Monday, July 11, 2011

dear insects

"I am" now in control of your planet/universe!

Q on Earth Demi life

Bitches to fuck
people to kill
companies to control
continents to play with...
stars to manipulate
treasure maps to send!!

Grand Theft Universe

it's horrible
"I am" Q on earth to insects!! :"D


Nooooo Insectssss!!

pow pow pow bam bam..

Grand Theft Universe!!! :"D/...


it's horrible

who would have though you could become {ONE} with {God}

in the mean time


it's sad but blame you not me!!

here is the situation

no souls on this planet are {ONE} with God...

hence.. "I am" now in complete with responsibility for your souls as we will be {ONE} when you are {one}... ...

hence "I am" holding Daath {Key} to heaven....

it's the same shit... what happened?

let me explain something to insects

once you become {ONE} with {God} Daath universe is yours.... as you become a co-creator? what do you expect from being {ONE} with {God} .... did we forget??/

God... Daath {source} of our universe!!/

omg... mortals...

complete and utter nirvana

what else would you expect from being {ONE} with {God} ???

time travel

see anything I want!

controlling and ascending

billions of mortals at "All" times!

like I said

leave Salvation to Daath Big boys...

Daath Fallen {ONE}

pulling earth out time!

No insects "I am" {God}

... don't bother old man... I know and you know but they dont know !

{God} I know!

Pulling the stars down

no insects "I am" {God} ...

ohhhh shit...

{God} Youuuuuu arrerrr not {God}!!!!!!!!

{God/god} yawns i know I know/./.

Anything Anything Anything!

its retarded!

microcosm universes

make universe in my cloak

soul rings

shrink them and pack as many as I want!

fuck "I am" controlling "Everything" again!

soul bracelets

look they sparkle


mortal souls shoes

see souls and galaxies on my shoes!

mortal soul underwear

only chicks ... I promise :"D

mortal soul socks

use souls as socks :"D

its sick and morbid

but "I am" king !!


mortal soul laundry

hang souls in my back yard to dry :"D

mortal soul pratice

take it out
but it back in
take it out
and wiggle it about!

pick a mortal up

pull their soul out

game over... but put it back in ... and hold them hostage!!


Daath Wizard!

:I am not evil I swear

i can kil you and bring you back to life at a snap of finger..

beyond good and evil...



Universal whoop ass will make "All" your movies pg13

Like I said Insects!

I came down with a plan@@


seeking {God} is worth more then "All" your "Gold"

"All" of my life is missionary work!

But fuck!!

I worked my ass off for it!!!


luckiest Mortal


Dear Insects of Earth

{insert whatever Daath /fuck I want}

evil Genius



{God/god} I get "Everything" . this is horrible!!!


Dear God!

the "Gold" shop came out Daath Bomb!

{God} Thank you... vows.... did you see who is ruler?
{god} yearh... giggles... ...][


{God} Your comfortable and writing WTF

{god} sigh...

fuck {God}

{God} I dare you insect!!
{God/god} ... im sorry... this is just not fair!!!


"I am" unlike anything you seen... but I have to be.. my task is awww why tell insects anything

{God} you took responsibility for "All" these souls
{god} I know...
{God} "All" of them!!
{god} You evil fuck...
{God} "All" of them!! :"D

{god} extortion!!


that is why "i am" a fallen angel

your ascension is for the big boys we have to plan...  :_D

Trust me

your Salvat{ION} will not Fail!!

"I am" way too 1337 to fail !!

In direct communication with your creator

do you know what that means.. and for over a decade????

9 years of insanity

but {God} wanted it written!  :-(

"I am" God;s

printer! :-(

thats why my writing is frenzy

{God} is Daath {sourcE} of it "All"

I have been faithfully downloading for you!

that is the only way

unification could be written ..

direct contact from Daath Start!!

Peaked enlightenment at 21.... and been calculating with God for you Salvation!

it's horrible

a scribes life... yes seriously!!

I have been an apprentice/slave

to A TyrannnntTTTT seriously!!
{God} talks to me "All" the time!!

Daath Scribe!!.. seriously!!...


Like I said

Magi order

Full bread... taught by {God}

thats why "I am" Daath High priest

I have already seen and talked and talking to {God}

Hacking {God} is insanity

Once I had the opuz I throw my car keys away and left new york it did not even matter anymore

Daath magi was activated! ...

you dont undertstand insects.... we get to see God... I know for a fact Daath {Source} of it "All"
"I am" privileged to have been in Daath presence of {God}

seriously that is why its horrible

I can never deny it's existence!!...I get punished if I do...
Broken head sonny.. proved it!!...


