Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I need sleep

this is too much!

"I am" 30 years old

High priest of Daath Magi order


it still does not sink in!

this is extremely occultic

how in the world did I reach High priest... this is insanity.....

we are critical

If the High priest of the Magi order can not Unify then the spirit of {God} is lost in this land...
{God/god} its never lost they just forgot how to unify!
{God/god} I know!

new rule

insects are no longer allowed to talk to me directly

I dont understand something

yes this is hardest thing you could attempt .. .if you do... so help me jesus if you do... it's Christmas "All" over again for eternity!

from this point my competitors

are you old gods!

but it's just play... we are "All" {ONE}

My place in history..

Does not compare to mortals!

{God} Do you know what you just did?

{god} don't even tell me
{God/god} You know..

My blog already has gone done in history

as most controversial EVER! if you read it... :-(

no one reads my shit!

Checkmate In {ONE} :"D

{God/god} What part of Co-creator of the universe don't they understand? 
{God/god} "All" of it! 

{God/god} Keep creating and train your universe
{God/god} "I am" 

ok Back to work 

I don't understand mortals ...

God is "All" around us... and you can be {ONE} with {God}... therefore I know have full control of your planet/universe!

Invisibility cloack


Bye mortals!! 

psst guys

I just turned into a Q on you :"D

Demi Life Bliss

The Only bliss on earth is being {ONE} with {God} and that is the bliss that comes from Demi life!

ok it's official

"I am" controlling the pope ...

"I am" High priest ... it's part of the job! 

Temporal Army

Control "All" the popes across time!

prepare this species for ascension

Temporal Army

Control "All" the popes across time!

Paper this species for ascension

Decorating my castle

Like insects Michaelangelo is going to paint my house! along with "All" of them!

Pull that insect out of time!

"All" those letters to dead people will be hand delivered!

time control

pull people in and out of time
travel in and out of time

walk among the mortals out of their time!

this is horrible

"I am" not {ONE} is we

{God/god} "All" the way!

Like I said

Daath Wizard of OZ

Throw missels at myself

and chase them!
forcefields or instantly pull them out of time/space/sky whatever...




Universe increase my ability to instantly control "All" Helicopters
{Key} Gg

Practice Nuking myself

Create a forcefield and nuke myself!


Universe increase my ability to control "All" incoming projectiles!
{key} Gg

Co-creation Cycle

{God/god} What part of Co-creator of the universe don't they understand? 
{God/god} "All" of it! 

{God/god} Keep creating and train your universe
{God/god} "I am" 

ok Back to work 

Thats why i can control "Everything" around me

"I am" {ONE} with {God}
Daath {Source} of it "All"

Dear mortals

{God} is "All" around us....

Greater intelligence at work

no matter how much I think i understand I must never forget "I am" dealing with Greater intelligence and that is the super scary part~~


{God/god} Back to work insect!!!

lawless {ONE}

God is training me to be something I don't even fully understand!

{God/god} Your cage is already open

{God/god} You just want to be {God} !!!
{God/god} grins... nooooooo.... just need stuff!!

{God} You god the title

{God/god} {ONE} man Army~

quit toying with me and open the cage!
{God} in time relax...

the young competitor took the {key}

"The Underdog is going home the Top dog"

{God/god} quit toying with me old man ... there are no competitors on earth!

the race is on for the {key}

both men are neck and neck!

ONe man army

on discovery channel right now!

ONe man army

Im watching the show called sons of guns and the challenge is an intelligence test where men are put in a cage and theyre key is placed 9 feet away from their cage..

I know for a fact {God} is toying with me...

I will get my {Key}
I have my key...

toying with me old man
{God} Awwww will you get out of your cage?
{god} Throws "Everything" at my {key}

{God} If you exit the cage you will be a {ONE} man army
{god} I know that you know that but the insects dont kow that!!1


dont worry

Ive already done this! sure it's messy but insects (ggrrrrrr) insects!!

