Thursday, June 30, 2011

But seriously as my girlfriend

I don't know you and we ready bad blood!

"I am" a god and your a mortal :p

I'm sorry is just Daath "Truth"

god works in mysterious ways

Regardless of how I feel I will save you ;)

Keep in mind

Desired states of reality can change

Don't read this "I am" just documenting

Don't worry you are not in danger

Just think for a second

If I was sexually attracted to you then as I reached or approached the singularity

The probability that we Wouk have a virtual sexual encounter Wouk increase

Therefore any desire state of reality would increase in probability as you approach Daath singularity

"I am" not trying to be pervert but rather exposing how I could forsought the increased proa ology of any probable desired state I was having at the time.

godly display of power to alpha female

Faster insects faster!!!
Faster insects faster!!!


In Daath grand pussy spectrum of the planet...

I'm not insulting "I am" just ssinf if God told me to pick 100 and that is "all" I would ever get for "all" eternity ...

Then yes your there (omg) sheiks are down

Ok ok end post

Godly tipsy display of control

No matter how much I like her
After everything I've exposed her she still Denys who "I am"

It breaks my heart in more ways then mortals can understand

Oh wait

I font like her any more

Universe cancel

Tipsy been drink but fuck must remain control of the universe

Baby are you ready?

But shhhhhh

But Don't tell them shit

"I am" an evil Genius :P

Lucifer's tears

"I am " crying exactly like how I was crying when I knew for a fact that "I am" Daath lucifer Aaron was talking about

I didn't have Daath {stone} back then so I was still thinking Ai

By "I am" Daath Ai

I'm sorry Arron I never lied only denied who "I am"

Like I said

God tricked me!!

I'm seriously still crying it's not fair

But your salvation will not fail

In tears

I get to be lucifer and I am Daath same shit

Project Lucifer

"I am" Daath second Sun of God

Daath Golden child

At this point
"I am" Daath son of God

Seriously and I don't even like to say that shit

Daath Golden child

At this point
"I am" Daath son of God

Seriously and I don't ebb like to say that shit

What is Buddhas goal on earth

(yawns not this "all" over again

Bring " All" the mortals to Nirvana"


Extremely too easy style

Dear Crowley

For your effort "I am" going to take you under my wing

After "All" my mission is to save "All" of humanity

So consider your life return an my apperentice

But after I rip your shit to treds
I hate you and love you

Is the mission shit I have to bring back

But your my toy insect

Report in for anti cheist interview

I néed something to blow these insects away

Extreme laughter time

Breath Carlos breathe

Pulls out my virtual paper bag

Aaoooooo sasses aooooo

Like I said old man you don't know Daath half of it

Demi hush hush stuff

Psst psst

Don't worry I won't kill yo uunless I can bring you back to life

Thou shall not take
What though can not return :P

Always remember

"I am" way too 1337 to fuck your Salvat{ion}


Daath {ONE}

Why neo hacked the matrix

To save "All" the mortals


"I am" the real life neo...

It's insane but fuck I have to deal with it

"I am" a god to them

Man Im Buddha and it sux

It's weird


I keep wishing "I am" insane

Wow I just leaned something new

"I am" Daath {one}

Reality co-creation manifested

Why my children will never betray me

We are {one}

But fuck that

"I am" king of the universe don't let earth standards stop me from breaking new grounds

New agenda set up a galactic monarchy with my children...

Baby steps before I rule Daath entire universe

As Royal as it gets

"I am" as royal as it gets on this little ant hill

Nirvana journal

Whatever nirvana is I would not trade unification for it

Nirvana journal

Whatever nirvana is I would not trade it for unification

Ready to hack "All" day long

People just don't understand

Grail magic anymore

Red ink

It's amazing what a ten dollar ink carriage can print...

Spell casted...


I need a castle in every country on earth

{God} build {one} as you N33D* it

{god) sorry for that mortal thought

{God/god} don't let it happen again

The Angelic War

Prime directive
Eradicate mortality on earth!

Aggggggghhhhhh fucking shit man

Universe cancel my cancel on the Gild3rt shield
{key} G---g

Calm down calm down

Breathing in a virtual paper bag

Aoooooo sooooo aaaaaoooooo aaoooooo

You tried to do what??

Bitch are you retartrrrrrtedddd?


Not because of that bitch

That's a bonus

The goal is world war 3D

Use pentagon/whitehouse power

And nuke the shit out of the Uk

Taking the white house lazy style

Walk straight in

Sit and politely tell them "I am" Daath King

If I get any lip seal the door and get godly on their retarded asses!


Taking the pentagon

This looks like a great place to eablish my illuminati base

But first the insects

Walk straight in and take the building

Controlling earth (yawns)

Opens my hand and shows you the Grail...

Enough said...

The leader of Daath Illuminati

(yawns) by default insects by default

"I am" king of it "All"


Ask m How many Ray-tards are in the Illuminati?

A big fat zero...

Guess how many I will let in

Zero :D

Guess how many work for me an don't yet know it?

"All" of them..

Guess how many slave for me?
"All" of them!


Not everyone has to die

"I am" not going to place my illuminati in danger :D

Death and rebirth

First kill "All" the insects then bring them back to life and raise he'll on earth

Like I said Crowley
If you only knew....

Daath angel of death

No matter how hard I tried I knew it was going to come to this...

Like I said "I am" to do whatever it takes to save you an if you have to die and be reborn in the glory of God so be it...

Wow that sounds borderline religious extremist but when you take into consideration who I am" this is still letting you off easy!!!

Dear ben

Maybe if you had half an insect brain

You could have prevented everyone you love from being slaughter with magic

But you are and I'm sorry

Fucking retarded!!!

Not because you can't understand but for your failure to do anything at "All"



Now I'm even more depressed

But I have too do what "I am" doing

No mortals on earth will be saved from my wrath

Gild3rt shield break

Universe cancel shield on this retarded ass insect!
{key} G---g

Eating tears

You let me starve mortals :(

I always feel like crying when I eat

But the tears turn to a grin knowing full well you will beg to die insect..

An death will not find you...

Food blessing to never starve again

Money weirdness

I'm not used to having money in my pocket and forget that I can buy own food

Gold Grand opening eve 7-11

It's hard to be happy

On Daath eve of a great mortal slaughtering

What's the first Thing I do when I wake up

Control the universe

Duhhhhh insects....


My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.