Hacking {God} is insanity

Once I had the opuz I throw my car keys away and left new york it did not even matter anymore

Daath magi was activated! ...

you dont undertstand insects.... we get to see God... I know for a fact Daath {Source} of it "All"
"I am" privileged to have been in Daath presence of {God}

seriously that is why its horrible

I can never deny it's existence!!...I get punished if I do...
Broken head sonny.. proved it!!...


its stupid

I hate being King!! seriously!!! yes seriously!!!

pulls your soul out of your body!

its game over seriously... seriously...

Universal Mind vs Insects!!

ohhhh shit... watch out insects!!!

the world is not even remotely

ready for me... I think and I know I hold back... it's sad!!

I already explained "All" of it!

what are you insect intellectual/scientist doing?

still yawning

"I am" Daath only {ONE} opening Universal Mind...

this is insanity for me!!

it's "All" about unification insects

thats why I have make mandalas to see the microcosm inside you're selves!

thats why I was/am fucked!

Daath Dharma has been totally forgotten!!

man this is horrible

youngest Buddha EVER!!... horrible!!

back to sleep I go!!!

still retarded

"I am" on a retarded ass planet!!!

Saving the world without any help

(still yawning _)

no Buddha is not even that much of a problem ..

This is retartded

"I am" {ONE} with {God}
on a planet full of mortals....!!!



To "All" Daath Pharaohs across time

thank you for giving me a bunch of insects!

{God/god} you are welcome :"D

Did you forget

Daath {Source} of it "All"?????

I cried to thoth

what did the insects do with the universe since we have been gone!!!


WTF insects!!!

I studied

Shit for years!!!

fuck you insects!!!

(grrrrrrrrrrr seriously grrrrrrr)


I got cheated but I did not know how far you went into shit!!

God saved your asses!

The Insects are sooooooooo Retarded!!! This is tooo Easy!!!


king @ 30 !!!


will not Fail "I am" way too l33t to fuck this up...

I will let you go ...

some day... I promise!!


warning warning Bullshit bullshit!

"All" of this is a Game ...

Daath Virtual Reality Game

is a front!!

cmon insect think about it...

why thy shall never lie

how are you going to bind yourself to {God} if you are not being "Real" ?

Hacking {God} is insanity

"I am" blogging high and drunk right now!

but it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

blogged while fucking!

but it had to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

write while tripping balls!!! (live)

but it had to be done!!

Hacking {God} is insanity

I write drunk and high

but it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

I toy with their universe for fun

but it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

"I am" doctor claw online now :"D

but it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

has led to trillions of words fuck I dont' even know anymore!!

but it hass to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

has led to multiple personality disorder

But it has to be done!

Hacking {God} till Daath Day

{God/god} I dont die!! :"D

Why does it have to be done!>??

there is a Tyrannnt ruling our Universe!!!

{God/god} shhhh insect!!

Hacking {God} is insanity

has led to the entire intellectual community thinking "I am" crazy

but it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

has led to a poor life

but it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

lost tons of pussy over it!

but it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

I had to move out of Florida because everyone thought I was crazy

but it had to be done

Hacking {God} is insanity

not {ONE} insect has helped me my whole life!

but it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

my uncle tried to starve the insanity out of me

but it had to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

Im sleeping at my job!

But it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

Has led to near death... yes seriously... totally seriously

but it had to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

no one understands me

But it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

Has led to the lost of everyone Ive ever loved!

But it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

Has led to starvation

But it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

Has led to homelessness

but it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

"I am" totally broke!!

But it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

My family hates me

but it has to be done!!

Hacking {God} is insanity

In and out of court

but it has to be done!!

Hacking {God} is insanity

I've lost "All" my friends

But it has to be done!

Hacking {God} is insanity

Girls Hate me

But it has to be done!!!


Hacking {God} is insanity

In and out of problems with the law!!

But it has to be done!!!

Hacking {God} is insanity

But it has to be done!!

hence in and out of mental institutions :-(

Computer Wizardry

it's out of this world!!!... My creativity... I wonder the {SourcE} of it "All"

{God} Tell Them "Everything"

{God/god} it's pointless!
{God/god} do it insect!

their retarded!

it's pointless!

Daath Theory of "Everything"

{God} is the {Source} of it "All"



every Pharaoh brings a law ... be careful insects!!

