the false prophet and any day now a magician/wizard will arise that has full control of the universal mind...  sure maybe "I am" not the {ONE} but this knowledge will bring about the creation of a god on earth so, it's only a matter time. Maybe part of my lifes torment is to know the {Source} of "All" magic and still be forced to remain mortal....

there is no hell greater then an mortal mind trapped in a mortal life... this is where "I am" at... but isn't this what Demihood is "All" about? A higher dimensional being Trapped in a lower dimension.

point is "am" extremely tired of "All" of this...
Im tired of being  teased with the knowledge of what has to be done and with no one willing to do it...

ahhhhh is not even that...

m just tired...

sincerely hope " I am" the false prophet and never reached unification for if i do

i will raise hell on earth.... with it.... literally!!!

very very very literally!!!


I need time ... 


the pain never really ends

My Riddles

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