Hibernates "All" Of my Life

till I have Daath {Stone}

The Mage and the Dragon are {ONE} and the SAme!

till then!

You= Toy!

Daath World Teacher Arrives!


As your King it is mandatory I teach you out retardation!

What is Enlightenment?

If Enlightenment is not Unification with {God} then I reject Enlightenment and seek Unification! 

Enlightenment in a secular context often means the "full comprehension of a situation",[1] but in spiritual terms the word alludes to a spiritual revelation or deep insight into the meaning and purpose of all things, communication with or understanding of the mind of God, profound spiritual understanding or a fundamentally changed consciousness whereby everything is perceived as a unity.

sleeping Dragon

opens {ONE} Eye!

Universal Whoop Ass Time

I vow to never be out done!

you cant even kill me!

I can pull my own heart out... cmon... insects!!

I just need to be fully unlocked!

end this shit..

Positive/Negative Singularity

Throws a dice!

these insects are retarded

the longer fuck whats the point... bad or good the singularity is well underway and I frankly don't even give a fuck which it goes anymore..

there is nothing I can do

I can have a bad dream and kill these insects at this point!

the point is made

I need to get out of here!!

increasing my control over your universe with

anything I type!

cv aoihvd


hitting the keys on keyboard wildly to capture my unique pattern..... into my microcosm self reflective avatar... ...

just more input!!!


too easy

yawns leads to more yawns!


too easy!

back to Ruling your Universe!

from my computer (yawns)

But it's worst then that

"I am" {OnE} with {God}

Dear Insects!

I own your entire planet!! Every atom of it!

Dear God

Anything.. Anything... it's retarded!!!

Anything Anything Anything!

it;s retard3d

Designing Salvat{ION} is a Multi-level process

lots of fucking work!!

{God/god} Back to work insect!!

Here Here Mortals!

"All" rise ~

My elite congress stands before me...

Grabs Daath {Stone}
Sit Insects!! sit!!

Locking out "All" of Humanity from Heaven

Your entire species across time is going to play my game!!!

Humanity gets put on Trial before

My Throne is not In Any Danger

it's sad!!

We could be for Billions of years insects!!! yes seriously...

{God} YOUUUUUUU arrrrrr noooooootttTtttttTTTTT GGooOOODDDDDD!!

{God/god} I know I know how will mortals understand this?

This is retarded

I just want to be a god and chill.. .WTF!!!

{God} You took responsibility for "All" their souls
{god} I know... but's it retarded!

Kings log

I forget what day it is nor does it matter... "I am" wayyyy innnnn tooooo deeeeeppppppppp

space ship earth

"I am" now in possession of "All" the souls on earth across Time!

"I am" Worst then Hitler

it's horrible!

Opening The Singularity Stargate

on earth ( Demi ) yawns!!! mortals... seriously????

Opening cornucopia

Daath Singularity is well underway :"P

Anything Anything Anything!

insects are not ready for "Everything"

Strike The Earth With my Sword!

From Space!

100 mile to -whatever size hole

pyramid location

Pharaoh rubs hands to together.. don't know yet!! :"D

I will just make them push {stones} "All" day long!

worst part about it "All"

is that it has to be done

There is a tyrant ruling our Universe~!

{God/god} shhhhh insect!

yes I take "All" of this to damn seriously

But I have to ...

"I am" Daath High Priest!

of The Magi order!


If God has to CAll on Daath Magi

It's game over insects


"I am" Sorry {God} I needed a Nap

{God} Nothing wrong with that .. now!!

{God/god} get back to work insect!!!


Nap time..

Just Being A Dick

no sleep for days!

Say no Insects!!! Say NOOOOO!!!!

"I am"

Daath Microcosm of {God}

Why did I do this again ?

{God} You took responsibility for "All" their souls
{god} WTF was I thinking?
{God/god} Too Late insect!

Unified Depression

"All" Im feeding {God} is Tears!


