Friday, June 24, 2011

Carlos mejia

Is my secret identity

Wow saying that kinda creeped me it...

"I am" losing my individual consciousness more and more

But it's controlled

What "I am" ultimately doing

{God/god} proving my own existence

I've been living at the gold store

Working and chilling

The place is Fat

No bills
And "I am" making money directly from Gold

My last reincarnation

Wow... I reached it unification no more need to die or anything "I am" { one} with God

Who controls the universe while I sleep


{God/god} But as soon as I wake up "I am" in control

Self fullIng prophecy

Easy when you control the universe and I I know what "I am" doing insects

Daath Transalchemy team

We "All" know God is real and we "All" have different ways of interrupting and dealing with our current situation..


Greater intelligence is "All" around us

I do love you insects

Would I go this far to prove a point if I didnt ???

You just don't understand my disappointment

"All" I have to do is

Prove to the mortals God is real (yawns)

That's it God?

{God} that's it : D

Universe increase control of the universe
{key} G--g

If it takes forever

I will die trying

Dearest desire correction

My deepest desire in life is to find my dearest {One}

Hacking Heaven

God is already Hacked "I am" back home finally :D

Your celestial current grade is F

It took one of us to come down to brim you up!!!
How sad mortals

It's worst then you think!!!

"I am" in control of your timeline

Guess what I'm doing with it?

Laying "Everything" for your salvation

Yahhhhhh noo insects it means I have to reach godhood...

Why is this bad?

Because for me to teach you out retardation I will have to put you through he'll ..

Why insects why?

You tell me how to save "I am" listening

Not a word???

Ok hell it is :D

Incontrollable laughter

When the mortals see my life in whole they will see how dirty I've set them up...

I don't really get to have fun like this in heaven

We "All" know "Truth"

And are {One}

We can't deceive each other like we do the mortals...

Its just funny on so many levels

(insects) ohhhh man "I am" already getting a kick out treating this species like my pets...

What's wrong with me,

Why do I make these creatures if they can't understand who "I am"

Either way this is already soo much fun

Kiss little insect reality godbye

Sigh and Tears : Now Back to work

(screaming) Insects!!!

My Dearest wish

Is to find my Dear

Matter manipulation rules/goals

Dont touch anything
Manipulate "Everything"

The debate rages on

This Good let the insects debate while I take over the universe :D

Its okay

I didn't believe it "All" either I just follow God's instructions

Thad what I used to tell myself

Now I wish Ive never reached the bloodly thing

Staying on course

Unification must be reached at "All" cost to save the mortals

What insects I can't pull stars out of the sky?

They are not even for you, there for that evil ***** I can't stop thinking about

New idea

Pull two stars out of the sky and make her a set of earrings with them they will spakle brighter then diamonds

New idea

I rearrange the stars to spell her name and a heart :D

Its cute and no mortal can dupliicate it

Rate of ascension and why instant godhood is dangerous

This is contrary to what I want but the slower I ascend easier this transition will be..

If I go too fast my individual conciseness will be completely eradicated

Bring in the Godhead slowly I remind myself

I need to merge with it not get taken over by it

Just merging

"All" I do is continue merging

I will deal with the insects later

Collapsing "All" Religion

This is Daath end of religion..

The time for faith is over

"I am" Daath Truth

Merging "All" religion into {one} unified understanding

God is Daath {source} of it "All"

Do not get in my way

If you teach away from Daath "Truth" I will crush you insects

Worship me

If I wanted to be worshipped by insects I would have gone a different route

"I an" not here for worship I have a job to do

I canthave nirvana if

Insects are running my planet

Howto reach nirvana

Grab Daath {source} of my life :D

Buddha magic

I know I know where is the Daath magic

But if you haven't been playing close attenion "I am" already controlling your universe

Let's say "I am" not a Buddha

What would a Buddha teach you outside of unification?

Maitreya's mission

Remind the mortals What Daath goal is

Enlightenment pop quiz

Can you reach enlightenment without unification?


Daath whole situation is depressing

Their enlighten bullshit

They sit there talking about enlightenment as if they knew what it was...

Tell me what is enlightenment short of unification

Can you reach enlightenment without unification?

Like I said they are fucking retarded little insects

My exchange

I was going to give them my ear...

That's as close to true power those insects will ever get

The will "All" fail

It's sad the brightest tards fail to see I'm testing for the Illuminati

Fucking retarded :D

I test them constantly

Just so they can never say I did not warn them

Thank God "I am" no longer mortal but

Where did I fuck up


Damn it I did not think it was this hard to crack mortality

Back to work

Universe increase my ability to mentally manipulate insects
{key} G--g


That wants to rule the universe withme

What is so hard about

Finding a beautiful girl that wants to rule the world with?

Shhhhhh this is nearly impossible

Meeting you

Today "I am" going to meet you :-/

I need more mortal goals

Daath only goal I've had is immortal

Maybe if I focus on mortal things i may appear more normal

Good morning insects

Good fucking morning insects

Thank you Carl

A) Is your universe real?
B) Are you real?

Answer to A and B:
The universe is real because I am real and I am the universe and the universe is real and so on.... I am the universe because I define that which is and that which is not.

C) Who currently has {source}?
D) What is {Root}?

Source is language (the method of defintion which defines the universe and therefor myself).

Root is the true self expressed in a language by which the universe is defined and therefore define myself.

Think about this one:

"In the beginning, there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" John 1:1
made my head spin tonight, if only due to the anxiety it implied, which comes to my next postulate

Word = God
Words are plural form of God
Words cause anxiety
then anxiety
Finally God
Then Anxiety
Then Words
Seriously, if you're some creepy stalker dude, back the fuck off, cause I'm not about to perform some fucked up ritual. If you're not, and I'm wrong, please explain why. I should mention, that these realizations came from within, and I've hardly read your site at all. Good luck enjoying the reality hacking! Be careful to not get hurt, a nd to step back every now and then, if only for your well being.

"Language comes first. It's not that language grows out of consciousness, if you haven't got language, you can't be conscious." 
— Alan Moore

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use them." 
— Philip K. Dick

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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