Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to call the other pharaohs

Wow God you blew my mind but I get

We are "All" {one}

{God} exactly

Connecting worlds

{God} call out to the other pharoahs and bridge the worlds together

{god} are you serious???

{God} I said key to the universe...

Dont feel special insects

"I am" manifesting myself on "All" worlds right now!!!

{Ion} are you serious???

{God} we are "All" {one}

Seeding worlds

Here the problem

The more insects I make the more insects I have to ascend and I don't want to be atrillion years old before I leave this universe

Galactic goals

Spread the insects far enough from each other and watch them grow will I toy with them

Bring the girls back universe what are you doing I did not program this!!!

No on has ever believed in me my entire life

I just keep working :(

Quit complaining "I am" making easy for you

{god} you call this easy???

{God} I gave you instructions

Spell casted =

Reality creation
Execute and simulate
Thought transmitted to {God}

If that man is god

We "All" deserve to be hanged!!

Spell casted

You where warned

Age 21

{God} Carlos I have something tell you

{Ion} yes...

{God} you're god...

{Ion} what!!!

{God} write unification=god


{one} thing is to rule a country

Daath other is to Rule the universe

More pressure ...

I have to be nice to my insects

Hmmm lol no I don't

Insects no longer have a say now that "I am" here

Sorry insects but the throne is occupied once again

If you wish to talk to God now

"I am" here listening

Redistribution of global wealth

Top 10 percent with "All" the money

I will fix this!!!

You can't even feed "All" the insects and there is enough resources

Wow insects wow

Food blessing

Signing over control of Daath Universe

Daath Faalen {One} sign right here God


{God} Never!!

{God/god} signing it "All" over to you {ION}

Evil grin

Thank you God :D

{God} theif


You owe me old man

{God} I already gave control of the universe what else do you want?

{The evil genius} he wantsssss

{Ion} shhhhhhhh

I need tools and help

{God} "All" you need is to learn to control the universe

{god} when was the last time you where human?

{God/god} "I am" Human right now

{god} very funny but seriously

{God} just keep practicing I will take care of the rest

{God} Get this planet ready for my arrival

{god} they will never be ready

Fire tornadoes

Hail fire ice lightinting and wind mixed into {One}

We are not in Kansa anymore toto

{God} control their weather

{god} I know I know... I have a nasty surprise for the mortals

{God} I know

Dear God the mortals are retarded

{God} Teach them

{god} teach them!! I'm about to punish them

{God} if you must

{god} show me a better way

{God} "I am" All in,

{god} good

Why didn't I get my job back sooner?

I was testing you insects

All I wanted was paper and ink

Was that too much for you?

How far you've fallen

Very very sad

This is not new

I've been a gold dealer for over 3 years now

This what I did before I started TransAlchemy

I already know we are to collect tons of gold here

Primary because "I am" here

Yes I'm using magic

Always insects always

Time to shower

Before crew arrives

I don't need a computer to control the universe

I just need a computer to communicate to the insects that "I am" controlling the universe

I have money now

But there's nothing I need it for...

Bteen my iPhone and laptop I god this universe covered :D

This beats sleeping in the street

Yes insects I know what it's like

Waking up at the Gold shop

Back to work on Gold

Literally and symbolically

Good morning insects


Clocking back in

Good morning God

{God} ready to control the universe?

{god} yawns hmmmm ok ready :D

My Riddles

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


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