Humanity not only forgot we exist but forgot Daath {Source} of why we exist!

Unified Tragedy

That is what this is!

unified anger

{God/god} you must angry

Unified Tears

{God/god} You must cry!

Unified Sadness

{God/god} You make us Sad!

I can do sooo much good By a godly amount!

but you forget "I am" connected to the {Source} of it "All"

To anger me is to Anger {God}


{God} Patience!

{god} "I AM" Trying!

unification is Insanity!

But it has to be done!!

Tears of blood! World Wide

Make "All" the virgin marys cry blood before I strike them down!

pulls your soul out of your body!

Game over insect!



Lighting Bolts Up Your ASS Is an Understatement!

"I am" going to strike you down with such might it will leave a hole in the ground!


There will be more then enough time to remind mortals who "I am"

the great thing about your retardation

is that "I am" now king of your retarded ass Planet/universe!

"I am" not asking for help

only documenting Humanity's complete and Utter Retardation!

begged for a laptop

for 3 months to write unificaiton.... pointless

sonny's desk

"I am" at the right of sonny

The wizard throws the script into the air

you want me to show them "All" of this???

WTF ... this will take forever!

Daath Fallen Angel/slave

Die insects Die insects!!

Pharaoh Rubs hands together!

I get to play with you first!


no longer even attempts to wake up...

two more hours before I can nap

"i am" at work... giving gold away to the mortals.. it's horrible!

sooo fucking sleepy!

having a hard time staying awake! '
on 4 hours of sleep max!

don't worry Broken head sonny

you willl soon meet the lord..

{God} Quit complaining I gave you "Everything"

{god} I but this is retarded I should not have this much power over the mortals
{God/god} They know what to do! 

{God} "Everything you've ever asked me for

{God} Granted
{god) thank you

Angelic Extortion

{God/god} shhh insect!

Daath struggle to control the universe


{God/god} Back to work Insect!!

Warning Warning

You have not seen this level of wizardry before!

{God} It's pointless

{God/god} Just finish Unification and deal with them later
{God/god} understood!


Universe cut this mortal in half

still yawning!!

Universal Mind Whoop AsS

thats what getting ready to be unleashed on this planet!

Universal Mind Whoop AsS

thats what getting ready to be unleashed on this planet!

once everyone knows for sure who "I am"

then they will be jumping "All" over my Dick!

and then is when Hell begins!

Philosophical Shit

Then you wonder why "All" your scholars failed to be in the "Real" Illuminati... fucking retarded ass insects!

"Everything" I do is Transfering control of the Universe

from {God} to {God/god}

Death to "All" My Enemies

insects of EArth! 

this horrible! 

nothing else to do... but

Grab more control of these retarded mother fuckers universe!


Universe increase my shield around me
{key} Gg

To "All" Ray-tards

Universe increase cancer cells
{key} Gg


Universe increase hurricane intensity 2011
{key} Gg

I hate this

it's horrible!

this is why I don't give a fuck about insects!

I vow to bring you the worst Hell in history!

Magic Loop Finder

Universe Return my loop
{key} Gg

insulting them

is a waste of my godly time at this point!

it's soo pointless

they are "All" fucking retarded! "All" of them!

"All" of them!!!

it's horrible1

tears: just loosed my Loop

the bitch is 60 bucks
that means i only get 190 this week...

just breath.... don't go ape shit on the insects@!

Not yet!


Mother: When are you going to do something with your life :-(n

"I am" soooo

Unappreciated Artistically it's horrible!

"Everything" I do is

A work of Art
"All" of Creation

Temporal Manipulat{ION}

"I am" controlling the present from the future and the past at "All" times!

"All" of this is theatrics

{God/god} "I am" and always have been {God/god}

the more I think about it

the more I hate myself
"I am" a god on earth full of insects!

falling asleep between post!

zzzz....ohhh fuck... I got to get up and work this motherfucking "Gold" shop...


good night insects!!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.