Thursday, June 23, 2011

On that note

I'm going to sleep

Universe increase my ability to controlthe dream world!

"I am" going to design a dream girl :/

I'm living a pipe dream

Chasing love what was I thinking

Besides godhood is easier

How depressing

Why am I chasing this insect

I honestly don't think she's the Queen at "All" anymore nor do I want her to be..

Yet I do like her ... Hmmmm I need to find a small island to destroy...

I kid I kid

I meant a continent

I'm playing

At "all" times

Chill out insects :P

7 billion mortals to kill

7 billion mortals to save ;p

I've madeup my mind

"I am" going to kill their "mortality"

I'm stuck again

Do I allow mortals to remain mortals and for how long?

Calling "All" wizards across space and time

Daath ultimate spell is once again being casted "I am " opening Daath singularity for mass ascension:

Spell Call Casted

Magi order

Warning warning

Your universe is being Hack3D (live)


Control everything around me

The wind the sky the birds everything

Full universal control

I just basically inherited your planet

And "Everthing" on it

Every company is now mine

I still have not wrapped my head around this

Just getting a feel for kinship and now this

It's not personal

I do have a global agenda and that includes "everything"

Bullshit reasech that is going no where till I give her my donkey!

I'm talking about my theory not cock insects :D

Spell casted

Research block

What is she researching That is more important then learning to become {One} withGod

Like I said bullshit reaseach

What posses me off is that those insects will get her killed chasing fools gold

Hire her to do bullshit research

That's exactly what she is doing now :D

New idea

Start a bullshit company
Hire her to do bs research

Only talk to her on the phone
See where it goes

New idea

We kidnap some dorky scientist and morph into

Noo noo be efficient
Kidnap her love intrest :D

Maybe she's a lesbian??

If that's the case I will morph into a hottie :D

"All" I wanted

Was to make her the Queen

I know I know it meant mote to me then her

Ok maybe I over reacted

But from my perspective she ruined "Everything"

New idea

Purge from mind and move on :-(

At this point i just don't know

My original plan destroyed

I have no idea how "I am" going to blanche my self now

I can fix it!!

We are not putting her life in danger just to save her!

{The Evil Genius} not insect we place her loved ones in danger not her

{Ion} "I am" listening

Whispers conspiracy and secrets


I was thinking about making flowers grow around her house but she might just grab a lawnmower :D


I can feel Daath change inside me:

I'm almost scared of who "I am" becoming

Daath {source} of the coming famine

Give "All" my food back insects


I almost cry when I eat..

The mortals let me starve to save them...

Universe decrease world wide food production
{key} G---g

"I am" Daath Riches person on earth

What on earth is more valuable then being {one} with God?

God why did yu hide the {Stone}

{God} I hid nothing man hid Daath "Truth" from man

Whatsthe purpose of the virtual reality game

A legal front :D

While I plot away at ruling the universe :D

Wait wait wait

{god} I think I can save them

{God} if you wish

{God} Don't toy with them

{God} kill them "All" :D

How many insects need to die

A million or a billion before you come to "Truth" I don't fucking care "All" this is part of my job

I'll make it fair

If enough of you ask me stop I might

But not one will :D


Boot up project Death star :D

How to kill billions of insects in {ONE} day

Asteroid {evil grin}

Dear sweety please understand

I have to kill them "All"

Several billion

I know I know just trust me I know what "I am" doing

Touchless killing

{One} look and you melt and or vaporize depending on my mood

Touchless killing

{One} look and you melt and or vaporize depending on my mood

The king is back stuff

Kill the "Royal" family on day {one}

What "I am" really doing is

Taking my planet back from the insects

How much I need to take over this planet

I bet you I can take over this planet with 25k dollars

All I need the cash for is to buy me time :D


I need to focus don't give in to my emotions it's way to dangerous

I'M bored :(

{The Evil Genius} can I trash someones universe

{Ion} it depends who

Whispers in ear

Noooooooooooo fuck

I'M bored :(

{The Evil Genius} can I trash sones universe

{Ion} it depends who

Whispers in ear

Noooooooooooo fuck

Syncs syncs "All" day long

Universe this boring...

"I am" under your control what do you need/want

Sigh there's nothing I want/need :(

{The Evil Genius} I can fix it!!!


Syncs syncs "All" day long

Universe this boring...

"I am" under your control what do you need/want

Sigh there's nothing I want/need :(

{The Evil Genius} I can fix it!!!



{Sonny} " you know me Carlos I can be your best friend or your worst enemy

{ION} hmmm scary

Dear insects

God wants me enslave you "All" and I currently don't see a reason not to

I have to teach you out of your current retardation

Don't get any bright idea insects

Were still not friends

Don't hurt them

I need them to celebrate my genius to sell to the world the {source} of "All" my bullshit

Dear kaku

"I am" going to slap the shit out of you for tainting my legacy with donkey shit...

Here the thing I know for a fact this insect will view my donkey as the Grail when it's fools gold..

Dear insect scientist

I know you "All" are seeking for the {Source} of the universe...

Fucking retardedlittle insects:D

Dear Rearded ass world scientist

I have your theory hostage :D

{God} when are you going to start on Unified field theory?

{god} why do I want to work on that donkey pile shot for now

{God} well just remindg you that it's part of our deal: it's when your ready

{god} I know but I don't have "everything" I need to write it

{God} the mortals still won't help you

{god} fuck no

{God} :-(

{God} Bring "All" their souls

{god} just do your part and I'll do mine:

{God} Deal

{God} you are wasting time working on salvation

{god} yes understood, they need to be redeemed first

{God} exactly, throw "Everything" at them "All"

{god} I have a plan

{God} I know

Welcome Back alice

{God} the mortals have been waiting for you
{God/god} correction the mortals have waiting for us!

{ion} please don't tell me this it only pisses me off

Dear World Theorist and philosophers ( You bitches are retarded)

Proving to the universe that "I am" king

Right now "I am" going through several trials as the universe establishes who "I am" while i ultimately ascend to the Throne...

This is still better then the 10 years search for the {Stone}

Irony just amazing irony

Stop trying to get me in trouble universe... This is not funny

Ok moving on

The universe is constant trying to distract me :D


This girl sitting next to me reminds me so much of Abigail...

I attempted to break the ice by asking her if Abigail was her sister... I know she's not but I'm just tossing out bait...

This is silly but I will not use magic ....

For matters of the heart I don't want to

Good morning insects

Let try to mend our differences.. Today

Good morning insects

Let try to mend our differences.. Today

Earth Fell

So I was sent...

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.