Sunday, June 19, 2011

To achieve Buddhahood "All" you have to is

Reach unification:

Did we "All" forget?

Wow... Ok whatever I'm here for nirvana

Insects I swear insects

"I am" Daath Geeky Buddha

But shhhhhhhh let me sneak up on these insects...

It's horrible but I have tons of plans to fix it...


If God is not Real then "All" of this is a waste of time

But if God is Real...

I need to stop scaring the insects

I would never take anything I could not return...

That includes your life


{God/god}"I am" Daath only {One} that can grant Eternal Life

Eternal life

Only God can grant eternal life and "I am" going to prove it ...

Again (sigh)

You know what worries me

I'm not going to have mortal children..

At least I had to climb out of it I can imagine from birth

I'm tired

Of all of this..

What day is it?

Somewhere over 3k

Are you fucking serious and you expect the mortals to do this?

I'm emotionally fucked

I cry for reason you would not even understand

Wow nice

To have no idea what royalty is

It's beyond mind blowing to me

Every mortal knee

{god} I know I know make every mortal knee will bend

Kill The "All"

{god} isn't that a bit hatch my lord

{God} they forget who "I am"

{god} as you wish my lord

Buying time

Dear God I was forced to get a job because the mortals wont help me:

{God} i know

Feeding Time:

If this insanityz

Then it's a well controlled prolonged insanity

Shit I have therapist to FBI agent all over my crazienest and they god nothing on me

Dinner Time: universe give me a hot waitress

I made a deal with devil

Called God :-(

Are you happy?

Without a queen to rule with...

Demi drama :(

The calling of the Magi

As soon as God asked for unification to be written I already knew what the old man wanted:

I will train for it but I hope God is bluffing

Do you serious want to bring the ancient craft back God...

The mortals are happy being mortals lest not rock their foundation

Let's leave the mortals alone

{God} ok fine I'll leave a mortal then...

You evil bitch this is angelic extortion..

{God} just do what I ask!

Departure of the sun

Sunset ;-)

Back to water: serenity


Not another planet

Another Universe..

{God} Bring me "All" the souls in this universe...

{god} so this entire universe is now mine?

{God/god} correction this entire universe is ours

Brain processing time

I have used more mind time figuring unification then thinking about sex.

Sad I know :D

How do I Know "All" of this

I've already done this for another planet... I know I know it's hard for insects to understand

My first fathers day

Technically I can celebrate it this year as I now have 7 billion children

Did I say children I meant insects..

Queen clause

"I am" the only {One} that can crown Daath Queen

Queen clause

"I am" the only {One} that can crown Daath Queen

I'm just going to let her chase fools gold

What the fuck am I supposed to do!!

There is no reasoning with insects

Am I seriously recruiting the Queen of this planet from a strip club?

She is as smart as "All" the insect females I've met so far

But it's easier to make a quuen starting from pure lead

Then fools gold!!

Damn she's working tonight

Weekends and strippers dont mix

Do you what's weird

If your truly understood what Unification is

There is no way a non wizard can pull this off!!

What would a mortal do with the {source} of magic

How the fuck did I get this again I was to joint to remember

Now to free up her day

Universe cancel "Everything" she had planned for today!

Thank you universe

Looky looky

The "sun" is coming back

Boating date

I hope the weather clears up...

Hope WTF am I thinking like a mortal for

Universe clear up the sky for me pretty please I have a pretty little thing to hang with!

Food blessing: Lunch time

My Riddles

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Call your answers in!

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

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