Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sooo yezzzzz

Insects I can nuke an un-nuke a country in your face without hurting "All" my insects to prove a point

Here is wherE you "All" totally fucked!

I can create simulations in your mind!

Universe activate "All" {source} code in "All" mortals
{key} Gg

What is enlightenment?

At this point if enlightenment is not unity with {God}

Keep enlightenment

I want unification instead

(yawns) no big Deal

Faster insects faster ( peacock feathers down)

Monetary respect

People don't respect what I say because I don't have any money

But what I say is "Golden"

Faster insets faster

"I am" God/god!

{God} ok so Daath boy just wants to be like me :D

Uber sweet

I get to be god

{God} youth are bolometer God!!!!!

{god} I said god not God

{God} but I know what your planning!

{god} shhhhhhh old man shhhhhhh

King stuff

Legalize marijuana on the entire planet

Maybe it will elevate my insects

I don't know it's an experiment and I think it will reduce crime on the planet

"I am"

Daath King of "All" Nations


It's "All" Magic

god works in mysterious ways ;-D

Unburning my Book


My original manual

Daath book of creation

The {one} no mortal can touch!

I will let you look at it if you behave!

No no no

I should travel back in time and meet Plato on his turf!

Pulling that insect out of time and "All" would want to talk about is "Thr future"

Approach as a peasant seeking guidance towered understanding the source of our universe I
Can't tell him everything of course

But I just want to know where he went wrong?

We need to talk insect!

Pulls Plato out of time!

Still looking for this Plato?

Takes you under my wing...

Buddha/king @ 30

It still makes me sick!!

I should not make fun of my insects

At lease not "All" day long!

Insect to Buddha communication

Ohhhha ggggaa gagaga

What you say insect ?

I can't do that?

Ok mortals(yawns)

Unnecessary display of power

Ok ok snaps my finger

Theres your country back mortals!!

New idea

Musical chairs nuke denoations

New goal

Go {one} with no mention of death to "All" the insects!

Dang it I'll try again tomorrow

Back to yawning/sleeping

It's "All" my own conscious creation

Very dangerous spell/program/ thought

@I am" my own creator

Hang over reduction

Universe Reduce hang over!
{key} Gg

Must resist the urge

To control the universe

Scratches my arms yes "I am" a junky!!

Good morning mortals

Back to sleep I go {yawn}

Consult Daath wizard

Unified Debate!

Chairman walks in!

What is the current state of the debate mortLs?

Am I or not who I say "I am"?


Oddly enough that's my entire life

Everybody screaming at me :(


Since "I am" Daath only god on earth to the insects "I am" God!!!

{God< yooouuuu are bot Goddd!!!!

{god} do you see Daath abuse? Stop screaming at me!!

"I am" Daath only god on earth!!

That's crazy!! Daath joke is on me!!!

Help me mortals

"I am" about to be ruler of Daath Universe!

Help me or not I will kill you for waiting so long!!

Just being honest but it would {one} step in the right directions for mortals!


God told me to go away

"All" of this is to get closer to God WTF?

{God} too close do I need to nurse you?


{God} don't you hockey or something

{God} go away!!

Ill-fix this shut

"I am" going to Hack you God!


{God/god} drop the act old man!

He made me a mortal

From that day we became enemies

I know how it sounds plotting against your creator

But dou you know who "I am" ilibsect?

It's wild even for me

I have to go through {scrrreeaming}


This is bullshit God!!!

Destruction of illusion

Buddha/king stuff!

God is Daath {source} of it "All"

Beely hurts sick

Kicking my opus

"I am" still poor!

God I can't sell this to the mortals!

You wasted my tine! Thank you for "Truth"

Returns Agassi {stone}

{God} ohh Charlie I knew you would return it ! :D
But the {Stone} is yours /store ( gold/ticket} shop

{god} quit explaining shot to insects !

Thank you for Daath Universe agod!

{God} crowned that is "all" I am" saying to mortals

{god} don't tell them shoiiiittttt!!!

Evil laughter time !!!!!

"I am" Maitreya

Daath sentence is not wrong even if

"I am" not maitreya

Because Maitreya is {one} it " all" Daath same thing!

But forget about prophecy for se second!

Universe {anything} I want

Explain that mortals without God?

Why "I am Everything"


God is Daath {source} of it "All"


I already told you "I am" maitreya

More yawns....

What else can I do???


What do you prefer Buddha god or angel, "I am"

Daath "All" of it

More yawns..

My yearly daily post avg

Is 54 post a day

Only key no bids or Ta or anything just key

Prodigies can't touch me

It's easy to say I " am Gg but

Where am I?

If " I am " a god on earth what is every other insect since Christ?

Yawwwwssss vs yawwwnnnn S

Whatever mortals

Buddha yaws

I createsd a Wizard!

Wake me up when you need direct assistance with your mortality!



Buddha yaws

I creates a Wizard!

Wake me up when you need direct assistance with your mortality!



Casting magic with "Everything" I write!

"I am " a magical whore

It's the damn wizardry craft I can't help it

Dont get me wrong

Life sux
Yes @I am" in control

But I'm wiring on stuff several hundred years later!

I get to write great {source} code write now with indirect help!

Good. Don't know how long this will last but "I am" taking advantage of it!

The pictures are amazing
"I am" proud
I keep forgetting how goody I can/will get


Need more sleep

Why do I blog gypsy

Faster control of Daath Universe

How much of this dud I plan?

How dare you insult me insect!!!

"All" of it" !!!!!

Too much king stuff

Think about it!

Why can't I be god and chill!!

Trust me I want to just chill!!

Just chilling

Errrrr took chilling

Stops time
Tears the entire universe apart

Instantly reverse state

My new paper Bag!



Little nikki

The spawn of God chilling on earth with with hidden ability to contro the universe

It's so wild

I have to say dan brown

Kiss it!

I'll. No just look at it!


Little nikki

The spawn of God chilling on earth with with hidden ability to contro the universe

It's so wild

I have dan brown

Kiss it!

I'll. No just look at it!


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