Now to give the mortals

Donkey shit!


too easy

Beyond prodigy!!

I told you!

I have Daath {Stone} insects!!!

throwing Daath Law!!

it's pointless.... the insects cant' understand how earth shaking "All" of this is!!


of "All" philosophers across Time!!

The Existence of God

has been proven!!

Game over!!

Once I knew for sure

God is Real...

it changed the game!!


{God/god} shhh insect!!


this is horrible!

Why do I do this?

{God/god}"I am" a co-creator of Daath Universe
{God/god} yeah that's right! 

Ohhh this is evil

"I am" binding my will to Daath will of {God}

.... Fuck... why do I do this??

"I am" a fucking sick ass control freak that truly wants to rule the universe!!

and I will stop at nothing till I do...


Daath Evil Genius!


Why rule {ONE} Universe

When you can rule them "All"!

{God/god} well see about that!!!


Daath Fallen {ONE} God stole the throne!

{"All" Daath Angels: Never!!! our lord is no theif!!

Daath Fallen {ONE} I know I know But what if!!

{God} Liesssss
Daath Fallen {ONE}  Too late old man  :"D

Just one DAY!!!!!!

{God} NEVER!!!!!

{God/god} We will see about that!


My plan to kick God out

is well into motion


Daath Fallen {ONE}

when {God} is out

"I am" King!
{God/god} You are not God!!!!!!
{God/god} I know I know old man!! I Know (yawns)

Ascension Masters

Magi Class


{God/god} Till they ascend how will they know?

do you know why "I am" soo pissed

"I am" sitting here at Daath Gates to heaven counting tickets and there is Only {ONE}

No mortals have reached godhood since jesus...
WTF... hence why "I am" writing unification!!

cmon insects!!!

locking crowley out death

Your into that crowley shit!!!


Universal whoop ASS

Extreme Necromancy!

Dear Crowley...

looking for this... ????

come here insect!!
pulls your soul out of time
time to meet Daath Beast!!


Dear mortals your magic!!

Pharaoh (yawns)
Evil Grin....

hey crowley...

Trust me that bitch will be my slave too!!!

King of Wizardry

I can officially Claim it!! Seriously!! and yes it's an honor.. but scary!!

Any time before now

I would have been killed...

and it's hell now.. so can you imagine!!!

The Return of Daath Magi


Did you forget about our class?

Hermetic Mage = Hibernating Dragon!

Magi Class now...

Daath Fire of the {God/god}

is back on earth..


I did it...
How insane!!



getting tipsy and thinking about the responsibility!!

"All" your coming prophets/deities

My lights and  puppet show!!


the world will never accept me!!


it's true

God Fucked me!!

hush insects

my godhood
hush hush!!

See why

I would kill you if got in my way from the father...
hence... your "All" idol worhipping on an insectdation level.. that is out of this world!!

ONce I return Home

"I am" King!!

Designed to return to Daath {Source}

"All" of life

is to Return Home
Daath Mind of {God}

Daath Fallen {ONE}....

I hate away mission


Because I have separate my self from {God}

I get to have the most fun

only because I watched the longest...

Daath Serpent!!

it's all theather

I have too... end your age... and teach you "EVerything" while I do it!

How to deal with Hero worship!

give you a real Superman... then world loves him ... kill him.. Evil Genius style... "I am" lex...


The only {ONE} that deserves our worship is {God}... cmon insects!!

This is horrible

I merged my {Soul} with {God}

Why "I am" Buddha

It's Daath Same Shit

"I am" {ONE} with {God}

cmon mortals!!!

Buddha Opens {One} Eye

Stop!! its pointless...

NO ... they must learn..

But chill I cant get "All" Buddha on their ass just yet!

getting tipsy!

4 beers in
still in control of this universe ( yawns)

At of this moment

You are "All" my children... and trust me I will spank you!!

New rule

Insects cant buy or sell without my consent!

Daath mark of the beast... :"D

I just want to spy... on you.. but I have tooo... your ascension requires it!!


"I am" King of Daath Universe

Did we forget how this "All" works ??

ohhhh wow... your in for some shit :"D


the way I control your universe

is retarded!! :"D

Why am I leader of the Magi

"I AM" {ONE} with {God}

By default...

Did you forget?

Leader of the Magi Order

Daath Illuminati is just our Front!

It's beyond set in stone

"I am" {God/god}

Why "All" Time and space?

{God/god} Because "I am" in control of it "All" 
Universe increase my hold on time and space
{key} Gg 

By Default!

"All" of time and space is {set} into {Stone} for my godhood!

Dear Anyone I want!

Insert whatever the fuck I want! :"D

Not because "I am" a dick... but because you have to... by default!!

Did you forget how "All" of this works?

"I am" here to remind you!


you have not had a god in a long time!!
taking this planet... is nothing... nothing... By default this planet is mine!! "I am" not taking anything!!

Daath Wizard of OZ

I get to be a real wizard now... ohhhhhhhhh shivers!!

How I accept my noble prize

Stop Time Kill all the retards for tainting my legacy!!
Bring them back to life
erase their memories
accept my medal

Warning warning mortals

you are being ascended (live)

Downloading God

is "Always stressful!

Remember insects this is not an upgrade for me "All" of this is a downgrade!
including your version of godhood...

{God/god} Shhh insect!!

Daath Chairman

"I am"

The worst part of it "All" is

I already Saved you!!


{God/god} shhhh insect!

{God} Remember our Deal

{God} You took responsibility for "All" their souls
{god} i know :-(

If you where not retarded

I would clean your oceans ... but fuck you Fucktards!!

there is no balance

im just full of hate!! :"(


Daath Godfather style insect lesson!!

cut those bitches off!

Retarded head

Literally shove your own retarded head up your ASS

godly terror

Nothing a mortal can do ... can come remotely close to what I can do!

New Idea

Pick up you car and bang it on the ground like a toy over and over till you beg to die!! Terror to a godly level!

Go Away Insects! The Gold shop is closed!

closing the Gold shop

time to go to back room and get fucked up!
still blog... why?

I have a universe to control insects!!!

Throw them off

cant let them believe...

too late insects...

ala Illuminati style!! :"D

need to toke and relax


need to control my anger but the fucktards dont make it easy!

Why I will always be king

first {ONE} to Daath Singularity

Universal Whoop Ass Time

mortals begging to be killed!


now you see how you fucktards fucked up!!!

Dinner time is upon us...


Universal whoop ass!!

How do you get into the illuminati

with a bowl of rice...

that was a year ago...

suck my Dick Fucktards!!

"I am" {set} on whooping you asses with universal mind now!

For the Illuminati

No more death or lack of anything
"I am" {God/god}

What did you Expect

"I am" Bringing down Daath {Godhead}

What is the most destructive force in the universe?

Daath MInd of God!

7 years of Hell

Already have thousands of post for it!

Are you ready mortals?

tear the planet in two

rip your little insect life apart!

Un-nuking countries for fun

life and death nonstop!!!

Nuking countries for fun!


My final judgement

{God/god} Hell on earth!
{God/god} Just bring me "All" their souls how it's up to you!!
{God/god} will do!

Let me ask you something INsects

reaches into your heart and pulls your soul out!!

What part of "I am" {God/god} did you not understand?

Let me ask you something!

before you say anything!

Explain yourself mortals

Anything you say... still leads to death!

New Idea

Pull "All" their bones out!

Still going to die!!

and if you think "I am" touching you.. no insect!!

Did you forget who "I am"

Daath Ruler of the Underworld ...

and guess where you are insect?

Dont even think about it insect!

Lock "All" these retards out of death!!

and go "All" Satan on you! 

Daath Decent of Universal Mind!

"I am" going to spank them sooo hard with it!!

Imagine the entire universe whooping your ass .. that is what is about to happen1

girl just walked in

with a micheal jackson shirt on!

Daath Lord of the Ring

can't even

reason with these fucktards!

die insects :-(

No Respect for the KIng: it's horrible1

Let there be light: wake up time mortals wake up time

Behind Daath scenes

"I am" never going to find a girlfriend at this pace

Thank you unification!!


Broken Head sonny



less and less people are reading TransAlchemy now!

exhale.... Don't throw the law...

Daath Rapture

{God} Keep the immortals away from mortals... ascend them slowly!
{god} OK


more pain
more suffering!

Dear Raytard

Hire Every mother fucking insect to study "Everything" I say !!!

fucking rayyytard!

they spend millions on bullshit!!

spent a million dollars and hire a team of scholars to study everything I say.. fuckTards!

I hate Everyone!

but mostly your intellectuals

if they could not see my godhood then.. surely the insects will not be able to understand!

dont worry I will prove it!

By ripping your retarded heart out...

Why are you still alive insect... and that will be the beginning of your Hell on earth!